Creative Ways to Decorate a Small Living Room 

Trista - August 28, 2020
A tall bookcase can help you set up additional items in your small space without taking up extra floor space. Shutterstock.

Choose a Tall Bookcase

A bookshelf is an object that you will probably have in your reading nook if you create one. Even if you don’t set up a specific area for reading, you might still feel a bookcase is necessary because you want to show off your books and even a few collectibles you’ve bought over the years. You might even have a couple of items from your grandmother’s house to display.

If this sounds like you, then you will want to choose a tall bookcase over a small one. This tip will not only allow you to hold more items in a small space, but it can make your room seem more prominent because the eyes will move up the wall.

Applying wallpaper with stripes will help trick the eyes into believing the room is larger than what it is. Shutterstock.

Get Wallpaper that has Stripes

Wallpaper is coming back into style. One reason is that it’s a bit easier to put up than it used to be. Another reason is that many people are using it instead of paint because they like the paper’s designs for the walls. They feel it gives not only the room but the home more character.

If you decide to get wallpaper, even if it’s just for your accent wall, choose a design that will make your room seem bigger, such as stripes that go across or up and down. Depending on the style, the eyes will follow the lines, and this will automatically give people the illusion that your living room is more prominent.

No matter what type of living room you have, ensure that all members of your household fall in love with it. Shutterstock.

Generally Love You Small Living Room

One of the biggest steps to take, more significant than any other tips in this article, is to embrace your small living room. You want to learn to love it just as you would the large dream living room you’ve always had set in your mind.

Take time to create your personal space that you’re proud to show off to your guests. Play around with your furniture and area a little to figure out the best design possible. Find ways to spend as much time as possible in the room, especially with your family. Maybe this means that you have a movie or game night. The more comfortable and happy you are with your room, the more you will love your space.


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