Communes to Run Away to and Live a Natural Life

Trista - November 23, 2021

Communes in Florida and Hawaii

You can find a place to call your own that is secluded in the Sunshine State. All you need is a good water source and a working septic system, and you would be just fine left to your own devices. In Florida, you can install whatever your preferred alternative energy source and home addition is. A garden, wind turbine, solar panel system, and other gadgets can be tailored to make your home a place you would be glad to stay in. Rural land is reasonably priced, and several places in the state have an abundance of water and timber. Liberty County is located in the northwestern part of the state, so it is a favorable climate for growing crops. The summers here are not as hot as those in the southern parts of the state. It also contains one of the lowest prices of land and property within the Sunshine State.

But Florida isn’t the only tropical type paradise you can settle in. If you are going to live a natural life, why not select one of the most beautiful places on the planet? The cost of moving to Hawaii may be high, but it could be well worth the trouble. Get your complete independence and live away from the mainland, and you will swear you live on your island. The electric grid in Hawaii does not extend any further than the city limits, so finding your place is practically limitless. Hawaii has nutrient-rich soil, plenty of sunshine, and bountiful rains, perfect for your island homestead. You can grow nearly anything you would desire there. That includes things you can’t grow in the other lower 48 continental US states, even coffee beans. The possibilities can be well worth the start-up costs to live in paradise.