Clever Ways to Repurpose Everyday Items Into Your New Favorite Home Hacks

Monica Gray - February 14, 2023

That Old Wicker Basket Is Perfect For Recyclables

If that old wicker basket is falling apart at the seams, you could easily upcycle it and use it to store recyclables. It’s a lot nicer than having a brightly colored recycling bin. You’re also reusing an old item in your home, which means you’re saving on waste. If you have multiple wicker baskets, you can use one for cans, one for glass, and one for plastic. If you still feel like using the wicker basket, you could paint it to turn it into something bright and beautiful, or cut it and use it as a headboard (Bob Vila).

15 Acre Homestead

Cardboard Tubes Make Great Fire Starters

Instead of buying fire starters, repurpose old cardboard tubes and toss them into the flames. They’re great as fire starters, as the flame catches quickly. Stuff them with wax paper so they burn for longer. This means you’ll have a fire for quite some time! If you don’t have a place to make a fire but ended up with tons of cardboard tubes, you can use them to keep pants crease-free (15 Acre Homestead).


Bicycle Wheels Are Wonderful Wall Decorations

Old bicycle wheels are fantastic vintage decorations you can hang on your walls or use to hang other items. If you stick them on your ceiling, you can hang pots and plants off of them. Spray them with white paint to give them an extra special touch. The more bicycle tires you have, the more creative you can be. With multiple bicycle tires, you can hang them in a pattern across your wall and paint them in different colors (Pinterest).

Women’s World

Butter Wrappers As Burger Patty Separators

You’ve probably never thought twice about saving a butter wrapper. We’re here to tell you that you need to save them! You can use them to separate burger patties. The buttery residue will prevent the paper from sticking to the meat, and give them an additional buttery flavor. You can also place the butter wrappers in the fridge and save them for later use (Women World).

Cubby At Home

Use A Dish Soap Or Ketchup Bottle As A Pancake Batter Dispenser

Once you’ve finished your dish soap or ketchup, you can clean it out and fill it with pancake batter. The other side of the soap bottle is perfect for dispensing pancake batter onto a pan. This is a mess-free way of making your favorite breakfast. No more having to spend half an hour cleaning the kitchen after making chocolate chip pancakes! (Cubby At Home).


Shower Curtains Turn Into Tablecloths

You may wonder why we added shower curtains to this list. That’s because you can turn easily shower curtains into outdoor tablecloths. Once you’re done with that old, raggedy tablecloth, bring it outside and use it for a picnic or an outdoor barbecue. Make sure to give it a good rinse before eating it (Pinterest).

Everyday Crafty Goodness

Use Your Umbrella As A Reusable Grocery Bag

If your umbrella breaks, don’t fret. You can repurpose it and use it as a reusable grocery bag! This is a fun way to turn trash into treasure. Easily sew on cloth handles to make it into a bag you can carry on your shoulder. Simply cut the fabric into the size of a bag and sew the open ends and handle (Everyday Crafty Goodness).


Turn Bottle Caps Into Mini Candles

Don’t throw away those bottle caps anymore! You can easily repurpose them and turn them into mini candles or tea lights. This is a fantastic party or event decoration. If you’re having guests over at your house, you can clean up the bottle caps, add them to a wick, and melt crayon wax over them. The more bottle caps you have, the more mini candles you’ll get. You can place these around your home for a warm, cozy atmosphere during the winter months. Paint them white or black to match the other furniture in your house (Pinterest).