Decorating Tips to Turn Any Home into a Country Dream

Trista - March 26, 2019
Credit: Pexels

Bon Appetit with a pizza oven paddle.

Even if you don’t have a pizza oven in your home, you can still dress it up with a nice pizza oven paddle. The distressed wood adds to your kitchen’s aesthetic, though you may get some questions about having fresh pizza for dinner. All you need is a pizza oven paddle and enough wall space to hang it on. You may be able to find one at your local thrift store or even at an old pizza place that may be going out of business.

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You can even leave it propped up in the corner, hang it up above your stovetop, or prop it up on an empty counter for everyone to see. Whether it’s made of metal or wood doesn’t matter either; they will both go well with the rustic aesthetic. If it’s wood, you can even paint it if you wish to add it to your home decor with a word, making it a sign in your kitchen. Moreover, a unique-looking sign it would be. 

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Don’t be afraid of fake fur.

Animal pelts may not be your thing, but they still add a nice rustic element to any living room or dining room. Go for the fake fur instead and lay down a nice rug in the middle of the floor. Some are made to look like real fur, so you may not even be able to tell the difference. You don’t have to stick with just one room when deciding where to place a fur rug either; you can put them throughout your home.

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Fur rugs go best with bare wood floors, but they can make for a nice accent rug on a carpeted floor in your bedroom. Consider different fur color options to see what fits best with the decor in your home. There are many options for fur rugs, ranging from shaggy to more smooth, and some are striped while others are spotted or solid colors. They can be made to match any type of decor as well. The options are truly endless. 

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Focus on nature.

The main rustic element is using things that look natural, so don’t be afraid to pull something from your yard to use inside. Bare branches, rusted metal, and plain wood finishes can be used to help decorate the inside of your home, bringing in that rustic aesthetic look without breaking the bank. Just be sure that there aren’t any insects on anything you bring in from your yard first. Nothing like setting up something pretty in your living room only to find out it’s crawling with bugs a few minutes later.

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Have a collection of bird feathers you found in your backyard? Why not string them up and attach them to a bare branch? Then you can hang that up in your bedroom to add both color and texture to the walls. If you’re into art projects, you could make your very own dream catcher to hang up above your bed, using feathers you find outside in your yard. Furthermore, instead of filling your house with knick-knacks, replace some of those things with small indoor plants. 

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Stack up some suitcases.

If you have any hardtop suitcases you’re not using at the moment, why not stack them up together? That is a unique way to create a side table in your coffee room, den, or on your patio. Add a potted plant to the mix, and you have a wonderful addition to any room. You could even add a simple little picture frame with a photo taken from a trip you may have been on recently to finish up the look.

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To make it extra special, leave on all those travel stickers too. It will let your guests know that you’re well-traveled and give your suitcases that weathered, “found on the side of the road” look. Those suitcases will have many stories to tell. Your guests will be asking about your travels, which may help if you’re not good at making small talk. And how convenient, in a hurry and need a suitcase? Just grab part of your end table and start packing!

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Include deer antlers on the wall.

Maybe you’re fortunate to live somewhere where a lot of deer traverse the area. When the seasons change, the bucks shed or lose their antlers in a fight, and you may be lucky enough to find a few lying around your yard. Clean them thoroughly first with soap and water, and consider adding them to your home. If you cannot find any lying around, you may be able to purchase some from a hunting or fishing shop near your home if one is available.

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You can leave them resting on top of a storage dresser or hang them up on your wall with a nice brass hook and use it for a coat. The natural look of antlers is a suitable replacement for wood since there are more textures to it. Furthermore, because no antlers ever look the same, you’ll have a unique shape to use just for your home. Moreover, there is no need to polish, stain or paint them before putting them up on display.