Fast and Easy Outdoor Projects that Will Upgrade Curb Appeal

Trista - April 30, 2019

Even though you live inside your house, you want the outside to have a certain level of curb appeal. However, there is a fine line between overdoing it in your yard and not doing enough. You want your home to stand out beautifully from the rest, but having too many lawn features will look like a mess. Not only that, but you don’t have the cash flow to spend thousands of dollars on professional landscaping. Just doing a few small, cost-effective outdoor projects can make a difference in the overall appearance of your home. Besides, sprucing up the exterior of your home will also make it more charming for future buyers if you’re ever interested in selling. Check out these simple DIY curb appeal projects that you can complete in a weekend.

Having a paved or bricked path to your front door is a must if you want an appealing yard. Photo Credit: Garden Tabs

50. Install a Clear Path

Here is one of many fast and easy outdoor projects that will upgrade your curb appeal. Having a lovely walkway leading up to your front door or porch will make your home look welcoming and put together. No one wants to walk through a muddy path in your front lawn to say hi. Sprucing it up and making it look cleaner as you walk up to your front door is always a pleasant hello to anyone who sees it. If there isn’t mud all over to walk through, you don’t have to worry about tracking dirt into your house.

Photo Credit: Air Tasker

The great thing about walkways is that you can make them uniquely yours, using wood, stone, or any other materials you think would go well with your home’s aesthetic. You can make your walkway say a lot about who you are as a person if you wish it to. Make it as creative or even as simple as you’d like, even. However, don’t worry if it’s not looking as nice as you wish it did. It doesn’t mean anything against you, either. Some people don’t even really have walkways going up to their front steps. Keep reading to learn how you can continue the weekend upgrades with your garage door.

Do you have a boring white garage door? Look at the difference a coat of paint or stain can make!

49. Stain Your Garage Door

Have you ever considered staining your garage door? There are plenty of gel stains that you can use to change the look of your garage door. It’s a basic DIY project; not only is the work straightforward, but it will take you an afternoon and cost next to nothing, especially compared to buying a new garage door. Make sure to power wash your door first to eliminate any dirt before applying your stain. When done staining your garage door, it will look new and sparkling clean!

Photo Credit: Red Ladder Roofing

You can also paint it if you’re not really up for staining it, but still, be sure to power wash it first to get all the dirt and grime from it. You will be able to tell if you haven’t cleaned it first before painting or staining it, and it won’t give it a clean finish if you were to skip that first step. Also, be sure to cover any windows first, so they don’t get ruined in the process of staining or painting. The before and after picture will be striking. Get ready for compliments from your neighbors!

Yes, it’s time to invest in a power washer so you can breathe new life into your deck.

48. Power Wash your Deck

Here is a simple job that will do wonders for your curb appeal! Nature has a way of corroding our exteriors, making them fade, and producing unsightly buildup that’s difficult to remove. Take decks or porches, for example. They probably are looking a bit rough if they haven’t been maintained in a while. Getting a power washer, however, can take care of these ugly problems. You could probably rent one from your local hardware store or buy one from them as well. All it takes is the cost of water and a power washer.

Photo Credit: The Spruce

Exercise with tender loving care when using a power washer, though, as misuse can lead to your wood becoming damaged. It can also be rough on your hands, so wearing protective gloves may be a good idea as well if you have a decent-sized deck. When you’re done power washing your deck, you’ll be amazed by the final product because it will probably look brand new, and you don’t even have to get down on your hands and knees to scrub it either. Be cautious with your power washers because they are very powerful and can hurt the skin. Make sure your children and pets are far away when you complete this outdoor project.

It’s always a good idea to keep these cords and cleaners tucked Photo Credit: Pinterest

47. Hide Exterior Electrical Fixtures

Every home has them, and they always look unattractive. Big bulging cords and metal boxes are that section of the yard nobody wants to see. To fix that issue, try the low-cost project of building a wooden “cabinet” to cover it. You can get the wood from your local hardware store, and sometimes you may even be able to convert or repurpose an old dresser, shelf, or cabinet into one for this use outside as well, which could help save you some money, too.

Photo Credit: Plaster And Disaster

This basic outdoor project will make your home’s exterior look more refined. Alternatively, if you don’t want to build something from scratch, you can paint these fixtures with the same color of paint that’s used on your home’s exterior and help it blend in better with the side of your house. It may not take care of the problem of it sticking out, but it will help make it so that it is less noticeable when glancing in its direction. Keep reading to discover more fast and easy ways to upgrade your curb appeal.

Spend a weekend working on the projects you have been putting off for so long. Photo Credit: Rock Ford Mutual

46. Do Any Small Repairs

Do you have a honey-do list at home? The tiniest of flaws may stand out, and it’s essential to take care of them before becoming a bigger problem. Repair broken screens, change out a non-working light bulb, and fix your gutters. Cutting down any vines that may be causing problems and cutting down any tree branches that could be a hazard if they were to break off a tree will help with looks as well. Cracked window? Replace the glass as soon as possible so that it doesn’t cause any harm, and it will also leave it looking nice too.

Photo Credit: Calstate AAA

Not only will these afternoon yard projects update your curb appeal, but you can check these cheap jobs off of your list before they turn into a lot of time and money. The longer a problem is left ignored, the more problems it can cause in the long run, and the more it may cost to fix in the end. It’s best to tend to any issues when you can when first noticed. Less work for you at the end of the day as well.

You already know you have been neglecting your gutters, so go out there and get them cleaned.

45. Clean your Gutters

Leaf litter and twigs easily get caught in your gutters after a downpour. Please don’t wait for them to start falling off your house before getting rid of it. By then, you could be dealing with more significant issues. So clean them regularly, or you can install some specialized hardware along your gutters that keeps out the leaves and pine needles. This fast and easy outdoor project will cost less than having to replace your entire drain if you leave them unattended.

Photo Credit: Sites Google

If ignored, you may end up with leaks inside your home or in the walls, which can lead to mold. That can cause a bunch more issues in and of itself. So be sure to clean them regularly, even if you were to pay a neighbor kid to do it for you. You’ll be left with fewer issues with your house and yard in the long wrong if they are taken care of regularly. This weekend project is not fun, but it is a must. Besides, you will notice after doing this basic outside chores, your neighbors will feel self-conscious and start cleaning their yards, too.

Take pride in your home and put your numbers on display. Photo Credit: Pinterest

44. Upgrade your House Numbers

Are your Amazon packages going to the wrong house? Maybe it is your house numbers. They can wear out over time, becoming ineligible to the point that not even the postman delivers the right mail. Choose numbers that have oomph and a more modern style but still go with the aesthetic of your home’s exterior, whether you put them up by your front door on the side of your house or a sign near the mailbox. It will also make it easier for others visiting your home to find it when given your address.

Photo Credit: Solid Group Utah

It is an easy and cheap project that anyone can do, even those who aren’t particularly handy with tools. You can buy the numbers from a store, or even make or paint them yourselves on a piece of wood in any color or design you’d like. Let your creative juices flowing if you’d like. The materials can be easily found at any hardware store and even some non-traditional stores as well. Look up some different fonts, styles, and scripts if you want to go for something fancy. Also, opt for bright colors if you want to create a striking scene.

From a new box to a fresh garden, there are various ways to achieve this item. Photo Credit: Living Letter Home

43. Give your Mailbox a Makeover

Take a look at your mailbox right now — what do you see? Swap out your dull mailbox for something more stylish. Upgrade the numbers on the sides of your post, too, as those could have worn away with the elements. Make the numbers bright, or even the box a bright or unique color or shape as well. Dress up the area around your mailbox with some local flowers or pinwheels. You could even give the post a fresh coat of paint. It doesn’t take much to breathe new life into your mailbox again.

Photo Credit: PQK/Shutterstock

There is so much you can do to make your mailbox look new, even if you use the same one you’ve had for years. Some people paint designs on the sides of theirs or even their last name. You could even put small rocks around the post or a flag near the bottom to spruce it up a bit as well. Be sure there aren’t any weeds that need pulling around the base to keep it looking nice around your mailbox, too. After you upgrade your house numbers, give your mailbox a makeover, then move onto the next DIY idea on this list.

Paint your front door your favorite color no matter where it is on the rainbow. Photo Credit: Valspar Paint

42. Make your Front Door Pop

A can of paint can do wonders for your living room or kitchen. However, that goes double for a front door! Choose to go with a bright color when painting your front door to make it stand out. It’s an easy and cheap project that anyone can do and add some color to your exterior. Get test swatches and try them by your front door to see which one works best. An alternative is to try a handy app on your phone: take a picture of your front door and see what it would look like in different colors before you even buy the paint.

Photo Credit: Sherwin Williams

Make sure the color goes well with the rest of the house, though, nothing like plaid again stripes to make it stand out unless you’re really into that. Some people like putting wreaths on their front door to add a little pizzazz to it. You can put cling on pictures on the doors that go with the holidays that are coming up, too. Door knockers are another thing that can be added to your front door to add a little something more as well.

Plant some ground-covering foliage in place of grass and you will fall in love with the look.

41. Use Ground-Covering Plants

Is green your favorite color? How about multiple shades of it? For those problem areas in your lawn where you can’t get anything to grow, even with grass seeds, consider low maintenance ground covering plants to do the job for you. They will fill out empty spots with a pop of vibrant color (depending on the plant you get), and you don’t have to pay very much for just one plant. Add a few, and they’ll spread like wildfire in no time with minimal watering.

Photo Credit: This Old House

Your yard will be left looking fresh and beautiful and would probably smell lovely as well. Just be sure not to get plants that would attract certain insects you may be allergic to, such as bees, if you were to get stung. Ones that attract butterflies and dragonflies would give you something to look forward to during the summer months when sitting outside. Moreover, they would be very thankful for the food as well.

This might be more than a quick DIY project, but it still needs to be completed. Photo Credit: Grissom Contracting

40. Inspect and Repair your Roof

A roof that is in poor condition is a quick turn off for potential buyers. They don’t want to have to deal with the future problems of leaky roofs and having to replace them. Water can cause much damage if it gets inside your roof, so be sure to patch any holes or leaks you may find, whether you plan on selling your home or plan on living there longer. Do your research to find out the best deals on getting your roof fixed, and be sure not to go with the cheapest fix because that isn’t always the best solution.

Photo Credit: Premier Tarphire

Fix small problems before they become more prominent, more expensive ones so that you can keep costs down on your overall project. If you ignore a leak and it becomes worse, you will end up with more problems than just a leaky roof. You will end up with water damage and even mold, which is not suitable for your health. You may also end up having to replace your entire roof if left unfixed for an extended amount of time, which can end up costing you thousands of dollars in the end.

If your gutters look dirty and black like this picture, get some fresh paint. Photo Credit: American Hill Country Gutters

39. Paint your Gutters

Do you still have that paint can lying around from when you upgraded your front door? Give your gutter some new life and make them look chic with some metallic paint. The sheen will reflect the colors of your home, too, so that they still work well with your color scheme. Just a bucket of paint and a brush is all it takes, or you could go the easier route by using outdoor spray paint. However, make sure you are safe when doing this weekend home improvement hack. It will upgrade your yard instantly, but don’t hurt yourself in the process.

Photo Credit: Youtube

Suppose you are doing this while standing on a ladder, be sure to have someone else stand on the ground underneath to hold onto the ladder so that it doesn’t tilt. If that isn’t possible, definitely be sure to have the ladder sit on the sturdy ground so that it doesn’t rock back and forth. Maybe you happen to have lung issues, maybe wear a mask while painting, so you’re not inhaling strong fumes from the paint. When you’re all done, they will look like new again! Don’t get rid of that paint just yet, though, because there are so many fast and easy outdoor upgrades still to come.

Here is a charming way to display your house numbers. Photo Credit: Pinterest

38. Make a Planter Box Under your House Number

Now that you have updated the numbers on your house, why not add some color too? Furthermore, no, you don’t need more paint. Try some lush greenery instead! Attach a small planter box underneath or to one side to add a lovely floral accent. Making your own planters is pretty easy, and this easy DIY home project will bring curb appeal to your home. Get ready for endless compliments about your simple home hack that took a matter of minutes.

Photo Credit: Bob Vila

You can easily make a planter by buying a couple of small pieces of wood and securing them together to form a small box. Next, you could nail the box to the house or attach hooks to the house and hang the planter underneath. Then add some soil and either seeds or flowers that are already blooming into the ground to make it complete. If you don’t feel up to making one yourself, you should be able to purchase one at a hardware or home and garden store as well. Keep reading for more fast and easy DIY outdoor projects.

Edging your garden will take some time, but the result is stunning.

37. Edge your Gardens

You can make your small garden stand out even more by adding some edging. Brick, stone, or molded plastic, whatever you choose will add some curb appeal. A great thing about edging is that it will also keep the grass from creeping up into your garden, so you will spend less time having to pull it out during the summer months. You can add any color to it you would like, making it pop if you wish! Alternatively, keeping it more simple with more earthy tones such as brownish reds and greens will make it look great.

Photo Credit: The Spruce

You can also use wood chips if you’re not feeling the soil dirt look. Planting flowers along the edges can give it a little pop or keep it simple for a more lowkey look. The image above alone gives you resort-like vibes, so imagine what your entire yard can look like with this necessary upgrade. You will be sure to like it, as well as your neighbors and guests when they see it, too. Yes, this DIY project does take some time, effort, and money. Make sure you take a before and after picture so all of your hard work doesn’t go to shame.

Dress up your windows with some beautiful boxes filled with flowers. Photo Credit: Martha Stewart

36. Add Window Boxes

You have already upgraded your house number, so keep the motif going throughout your entire home. Why not dress up your windows with some window boxes and add some beautiful flowers? They will help dress up your windows without having to apply a fresh coat of paint or change the windows altogether. You can choose to plant perennials that will last throughout the year, come back every year, or grow whatever annuals you want and change them up every season or year.

Photo Credit: 417 Mag

You can choose any window box style you like, whether you want the color to be the same as your house or different. It can be bright or more neutral in color as well. Putting small decorations in the box can also help to add a little something to it too. You can put a window box below every window or choose just to put a couple under a select few windows. The options are endless! Do you need more DIY outdoor ideas, because our list is virtually endless, too!

Your neighbors will appreciate this one — the raccoons, not so much!

35. Hide your Garbage Cans

Having your garbage cans out isn’t only an eyesore, but it also makes it easy for raccoons and other little critters to get inside and throw your trash all over your yard. Keep the unsightly cans away in an easy-to-make shed, and keep the animals out! It will make your yard look much more clean and neater, too. You can build your own cubby by just getting some old wooden pallets or hire a handy person to help you with some hammering. You can have it done before the garbage people come this week.

Photo Credit: Amazon

If you don’t have access to any wooden pallets, you could always see about getting plywood from your local hardwood store to use instead. They would work just as well. Of course, if you already have a garage or a shed that you’re able to put your garbage cans in, you wouldn’t have to worry about building an extra space just for your cans to put them in when they’re not put out on the curb for trash day. You might even be able to sell some of these same structures to your friends and neighbors, if you have the knowledge, money, and time to construct them.

Illuminate a path to your front door using outdoor lighting. Photo Credit: Economic Times India Times

34. Utilize Solar Lighting

Even at night, you want your front yard to have curb appeal. Add some drama to your yard with some well-placed, decorative solar lights. They’re easy to install, require very little maintenance, and don’t cost a lot out-of-pocket. Add this cheap and easy project to your walk, near your house, in your shrubbery, or along your deck. They come in so many shapes and sizes. Some are even made to blend in with your flowers as well. You can choose from any sort of colors, ranging from black to bright neon colors, too.

Photo Credit: Overstock

There are even some that will flash if you’re looking for more of a striking look. Furthermore, some are also different colored lights, besides the standard white and yellow. You’ll be overrun with too many ideas on where to put these fabulous lights. You could even put them inside your window boxes as well if you’d like. To add something positive about these solar lights is that they won’t jack up your electricity bill either! So you’ll be saving money in the long run! From dramatic lighting to little details, keep reading for more DIY outdoor ideas.

From that burnt orange to soft blue, you can upgrade your terra cotta pots. Photo Credit: Novocom Top

33. Paint Terra Cotta Pots

The look of terra cotta is delightful on its own, but you can spruce up your plants a little more by splashing them with some paint. Match them to the outdoor decor of your home or choose some fun and bright colors. This low-cost yard project will instantly earn the approval of your neighbors. Home garden stores should have these pots available at low costs, in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and colors. Moreover, you can then plant any kind of plant you wish to inside them.

Photo Credit: Willow Bloom Home Blog

You can put them anywhere in your yard that you wish to. Whether it’s along your yard line, side of your house, or even on your front porch or deck. They will make your yard look excellent no matter where you decide to put them! Furthermore, no matter what state you live in, from the desert to the coastal wetlands, this material looks fantastic in any environment with any plant inside. So get creative with this fun and cute terra cotta pots! This fast and easy project will only cost you a handful of dollars.

Here is a fine place for a pergola. You never knew you needed this DIY until now! Photo Credit: Pinterest

32. Do a Pergola Over the Garage

Have you ever seen a pergola off of the garage before? Curb appeal is all about the front yard. Sure, you know about pergolas, but have you thought of this DIY home hack yet? Build a pergola over your garage door and plant some climbing vines to one side. You will have an excellent flowering arrangement that will give it a bit of a romantic look in no time at all. The fresh greenery will also provide some lovely shade over your garage door, perfect for when you want to lounge in there on a hot day without the sun getting into your eyes.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Having a pergola over the garage door gives it a refreshing look and provides some shade. The more vines and flowers you add to it, though, the more shade it will have to offer. Add a variety of colorful flowers to make it pop and become even more attractive. Many home and garden stores may sell pergolas if you don’t feel like going to the hardware store for supplies to build one yourself. Keep reading for another detail you can add to your front yard to instantly boost your curb appeal.

Go to your local home improvement store and pick out some bricks for this weekend DIY project.

31. Build a Brick Tree Ring

When you need to mulch a tree in your yard, it can spread around into the grass, essentially wasting it. Instead, you can build this attractive brick tree ring to keep all of your mulch contained. It also adds a subtle statement to your yard and protects your tree’s bark from the lawnmower blades. After you finish this project, you can add bricks to your other garden beds, too. It is a fast and easy project that will automatically upgrade your yard.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Nevertheless, if you’re not liking the idea of how the brick tree ring will look in your yard, you can always put small fencing up around your trees and other plants as well to help protect them and make them look more attractive. Moreover, if you’re not wanting to put mulch around your trees either, you can put thicker wood chips around them instead, as well as your other plants too. It will also help keep weeds down from around your trees as well!

You can control shade and privacy – as well as style – with these lattice screens. Photo Credit: Pinterest

30. Install Lattice Privacy Screens

Do you know about lattice furniture? Having a spacious backyard can be both inviting and a curse. You want your yard to feel spacious but don’t want nosy neighbors to pry either. Consider building your lattice privacy screens that you can install onto a deck or have freestanding near your patio. The lattice arms are also great for vining plants, which will creep along with them and provide you with even more privacy, and they will help keep it smell refreshing in your yard, too!

Photo Credit: This Old House

However, if you don’t feel up to building one yourself, you can always buy one from your local home and garden store or hardware store. If that isn’t an option, you can always buy the pieces needed and maybe hire someone to help build one for you instead. Painting it after will add a pop of color as well, no matter the color you choose. You can even select a color to match your patio set if you would like.

Save some stones and create a makeshift river. You will adore the look and so will the neighbors. Photo Credit: Creative Landscape Sinc

29. Create a Beautiful Stone River

When it rains very hard, the water from your downspout can collect around the foundation of your home, which increases your chances of leaking and causing damage. Instead, you should redirect the water away from your home, and this cheap DIY project is the perfect solution. Using stones, create a “river bed” that leads from your downspout and away from your home. It’s like you have your river in your yard! Furthermore, it’ll look quite attractive, too!

Photo Credit: Corner Pollinator Garden

With this in your yard, you won’t have to worry about any flooding. You could even make it lead to a small human-made pond for some extra flare. Plant some plants such as attractive weeds and flowers along the edges of the “river” or “pond” to add some more pizzazz and color to it. Your company and neighbors will be complimenting you on how beautiful it looks once they see how lovely it looks. Furthermore, imagine how relaxing the sounds would be with water trickling down the stream as if you were next to a small river.

If you are a wooden pallet guru, here is a great project for you to try. Photo Credit: Redo Redux

28. Build a Pallet Wood Porch

Do you have some excellent wooden pallets you want to use for a DIY outdoor project? Check this idea out! Wood pallets have many functions, mostly having to do with the storing and transportation of heavy objects. However, when you don’t need them anymore, you can break the wood apart and use it for other DIY projects. One project that can bring some curb appeal to your home is this stylish wooden porch that’s very rustic. Add a couple of chairs or a swing, and it could tie it all together!

Photo Credit: Instructables

If you want to build a wood porch out of wood pallets but don’t have any conveniently lying around, you can always purchase some from your local hardware store. If you are not a fan of how the color looks once your new porch is put together, you can always stain the wood to give it more of a rustic look, or paint it any color you wish, to go with the rest of your porch and yard decor. Get ready for the rave reviews from your friends and family. They will adore your new wooden porch, and the fact that you did it yourself!

Who doesn’t want a porch swing for quiet evenings? Photo Credit: Slick Deals

27. Enjoy a Porch Swing

Everyone loves just sitting out on the deck, especially on a porch swing when the weather is nice. Instead of shelling out a lot of money to buy one, you can build a very inexpensive one by yourself. It adds a sense of soothing calmness to any porch while still being rustic: the best of both worlds, right? Add some paint and some comfortable outdoor cushions, and you’ll never want to leave. Bring the lemonade and the sunsets to front-porch living, and you will adore every second.

Photo Credit: Dont Waste Your Money

Make a big one or a small one, depending on the size of your porch. Of course, if you don’t want to build one or don’t have the time to make it yourself, you may purchase one from a home and garden store. They come in various colors, and if you can’t seem to find one that matches the color you would like, they’re easy to repaint over to the color you would desire most. Once hanging up, kick back and relax on your new porch swing!

Nobody wants big appliances in their yard, so do everyone a favor and hide it with some nice accents. Photo Credit: Pinterest

26. Build an AC Hideaway

Just like your garbage cans, the air conditioner is bulky and sore on the eyes. That unsightly AC or HVAC unit outside is big and bulky, making it stand out. Why not exercise a little creativity and build a shed or cover to house it? With just some wood and some potted plants, no one will be the wiser that there’s a sizable running fan back there. Use trellis fencing instead and some vine plants, and you will have even more coverage.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

If you have an old dresser or cabinet lying around that you’re not using anymore, you can always convert it into a box to go over your AC. Paint your box any color you would like, make it match your house if you’d like it to blend in better, too. You can even get creative and paint designs onto the box if you’d like. Make it unique if you wish! Furthermore, since it’s outside, don’t worry if you make a little bit of a mess while doing so. Keep reading to learn more about DIY outdoor projects that take just a weekend to complete.

Your visitors will really enjoy a unique doorknob – trust us on this one! Photo Credit: House Beautiful

25. Purchase a New Doorknob

Wow is what you will hear from your neighbors with this doorknob. Say goodbye to traditional for once! Get a statement doorknob for your front door that no one will forget. Try out different ones to see which ones go well with the color of your front door. The bigger and more unique, the better! Don’t be afraid to make a statement with your front door, as it makes an excellent first impression. They’ll be sure to mention it in conversation, too.

Photo Credit: Schlage

If you can’t find one that’s unique enough to your liking at a hardware store, you can buy one close to your taste and fix it up to just how you want it. You can rent or buy a grinder from your local hardware store to shape the doorknob into the shape you desire, and then sand down any rough edges, so it has a smooth finish. Top it off with a fresh coat of paint to match the door, house, or to stand out and make an even bigger statement! This item is perhaps one of the cheapest ways to upgrade your curb appeal.

These white curtains certainly upgrade this porch with a touch of class.

24. Try Porch Curtains

You probably never thought of this idea before, but now you can’t wait to give it a try! Doesn’t this picture just scream high-class? Even if you have a tiny home, you can make it look luxurious with this easy home hack. Depending on the frame of your porch, this DIY project is super easy. Adding some porch curtains can instantly dress things up and add a homey feel to the outdoors. Go with simple white sheer curtains, or go for a pop of color to bring ideas together. It connects your indoors to your outdoors and makes it feel like a private getaway.

Photo Credit: A Next Web

You can easily find fabric to make your curtains at a craft store or find curtains already made at a home decor store. You can choose any color you would like and any design, whether lacey, frilly, silky, or cotton. The options are endless, and curtains will add pizzazz to any house, no matter how big or small the place is. You could even put some up that would match the lawn furniture you may have on the porch or deck to tie it all together. Hopefully, you live somewhere harsh weather isn’t an issue, though.

It doesn’t have to be Christmas for a wreath to accent your door. Look at this nice autumn appeal.

23. Hang Up a Front Door Wreath

Wreaths aren’t just for the holidays. You can purchase a plethora of season-neutral wreaths that will automatically dress up your front door. Wreaths are also very cost-effective. Alternatively, you can personalize the look of your wreath by creating your own with your choice of flowers, fake greenery, and other assorted accessories. Try adding bulbs or lights to make your wreath even more festive for the holidays, too. You can purchase a premade wreath to hang on your door from most department or craft stores.

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

If you’re feeling up to creating your wreath, you can purchase the items needed to make one from a craft store. Even some dollar stores carry supplies that can be used to make a wreath. If you feel festive, you can color-code your wreath to go with the various seasons and holidays, like earthy tones for fall and bright, cheerful colors for spring or summer. You can get as creative as you’d like when making a wreath and personalize it to make it as unique as you are. Besides the front door, there is another spot you should focus on all yearlong — keep reading.

How are your window shutters? Maybe it is time to try a new look like these stylish wooden ones.

22. Consider Wooden Shutters

How do your windows look on your home right now? Wooden shutters don’t have to be functional but can help draw the eye towards the windows. Go with stained wood or paint them a specific color, whatever your heart’s desire! Make them match your house’s color but in a deeper or bright shade, or add polka dots if that’s what you want. Just like the rest of your home, get creative and make a statement! Everyone on the block will notice and will be complimenting you on your new shutters.

Photo Credit: The Shutter Store

Your home will appreciate the effort you put into this cheap DIY project. Furthermore, if you haven’t considered this idea yet, look at what surrounds your windows. Maybe it is time for a complete renovation beyond a weekend project. Don’t worry. It will be worth the result. Your house will look refreshed and new, and you are sure to feel better about how your windows will look, too, once it’s done. Maybe after changing up your shutters, you’ll find another project to start.

Chances are good a doorknocker won’t sit down, but you can when you are waiting for Amazon. Photo Credit: Pinterest

21. Buy Outdoor Furniture

Whether it’s your deck, your patio, or your front porch, adding some practical yet charming outdoor furniture will provide you with a place to relax. Choose furniture that’s easy to keep clean and is resistant to the elements of Mother Nature. You don’t need a huge space either to tuck a chair or ottoman in here or there. The pillow and cushion can bring a pop of color or tie together an entire theme. Feel free to switch it out depending on the season, too.

Photo Credit: Grandin Road

With some comfortable furniture, not only will it add some nice decor to your yard, but it’ll also give a nice place to sit back and relax. You can get wooden furniture of any color or bare wood you can even paint if you wish, and set it anywhere. Sitting back in a lawn chair with some cushions, a nice cold beverage, and a good book could make for a good afternoon or evening. You can find lawn furniture in any home and gardening store, too.

Say goodbye to that old light switch and install some new ones. Photo Credit: Kichler

20. Update Exterior Lighting

Lights can lose their luster or just don’t fit with the modern aesthetic anymore. Look for newer fixtures that can be easily installed and used with more energy-efficient bulbs, like LED bulbs. You will end up saving more in the long run, and your house will instantly look more updated. Maybe you want a set of lovely sconces. If that isn’t your thing, think outside of the box and go for a statement. After all, you do want to impress the neighbors with your upgrades.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Change just one fixture, or change them all. It’s totally up to you! However, you really should switch to LED bulbs if you haven’t already done so. They can be much brighter, use a lot less electricity, and don’t get hot as other light bulbs do, so they’re a bit safer as well. Furthermore, you can put them into any light fixture you desire. Draw their eyes in with a bright light and a new and shiny fixture. It’ll make a difference!

Try cutting your lawn in a specific direction to create a pattern; it will upgrade the yard immediately. Photo Credit: Shanes Lawn Care

19. Maintain your Lawn

This yard hack seems like a no-brainer; however, it makes a huge difference in curb appeal. Don’t forget the grass too! Cutting the lawn regularly will keep it looking healthy and fresh. Remember to add some eco-friendly weed killers to keep the dandelions away if you don’t want them in your yard, either. If you want a uniform look to your property, do some additional research about sowing grass seed, fertilizing the yard, and eliminating weeds for good. Maybe even plant a new little tree somewhere as well.

Photo Credit: Abc Scapes

A lawn with overgrown grass and weeds is a sight for sore eyes, and once your yard is under control and spruced up, both you and your neighbors will be thanking yourself for that. Nothing is more embarrassing than having company over and then pulling up to a house with grass and overgrown weeds up to their knees. If you have trouble some days getting out to cut the grass, you could always hire a lawn crew or pay a neighbor to mow the lawn for you as well. Keep reading for more simply ways to upgrade your curb appeal this weekend.

You don’t need to dig in the soil to have a beautiful garden of your own. Buy flowers and keep them in the pots.

18. Create a Potted Garden

Yes, we talk about plants — and pots — a lot. They are essential! If you don’t have space for an actual garden, that doesn’t mean you have to go without flowers. Consider keeping flowering plants in pots instead of showing them off in the ground. Moreover, when the season has passed, you can always exchange them for plants you have in other containers. It’s a cheap and efficient way to keep your curb or walkway always looking beautiful. Did you ever think you would have a green thumb that all of the neighbors would envy?

Photo Credit: Good Housekeeping

Another thing to note with going about the potted plant way, you can always move them around. Realize a plant isn’t getting enough sun, or too much? Move it to another spot! Think that one plant will look better over by the walkway instead of by the house? It’s much easier to move something in a container than not, of course. Furthermore, you can choose many different types of pots from, style, material, color, to match your other outdoor decor if you wish.

If you care about your yard, you need some mulch. Photo Credit: Rubber Designs

17. Use Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch comes in a wide variety of colors, so it’s easy to find a bag of the stuff that matches the rest of your yard, whether it’s brown, black, or even red. Not only does it help to keep your plants healthier by trapping moisture, but it also makes it even more difficult for weeds and fungus to find the root. It’s like a win-win! It also doesn’t disintegrate as regular mulch does. If anything, use cheap mulch because it is better than no mulch at all. This DIY yard improvement is fast and easy but does take some bending.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Once you take the time to mulch your yard, whether you chose to save money and use regular mulch or spend a little more and go with the rubber stuff, your yard will be looking great when you’re done. Moreover, you will be thanking yourself for it. Why? Because now you won’t have to worry so much about how to get rid of weeds near your trees and other plants. Remember though. If you try to save money by buying the regular mulch, you’ll be needing to buy more much sooner than you would if you purchased rubber mulch, to begin with.

You will love growing a garden that doesn’t take hardly any work (depending where you live, of course). Photo Credit: This Old House

16. Install a Rain Garden

If you have never heard of a rain garden, you are going to wonder why you didn’t sooner. A rain garden consists of perennials and other local plants that have been planted in a depression where rainwater collects in your yard. These plants work together to create a critical root system that prevents soil erosion. Also, they don’t need watering, so you are saving money on your water bill. You will enjoy this home hack when the bill comes in the mail and you see it.

Photo Credit: Bhg

After installing your rain garden, you can put some lawn furniture outside along the side of it to sit near it and enjoy. It will feel like you’re out in nature more than just in your backyard. Line in with different sized and colored rocks, and it’ll look even more like you’re near a river bed or pond. You won’t have to worry about your yard looking flooded after a hefty rainfall anymore, and your grass and new plants will be thanking you as well. Do you adore wind chimes? Keep reading to learn more about how to make your own and hang them up the same day.

Wind chimes add a soothing effect to your front porch. You will enjoy the peace. Photo Credit: Bob Vila

15. Add Wind Chimes

The sound of wind chimes is enough to put anyone at ease, especially on a light, breezy day. Unfortunately, there are many different kinds of wind chimes, so you will have to “try them out” to find which ones you may find pleasant. Make it a fun process for the whole family! Place them strategically around your porch but don’t overdo them. You might not be able to hear much of anything else if they surround your house and a windstorm comes along.

Photo Credit: Needpix

You can find wind chimes at any home and garden center, and even some department stores or hardware stores may sell them as well. If you’re feeling creative, however, you can always create your own at home. All you need is something for a base, some fishing wire or other form of a string, and some old silverware you’re not using anymore. Once you have your windchime hung up, get ready for some beautiful music from Mother Nature herself. From a sea or butterfly theme to a color combination, you can use any type of wind chimes you desire.

Have you cleaned your fence since it was installed? Now is the perfect time. Photo Credit: Fixr

14. Clean your Fence

Just as how you would clean your deck or walkway, your fencing deserves some love too. Maybe they need to be power washed or painted with a fresh coat of paint. Either way, it’s an easy job to take care of without having to spend much money. Your neighbors will appreciate the efforts you put into improving their view from the other side. You might not think it deserves a good cleaning, but once you get started with a power washer, you will be shocked at how dirty it has become over the years.

Photo Credit: Ergeon

Once you’re done cleaning your fence, it will already start looking like new, whether you decide to repaint it or stain it. Your yard will be looking nicer, too, with a cleaned-up fence behind it to tie it all together. You may not even realize just how dirty your wall is until you’ve power washed all the dirt and grime off. Remember, when it rains, and the wind blows, or cutting the lawn and grass clippings fly, it can stick to the fence, making it super dirty. Try to power wash your property once a year, so it doesn’t get too grimy. As satisfying it may be to watch a dirty surface become clean, you don’t want to be one of those viral videos.

It’s nice to give the birds some treats. Photo Credit: Gardening Know How

13. Include Birdhouses Everywhere

Are you a fan of birds and like to watch them fly about? Hang a few birdhouses from your trees to attract the local wildlife. Have a nearby platform where you can place seeds and a tiny birdbath for the birds to dip their wings in. It’s just a small project with plenty of rewards as you see the different fauna of your neighborhood right in your backyard. This charming detail may even entice your neighbors to feed their feathered friends. It’s a win-win for the birds and your yard. This fast and easy yard improvement is caring and cute!

Photo Credit: This Old House

It’s also relatively easy to build a birdhouse yourself. Just go to your local hardware store and buy some small pieces of wood, nails, and a hammer. If you want to spruce it up even more, you can even get some paint to add some color and make it pop! Home and garden stores are sure to sell birdhouses of all shapes, sizes, and colors, too. Open your windows on warm days in the spring and summer, and listen to the birds chirp happily, as if they are thanking you for giving them lovely homes and food to munch on.

Symmetry is pleasing to the eye — especially the neighbors’ eyes.

12. Design with Symmetry

Isn’t this a scene out of a dream? You don’t need a giant pond to create a symmetrical look, although cement slabs may help. It doesn’t hurt to apply a little symmetry to your decor for a clean and fresh look. In fact, this idea will make the space of your yard feel more open and harmonious. It can even give you a relaxing spot to meditate if you are into that. Balance is excellent for areas of the yard where you want a quiet place to think so that you’re not easily distracted by other elements. Plan out your project and get started.

Photo Credit: Home Bnc

Add some more earthy tones to give it more of a relaxed feel. Bright colors might give it more of a ‘Wow!’ feeling, making it harder to relax and meditate. You won’t be distracted when trying to read a book while laying out back in the grass or on a piece of lawn furniture if the colors are more mellowed out. Many times, fewer distractions make for better relaxations as well. You’ve heard of feng shui, right? People know what they’re talking about when creating an area with symmetry. You’ll also adore this design more than you ever realized.

Have breakfast on your porch one morning — you’ll love it! Photo Credit: Country Living

11. Give your Porch More Functions

A porch doesn’t have to be just a porch. Increase its function by giving it new responsibilities. For example, you can add a table and chairs for a charming breakfast nook. Try moving your gardening cupboard to work on your potted plants, and add plenty of mats for a mudroom. Create whatever dual-purposed porch that you like with just a few simple items that are on sale. It will go from drab to fab in a matter of one shopping trip. You could even get some nice things from thrift stores for great deals!

Photo Credit: Wonderful Engineering

Add some screened walls around the porch to turn it into an enclosed porch. If you have room, put a washer and dryer in there and add a table, turning it into a new laundry facility, opening up space inside your home for something else if you wish. Alternatively, put down a nice area rug with a round table sitting on top of it. Add a couple of chairs, and now you have a new dining area for your meals when the weather is just right. Add some cute little lantern lights you can hang up, and you have the perfect setting for a romantic dinner.

You don’t need a huge fountain or giant pond to enjoy a water feature in your yard. Shutterstock

10. Create a Water Feature

You can create interest and curb appeal by creating a water feature in your yard. This home hack can range in size from a tabletop fountain on or near your patio. A fountain feature can be created using a wine barrel, too. A slightly larger yet still manageable pond feature can be made by quickly digging space in the ground and adding a pond liner. You can purchase fountain kits at local hardware stores, and some even offer DIY instructions for this type of home project. Water plants can be added and fish, giving you something to look at and talk over with guests when they visit.

Photo Credit: Connect 2 Local

Set some rocks around the edges to give it that final touch, making it look even more like a pond, giving it that outdoorsy feel. Put some lawn chairs off to one side so you can sit near it and enjoy it when the weather is nice. Having a rough day and need some time alone to relax? Take a book to read outside with you as you sit next to your water feature, and you’re sure to lose track of time while spending time out by your new little pond or fountain. The best part about this idea is how fast and easy it truly is to create. It only takes a weekend and a handful of funds to complete.

From the American flag to organizations and sports, flags can say a lot about your yard. Shutterstock

9. Add Garden Flags

Flags can show off personality and character and are a chance to give more visual interest to your yard. Show your support for sports teams even with a new and colorful flag! Garden flags come in many shapes and sizes, from large flags that can be flown on a tall flagpole to smaller flags that will nestle right into your garden beds among your plants and flowers. They add color and variety to your yard and give you a chance to personalize your space, as they can even be changed out with the seasons.

Photo Credit: Polarpx/Shutterstock

There are some places that you could even get a garden flag personalized. Get a name or picture put onto a flag if you’d like. Put them anywhere in your yard or on your porch that you’d like. They are sure to add color and variety to any setting. Just be sure to bring them in if you notice the weather is starting to get rough to keep the flag from getting ripped or torn from strong winds and rain. It may be a good idea to look into garden flags that can withstand certain weather elements.

Get ready for rave reviews about your upgraded yard thanks to this simple trick. Shutterstock

8. Add Statuary

There are so many different ways to customize your yard with statuary. The options for what kind of material you can buy have grown and the statuary color or stain. This home improvement is a great way to add visual appeal to your yard. Customize it and add anything to your yard that you would like. Many home and garden stores have decorations of all sizes you can put out in your yard to spruce it up and add some flair and creativity to it.

Photo Credit: Peer Space

You can add animals like deer or ducks for more of a woodland theme. Alternatively, you can create a magical feel with gnomes and fairies tucked into your garden beds. Whatever you choose, it will almost certainly be an upgrade to your curb appeal. Some are already colored, where most will be gray. If you wish to change your decorations’ colors, buy some weather-resistant paint and paint them whatever colors your heart desires. Make them unique if you want.

After a good power wash, you might realize your fence needs a new coat of color. Shutterstock

7. Paint or Stain Your Fence

This home hack is a great way to update the look of your house or yard. You can do it in a weekend or less, depending on the size of your fence. Adding a coat of paint to match or accent your house is a great way to breathe new life into a homestead. Another option is staining your fence. There are many color choices for stain now, and it’s easier than ever to apply it, with all the tools available. Just make sure the weather is right before starting this project.

Photo Credit: Inch Calculator

It’s best to power wash your fence first, however, before painting or staining your fence. Get any dirt and grime off beforehand so that you get a smooth and clean finish. Your wall will look new when you are all finished, and your neighbors will think it looks great, too. Make a statement with some bright and bold colors, or go with more earthy tones if you wish. Even the standard white picket fence always looks nice if that’s what you’re into. Whatever you decide to do, it’ll look refreshing when you’re finished.

If you can afford it, go for a fire feature in your backyard for maximum entertaining. Shutterstock

6. Add a Fire Feature

Adding a little fireplace, chiminea, or tabletop fire feature can add ambiance as well as updating the look of your yard or patio. There are many fire pit options available, and they look more like a work of art, which can enhance the curb appeal of your home. The possibilities for these more modern fire pits include being smokeless and using natural gas, so they are easy to light, maintain, and keep clean. With so many options available, you are sure to find something that fits right in with your home’s style.

Photo Credit: Diy Network

Have a smaller patio or yard? You’re sure to find a small fireplace fixture that will fight right in with your outdoor decor. They come in all shapes and colors, sizes, and features as well. Get one that matches the rest of your outdoor settings, or make it different so that it stands out and makes a statement! The possibilities and options are endless. So cozy up in front of a fire in your backyard with your friends and family. You will all have a good time. They’re perfect for any time of year.

From the garage to the porch, a pergola is a great addition anywhere in the yard. Shutterstock

5. Install a Pergola on the Front Porch

A pergola is a relatively easy DIY project you can complete over a weekend. If you have not done much to your porch or do not have some covering or awning, a pergola is a great way to update your home’s look and will undoubtedly enhance your curb appeal. You can stain the wood to accent your home’s colors; the design can also provide shade from the sun. Another great way to upgrade this look is to grow some vining plants over the pergola.

Photo Credit: Houzz

If you are not building one yourself, you can always buy one from your local home and garden center. Your local hardware store may carry pergolas for sale as well. If you don’t want to stain it, you can paint it to be any color you would like. To add even more color, add some colorful flowers into the vines to make them pop! It will look beautiful and will smell fresh every time you walk past or underneath it.

This home improvement hack can be a little expensive, but it is worth the upgrade. Shutterstock

4. Resurface Your Driveway

Here is another quick project that will instantly update the look of your home. If your driveway is cracked, slightly uneven, or missing some small spots, you can layer over a top coat of asphalt or another type of concrete resurfacer. This home improvement can only be made if the wear and tear on your driveway are minor, which is more of a cosmetic option. Even still, a new layer of asphalt can make an older, dated driveway look like new.

Photo Credit: Lid Permeable Paving

Also, keep an eye out for any weeds or grass poking through any cracks in your driveway as well. If you spot any, pulling them or taking a weed whacker to them will instantly make it look much nicer. Using a weed killer in the spots that they grow in will help prevent any future growth, which will also help make it look neater and cleaner. Of course, filling in these cracks with cement or some asphalt will guarantee any future growth of weeds from occurring.

Have you neglected your flowers for a while? Show them some love! Shutterstock

3. Update Your Flower Beds

It’s easier than ever to breathe new life into your garden beds and homestead by just adding a few more flowering plants in your yard. Many plants begin to lose their blooming capability over time, and by adding some new, younger plants, you can almost instantly see a difference in color and bloom time added to your yard. Taking a trip to your local greenhouse or nursery will provide you with many options for adding more color and blooms to your garden beds. Like boxwoods and other evergreens, topiary plants are also a great option to add a new feature that enhances your home’s look.

Photo Credit: Bhg

Get plants that are already potted and just replant them for the instant booming look, or plant some seeds and watch as your plants go from a bud into a beautiful blooming flower or another plant. You can go with a color theme or pattern if you wish, or add lots of variety and make your garden colorful. Add some stepping stones between some plants to add a little more creativity to your garden as well. You’re sure to get compliments from guests and neighbors when they see your blooming garden!

Bricks do wonders when you are trying to upgrade your outdoors. Shutterstock

2. Build a Patio with Brick Pavers

Look at this stunning patio complete with brick pavers and pleasing designs. Carving out a dedicated space for a patio area is a great way to update your yard. If you currently have chairs and a table just placed in your backyard, consider adding pavers to carve out a definite space for your patio furniture. You can string lights around the area and potted plants to make it feel like a comfortable place to relax and entertain guests. It’s amazing what a little bit extra can do to an area to spruce it up.

Photo Credit: Teddys Landscape

It’s quite simple to turn nothing into something, even in a yard that is nothing but grass. Change up your boring yard, make it into the perfect hang out spot for you and your friends. Add a BBQ grill and a picnic table with some chairs, and you’ll even be able to throw get-togethers such as BBQ’s for your friends and family when the weather is nice. Just be sure to get some citronella candles or tiki torches to help ward off insects when you’re outside enjoying yourselves. Keep reading to see one more DIY idea for the yard.

The concept of art goes way beyond hanging a canvas on the wall. Shutterstock

1. Add Metal or Copper Yard Art

Here is the final DIY home improvement idea for your yard! Metal yard decorations have become quite popular and easy to find. Copper is one metal that makes a statement as a design feature. There are small windmills, sprinklers, rain chains, and many small sculptures that are even shaped like flowers that can highlight and enhance the look of your yard and home. Copper is a metal that stands out for its color, and this type of upgrade will give your guests something to talk about when they visit. Moreover, most home and garden stores should carry them, too.

Photo Credit: Iputrakop

If you like the way something looks but aren’t fond of the color, it’s pretty simple to change the color to your liking. First, you’d want to prime it with a white-based paint, then give it a coat of two of any color you would like. Make a bold statement if you so desire to go with bright colors, or help it blend into your garden better by painting it to match other decorations or plants it’s near. Remember, metal and copper artwork come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s sure to be something that’ll match your uniqueness and creativity.