Enjoy These 40 Outdoor Living Spaces All Year Long With These Tips

Trista - June 13, 2019

28. Complete Outdoor Area

Using tables and couches as part of your outdoor living room furniture creates a social atmosphere for your family and friends on a beautiful day. The sofa serves as the dividing line between the two spaces, creating privacy both for those who are enjoying a meal and those having a conversation. The pendulum lights bring some much-needed illumination to the kitchen area, but can be ambient lighting for the living room area for some privacy and to set the mood. If you install an outdoor kitchen area like this complete with dining room and sitting space, you have achieved the ultimate indoor-outdoor living.


29. A Glass Ceiling

Instead of adding lighting to a space, having a glass ceiling (literally!) can do the job for you. Natural sunlight will bathe you in the early morning when you’re enjoying a cup of coffee with a newspaper in hand (or phone). The installed ceiling fan will also keep you refreshed if the day proves to be too hot. Moreover, if it chooses to rain that day, the glass ceiling will offer you a spectacular view of the grey sky and the rain as it hits, providing you with beautiful white noise that will help you to relax.


30. The Feel of Bali

Patterns can definitely make your outdoor area more interesting and visually pleasing. These patterned sheets and cushions give this daybed a Bali feel, a taste of Asia right in your backyard. And yes, the more pillows, the better! The thatched roof is a lovely, natural touch that minimizes the need to replace it over time, as it can withstand a lot of Mother Nature’s elements. Hang up a red lantern for some mood lighting or just as decoration if your wiring can’t reach that far. As you can see, this small lounge area stands out against the neutral backdrop of the rest of the house, naturally drawing the eye towards it.


31. Jewel Tones

Rich jewel tones bring out the soft grey of the rest of the outdoor decor, balancing each other out for a unique look. They make the area feel rich without overpowering everything else, adding visual interest that won’t give you a headache. Go with jewel tones that are on opposite sides of the color spectrum, such as green and purple or reds and blues for a mind-blowing look that’s both contrasting yet pleasing to the eye. Again, this outdoor kitchen area is simply spectacular as well.


32. Bright and Cheerful Loft

The key to decorating an outdoor space is finding balance. Warm and cool colors, for one, bounce off each other so that there’s not too much of one or the other. Another decor tip is getting the right symmetry with furniture; you want pieces that are comfortable but aren’t too bulky that you end up not having a lot of space. Try to find the perfect fit by moving furniture around to create a flow of traffic or look for smaller pieces that are also comfortable. since this industrial area does not have much natural green, you can still create a bright outdoor area by using green upholstery and potted plants.


33. English Garden

Bring out the tea and biscuits with this lovely display that is simple yet elegant. The added flowers really glorify the outdoor area, and the surrounding courtyard gives you some privacy without closing you off from the rest of the world. The gazebo is a very whimsical touch that gives you space to be away from the conversation without isolating yourself from the rest of your company. Just imagine the beautiful pictures you can take standing in the gazebo. The wiring of the gazebo provides an excellent opportunity to string flowering vines, which will make this courtyard look even more spectacular.


34. Brick House

Is red your favorite color? It’s a shade that’s been known to inspire hunger, so don’t be surprised that this area is placed next to the kitchen. You’ll have guests coming in and out to grab a snack while they enjoy the roaring flames by this outdoor fireplace. The green cushions also pull colors from the kitchen to make the two rooms feel like one cohesive unit. The simplistic inlaid lighting stays out of the way of the angled ceiling fans that will keep you cool and keep your fire stoked when it starts to run out of fuel.


35. Earthy Pergola

Outdoor elements that are practical such as raw stone and concrete may seem harsh, but you can break that up with some soft cushions and chairs. The vibrant colors of gold and purple also divide the monotony of the stone. Paired with white chairs and other outdoor decor makes the entire space calm and inviting. Its stark and modern feel allows for much customization when it comes to decor; you could choose to keep it simple, or you could go with more eclectic choices to make the area stand out even more.


36. Neutral Patio With Growing Branches

If you’re not into bright colors, you can still keep your outdoor space interesting by going with alternating white and neutral colors. It’s a manageable look to pull off without being too distracting. You and your guests will enjoy relaxing in this beautiful outdoor area. The climbing vines seem to “support” the pergola overhead, creating a natural look that’s akin to a magical garden. The hedge behind the couch acts a natural wall to separate the walk from the rest of the area and can dampen any conversation that may travel too far.


37. Exposed Beams

With how simple this white and blue theme is, it doesn’t hurt to have a little of the structure showing. The exposed beams overhead give this area a rustic feel, and the dark tones of the would bring out the blue in the rug even more. Incorporate a little contrast by choosing a rug with a fanciful pattern to dress up your outdoor living room. The floor lanterns will make this area look even cozier when the sun goes down, especially when paired with the overhead bronze-ish lanterns. All that is left is for you to light some candles in this sophisticated looking area.


38. Garden Party Getaway

Throw a tea party with your friends with this lovely but straightforward decor; it definitely pulls beautiful colors from nature. A lovely bouquet with rosy pink hues welcomes whimsical scents to the table. The graceful shade of green used on the exterior of the home also pairs well with the bright reds and yellows to serve as a muted backdrop for this decor so that none of it feels too loud. Wrap-around branches running up the pillars make the outdoor area appear even more enchanting.


39. So Bo-Ho

Faded patterns can create subtle beauty, especially in a simple white area. The natural look of the chairs mimics the wicker light covering overhead to pull everything together. Plant a few palms to really give this outdoor living area a tropical feel, like a beach away from home. Add some patterned cushions to break up the monotony and don’t be afraid to go with contrasting colors you wouldn’t usually put together. That will bring out the “bohemian” character even more.


40. Tropical Escape

Bright and bold could be the way to go. Put those neutral colors aside and just go all-out red! The tropical feel of this area will transport you to another world that you may never want to leave. The addition of tropical flowers and other bright cushions quickly transforms your patio into a great place to have a conversation with a martini in your hand. Some much-needed shade isn’t a bad idea either, which you can accomplish with tall standing umbrellas or a retractable awning that won’t get in the way.