Budget-Friendly Ideas To Make a Rustic Dream Home

Trista - May 12, 2019

When looking at rustic decor on a budget, it can be hard to find the right natural patterns to accentuate your home. Real wood and earthy tones can be challenging to come by when you’re trying to save money. Thankfully, we have plenty of rustic ideas that you can use to decorate your home and achieve that look you’ve been trying to accomplish. Whether it is for your brand new space or spruce your residence, these simple tricks will transform your living space into your dreams of a farmhouse aesthetic. Here are simple and affordable ways to create rustic decor on a budget.

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80. Convert a suitcase into an ottoman. 

Traveling can be quite exhilarating: going to new places, seeing the sights, and getting to experience new things. However, what do you do when you’re not traveling and have luggage just sitting around, taking up space? It’s even more troublesome when your luggage gets a small hole in it or gets scuffed up, and you want to replace it with new ones. Instead of throwing it away, however, you can give it a new purpose. If you have any hardtop suitcases, then here is just the plan for you to add some rustic flair to any room.

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Hollow it out, drill some holes in the bottom for some legs, and you have a nice ottoman to add to your living room. This upcycling job helps you get rid of that old suitcase and add some storage to your living room. You can use it as an extra seat, rest your legs on it, or hide those blankets you don’t want covering up the couch all the time. And the more goofy the suitcase, the better. This is just the beginning. Keep reading for more budget-friendly ideas to make rustic dream home.

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79. Create a cheesebox shelf. 

Are you a big fan of cheeses? Are you always ready to head to the grocery store to buy another wheel to add to your fridge? Okay, who isn’t? You don’t have to be from Wisconsin to love cheese. It just makes everhting taste a little bit better, amirte? However, it can be a hassle getting them out of those large wooden boxes, and then you’re left with this extra-large thing to throw away. However, that large wood circle could provide you with some much-needed storage in your foyer or just an excellent shelf for some small decorations.

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Just a piece of wood of any length that will fit inside the cheesebox will do. Attach it to the inside with some hot glue. That won’t be sturdy enough to hold bulky decorations, mind, so keep your decorations to a minimum. Alternatively, you can use the small shelf to store your keys and other small items that you continuously lose in your home. You’ll be better for it, and you’ll have a lovely rustic decoration in the greeting area of your home. If you love this rustic decor, keep reading for more great ideas.

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78. Paint a ceramic dinner corner

Are you tired of your old plates and bowls in your cupboards but don’t have enough money to buy new ones? Do you want to add a more rustic flair, but you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for at the store? There’s a way you can spruce up your dining room table the next time you have guests over, and it won’t cost you a lot of money to achieve. All you need is some paint and creativity. Then, you will have this awesome rustic decor before you know it.

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Get yourself some ceramic paint and go to town. Dilute it with a bit of water and dip dye or splatter the paint onto your plates and bowls. Pick your favorite colors or choose ones that match the decor of your kitchen. Moreover, if you don’t like how the design look, just wash it off and try again. It’s just that easy. When you’re done, place your dining ware in the oven to bake, and your design will be preserved. You’ll wonder why you never thought of this idea before now.

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77. Find the rustic lamp of your dreams. 

Lighting is essential in any home, as it can make or break the aesthetic you’re going for when the sun goes down. Having creative lighting solutions can feel like an exercise in futility since there seem to be many choices,. However, nothing fits the look you’re going for. Nevertheless, upcycling can take care of that problem in no time if you know where to look. Moreover, that place might be a boat. A boat? It is not exactly the best place to look for decorations, but they’re filled with more rustic flair elements than you might be aware of.

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For example, the bulkhead lights attached to your wall, over your desk, are the perfect illumination, and the rusted metal goes great with the rest of your decor. You’ll just need to rig up a new bulb and attach it to your wall with some sturdy screws, and you’ll have a unique lamp for your office in no time. Creating a rustic home is about thinking outside of the box and bringing nature from the outside indoors. Do you think these lights do the trick for a rustic style?

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76. Upcycle a guitar into shelves. 

Music is a universal language that everyone loves. From country music to rock or jazz, instruments create a beautiful sound. Do you have a guitar lying around that you never play anymore? Found a busted guitar in a box lot you won at an auction, and you have no interest in learning how to play? Don’t chuck it away. It’s made of some quality wood that you can recycle into a new and unique way to decorate your walls. You may not be a guitar enthusiast, but it’s a neat and bright way to add some color to any wall.

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Turn a guitar into a statement shelving unit by gutting out the insides. Cut some wood to serve as shelves and hot glue them to the back wall of the guitar. The unique curved shape of the guitar will draw the eye. Add some string lights and some white paint, and you have a perfect place to show off your small, personal decorations. That is even a great project to do for a child who does like guitars. That’s not all; keep reading for more budget-friendly rustic decor ideas.

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75. Reuse old wallpaper in drawers. 

Have some leftover wallpaper from when you redid the walls in your bathroom? You paid for it, but it’s taking up space in your storage room, and you don’t want to throw it away. Instead of leaving it to gather dust for the rest of your life, you could put that wallpaper to good use with your cupboards and drawers. Never let anything go to waste!

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Remove the drawers from your dresser and measure the sides. It doesn’t hurt to add an inch to each side so that you’re covering every single edge of it. Then, cut the measurements out of the wallpaper and apply them to both sides of each drawer. Now, when you open them, you’ll have a dazzling display of color that gives the room a rustic farmhouse feel. Furthermore, because the wallpaper is already sticky on the back, you don’t need any extra glue or nails to keep it in place. You can even change the wallpaper once you get tired of it or it starts to fade. Consider wallpapers that are floral with bright colors so that they can pop against all that cream and white.

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74. Make a window box from shutters. 

Wooden window shutters wear out over time from just being out in the elements day after day, year after year. It seems easy to chuck them out too and replace them with new ones, but it’s a good idea to hold onto them. If the paint is starting to peel, then half of the work has already been done for you.

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Take the shutters and cut them in half (that way, you can have two!) and attach small plywood lengths to the bottom of it. It would be a good idea to use the same color paint on your shutters to apply to the plywood so that everything looks like it belongs together. Now you have a nice window box for your small potted plants that you can show off uniquely. That is also a great way to keep your small, fragile plants out of the way of destructive pets and playing children.

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73. Gas up your walls. 

Your garage is least likely to have any kind of decorations due to the nature of the workspace. They’re barren, filled with tools and metal, and have no personalities of their own. However, you can change all of that by adding a secret compartment to a wall that can be used for storage while still adding some personality to the area. All you have to do is get your hands on an empty gas can.

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Remove the inner workings of the gas can and cut off the front so that it can be attached with screws or hinges. Then paint it a lovely charcoal grey color to blend in with the rest of the decor. You can keep keys, nuts, bolts, or nails in there. Alternatively, you can spruce it up with something nicer, like attaching a mirror to the inside so you can check yourself out now and again. Some people have even used this as a personal minibar. That way, they don’t have to share their favorite booze with their guests.

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72. Have you ever seen a car couch?

Nothing makes a statement more than a vintage car. They seem to turn heads everywhere they go. However, did you know that you could add that same flair to your home? It’s easy to do if you have a friend who happens to have a junkyard. Furthermore, it gets all of that wasted metal out of there and put it to new use inside your home. However, this project isn’t for everyone, and you’ll need a lot of ingenuity and skills to pull off this kind of job.

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Saw off the front end of an old car and attach some recycled wood boarding to where the engine block used to be. You’ll need to drill some holes underneath, too, for some legs, and add a few cushions. Voila! You’ve turned a scrapheap of a car into a statement couch in your home. If you’re talented enough, you could even manage to rig up some wirework into the headlights so that they turn on. It’s not the easiest project to pull off, but you’ll turn some heads the next time you have guests over.

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71. Build a truck bar top. 

In that same vein, you could turn the front half of a bus or truck into your next bar. It may be a bit more challenging to get your hands on one, but doing a bit of searching and negotiating a reasonable price could land you with the perfect thing for your kitchen. Weathered trucks are getting beaten up all the time from all the travel they do, so they’ll inevitably end up in a scrapyard eventually. You’ll need some help with this if you don’t have access to welding torches or the right tools to cut them up.

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Just as with building the car couch, you’ll need legs in the bottom to stop the metal from scuffing up your floors. Cut the front of the truck, ensuring that it’s even on the top. Then add a nice piece of flat wood to serve as your bar top. Spray paint the whole thing will bring everything together into one coherent piece that will shine in the middle of your kitchen or living room.

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70. Create your own guitar booze corner. 

Do you still have that guitar lying around? Instead of using it to create shelves, you could create a nice bar corner instead. In the same light as building the shelves, the inside of a guitar works wonders for the rustic aesthetic. That raw, bare wood and alcohol pair well together. You’ll just need some extra pieces of wood to serve as shelves so that you have a great place to keep your glassware as well.

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Add some lighting on the inside of the guitar, too, if you can. That way, you can put your prime bottle of alcohol on display. You can keep your glasses nearby so that you don’t have to fish them out of the back of your cupboard continually. Just be sure to add some felt matting on your shelves to absorb any moisture that may still linger on your glasses after you’ve used or washed them. The moisture can distort and stain the wood, and that’s the last thing you need for this beautiful display.

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69. Build a kitchen island.

Have you always wanted an island in your kitchen? Intrigued by the look and jealous of those who have one? One could be at your fingertips, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to obtain one. It just requires a lot of ingenuity and access to some furniture to provide you with a great place to chop your vegetables. You may even already have one of these lying around in your home that you’re not using anymore.

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Furthermore, that is a good old chest of drawers. Maybe your kids moved out, and they don’t need the storage anymore. Repurpose it into an island for your kitchen by adding a fresh coat of paint and a new hardtop for you to put your cutting board on. The drawers will also provide you with some much-needed storage, and you don’t have to fix it to the ground. If you need more floor space, just move your new island out of the way. You get that fabulous rustic kitchen look without sacrificing any of your floor plans.

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68. Repurpose a Jeep as a desk. 

If you’re interested in keeping that vehicle motif going throughout your home, then consider a Jeep desk in your office. It’s great if you’re a fan of the SUV or if you just want an exciting look to your home office that will turn heads. It’s lightweight, extremely sturdy, and you don’t need to do much to transform the hood of a Jeep into your new writing desk.

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You can choose to leave it in its worn state or add a fresh coat of paint for a fabulous new look. The headlights will add a nice shine to the room. Also, the slats are great cord organizers for all of your electronics. They will keep them out of the way so that your feet aren’t getting tangled in them. That makes a great piece of furniture for those who are avid fans of the outdoors and crossroads. Keep reading for more budget-friendly ideas for rustic decor. Your house will look like a dream home in not time.

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67. Fairytale tea lights for the win. 

Having many teacups can be a nice thing so that you always have enough for guests. However, buying too many means that not all of them will get used. Furthermore, what if you want to replace them over time? What if you got handed down a marvelous pair that doesn’t match anything else you have in your cabinet? Well, don’t just throw them away. Here’s a terrific use for those teacups that are just too pretty to donate.

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With more and more people getting into making their own candles, teacups are the perfect way to show them off. DIY candles are easy to make, and all you have to get are wax pellets from the store. Gently melt the wax into your favorite teacup and add a wick. They can be just decorative, or you can light them the next time you have company over for a beautiful candlelit dinner. Moreover, once the candles are used up, it’s easy to wash the remaining wax out so that you can refill them again or use them for tea.

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66. Turn a cheese grater into storage. 

The kitchen is probably the busiest place in the home because there’s so much to do in there. Nevertheless, the worst thing about a kitchen is finding a storage place for everything that you need. Worse is when you need your utensils in reach to prevent your meals from burning. A few simple discarded tools can solve that problem for you, and you won’t have to do much to alter them.

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A cheese grated, for example, is a great storage place for your wooden utensils. The galvanized steel completes that rustic look, and it’s easy to hang up. Just add a nail to the wall, tie some twine to the grater, and hang it upside down for the cooking utensils you use the most. The handle of the grater can also be used to hang your kitchen towel within reach. Definitely a great idea that more people should consider adding to their homes. If you love this idea, keep reading. There are plenty more rustic decor tips and tricks for you to try.

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65. Repurpose a piano as shelves. 

Not everyone just has a piano lying around in their home that they’re no longer using. However, if you have one that’s always out of tune or the kids have outgrown it, it can feel like a shame to throw it out. Instead of chucking it to the curb, you could end up turning it into a great set of shelves.

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Just like the guitar, you can gut the inside of a piano for some wonderful storage space. You’ll have to saw off the legs and turn it on its side to achieve the right look. Add some painted shelves and paint the interior to match. Don’t worry about removing the keys; they’ll add some nice dimension as well. Show off your books, add some decorations, or put up some picture frames of your family. They’ll pop against this unique shape of the piano’s body.

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64. Create a pet bed. 

When you’re redecorating your home, there’s no reason you have to leave your pets out too. They’re a part of the family, and they should feel as such with all of the new things you’re adding to spruce up your home. If you have an old TV lying around, then this is the best way to make them feel special as well. This idea is only suitable for small pets, however.

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Gut out the inner workings of a television set and add some nice wallpaper to the interior. Then just add a small pet bed (or you can sew your own), and your cat or small dog has somewhere to curl up in when they want some privacy. Adding the pet bed to any corner will add some nice color and an excellent place for them to nap when everything becomes too hectic. The top of the set is also a great place for some potted plants. Just be sure that the TV is weighted enough so that it doesn’t topple over when your pet hops in and out.

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63. Turn a tub into a seat. 

Having unique seating arrangements can be hard to find or build yourself. It’s complicated if you’re not great at building furniture from scratch. However, developing a rustic atmosphere in your home negates the need to be a perfect carpenter since all you’re doing is giving old items a new purpose. One great idea that adds a nice element to your home is the use of an old bathtub.

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It will require you to cut off one side of the tub so that you can sit on the couch, but that’s not a tricky part of the project. If you have a tub with feet, then it’s even easier. You can add a fresh coat of ceramic paint or leave it as is. Then just add a nice cushion to sit on and some others for decoration, and you have a new couch that demonstrates just how creative you can be. It’s an excellent small couch to have in your foyer so that you have somewhere to sit when you’re taking off your shoes.

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62. Suitcases make awesome shelves. 

Hardtop suitcases are all the rage because they’re guaranteed to keep your belongings from getting crushed. Although you are limited by the amount of space inside, hard suitcases last much longer, unlike a duffle bag. They’re less prone to being torn apart, getting a hole, or ripping open if there are sharp things around them. That’s what makes them so perfect to be reused in other projects such as this one.

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If you have a few hard suitcases of your own or you’ve seen a bunch of them online for sale, then you may want to consider getting them and turning them into shelves. Applying them to your walls is simple enough; cut them down to size so that they don’t stick out too much from your walls. It’s even better if you get suitcases that still have travel stickers on them so that you feel like you’ve traveled, even if you’ve never left your state. Your friends and family will adore these rustic decor ideas.

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61 Who wants a fish bed?

In addition to a bathtub bed, there are plenty of other fun things you can create in your home from other items. Have an old fiberglass boat that you’re no longer using? One great idea is to turn it into a wonderful bed or daybed on your porch. It recycles an old boat and gives you a talking piece in your room. It isn’t much you have to do to the boat to get it ready either.

Image via Nest Full of Eggs

You may have to remove the benches, but otherwise, you only need to bend the front of it so that it forms a kind of headboard for your bed. Then toss in a mattress and a few sheets, and you have an excellent bed for the fishing enthusiast in your family. You can choose to leave the boat as is, or you can dress it up with a nice coat of paint so that it looks a little more spruced up. Remember to remove your tackle box and fishing hook before taking on this project to avoid any injuries.

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60. A suitcase cabinet works.

To go with those awesome suitcase shelves is this great idea for a suitcase cabinet. Dress up the inside of it with a great map, add some neat shelves inside for some toiletries, and affix to any room wall for a great look. Again, this works best with hard suitcases so that they can retain their shape when they’re attached to the wall. Don’t worry about cleaning up the suitcase either; the more filthy and torn it is, the better.

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This idea also works great in a front room area. That’s because a lot of traffic goes in and out of your home. You can place your keys in here, the mail, or any other small items on your person that you want to remember when you’re leaving. The more inconspicuous storage spaces you have in your home, the more interesting it becomes. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even screw hooks onto the bottom of the suitcase so that you have a place to hang keys or hand towels.

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59. A record to go with your wine.

Vinyl records have long gone out of fashion, but people still seem to collect them whenever they go to a music store. It seems vinyl will never really go away, but if you no longer have a record player that works, then it might be time to repurpose your old records, just as long as they’re no longer valuable. All it takes is a little heat and a few screws for you to put this neat idea to good use.

Apply some heat to a record and gently wrap it around a wine bottle until it has a nice curve to it. Then attach the record to the wall, and you have a unique way to both store and show off your wine bottles. The vinyl records are strong enough to hold the weight of the wine bottles, and you can use several of them to dot your walls. That pairs well with the piano shelves and guitar liquor cubby as well. If you love listening to music and drinking wine, then you have to try this rustic decor idea.

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58. Use the world for light. 

Globes are something that never goes out of fashion, even though they only have one purpose. They can make a library look quite smart, and they come in such different sizes that the largest ones can be quite impressive. Nevertheless, if you’re a little tired of them taking up space in your rooms, consider adding them to your ceilings instead by turning them into lamps. Nothing’s wrong with a little ingenuity and brightening up your ceiling a bit more.

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Globes are already hollow, so there isn’t much you need to do with them to get them ready. Cut a hole in whatever end you want the light to come out of, thread and attach a pendulum light attachment to it, and add a bulb. Your new lamp is ready to go and will make whatever room they’re in look that much smarter. Use globes of differing sizes for a varied look. Keep reading for simple ways to make your home look like a rustic dream — even on a budget.

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57. Create geometric patterns on furniture.

Graphic patterns are coming back in style, and cool, pale tones do wonders when trying to achieve the rustic look. With an old cabinet you already have lying around, a bit of tape, and some acrylic paint, you can achieve a look that’s unique for your home and your home alone. Coordinate your new piece with the rest of the furniture in your room for a more coherent look.

Image via Annie Sloan

Tape off the areas you want to paint to create geometric shapes. Don’t be afraid to paint squares, triangles, or straight lines over each other—the more complicated, the better. Mix dark and light colors for a striking look, but always remember to paint the light colors first. If you do dark colors first, then they’re more likely to smear, and you’ll see them through the light colors, creating a dirty look. Do you think your friends will rave over this rustic decor? You don’t have to tell them your secrets, unless you want to.

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56. Doors make great benches. 

More seating for more rooms in your home! However, this isn’t using a car or a bathtub this time. It’s using an old-fashioned door! Replacing a door in your home is sometimes needed, but there’s no reason you have to throw that good wood away. Cutting up a door into chunks can create a pleasant and unique bench that will take the weight off your feet when you need it.

Image via Annie Sloan

Add some color to the whole thing, or just paint the door’s edges for some added dimension. Cut it up into fours to have support in the middle of the bench and the rest of the door on either side. Add some lovely cushions and a padded bench seat, and you’re ready to go. It’s sturdy enough to withstand someone sitting on it, and you’ve put an old door to good use again. The area underneath can also be used to store errant shoes so that you’re not tripping on them all the time.

Image via Gemma Bullen Design

55. Transform shirts into cushions.

Are you searching for more rustic decor tips and tricks? Maybe your husband and kids have old shirts and sweaters that they don’t want to wear anymore. It could be a good idea to donate them, but it can be tough to get rid of them if they were given as gifts. You can put these old shirts to good use by turning them into cushions for your couch. Each will have an individual look and continues to make them part of the family for years to come.

Image via HGTV

Make sure you don’t pick any shirts or sweaters with massive holes in them, or else they won’t work very well. There are plenty of online tutorials showing you how to turn shirts into cushions, and they’re pretty easy to follow. They can end up being incredibly soft as well, and you can even hide small sachets of potpourri inside them, so add a pleasant fragrance to the room. Now you finally have something to do with those old shirts you have lying around the house — you can thank us later.

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54. Bake dessert for the plants. 

Have you ever seen those small dessert glasses in the store and you want to buy a set? The only problem is that you have no idea what kind of desserts you’d put in them. Wonder no more; there is a great project you can put together that will add some rustic-ness to your home, as well as some much-needed greenery. Just get some small glasses, some twine, and a few potted plants that work wonderfully in bright sunlight.

Image via Oui by Yoplait

If you don’t know how to do macramé, then this is the best time to learn. It’s just a series of making several knots in order to create artwork. However, these knots are going to be more functional than anything else. Scope out a few online tutorials to learn about macramé and then get to work. Create your knotwork around your glasses and leave enough twine to hang them from the ceiling. Then place a little dirt and your plants inside. These are perfect for hanging near windows so that your plants can grow beautiful and healthy.

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53. Use an oil barrel for your drinks. 

Oil barrels are terrible producers of pollution. Even when they’re not in use, they’re just sitting there, possibly leaking toxic substances into the groundwater after rust has claimed them. If you spy some errant oil barrels lying around, see if you can get permission to take them home and clean them up. You’re getting rid of an eyesore, as well as gaining a new table. That’s right; you’re going to turn that old barrel into a new surface for your home.

Image via Smithers of Stamford

Cut a level surface through one side of the barrel and drill four holes on the opposite side so that you can add some legs. Then place either wood or glass on the cut side to serve as your level surface. Be sure to scrub the inside of the barrel as much as possible. You don’t want to fill your home with those awful oil fumes. Are you still searching for affordable rustic decor? Keep reading for fast and easy ideas you can complete this weekend.

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52. Make a globe clock. 

If you have made enough globe lamps, but you still have more leftover, why not transform one into a clock? It’s a great way to teach your children the time and the countries of the world. Just saw a globe in half (now you have two clocks you can make) and add the inner workings to the inside. There are plenty of clock kits at craft stores that you can use. Pick a pair of clock hands that look nice and rustic too.

Image via Etsy

Then attach it to your wall, and you’re ready to go. This globe clock will keep you right on time, add a nice rustic flair to your home, and you can pick any country you like to sport on your wall. Choose your home country or choose a country where you had your last vacation. There are no limitations on the kind of wall clock you can make. This globe clock will be a statement piece during your next gathering. Furthermore, your guests will ooh and aah over the fact that you did it yourself!

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51. Put that old bike to good use. 

Do you have an old bicycle that you’re no longer using? Did you pay a lot for it, and you don’t want to toss it in the trash? It can be challenging to find a new use for an old bike when there aren’t many options. However, upcycling it to become a part of your home decor may be precisely what you’re looking for. You can turn it into a new table in your home, for example. Alternatively, you can use the seat as a level surface to place a bathroom countertop and a sink.

Image via Shutterstock

Add a basket to the front of the bike, and you have a great place to store extra towels in your bathroom or an excellent potted plant for decor. No matter what upcycle project, you decide to use your bike for, make sure to clean off the tires first so that they don’t leave scuff marks all over your floors. Just because you want your home to look rustic doesn’t mean that it has to look dirty.

Nothing quite says charming like a chalkboard menu, a perfect addition to any rustic kitchen. https://www.blesserhouse.com

50. Write your meals on a chalkboard menu.

“What’s for dinner?” is an annoying question to be asked throughout the day. Skip the hassle and put up a skinny chalkboard that lists all the meals you have planned out for the week. That way, you know what to get at the grocery store, and your family can help you with the prep too. The neat thing about chalkboard menus is that they are cheap to install and are also very welcoming. The board immediately portrays a friendly atmosphere. Since chalk markers are erasable, you can change the items and their color on the menu any time you wish.

Image via Interior Design Ideas

If you want to save even more time, just buy a bucket of chalkboard paint and paint an entire wall in your kitchen. That way, while you’re preparing your meals, your kids can draw as much as they want. That’s the point, after all. That keeps them entertained and out of your hair instead of being underfoot all the time or asking you annoying questions. It’s a win-win for everyone. Keep reading for more awesome rustic decor ideas that you can easily do on your own.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall: any room with a framed reflection is the fairest farmhouse decor of them all. https://artmyideas.com

49. Keep it classy with a framed mirror.

The exposure of real wood brings a rustic feel to any room. This mirror’s thick frame does narrow down the amount of reflection you get but almost looks like a window or doorway into another room, which fulfills the illusion of more space than you have. Any place with a custom mirror can bring a timeless look that compliments the rest of your decor. You can use them to reflect light and brighten dark rooms or use them to add depth and a sense of space.

Image via Style Caster

Be wary of how many mirrors you add to a wall, however. Adding just the right amount can brighten up a room, but you don’t want an entire wall to look like a disco ball. Play around with different mirrors and shapes in order to achieve the right look and balance. You may be surprised by how much better you can improve the look of your interior. Are you still searching for affordable rustic decor? Keep reading for fast and easy ideas.

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48. Give your room some extra hideaway space with mason jar storage.

Just add a little paint to your collection of mason jars, and you have some significant storage receptacles for your cookware. Moreover, if they get messy, they’re pretty easy to wash and keep clean. Tie some bows with some twine to add even more character. Other practical purposes are storing kitchen utensils or fresh cut flowers for the window sill. You can also add tea light candles inside the Mason jars for a whole new ambiance. These unique little tricks can add whimsical charm to any room in the house. The ideas are limitless to how many ingenious and decorative ways you can repurpose Mason jars for your home.

Image via Shutterstock

However, how do you get your hands on some mason jars? Forget about going to a store to buy them; they’re right at your grocery store. Jars of pasta sauce, jams, or jellies can be used to create the perfect look. Once they’re empty, just put them in the dishwasher, and they’ll be sparkling clean for your decorating needs. It’s a lot easier than you think to get your hands on them. These rustic decor ideas are fast and easy — you’ll wonder why you didn’t do them sooner.

Personalize hallways, mudrooms, and other blank spaces in wall decor with this delightful decoration idea. https://www.designlisticle.com

47. Show off your loved ones in hanging frames.

Have any small pictures lying around? Place them in some frames and hang them where you’d typically hang your keys. Put your whole family on display so that your guests can see them right as they come in the front door. While traditional photographs may be hung with a hammer and a nail, instead, consider a whole new way to show off your family by attaching a string to the frames and dangle them over knobs. You could also use a shower curtain rod for another take on this unique effect.

Image via Etsy

If you don’t want to spend money on slightly expensive frames, you could consider making your own frames from other rustic materials. That is an excellent way to upcycle while continuing to give you that old-fashioned feel. A great thing to upcycle and make new frames from pallets since they’re made of some sturdy wood, and people are always trying to get rid of them. Leave them bare wood, add some stain, or spray-paint them so that they match the rest of the decor in your home.

Image via Home BNC

46. Provide simplistic charm with pallet chevrons.

Chevrons are a great way to add some pattern to your home without it becoming too busy. These simple wall decorations can be made yourself with just some discarded pallet wood and some nails. You can choose to leave them worn and unstained, or you could polish them up with a little bit of color if you like. The arrowed look can be pointed upward, downward, or to either side, depending on what direction you wish to point. The wood arrow adds an element of farmhouse flair to your living room space.

Image via Home BNC

What’s great about these pallet chevrons is that they can be added to your walls, floors, or even your furniture. Consider looking at some chevron-patterned floor tiles to help match the rest of the decor too. Chevron patterns on couches can also help to tie everything together. Go for muted tones so that the rest of the bright colors in your room can pop, providing a nice balance to everything. Keep reading to see a wall piece that is quite the rustic showstopper!

Image via Etsy

45. Spell it out with a customized Scrabble wall.

Everyone’s favorite word game can become the centerpiece on your wall. This affordable rustic decor is easy to make out of wood, and you can put your entire family’s names up there. Include some original photos and typography prints to display just how much you love word games. You can accompany them with other images and artwork for a simple gallery wall. This do-it-yourself motif can be easily accomplished with materials from dollar stores and big-box retailers. How you want them assembled depends on what you want to say or spell.

Image via Etsy

If you don’t want to do names, you can create your own set of personal scrabbles tiles as well that are also adjustable. That way, you can move the letters around every month or so to spell new words. That way, your decor is always looking just a little different every time you have guests over. Why not keep them guessing on what words are going to be on your wall next visit?

44. Add a corner of storage with rustic bathroom shelving.

Yes, you can even make your bathroom look rustic. It’s fast, easy, and affordable. Having easy access to toilet paper in the bathroom when you need it doesn’t have to be a hassle or unsightly. This wooden cubby is a great place to store those extra rolls as well as your plunger. Also, it tucks neatly out of the way so that you’re not crowding your bathroom. The neat and organized trick is beneficial if your bathroom lacks extra storage space. You can also paint the cubby or the shelves to match the rest of your bathroom decor.

Image via Etsy

If you’re feeling a little handy, you can even build this cubby yourself from a discarded pallet. Just a saw, a few nails, and a hammer, and you could have your own authentic wooden cubby in no time. Just be sure that you use wood that’s sound and not rotted through, or else your cubby won’t serve many purposes except for throwing it into your fireplace. The next item offers another quick way to add some rustic decor in your bathroom, or another part of your home.

Image via Pinterest

43. Personalize rooms with his and her hooks.

Don’t confuse your keys again; having separate hooks will remind your partner that keys are theirs. These simple wooden signs add just a touch of rustic sense to the home while still being functional. They are best suited somewhere near the door that you always depart from. The faded look of these hooks gives off a weathered and traditional feel to any home. Besides using this DIY project idea for keys, add a towel bar, and put them in the bathroom. Feel free to add a pop of color to match your other decor in the lettering.

Image via Etsy

If you want an even better way to remember which keys are, then use different rustic hooks for each person. That way, they have a designated hook for just their keys. No more confusion, and it still looks quite rustic without being tacky. There might be a small fight over who gets which hook, but some compromises will just have to be made. Nothing’s better than keeping your home organized while still giving everyone a unique way to store their things.

Image via Pinterest

42. Bring the outside in with fence shelving.

Have you replaced your fence? Don’t throw the chunks away. Add some shelves to them and attach them to your wall for a real rustic display of upcycling. Leave the faded paint precisely as it is for an even more authentic feel. You will bring a bit of the old back to life again and in a way that suits your new lifestyle. Nothing says a farmhouse aesthetic quite like a fence, even if it is inside! You can add some small plants, candles, or other knick-knacks to show off your personality. 

Image via Apoksilo

What’s great about this kind of shelving is that it can be used to cover any imperfections in your walls. Didn’t paint an area properly? Are there holes from botched attempts at putting up shelves? This fencing can cover all of those up so that no one will be the wiser. Nothing’s better than making your home look good and covering up those small mistakes you have made in redesigning your home.

These throw pillow ideas are not only country charming; they can also speak to your personality! https://www.futuristarchitecture.com

41. Provide instant comfort with country cushions.

Don’t bother buying decorated cushions for your home; you can buy some simple white pillows and design your own. Use markers or paint and pick a simple font to write your message. Alternatively, doodle whatever you want on them for a more whimsical feel. You can also switch them out with the seasons. For example, feature pumpkin patch and thankful pillows in the fall and unique holiday-themed cushions in the winter. The metal crate under each chair also says farmhouse meets bottle milk.

Image via Etsy

These metal crates also serve as useful storage areas for any blankets you want to have in reach but don’t want them taking up a lot of space. You can put whatever you want inside them too, everything from books to using the crates as show cubbies. Let your imagination run wild with all the possibilities before you. You’ll be surprised where it could take you when it comes to giving your home a more rustic flair.

Create an adorable laundry sign with different sized letters and colors for an instant conversation starter. http://www.imedialearn.com

40. Give your room some personality with a mismatched laundry sign.

Don’t worry if you aren’t very artsy or creative when it comes to crafts. The fun thing with this sign is that you don’t have to plan out much; the letters don’t have to be made from the same material or even be the same size. That’s what makes this look authentically rustic, as it appears like you went out and found some random letters lying by the side of the road. The more metallic options, the better for this rustic look! Spell it out however you like, and whatever color combination you can cobble together.

Image via Etsy

The great thing about this idea is that they can be used in any room in your home. Spell out “kitchen” and place it above your sink, or create one specifically for your bathroom or bedroom. The idea is pretty flexible, depending on the kind of look you want to give to a room. Create one out of rusted metal pieces for a workshop in the basement. The more varied the pieces, the more rustic the entire thing will look. There is no end in sight as to the different looks you can achieve with this.

Another creative way to decorate your living space is to use wooden sayings in your bathroom. https://www.pinterest.com

39. Personalize with wooden bathroom signs.

Remind yourself and the rest of your family of the principles of maintaining healthy teeth and a clean lifestyle. They’re simple enough to create yourself, and the dark wood adds a nice touch to your white tiled bathroom. These simple instructions are timely and beautiful in this white cursive lettering, and they can easily tie in with other items in your bathroom. You can use words that tie into a bathroom theme, like floss or rinse. Another option is to write your kids’ names on each board or important dates.

Image via Home BNC

This idea can be taken to any other room in your home, too. For example, you can add these to your kitchen and paint your favorite vegetables on them. Alternatively, place them in a room where you have your plants and paint your favorite flowers’ names. This idea has endless possibilities if you know how to stretch that creativity of yours. In the end, they’re a great way to add a rustic, artistic flair to any room.

No longer just for the holidays, the wooden wreath provides a rich and rustic aesthetic right on your front door. https://www.pinterest.com

38. Celebrate with an unconventional wooden wreath.

Pine needles for the holidays are great, except when it’s all over your floor. Go for a simple wooden wreath instead that’s clean but still classic. You can hang it just about anywhere and can be modified for just about any season. Another option is to create a wreath to swap out some of the decor to match the corresponding calendar holidays throughout the year. Red and green are great for the Christmas season, but white and blue are also festive all winter long. Try leaf-changing colors like orange and yellow for fall.

Image via The Frugal Home Maker

You can even add pastel colors for a festive Spring theme. Want to celebrate a birthday? Spruce up a wooden wreath with their favorite colors and a Happy Birthday message. It’s easy to clean up and put away, and it fits neatly on a shelf so that there’s still room for all of the other decorations you’re putting away. No longer want to use it as a wreath? Remove the hook part, and it can work as a wonderful serving tray when you have guests over.

If you love Mason jars and flowers, you will enjoy this take on a hallway decoration that is both sweet and appealing. http://creativemaxx.com

37. Show off your floral side with hanging mason jar flowers.

This simple idea is quite elegant and doesn’t take a lot to put together. Some boards, hooks, and mason jars complete with fabric flowers are all that’s needed to achieve this look. Change the bulbs out for the season or fill them up with something else entirely. The mix of mason jars, a wood pallet, and some fresh or fake flowers exuberates rustic decor. This homey piece will only take a day to create, so make sure you add it to your DIY project list for the weekend.

Image via Pinterest

Have a mudroom that always smells a little moldy? Add some bath salts to the jar to help clear up that stinky odor. Need some soft illumination for a dark hallway? Add some thin string lights for a pretty, fairytale look. Alternatively, forget the decorations altogether and using the hanging jars to store your little knick-knacks like keys and coins. You’ll never have to wonder where they are ever again if you can see them through the clear glass. Furthermore, if you’re interested in giving the glass itself some flair, get some frosted glass spray paint and some stencils to add some attractive designs to them.

Image via Amazon

36. Another unique option for flowers is bucket planters.

Skip the terra cotta or plastic pots and go for a simple bucket instead. The galvanized steel is a nice contrast to any plant’s organic green: nature with human-made metal. They’re sturdy, too, so that when you’re moving your plants around, your root systems will be protected from jostling and bumps. That can be a handy trick to have in households with pets or children who will not leave the potted plants alone. An artificial greenery is also an excellent option for this shelf.

Image via Amazon

Just be careful if you decide to use real plants; the soil will need some ventilation so that your plant roots aren’t constantly drowning in water. It might be a good idea to drill a few small holes at the bottom of your bucket to let any excess water drain away. Moreover, don’t forget to put a collection dish underneath. It wouldn’t be a good idea to let your bucket to drain all over your nice shelves.

35. Get the family involved with this handy family sign.

Want a great way to show off all your members of the family? Paint those palms and high five a sturdy board! Write everyone’s names underneath so that guests know which hand belongs to whom. You might have to start over if you make more additions to your family over time. It is as simple as that! This do-it-yourself project will be one that you will treasure for years to come. You can also easily recreate the palm wall art at any point you wish — treasure this rustic decor piece for years to come.

Image via Pinterest

It is a great item that can be handed down from one generation to the next, representing a family tree. Additional pieces of the board can be painted with future family members’ hands so that there’s always more being added. It’s a great way to keep the family together and show children the history of their ascendants. That way, they can see just how extensive their family is. In case you have some pallets lying around, keep reading! You will find more tips and tricks for rustic decor.

Pallets are the kind of items that are made for rustic decor DIYs, and this unique wall treatment has a charming personality. https://www.homedit.com

34. Place a lighted vertical pallet planter.

Bring the outdoors inside with this unique vertical planter. Place easy-to-care-for plants in mason jars with some soil, and add a few lights to make them shine. The touch of green will do wonders for the interior of your home. Your blank wall will become an instant statement piece with parts that could either be fastened for permanent use or swapped out as you see fit. The look is entirely up to you; don’t worry about not having a green thumb — use succulents, which don’t require much water or care.

Image via Pinterest

The great thing about a vertical planter is that it adds some green to your home without taking up a lot of space. It can be difficult to add much color when the rest of your home is mostly cream and wood, so having some contrast works well in your favor. Climbing plants also work best in these kinds of planters, as they can wrap around the wood of the pallet to gain more height, providing you with even more color than before. Are you still searching for affordable rustic decor? Keep reading for fast and easy ideas.

Image via Colour MY Living

33. Add wooden panels to your accent wall.

Dress up your bedroom by adding wood to just one wall. Having an accent wall will provide that rustic look without going overboard and will complement the rest of your decor perfectly. The grain of the wood alone highlights the white pillows and sheets, making it stand out more. You can add complimentary throw pillows, rugs, a bench, and other accessories to match the room’s decor. Doing just one wall means you can complete this DIY project on the weekend!

Image via Decoist

Don’t go overboard, however. It can be an excellent addition to one room, but if you start doing it to every room, then it’s going to make your house look all same-y. Try the wood panelling in different rooms to see if it adds or detracts from the room’s value and the aesthetic you want to create. Although it can look quite romantic, you want your home to be balanced in its decor.

Image via Etsy

32. Keep loose ends tidy with personalized laundry organization.

Losing socks is one of the most annoying points of doing laundry, but now you can put them on display so that you can pair them up with their partner again once they’re found. Add another sign with a mason jar as a joke; your kids may forget to empty their pockets, so drop their loose change inside for safekeeping. You can have one for loose change and socks that have been misplaced. Have a little bit of humor with the signs to keep it light and breezy.

Image via Haute Look

You can also use these mason jars to keep laundry pods, as long as you provide a cap on them so that they don’t interact with the moisture in the air. That way, you can get rid of the giant plastic container that they come in and save space for some of the more essential things in your laundry room. You can even have some hooks on the wall to store your small ironing board if you have one. A clean and tidy laundry room is the best way to stay organized and not lose those pesky socks.

Find new functions for wreaths by setting them up in your living room or dining room area. http://avantgardeninc.com

31. Add some green to your living room with an indoor wreath.

Wreaths are not just for your door. Bring a simple one inside to dress up any room and add a splash of green you need but don’t have a knack for plants. This example pairs it up with three rustic mirrors that almost look like windows providing a great look without much work. It can be as simple as popping a bit of color on a wall or behind a trio of mirrors. The wreath’s flexibility can also be changed with the seasons, and you can keep different options no matter what time of year it is.

Image via Homebnc

Green isn’t the only color you can add to your home with a wreath. Although the rustic aesthetic basics are pale, neutral colors, you can have a snowy-white wreath during the winter or a nice pastel one for the warmer spring months. They work very well inside, too, not just outside. Just don’t invest in large, heavy wreaths, as this can pull down the look you’re trying to achieve.

Image via House of Hawkes

30. Brighten up any space with a touch of gold.

If you have some planks lying around, either from a pallet or an old deck, dress them up with some gold paint. Use a stencil or free-hand your design; the metallic gold stands out nicely against the wood’s dark grain for a romantic, woodsy feel. A few ideas for using gold for the rustic treatment include adding a glitzy bookcase, gilded bar stools, or opting for gold pipes in the bathroom. Whether it is as an accent or a full-on statement, your room will seem rich and tied together with the gold treatment in knick-knacks and other accessories.

Image via Pinterest

The great thing about gold paint is that it goes well with any other color you have in your home. It provides a sense of class without spending a lot of money to achieve the look. Alternatively, if you want a more somber tone, try silver. It’s more muted but still provides that sparkle that your room may need. Any metallic tones will do, really, as long as it’s applied correctly. Are you still searching for affordable rustic decor? Keep reading for fast and easy ideas.

Image via Pinterest

29. Stay organized with a chicken wire memo board.

Corkboards are great, but if you want something with a more authentic, rustic flair, there’s no reason you can’t make your own. Dress up your rustic home decor with this chicken wire memo board. Attach some chicken wire to a frame and add some clothespins to hang pictures or your keys. Be sure to secure some of your most treasured items and space them out accordingly. The alluring board can show off the things that are most important to you while remaining true to the country charm aesthetic that you are going for.

Image via Little Glass Jar

It’s also a great and easy way to store your valuables, such as keys, so that you know where they are all the time. Beware of the state of your chicken wire before you apply it to a frame. Any sign of rust could result in your wall being stained. Furthermore, rust stains are tough to get rid of. You can go with galvanized steel being bare, or you could consider spraying it with silver spray paint to ensure that no rust sets it. Keep reading for more budget-friendly rustic decor ideas.

Image via Pinterest

28. Hang your jewelry on doorknob hooks.

If you’ve ever been to an auction sale and bought a box of random stuff, you may have ended up with a lot of useless doorknobs. They’re not so meaningless anymore if you nail them to a piece of wood and hang it in your closet. Now you have a great place to hang your necklaces and bracelets so that you won’t have to go hunting around in your jewelry box for the right piece. You can grab what you need for a night out on the town in no time. Do not worry if the knobs do not match; that can be just part of the charm!

Image via Pinterest

You can go for completely random, or you could consider finding doorknobs that match in terms of a color scheme. That way, you can have a color theme for each room in your home with hanging knobs to match. That can be an excellent way to keep your knobs together without having to throw any of them away. Moreover, with more storage options, you’ll have more reasons to hang up everything in your home.

Image via Pinterest

27. Use pallet for a customized rustic headboard.

Add a charming rustic flair to your bed with a headboard that’s perfect for home decor on a budget. It’s not as extensive as turning one entire wall into the wood, but the fading paint gets the job done. Add a pair of sconces so that you can read in bed, and you have a fantastic getaway you’ll have trouble getting out of in the morning. Add another element of interest by adding overhead lighting inside your bedroom. You can get your needed Zs quickly with this steady and robust look.

Image via Home BNC

Furthermore, if you’re in the mood for even more storage, consider adding a few small shelves higher up on the headboard. This way, you can keep your favorite books without reach, place a few romantic fake candles up there, or just have a nice decoration to give your headboard some more color. You can put your glasses up there to keep them out of the way. That way, you don’t knock them off your nightstand in the middle of the night. Are you still searching for affordable rustic decor? Keep reading for fast and easy ideas.

26. Show your kids’ growth progress with a DIY height chart.

Your kids will love this idea for your home. Draw up a giant ruler and nail it up near a doorway. They’ll have fun seeing how much they’ve grown each month if any at all. This rustic home decor idea doesn’t take a lot of time or money to make, and you can make several for the children’s rooms if you like. There are many ways to play off this trendy growth chart, including setting up a little area to show off your own kids’ tally marks right next to the impressive display.

It’s also a great story to show your grandkids so that they have something to look forward to. Then they can measure themselves against their parents’ heights when they were the same age. It’s a great way to pass down history with a visual representation so that the younger members of the family can see it for themselves. It’s also a cute way for children to learn height measurements and what inches and feet are. Keep reading for more budget-friendly rustic decor ideas.

Image via Pinterest

25. Use an old window shutter as a new seating place. 

Grab those old Venetian shutters and add some legs to them. It won’t be very sturdy to sit on but add some cushions, and you have a great decor piece for your home. The more weathered the wood, the better they look! It only adds to the kind of whimsy charm you need for the farmhouse look you are striving for. Pair the bench with a lovely rustic table or desk to finish off the look. If you never thought of creating a rustic piece like this before, you will surprise yourself at how easy this DIY project is to make.

Image via DIYS

Only use shutters that seem sturdy, however. You don’t want to use thin shutters and risk them breaking when someone sits on them. Also, be sure to check the wood on the shutters to ensure that they’re in good condition. Again, you don’t want an accident to happen just because someone wants to take a load off their feet. Making your home look great shouldn’t come at the expense of someone’s good health.

Image via Home BNC

24. Block off a wall with wooden mounts.

Want something different from shelves? Cutting off the end of timber blocks and attaching them to your wall is a great way to show off those collectible pieces with a rustic aesthetic. The natural rings and splits in the wood are always going to be unique, so no woodblock is ever going to look exactly like another one. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary and can still correctly display some of your items on the wall, consider these blocks to be the step you need in your interior design.

Image via Home BNC

You can also use the block as a teaching lesson for your kids. Show them the rings they can see in the wood and see if they can count them. That will tell them how old a tree is (at least until you get to the edges of the wood). It’s a little bit of a life lesson they can take with them the next time they see a piece of wood with rings in it.

Image via Vintage Finds – Blogger

23. Illuminate your room with a ship’s bottle lamp.

Are you looking for a unique yet classy way to light your home? After all, lighting changes an entire mood. Model ships are a great pastime, but if the hobby has faded for you, you can transform one of those old bottles into a beautiful rustic lamp. Just grab an old bottle and head to the craft store to get some lamp kits, and you’re ready to go! The do-it-yourself project can be a way to showcase your ingenuity, and you will be able to continue to read on in whatever way you like.

Image via HOME BNC

Moreover, if the bulb ever burns out, there’s no need to throw the entire lamp away. Simply disconnect the power, remove the bulb and shade, and turn the bottle into a nice vase or decorative piece. The essence of the rustic aesthetic is to upcycle as many things as possible. Yesterday’s lamp becomes today’s centerpiece on your dining room table. Fill it with some glass beads or add some water for some beautiful flowers you picked from your garden.

Image via Pinterest

22. Section off with specialized farmhouse shelves

This project is no easier than painting, staining, and power sanding. These unfinished corbels were stained, and then the chalkboard was applied on top for a beautiful white finish. Then a sander was taken to the edges and side to make it look worn. Add them to any shelf for that authentic farmhouse feel. This type of treatment is practical for any room, and what you dream of can be a way to showcase your personality. Some ideas include placing a statement art piece above your mantle or bed, accessorizing with some pitchers or plates, and adding baskets for extra storage.

Image via Pinterest

There are special paints out there, too, to help you achieve the rustic look of these shelves. You can ask at the hardware store, and they should be able to help you out. Alternatively, you can follow a few online tutorials to help you achieve that look, and you’ll feel all the more rewarded for it. Much of the rustic aesthetic is easy to achieve if you know where to look.

Call back to the days of handmade with a repurposed spool table with rustic decorative elements. https://homebnc.com

21. Add some working style with an industrial spool table.

It’s going to take some work to accomplish this rustic home decor idea. If you can get your hands on one from an industrial warehouse, all you need to do is clean it up and saw it in half. Then you have a great table that can be placed by any wall to store your keys or other small belongings. The table can be a perfect place for a foyer or a hallway with a central mirror and a simple accessory set off to the side. Get ready for endless compliments on this unique yet simple piece that screams rustic.

Image via Instructables

In addition to having a great shelf, you also have a nice place to keep your shoes. It’s out of the way, and it will keep any mud or dirt off your floors. The filth may even increase the aesthetic of your wooden spool. Any imperfections in the wood also add a great touch, so the more beaten up the spool is, the better. Just be sure that you have permission to take the spool off the premises; you don’t want to be accused of stealing. Keep reading for more budget-friendly rustic decor ideas.

Image via Decoratorist

20. Call back to the past with aged candlestick holders.

You may not even have candles, but these DIY holders will a rustic feel to any room in your home. It will take some time and practice to achieve the perfect look, but the great thing about this project is that there’s no right or wrong way to do it. Keep trying until you reach the look you desire. The candlesticks are a great callback to a simpler time before smartphone and computer screens ruled all. You can easily paint the candlesticks to whatever color palette best suits your room.

Image via Hadiya Noor Handicrafts – Alibaba

When placed in the right spot, these candlesticks could even look like miniature columns. They add a nice Roman feel to your home as well. Whether they’re functional or not is for you to decide, but you wouldn’t want to ruin all that great painting and hard work with some wax. Decorative candles might be more your thing; that way, you don’t have to light them. That allows your candlesticks to last much longer and you won’t have hardened wax everywhere.

Image via Craft Outlet

19. Put some whimsical charm in your room with this DIY chalkboard.

Have a stubborn tree to need to cut down in your yard? Slice off a nice thin chunk of it to create a fabulous chalkboard for your home. Just paint on some black chalkboard paint, get some chalk, and write whatever message you like. This whimsical project can be done as many times as you want so that you can put up notes all over your home. What you decide to put on the wooden piece is up to you. A quote, Bible verse, or favorite saying are great examples to showcase in your rustic room. Display the selection either on an end table or bookshelf.

Image via Pinterest

Use it to leave a message to your kids to clean up after themselves. Jot down a few things you may need at the grocery store. Write down an important date that you have for an appointment. Even though it’s simply-made, this small slab of painted wood could become quite versatile in your home for those important things. It’s the little things that are the easiest to make that become the most used instruments in your home.

Image via Decoist

18. Organize your bedside with a ladder side table.

A tiny side table just can’t get the job done if you have a lot of stuff near your bed. On the other hand, a ladder serves as an excellent means of storage; use it for all of your magazines, your watch, your cup of coffee, and your alarm clock. It keeps everything you need out of the way so that you won’t step on them or knock them over when you’re getting up in the middle of the night. The unique design of the table makes it easy to point out in any room. Pair with more rustic accessories to keep with your preferred theme.

Image via Pepperfry

They also add some vertical height to your room to give it more definition and shape. Having everything at the same level can become quite boring to the eyes. Give them something to look at so that they always find something interesting about the room. A ladder table is also a great way to add some character to any room corner while still providing you with some much-needed storage. It is a great way to cover any scuffed floors or mistakes in your wall, just as a suggestion.

One day’s yard work could produce the materials for this cute do-it-yourself photo frame. http://www.hgtv.com

17. Stick with the ones you love with a twig frame.

Instead of mulching up all those twigs in your yard, break them up into little pieces and attach them to a photo frame. With some strong glue, these easy rustic DIY home projects will dress up any photo you have. You may like the look so much that you end up applying it to all of your photo frames. Put them all together for a statement gallery wall that shows your personality and the important people and places in your life. All you need is an old frame, several twigs of the same size, and hot glue.

Image via Cut The Wood

This idea can be taken to other areas of your home too. Have a boring mirror? Consider adding some twigs around the edge of it for a more interesting look. Add them to a wooden wreath for some added dimension. It provides some much-needed texture to your home and also declutters your yard at the same time. Your guests will wonder just how much you spent on these neat frames, and you can keep that secret all to yourself.

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16. Bring the outdoor elements to your front door with a rustic stick wreath.

Nothing is more welcoming than a lovely wreath, and nothing is easier than making this wreath all by yourself. Pull up those dead vines from your yard and coil them together with some dark twine. Add a rustic burlap bow and some pine cones, and you have the perfect wreath you can put anywhere in your home. The flair and function of this multipurpose wall decor feature great attention to detail and charm. It is ideal for any front door this fall.

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Want some extra color? Then just add some paint to the vines, and you’re set. Coordinate bows and other accouterments to create a look that is unique for your home alone. It may take some practice to wind the vines correctly in a way that will stay together, but you’ll achieve a fabulous look once you get the technique down. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to ask for an extra pair of hands to help you too. Nothing is more rewarding than building a project together with your family that they can then show off to the rest of the world.

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15. Hang curtains up with distressed curtain rod.

It doesn’t take a lot to achieve this look; if you know how to dry brush, you’re already halfway there. Apply the technique to a wooden curtain rod and some corbels and protect the whole thing with wax so that the paint won’t scrape off. The distressed look will add that hint of rustic to any room. It will be hard to keep your eyes from drifting upward to admire the rustic charm that this curtain rod provides.

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If metal is more your look, you can also apply the same rustic look to a metal curtain rod. Achieving the look will take a different method, but it will look just as good. Moreover, a metal rod may be a bit lighter than a solid wooden one, so it could be easier for you to get the curtain rod up there. There are plenty of tutorials out there to help you out if you feel unsure about what you’re trying to achieve. Try a few test runs on some errant pieces of wood until you find something you like.

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14. Relax with a wood bath caddy.

Struggle with carrying all the things you want with you when you’re soaking in the bath? Afraid you’ll get your favorite book wet? This easy DIY bath caddy holds everything that you need and isn’t challenging to make. Sip on some coffee in the morning while you’re enjoying a morning bath or enjoy a snack of crackers and cheese while your bath salts go to work. What you want to put on your caddy depends on the mood you are feeling that day. Pamper yourself with your caddy, and you will not regret the investment.

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Even you’re feeling a bit fancier. Then there’s no harm in painting your caddy either. Grab a few acrylic paints and draw out an excellent design you’d like on the top or along the edges. Alternatively, write your name so that everyone knows whom the caddy belongs to. That way, you’ll have a decorative way to carry your snacks into the bath with you. Alternatively, you could paint the whole thing one solid color if that’s more to your liking. Keep reading for more budget-friendly rustic decor ideas.

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13. Dress up your dining room with a burlap table runner.

Burlap has never looked so good. This tasseled strip of burlap is a great look for any table, no matter the size or finish. It compliments both light and dark elements of the room with its neutral tone, and the texture, though rough, is a nice compliment to the smooth wood of the table. Because it adds another rustic element to your dining room or kitchen area, you can feature other compliment materials along the surface that adds something to your aesthetic.

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You can choose to use burlap as a table runner for the middle of your dining room table. Then, you can cut strips of it and use it to tie your utensils together. Also, you can tie it around the stems of your glassware into nice bows. Or you can even use it as placemats for where everyone is going to sit. No matter how you use it, it’s going to create a lovely rustic atmosphere on your dining room table. Are you a do-it-yourself person? The next rustic decor item will be one of your favorites.

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12. Put your family on the walls with DIY pallet plaques.

Are you still searching for affordable rustic decor? Keep reading for fast and easy ideas. These pallet plaques make great frames for those loose pictures you have lying around. Distress the wood with cool grey paint and add some twine to hang them up. Some bulldog clips complete the job and are strong enough to hold up any picture. You will love the way everything else can tie together with this unique and fun project.

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You can match the shades in the photos with the paint you want to put on the pallets. Alternatively, tie in the colors of the room with your choice of pallet paint too. It’s a great way to tie the room together while still adding a rustic feel that you can enjoy. Keep reading for more budget-friendly rustic decor ideas that you can complete this weekend. Your house will be the best on the block.

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11. Reconfigure driftwood for a beautiful starburst mirror.

Bring the beach into your home with this lovely DIY rustic home decor project. A trip to the nearest lake can provide you with all the driftwood you need; attach it all to a round mirror, and you have a lovely complementary piece in your home that not only draws the eye but has a beautiful geometric feel to it as well. Arranging the driftwood in a way like in the picture puts the object in the mirror as the ultimate focal point, just where the spotlight should be.

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If you don’t want to go with plan driftwood, you can opt to paint it before it to the mirror as well. Use colors that you enjoy, or pick sandy and ocean shades that go well with your mirror. To match your mirror, you may even want to go with silver for extra glimmer. No matter what you choose, your starburst mirror will look fantastic.

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10. Bring beauty into your bathroom with a flower vase towel rack.

Want something that immediately draws attention in your bathroom? You can put in a simple floral treatment to your bathroom to liven up your walls. One idea is to take an ordinary flower vase and towel rack and secure them together for both pretty and eye-catching. If you want to make it more rustic, you can use a weathered-looking vase for a friendly vibe. A great thing about this is its versatility. The top part can be changed as you see fit as the bottom works as a towel rack. It is excellent, functional decor.

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Moreover, the great thing about this idea is that even when the flowers are dried and dead, they will still look great—no having to worry about getting fresh flowers all the time. Just beware that if they start falling apart, it might be time to change them. You can choose to put in fresh flowers or dry them on your own before you add them. Depending on the flowers you choose, they may also add a pleasant smell to your room.

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9. Hang up garland bead art.

Are you still searching for affordable rustic decor? Keep reading for fast and easy ideas. If you want to include something more dramatic on your empty wall but still want to adopt the rustic aesthetic, consider using extra-large beads as garland. This simple trick is different enough from everyday wall decor, so you are sure to have a standout piece. The faux beads can have a wooden appearance that makes them look real. You can also change out the beads with other decorations as you wish.

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In order to go for a more whimsical look, consider using children’s small wooden toys. They may be a bit more challenging to hang up, but a few twist ties can attach them to the garland. Your kids will love them, and the rustic look is still achieved. Furthermore, when the season is over, your children can have them back. If they’re not interested in them, you can always donate the toys. It’s the season for giving, after all.

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8. Call back to a with an unforgettable memory with a burlap hanging map.

This unique burlap art project can be a great way to add some personality and warmth to any room. It is a way to express yourself and helps tell your own history story. Choose maps that represent where you have lived or where you have traveled. It may seem simple, but it is useful, nonetheless. The burlap is a callback to the simple. You can also pair it with other items that remind you of home or that particular time in your life.

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Add some wooden pushpins to the mix so that you can mark off which countries you’ve visited or want to visit in the future. It gives you something to look forward to or to reminisce on vacations you’ve taken in the past. Add some more spice to it by pinning up a photo you’ve taken in that country on the burlap map. That way, it’s a collection of memories that you can show to your guests instead of just keeping them in a scrapbook. Are you still searching for affordable rustic decor? Keep reading for fast and easy ideas.

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7. Uniquely section your room with wall privacy screens.

Sure, those privacy screens can be great all on their own, but with a little ingenuity, you can repurpose them into a unique farmhouse project. Opt for chalk paint when you are fixing them up because it gives them an added touch of texture. Choose a color that complements your walls and other furniture pieces. If the screens have a grainy quality, do not fret. That is part of the charm and cozy rustic feeling that you are going for. Once they are dry, position them on a wall with a side table underneath. No one will ever know that they were once supposed to be hidden.

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These partitions also offer you some sense of privacy by separating the rooms from each other. It gives your guests some comfort they need while you’re preparing food or engaging in some other chores in the adjoining room. Furthermore, when you want to open up the space more, the divisions can always be put away so that you have a grand sweeping floorspace to work with.

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6. Put a classic pattern on your wall with cardboard quilt art.

A great way to use the quilt look at a place other than your bed could be on your wall! This imaginative project provides a different way to fashion country chic to any room in the house. All you have to do is cut the wood in interesting quilt-like patterns for this distinctive feature. The right staining can be another way to get that weathered treatment fashionable in farmhouse-style decor. Feel free to fit the project into whatever wall space you have available.

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If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can cover your entire floor with these patterns if you have the skills for it. It can give your home a unique look, and because you designed it yourself, no one else will have it. Try an arrangement of different wood types to achieve different shades and designs that work well together without removing the rustic wooden feel. You might even surprise yourself with what you create. Keep reading for more budget-friendly rustic decor ideas.

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5. Hang an old barn door as a headboard.

A barn is an essential part of any agriculture-themed interior motif so consider adding it to your bedroom! If you are looking for another country-inspired idea, you can repurpose an old barn house door for a rustic headboard. You can also copycat this idea with just about any material you desire and position them as desired. Pallet boards and old barn wood make the perfect pieces to accomplish this stylish design.

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These barn doors also give the illusion that there is more hidden space in your bedroom than people realize. They may be tempted to try and open them to see what you have stored in there. Unfortunately for them, they’ll never find anything. Another great benefit to installing barn doors is that you have an included shelf on top of them. Great for storage or adding a few lamps so that you can read in bed at night. Are you still searching for affordable rustic decor? Keep reading for fast and easy ideas.

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4. Use twine-wrapped accessories in any room.

You can do so much with twine, and the cheap accessory can be an instant rustic makeover to most of the simple items you have around the house. One example is wrapping the string around the cabinet handles. It is an easy way to tie in all the other accessories in one room. Other additional materials include and paint. You don’t have to stop with the cabinets. You can also do this same treatment to photo or even a lampshade. The neutral tones can blend with whatever rustic aesthetic chooses to be.

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If you want to be more environmentally friendly, consider using hemp twine to achieve whatever look you want. It’s affordable, easy to recycle, biodegradable, and encourages new hemp growth to replace paper eventually. Experiment with different sizes of twine to achieve a textured look that will draw attention.

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3. Organize your wine collection with a wooden pallet wine rack.

The ever-useful pallet is back with this project that pairs perfectly with any eating area. Turn this old wooden pallet into a do-it-yourself wine rack with a few easy steps. All you would need to do is create a shelf that holds the wine bottles in place and then uses a drill for a quick hanging section for wine glasses to be situated at the bottom. This easy project is a great way to store all of your wines until you are ready to unwind or entertain friends for the evening.

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If wine isn’t your thing, then the pallet rack can be used to store your other items: rolling pins, kitchen towels, or bottles of sparkling grape juice, for example. There’s nothing wrong with adding a bit more storage space to your kitchen. That way, you can find everything that much more easily. You’ll be thankful you put this idea to the test when everyone else can see just how functional your kitchen looks.

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2. Pull the room together with a DIY wooden coffee table.

After your seating, a good coffee table can be the most essential part of any living room. It holds your reading materials, TV remotes, and of course, a good cup of coffee or other beverage. Assemble a do-it-yourself rustic coffee table with different colors of wood for your room. It is not only affordable but also really easy to finish. Once you pattern the various pieces, just stick them together with some wood glue and small nails. After the glue has dried, you can add table legs with some fasteners.

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Add a nice, simple table cloth or runner to it for that added rustic feel. Go for simple materials and fabrics in muted colors and have simple patterns on them. A small vase with a few fake flowers will also do well as a nice piece of decor on your small table. Don’t be afraid to experiment and move things around in your home to achieve the look you want. Keep reading for more budget-friendly rustic decor ideas. Are you still searching for affordable rustic decor? Keep reading for fast and easy ideas.

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1. Put everything in its place with a farmhouse mail sorter.

Letters and bills do not have to be stored in a pile on a counter. Consider a rustic mail sorter that hangs beautifully on your wall. With just a few pieces of wood and some small coat hooks, you can build your country-inspired organizer. You can also use this idea to keep your children’s homework and other necessary paperwork all in one place. Create as many slots as necessary, with each having its own function. This handy contraption can also be stained in any color to match the rest of the room’s rustic decor.

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You can even color-code your mail sorter by bills, junk mail, or letters that need to be replied to. It keeps you organized and all the ball about what needs to take care of immediately and which mail can wait a few days. Although the decor is supposed to be rustic, it’s not an excuse to be messy with your mail laying around all over the place. We hope you enjoyed all of these rustic decor ideas! Get started on your own decor today.