Create the Perfect Cozy Reading Nook for Escaping the Chilly Weather

Trista - December 2, 2019
A beautiful rug ties the whole room together. Pixabay

Tie The Room Together With A Rug

Often one of the first things purchased, a functional area rug ties all of the elements together. Designers suggest choosing a rug that will fit comfortably under the furniture pieces, such as the chair, couch, end tables, or bookshelves.

Another basic rule for interior design is that the area rug should be a minimum of six inches and no more than two feet away from the wall. It can also present another opportunity for you to add style, color, and personality to your reading nook. Whether it is whimsical or minimal, you can have a lot of fun with a floor statement piece.

Rugs help protect the floors in your home. Pixabay

Why Rugs Are Important

Rugs are more than just statement pieces. They can be an essential part of home decor, especially in rooms that have a large percentage of hard flooring in their rooms. They act as a way to protect the floors from everyday damage and spills that could occur.

When area rugs are placed on top of the carpet, they can also be a way to protect the flooring from traffic and other things that could wear down the carpet.

Some beautiful pieces can be made from recycled materials. Buzzfeed

Use Repurposed Materials

There are several reasons to use repurposed materials while creating a do-it-yourself makeshift reading nook. With a bit of imagination and a new fresh coat of paint, the once discarded items are given new life.

The DIY projects can range depending on your skill label. For example, old tires can be positioned as new seating in the nook. You can also fill an inflatable pool with pillows or take milk jugs and glue them together for a reading “igloo.” All you need are a few materials and some imagination to transform.

By choosing recycled materials, you are helping your children learn the importance of sound environmental practices. Pixabay

Importance Of Using Recycled Products for DIY Projects

When you are in the middle of a do-it-yourself project, you can save yourself quite a bit of money if you first look for materials that could be reused and repurposed in some way. Recycling is not only an enjoyable way to spend some spare time, but it could also help the environment around us.

Recycling materials such as tires help reduce the consumption level of natural raw materials, so it saves energy by decreasing the number of harmful emissions that are being released into the atmosphere.

A child’s room can comfortably accommodate a whimsical reading nook. Pixabay

Fixing Spaces For Kids

Adult readers are not the only ones who deserve a space all their own. Children’s rooms are perfect oases for little readers to let their minds roam. There are several ideas for fixing up a reading nook that will be an excellent place for kids to keep coming back.

Because there is an element of childlike wonder, their reading nook can be more whimsical than the ones for grown-ups. For example, a swing can be a fun addition to a room. Fill with cozy blankets and stuffed animals for a more playful feel.

Bunk beds can be used to create a loft and a reading nook. Pixabay

Bunk Bed Options

A bunk bed can be a quick way to create a different kind of cozy bedroom reading nook. By arranging the bunk beds in a criss-cross formation, the first “floor” can be used as a loft or in whatever way the budding reader prefers.

You can also place a small bookshelf underneath the area to help make the reading nook more accessible to favorite works of literature. Other ideas could include a bean bag chair, a fuzzy area rug, or a small comfy chair.

A canopy or tent could easily be suspended over a daybed. Pixabay

Suspend A Tent Or Canopy For A Dreamy Look

Another possible option for a children’s cozy reading nook is to install elements that invite imaginative trips to dreamland. A tent or a canopy dress up every room they are. They drape the corner of the room in a warm and welcoming way.

You can include blankets, floor pillows, and favorite toys to fill out the rest of the space. Another example would be to add twinkle lights to keep up the dreamy aesthetic.

Teepees make a perfect hideaway spot. Buzzfeed

Teepees Can Also Be Fun

Another sense of wonderment for a children’s reading nook could be a teepee. Just like canopies and tents, the teepee allows for a fort-like experience inside their sleeping quarters.

If you are interested in making your teepee, you can use some items from around the house. The worlds they create in their minds are up to their imaginations. A beanbag chair can be added for extra comfort.

This gorgeous platform seating area is made out of outdoor pallets. Buzzfeed

Outdoor Pallets

Not every reading nook has to have conventional elements to include incorporating pallets for an outdoor reading nook. Pallets can often be picked up for cheap from several retailers.

After applying a fresh coat of paint and allowing for time to dry, the pallets provide a flat surface that is perfect for lounging with a favorite book. You can pick up cushions or floor pillows to provide a soft place for the reader to enjoy.

Only you can decide what to include in your reading nook. Pixabay

Reading Nooks Call For Innovation

No matter what you decide to put in your reading nook, only you will know what would be the best to include. It is your space to innovate and create as you see fit. You can feel free to add and exclude other elements as you like until you have it looking and feeling just like you wanted it to be.

You can also feel free to change the elements in the reading nook whenever you feel like it. It can be interchangeable, depending on your mood or the season. The critical thing to remember is that it is yours to enjoy as your ravish through each page.