DIY Idiots Who Should Have Just Paid The Professionals

Sai Leigh - October 11, 2022

When You Want the Aesthetic, but Not the Function

When this homeowner moved into their new digs, they couldn’t figure out why the lighting in the bathroom wasn’t working. A nightmare situation if you have to run to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and all-around confusing. The owner did quite a bit of poking around before giving up and deciding to take the light fixture down to replace it – only to find out that it wasn’t even connected to anything! Whoever owned and “renovated” this home before was going for a certain look, but unworried about function, apparently, as they skipped any kind of electrical hookup. They even painted around the base of the fixture for a quick installation. [via Reddit]


Paint Over Your Problems

Chances are, if you’ve lived in an apartment before, you’ve experienced some horror stories with landlords. It’s hard to find a landlord who is not only a decent person, but also takes care of their real estate. While we’re pretty sure Dr. Mac Arthur is most likely a funny persona, this picture is no joke. It shows how one landlord painted over and over both an electrical socket and light switch, to the point where you can barely tell what they are anymore. Only a few more coats and they would have disappeared into the wall. Our initial guess was that floor lamps were being used for lighting for obvious reasons, but…where would they even get plugged in? [via Reddit]


We Can’t Even Tell What This Is. Seriously.

What exactly is going on here? Your guess is as good as ours. It’s obviously some kind of plumbing solution where, for whatever reason, they were unable to find a pipe joint. It takes a whole different level of creativity to not only think of a blender, but then outfit it for this purpose. Wouldn’t it have been quicker to just drive down to the nearest home improvement store? Judging from the state of the blender and the surrounding cabinet, they’ve had quite a few issues in the plumbing department before. You can tell from the erosion of the cabinet base that leaks have happened in the past, and there seems to be gunk and mildew all over their DIY solution. Whatever happened here, some lucky plumber will get a good laugh when they’re called to finally replace it. [via Reddit]


Dad’s Favorite Thermostat

This looks like another landlord DIY, although the intentions behind it are questionable. Hopefully, the tenant did a quick check of all appliances and fixtures shortly after moving in and discovered this issue. It would be a huge problem if they made it all the way to winter only to find out their heat didn’t work and/or couldn’t be controlled. It makes us wonder just what the landlord was thinking – surely they didn’t believe they’d get away with hanging a disconnected thermostat on the wall? [via Facebook]


Those Half-Baths Keep Getting Smaller and Smaller…

Was this homeowner looking for a place to store their shampoo and a solution for holding up that pesky showerhead at the same time? Honestly, we feel their pain. Finding storage space in the shower, especially for large families, is never easy. But, you know, they make things for that. Like shelves or shower organizers. Apparently, for this homeowner, the easiest way to get the job done was to install a cabinet in the shower itself. It’s unclear how exactly this will work since wood doesn’t do well with long term exposure to moisture, but we wish them well! [via Reddit]


An Adult Slip n’ Slide, with Consequences

Installing stairs of any size and shape is no joke, as this homeowner likely learned when they DIY-ed an outdoor set of steps. It’s unclear what the aesthetic here is, as there are at least four different types and colors of stone going on. But the real focus of our worries is on the steps themselves, which are noticeably tilted downward. Imagine trying to rush into the house on a rainy day and taking a dive on that slick, slight incline. Luckily there’s even more stone to break your fall! [via Reddit]


Functional Furniture for Friend Groups!

Recently, the double couch has been making the rounds in the DIY (or DIWHY) communities. An amateur-made contraption, double couches essentially act as theater seats for large families or groups of friends. This homeowner went above and beyond in making sure everyone had a seat, and built a triple-decker couch complete with wheels for easy maneuvering and storage. Honestly, this is an impressive solution – even if we’re cringing at the expectation of one of those 2x4s snapping under the weight of the movie night crew. [via Reddit]


For Times When Feeling Supported Truly Matters

Of all the appliances in your home, toilets are the ones you shouldn’t mess around with. Unless you know what you’re doing. We’re not quite sure what happened here, but it looks like after the installation, someone realized that toilets need to be caulked. Caulking a toilet in place so it doesn’t shift is done almost exclusively around the base. What could have been happening in this home for the owner to feel that the toilet needed to be doubly secured at the top as well as the bottom? And how do they plan on removing the lid if they ever need to access other features, like the float or flapper? At least they’re mindful of their bathroom etiquette, judging by that scented spray! [via Reddit]


Trying Too Hard to Impress Guests

If you only saw the top portion of this photo, you might be impressed. It appears to show a flat screen TV installed professionally in a living room wall. Nice set up, looks a little pricey and classy – what more could you ask for? And chances are, this TV will impress guests, unless they get a look at the room behind the living room. The bottom photo reveals just how the installation happened, and it’s no magic trick. This is actually a full-sized box television mounted into a wall, with the back end hanging out in someone unfortunate person’s room. The installation looks like it was a bit of a mess, too, with drywall scraps littering the rug and a mess of wires spread out under the television. But, hey, as long as no one ever discovers their secret, it just might work out. [via Facebook]


Your Best Guess Probably Beats Ours

Home improvement experts have carried on long discussions about what this contraption could possibly be for. It’s been referred to as a “redneck water heater”, but what are the chances this thing can heat enough water for a whole house? The fascinating thing is, it looks like someone at least partially knew what they were doing. The PVC piping is well-jointed and there doesn’t appear to be any leaking. Plus, you’d need to understand how hot water delivery systems work to even think of involving a tea kettle. But how, exactly, does it work? And what does it do? [via Reddit]