The Zillow Values of These Nostalgic TV Houses Are Hard to Believe

Trista - November 23, 2022

Nothing brings back good memories like the TV shows we have watched throughout our lives — they’ve felt like part of our family! Many of the homes from these shows, from the Brandy Bunch to Full House, helped to establish the storyline. They are warm and cozy; nothing like some celebrity homes. Nevertheless, these famous TV houses are up for sale, so we get to visit them as fans of the show! Want to walk through the Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire mansion? You can see it in real life or go virtually on Zillow. Get ready to see the details of these special TV homes, including the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. You can learn the actual value of these top spots, with some places being millions and others (like Roseanne’s), well, not so much. Many have updated since their famous TV days, and you might not even recognize them, such as the Golden Girls or Everybody Loves Raymond home. Take a trip down memory lane while you scroll through this list of famous TV houses and see what these properties are worth today!

That family was a little dysfunctional, which represents the average American family pretty well! Source: Kilgore Trout

The Roseanne House

First on our list, at a value of $210,200, is… ‘Roseanne’ House! This house is the ideal representation of working-class America, wouldn’t you agree? As we all remember, this is the home of the Conners in Roseanne, and it was just about the only place we ever saw them on the show. You’ll find this home in Evansville, IN. We even have the exact address if you’d like to reminisce on the good old days of television. Visit 619 Runnymeade Ave or check it out on Google Maps. The home is still standing, and the homeowner put it on the market in 2013. Do you know who owns this home now? This sounds like an episode of Unsolved Mysteries – it’s always so interesting to discover who lives in these iconic homes that felt like they were part of our lives when we watched the television show. Here’s something you may not know. The home’s exterior was this house, the establishing shot of the memorable opening sequence for this sitcom but inside… Well, it was a Hollywood set!

The actual inside of the Roseanne house (not the set). KISS 106

Not everything is what it seems, which means with this home, you’d only be buying it for the outside while the set department of the popular sitcom created the inside. The Lobo Lounge, however, is based in Evansville – this was, of course, Roseanne’s hangout. You’ll also find the Third and Delaware street sign in Evansville. While the inside of the home might not be the actual house from the sitcom, it certainly is an iconic area that brought the sitcom to life. We have come to realize that fame was a definite aid in increasing the value of the home. The homeowner first sold it in 2004 for only $55,000. Since then, people have sold it a total of five times, with its value increasing more and more over the years. It has become a piece of history, and people are more willing to empty their pockets for it – not to mention that the market is HOT!

Beware when creeping around this property. Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Dexter Apartment

Were you a Dexter fan? Have you watched the new season – Dexter: New Blood? If you were a fan, you would be very interested in this next listing. Miami was Dexter’s hangout, and he needed an apartment and lifestyle to match the guise he had created for himself. Well, his apartment was an actual apartment — just the outside, that is. It is in the Bay Harbor Club in Miami. However, in the series, his home was based in the fictional “Palm Terrace,” unit #6B to be exact. The exterior shots of his apartment were all filmed here on location, but they did most of the interior shots in Los Angeles. We all fully believed that this was his home and inside was the real inside – television and movies are genius with what they make us feel and think.

Inside set of Dexter’s apartment. Pinterest.

The value of Dexter’s apartment is around $257,000. Would you want to live in the apartment of one of TV’s most loved serial killers? It would certainly take your fandom to a whole new level if you bought this piece of real estate. You can visit the home of Dexter at 1155 103rd Street in Miami, FL. If you can’t make the trip to Miami to see the apartment, you can pop the address into Google Maps and view it from there! This famous address is a very interesting one. Would you want to buy the home of a fictional serial killer? It is a bit spooky, but at least you’ll have a good story to tell your dinner guests! We’re surprised that this apartment hasn’t increased dramatically in price since the conclusion of the series since a real fan would probably be willing to pay big money for this home.

The lovely Bundy residence! Source: Global Film Locations

The ‘Married… With Children’ House

Do you remember the good old days of ‘Married… With Children‘? Well, you can still enjoy reminiscing when you visit the actual home in the television show! It is in Deerfield, Illinois, at the address 641 Castlewood Lane. This is totally different from the area and street name in the series, which is in Chicago, Illinois, with the address being 9764 Jeopardy Lane. Don’t try to go to that address because we’re not sure where it will take you, and we cannot accept any responsibility for your disappointment if you do! This is the Bundy Residence, and as you’ll recall, it is the primary location for the show where the Bundy family lives. Now, we can’t say that we all bought into the fact that this family could afford such a large and lovely suburban home.

The iconic set of “Married… with Children” living room. IMDb.

We know interest and prices have increased dramatically over the years, but even back in the day of this show, it was somewhat difficult to believe that a shoe salesman was earning enough to pay this mortgage and support his stay-at-home wife. Would you be able to pay for a home like this with a salary like that? Certainly not these days! The actual home certainly has a price point that is well beyond the means of anyone in a similar situation to the fictional family. The house is now on Zillow at an impressive $571,300! If you are too young to have watched this show, here’s a little history about it – it launched in the 80s and ran for 11 seasons, which is unheard of in today’s television! It had incredible stars on it, including Christina Applegate and TV legend Ed O’Neill. The home was mainly for establishing shots for the series, which is what made the exterior so iconic. People visiting the house since then have said it virtually looks the same as it did all those years ago!

Does this house look like it is worthy three-quarters of a million dollar? Source: YouTube – I Am Thomas

The ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ House

Does everybody love this house? Well, at a price of $718,000, it seems that they do! The ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ house was truly iconic and a part of many of our lives. Ray Romano could buy this house twice over and have left over with the amount that this actor made for each sitcom episode, but the rest of us may struggle to get our hands on this home. This home is in Merrick, NY and the exact address is… 135 Margaret Boulevard. Have you ever visited iconic homes like this in the television shows you watched? Well, now you can since we’re providing you with an extensive list of all of the addresses! The home was used for exterior shots of Ray and Debra’s home only, but it’s still a special piece of architecture all these years later!

The set of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond” TBS.

This famous American sitcom aired from 1996 to 2005! There was a total of 210 episodes that took place over nine years. Here’s something you may not know. They filmed most of the episodes in front of a live studio audience! That’s another reason why the home was just for exterior purposes. It wouldn’t have been possible to have a live audience in the house with the actors and all of the crew members too! You can visit Virtual Globe Trotting to view the street the home is in and look around the neighborhood! Don’t you feel so nostalgic thinking back to the television shows you would watch every week or, in some cases, every day? This house has risen in value since 2018 from around $500,000 instead to $718,000. Whoever bought this home made a very wise investment decision, as the price will most likely continue to skyrocket over the years.

Oh, the things little Kevin thought of Winnie in this house. Source: Lindsay Blake

‘The Wonder Years’ House

The Wonder Years is an extraordinary coming-of-age drama that premiered in 1988. Interestingly enough, they filmed the show in Southern California. However, as you may remember, the series never explicitly made it clear where the family lived. What was the reason for this? It was because the producers wanted to make the storyline feel relatable to all its viewers. They then had to go on a mission to find the perfect spot, which happened to be in Burbank, California, at 516 University Avenue, specifically! This quiet block of Burbank gave the perfect retro USA feel. Not only was this home used for the show, but there were quite a few homes from the same block shown on your screens. We all feel nostalgic when looking at Kevin Arnold’s house – an ideal humble home representing old-school middle America. Let’s get into some of the sale details of this home!

‘The Wonder Years” Cast. Biography.

The value of this home is a whopping $1,337,100. Nevertheless, you cannot buy it! It hasn’t sold since 1987. The same family who owned it during the show’s filming still owns the home today! They’re sitting on a goldmine, and they certainly know it. The house is still untouched on the outside, so if you decide to visit or happen to be passing by, you’ll be able to recognize it without any doubt! This neighborhood seems to be somewhat frozen in time and will genuinely transport you back to the good old days. This tree-lined neighborhood has undoubtedly increased in value, and you have to wonder if that is because of the show or just because it’s a great spot to live in. If you had almost one and a half million dollars lying around, would you make this family an offer of a lifetime?

Do you prefer the before or after? Both are pretty bad… Source: Set-Jetter

The ‘Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure’ House

Next up is the Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure House! First, we can all admit that everyone reading this article wanted to live in this house. Why? Because it had all the coolest gadgets that would have made life so much better. Remember the fish tank windows? That would have definitely been in Architecture’s Digest and on the front cover for sure! We can’t forget about the pancake maker or the cereal spiller. And the best news of all is that this was not just a studio set somewhere. It is a quirky real-life home that you can visit in South Pasadena, California. You can check out 1848 Oxley Street on Zillow or visit the home in person. It’s not going to be exactly as you remember it, though, as all the toys from 1985 are gone, but if you were a fan, you could swing by for a photo op!

The chaotic kitchen of Pee Wee. IMDb.

This house is not currently on the market, but it is just under $1.5 million! The total value is $1,494,100. It seems to be a trend that these TV shows are all set in leafy streets. They make for great-looking television, so that’s probably one of the reasons behind that! When you visit this house in person, it is obviously going to be a lot plainer than what it looked like on your TV screen. What is the same, though? You’ll still find the rickety detached garage at the end of the driveway. You’ll also be impressed that the white picket fence still borders the property! However, the mailbox is a lot less colorful than what you would have seen on your television, but it’s in the same position, so that has to count for something, right?

Did you ever watch this famous house on TV? Source: Film Oblivion

The ‘Who’s The Boss’ House

Who’s the boss? This house could be it! It’s absolutely beautiful and priced at an impressive $2,304,700. Who’s The Boss is in Fairfield, CT, but where is the real-life version of the Bower’s Georgina colonial home located? You’ll find this stunning piece of property in the neighboring New York town, Rye. If you want to afford this home, you’ll need an impressive job and the paycheck that goes along with that. The Bower family lived here from the start of the television sitcom in 1984. That was almost 40 years ago. Sorry if that has just made you feel like you’re old. What a time to be alive with so many fantastic sitcoms on our TV screens every day. The home of Angela, Tony, Jonathan, Samanta, and Mona is fictionally at 3344 Oak Hill Drives in the beautiful New England town.

“Who’s the Boss” House living room. Yucatan Magazine.

The actual home isn’t too far, only around thirty miles away. While this was such a beautiful home, you may remember that only a very small portion of the house was ever shown in the opening credits each week. We would have had shots all over the show if we’d been the producers of this show! There is a new attraction in Merida, Yucatan. It’s a full-scale replica of the Connecticut house of the family! You can roam around the living room, and there will even be actors who will reprise the roles of Angela, Tony, Jonathan, Samantha, and Mona. It’s incredible to see how popular these shows still are, all these years later, and how valued all these stunning homes are. Were you a Who’s The Boss Fan?

This is where Robin Williams had a good start in show biz. Source: Aimee Heckel

The ‘Mork & Mindy’ House

Next up is the Mork and Mindy House! This house is on Zillow for a total value of $2,714,300! For those who don’t know about this show, it was a Happy Days spin-off that launched the career of the much beloved Robin Williams. They actually were in this home during the television show for a change! You’ll find this stunning Victorian home in Boulder, CO. Where can you find this famous house? You’ll have to head to 1619 Pine Street, just a few blocks from the Pearl Street Mall. Has anything changed since filming? The home’s shutters received an upgrade, and the trees have grown, well, they did! The white wooden fence replaced the iron fence, which is quite a nice addition to the home and helps soften the architecture.

“Mork and Mindy” Interior. IMDb.

For those who weren’t alive when the rest of us were watching the show, it was about an alien from the planet Ork who met a student who attended the University of Colorado. We’re giving you a spoiler alert now, so skip to the next home if you intend to go and catch up on this great television show. The unlikely pair end up falling in love, getting married, and having a child! As we mentioned earlier, this show really kickstarted Robin Williams’ career. Since his death in 2014, numerous fans have visited this house to pay their respect to the late actor. While Robin Williams may no longer be with us, he added exceptional value to our lives and screens. And this home’s value is also quite an impressive thing!

Do your best ‘ayyy!’ in your Fonzi voice. Source: Tony Hoffarth

The ‘Happy Days’ House

Oh, happy days, this is a beautiful home! Introducing the ‘Happy Day’s house, listed on Zillow for $3,244,200! This is a seriously picturesque suburban home in Milwaukee, WI. However, the home itself is actually in Los Angeles. The show’s era dates back to the 1950s, and the Cunningham family lived there. Who could forget Arthur ‘Fonzie’ Fonzarelli? The address of this three-story home is 565 North Cahuenga Boulevard in Hancock Park. It’s actually less than a mile away from Paramount Pictures, where they filmed the series from 1974 to 1984. The fictional home was fascinating, but so was the real one! It was built almost 100 years ago, in 1923! Time flies when you’re having fun. This home is a six-bedroom home with two bathrooms. It certainly would have an extra bathroom or two today. This famous home lives on a 0.29-acre lot and even has a swimming pool. It was last sold back in February 1995 for $422,000. The people who own it now would make a killing out of the profit if they sold it today.

A festive version of “The Happy Days” living room. Wikimedia.

Now, back to the fictional home! It didn’t show on the series until the third episode. It first appeared when a drunk Richi was driven home after a bachelor party by Verna LaVerne. After that, the house was a regular feature on the show in establishing shots and would be for the next ten years of the program. The home seems to have changed very little since the show first premiered. There has since been a new railing on the exterior stairs, and they also removed the planter boxes that previously lined the porch. If you want to visit a home that is frozen in time, this property should be on your list.

Picture it: Sicily, 1912 … Source: Brandon V Photography

The ‘Golden Girls’ House

They are all our favorite grandmothers: the Golden Girls! If you want to go back in time and visit these fantastic women, you can look at their cozy Miami house. However, don’t go to Miami because you won’t find this historic television home there! You’ll have to go all the way to Brentwood, CA, and it won’t be what you remembered from the show. It is at 245 North Saltair Avenue. You may have heard that they built a replica of this iconic home at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on Residential Street in Lake Buena Vista, FL, and it’s true! Sadly it was torn down about 20 years ago. Someone bought this home in August 2020 for a whopping $4,000,260! This was actually a whole one million dollars over the asking price. If you’re wondering about the buyers and if they were fans of the show, we’re about to disappoint you big time! The listing agent said that the buyers were not fans of the show and apparently hadn’t ever watched a single episode of it either!

“The Golden Girls” Iconic living room. Hooked on Houses.

They did not pick the home because of the iconic history. Instead, they were drawn in by the architecture and the location. This has to be one of the most sought-after areas at the moment in the area which is why the price was so high for this property. This was the very first time that the property was put up for sale! The 2,901-square-foot home has four bedrooms, and they wanted $2,999,000. Why did the family decide to go over the asking price with their offer? They received 20 submissions, and they were all incredible — all cash and non-contingent! The winning bidders knew they wanted the house, so they decided to up their offer, which ultimately secured them the four-bedroom home.

Come and knock on this door… Source: Film Oblivion

The ‘Three’s Company’ Apartment

We’ve got another apartment on our list, and you can probably guess which one it is… It’s the Three’s Company apartment! Well, it’s a single-family home, not the Santa Monica apartment complex you see in the show. It’s got a massive price tag as well. A monthly rental of around $10,000, and if you want to buy this property, it’s going to cost you an exorbitant $4,255,400! You’d probably need more than three roommates if you wanted to rent this property monthly. Three’s Company was a late 1970s sitcom and fit in perfectly with the wackiness associated with Santa Monica. The show is actually about two young women who need to make their rent more affordable, and they do that by bringing in an extra roommate, which happens to be Jack! The space they’re living in in the show is priced very differently from what it is today.

Photo by ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images)

If you want to visit the exact location of this expensive home, you’ll find it at 2912 4th Street, Santa Monica, California. One scene of the show lets us in on how much the total rent is … just $300! You probably can’t even stay in a hotel in Santa Monica for $300 these days, let alone rent a beautiful beachside property! The prices these days are much more than the $300 that Janet, Chrissy, and Jack used to pay. An apartment in this area for similar specs would cost at least $5,000 a month! It just goes to show that property can be an excellent investment if you purchase it in the right area. Imagine owning this property back in the day and now having it worth over $4 million!

Have you ever heard the story of a lovely lady, who was bringing up three very lovely girls? This is where they lived. Source: Getty Images

The ‘Brady Bunch’ House

It’s possibly everyone’s favorite house: the Brady Bunch house! This property is currently valued at $4,452,500! You can visit it at 11222 Dilling Street in North Hollywood, California. Why did the producers decide to use this property as the mothership of their show? They loved it because of how relatable, and middle-class the property looked. It became so popular after the show that the homeowner had to put up a fence to stop all the obsessed fans from walking all over the property. It first went on the market in July 2018 for $1.8 million. This was the first time in 50 years that it was put up for sale, and of course, it generated a lot of attention and has been the show’s icon. It initially looked like Lance Bass, singer from NSYNC, would be the homeowner, but HGTV swooped in and bought the Brady Bunch house for way over the asking price at $3.5 million!

“The Brady Bunch” living room. E!

The network then began production for a limited TV series called A Very Brady Renovation. This was to be the six Brady kids working alongside HGTV stars to transform the home that had been synonymous with the show for all those years. They wanted to transform it into a replica of the Paramount Stage 5 set! It was a very interesting idea from the TV network and reignited the love for the once very popular television show that ruled our lives all those years ago. If you had the chance to renovate one of your favorite homes from television, which one would it be? Sadly, you’ve missed your opportunity on the Brady Bunch house, but you never know what renovation show HGTV has coming up next!

It’s not quite the same without the iconic red door? And who knew there was a garage on the bottom? Source: Netflix

The ‘Full House’ House

Well, well, well… We were just talking about the next HGTV show… And the Fuller House House was almost just that! We’ll get into that a bit more but first… Everyone’s favorite family sitcom of the 1980s was Full House, which aired in 1987. They filmed the show at this iconic three-story home where the Tanner family lived. This home style is called The Painted Ladies. They were used to establish the show in the intro shots, but this wasn’t the actual home of the Tanners. You’ll find their existing home at 1709 Broderick Street, one mile from the Painted Ladies. You’ll probably remember that the home had red double doors on the show, but the frustrated real homeowners then painted the house eggplant to try and disguise their house from all the fans who kept visiting the property! They added a tree for more privacy and took it a step further by putting a gate across the front steps.

The “Full House” living room transports us to simpler times. Pinterest.

Now, back to the HGTV story! The creator of Full House, Jeff Franklin, ended up buying the house, and when we did, he vowed to restore it to its original look. He was inspired by what HGTV did with the Brady Bunch house and took this with him into this project. Franklin certainly kept to his promise and removed the purple disguise! He initially wanted to give the home a Full House makeover so that fans could come and tour the home, but the neighbors were not having any of this and protested the idea. So, instead of fulfilling that dream, he put an insane $2 million into the renovation of the property, and it became a modern, high-tech Victorian-style home. It is now valued at $5,350,000, so he made a very good choice to invest the money to renovate this iconic property.

But we want to see the pool house! Source: Getty Images

The ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire’ Mansion

The stakes are really going up with this next property… It’s the Fresh Prince’ Mansion! We’ve gone from apartments to houses, and now we’re at mansion level – with the price tag as well! The Fresh Prince Mansion is currently valued at a whopping $10,594,600! The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air aired from 1990 to 1996. This home was a representation of a new and very well-off life for Will Smith on the show. We hate to break it to you, but the mansion isn’t even in the Bel-Air neighborhood of Los Angeles! It is in the equally posh Brentwood at 251 North Bristol Avenue. This colonial-style property has an incredible landscape. Don’t even get us started on the interiors! This home was not just a home on the show. It almost played a role. We all thought the house had ten bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms on the show. However, the spaces we knew best as fans were the kitchen, living room, and Will’s bedroom. None of these rooms were part of the house. They were all on the infamous TV set!

Inside Fresh Prince Mansion. Evening Standard.

The authentic mansion has five bedrooms and five bathrooms and sits on a 0.88-acre lot! It dates back to 1937. They renovated the residence about ten years later. In 1978, the homeowners sold it for $732,000, which was undoubtedly a lot of money. Since the show, its value has continued to skyrocket! The property is generally 192.7% greater than the median listings in the entire Brentwood area, making it a very impressive investment! You may have seen some news about this, but at the beginning of 2020, Will Smith decided to do something very special to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the show. He partnered with Airbnb, and for a limited time, die-hard fans of the show could rent out a wing of the home decked out with Fresh Prince style, all 90’s nostalgia included!

Wayne Manor. Medium.

The ‘Wayne Manor’ House

Last up is the incredibly iconic and timeless Wayne Manor of the Batman 1960s TV series. This magnificent home is valued at $14,866,400! In the show, it is a stately mansion located outside of the fictional Gotham City. This is the personal residence of Bruce Wayne, AKA Batman! This fictional home was cared for by Alfred Pennyworth. Of course, this is entirely unrealistic. Nevertheless, he seems to keep it in good condition. This manor would definitely need an entire team on a daily basis to maintain it properly! The exterior shots of the TV show came from the authentic mansion. Of course, it is not in Gotham City. You can find it at 380 S. San Rafael Avenue in Pasadena, California. Unfortunately, Alfred does not work here. The home has ten bedrooms and six bathrooms!

Bruce Wayne’s Bat Cave. Business Insider.

The home was built in 1928 and is a total of 16,599 square feet. It is also set on over five acres of land, making it an incredibly massive property! The home is far from the road, so you will struggle to get a glimpse of the property if you try to visit it. It is constructed out of brick by architect Paul Revere Williams. This has always been a critical location in the Batman series. In fact, you can find this residence referenced throughout the 80-plus years of the Batman franchise. While it hasn’t always looked the same in various depictions, this was the very first Wayne Manor, and for that, it will always be an iconic location that houses the Batcave.

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