Hall Of Shame: Celebrities Who Are Complete Slobs At Home

Monica Gray - May 7, 2023

Once in a while, our home lives suffer the brunt of our messiness. This happens when we’re working too hard or our kids have too many activities going on. But most of us never let the sink topple over with dishes or let the garbage overfill too much that it becomes a problem. And even though we’re busy with our life and our kids’ lives, keeping our home clean is just as important as our other tasks. You’d think celebrities would be the cleanest people of them all, considering they have enough money to buy the best products and even hire a maid. But some celebrities hold disturbing dirty secrets that extend far beyond their home. We’ve curated a list of celebrities who are complete slobs, so at least next time you let your dishes topple over in your sink, you don’t have to criticize yourself too much.


Robert Pattison Has Dirty Hair

How you present yourself says everything about you. We’ve all seen Robert Pattison in Twilight, and likely developed a big crush on the handsome guy. But just because he’s clean and handsome on screen, it doesn’t mean he’s that clean at home. In an interview, he said, “These jeans are a few days old, but the top is probably fresh because it gets to the point where even I can’t stand the air around me. I don’t know, my hygiene — it’s so disgusting!” We understand being busy, but being too busy to wash your clothes is inexcusable. He has enough money to buy a new outfit, why is he walking around in disgusting, smelly clothes? We can only imagine what his house is like. He went on to say, “I have so much residue crap in my hair from years and years and years of not washing it and not having any sense of personal hygiene whatsoever. Even today, I go into these things where I’m supposed to be this sexy guy or whatever, and I’m asking (the studio rep) ‘If I get plumes of dandruff on me, can you just brush it off?'” It looks like that chiseled face on the screen isn’t reality. It’s time to take off that clean facade and reveal your dirty self, Pattison (Today).

Life & Style

Scott Disick Doesn’t Clean Up After Himself

Throwing a party is half the work. The other half is cleaning up after yourself. Whenever you throw a party, you know you have an even bigger job coming your way after the party is over. Despite this knowledge, we still love throwing parties. But Kourtney Kardashian’s ex, Scott Disick, is one of those celebrities who only does half the work. He throws the parties but doesn’t clean up after himself. His housekeepers have claimed he’s a complete mess, a constant slob, and would leave empty bottles all over the house. It’s not surprising, considering he had a health battle that not even his closest family members knew about. In an interview, he said, “All of the beatings that my body took over the years of drinking and partying and running around, my body can’t be perfect. So obviously I don’t drink anymore, but my body still has things in it, even from taking sleeping medications, and doctor-prescribed medications. And then when I got my blood results in, my testosterone was so dramatically low, they were like, concerned how I even have the energy to get out of bed every day.” He used partying to escape from his problems, hence the reason he had no energy to clean up after himself (Mirror).


GAZ Beadle Is A Huge Slob

If you’ve binge-watched Geordie Shore, then you’ve heard of GAZ Beadle. This show was a spinoff of Jersey Shore, but entertaining nonetheless. The living conditions the cast members had to live in were shocking. Their day-to-day lives were in squalor, and repulsive is an understatement. Most of this is thanks to GAZ Beadle. Clothing, beer bottles, and garbage were seen strewn all over the house, and just because these celebrities have money, it doesn’t mean they used it. In a video, GAZ comments on his tour of the home, stating, “This is what the boy’s room looks like after we’ve finished filming. All the products get left. And this is the girls’ room. Minging! Errghhh.” Next time you think your kid’s room is a mess, just remember this video (OK).

In Touch Weekly

Leann Rimes’ Room Is A Disaster

It’s not surprising that your house is likely a disaster after a hard week at work. But what about a hard several months of touring the world? While most of us will never know that luxury, we can only imagine what a celebrity’s house is like after a tour. Leann Rimes is one of those celebrities whose home was a complete and utter mess after her long country tour, labeling her photo “End of Tour Explosion.” (In Touch Weekly).

Pop Sugar

Megan Fox Doesn’t Flush The Toilet

The star has openly admitted to not putting her clothes away after wearing them. What’s even worse is that the star doesn’t flush the toilet after she uses it. No one wants to walk into a stinky bathroom, let alone a bathroom with a dirty, full toilet. Gross! She’s admitted she’s not fun to live with and seems to take pride in her shameful way of living. At least the gorgeous actress is honest, and it doesn’t take away from her beauty. In an interview, she said, “I’m horrible to live with. I don’t clean. My clothes end up wherever I take them off. I forget to flush the toilet.” This might be a wake-up call for her to change her habits (Mirror).

Irish Mirror

Lauren Goodger Lives In Her Own Mess

There’s nothing worse than walking into a messy room. Most of us keep our messy rooms a secret, and we always make sure to clean up our mess before having guests over. But Lauren Goodger is someone who didn’t think to clean up her mess before posting a steamy Instagram photo for the world to see. Not even her photo could distract the millions of people who noticed the messy background. We see bags, clothes, boxes, and more clothes in the background. If you thought your living room was a disaster, at least it’s not as bad as this celebrity’s (Irish Mirror).

Daily Mail

Jessica Simpson Leaves Her Hair Extensions All Over Her House

There’s nothing worse than finding someone’s stray hair somewhere in the house, especially in the bathroom or in your food. It’s even worse when a guest finds her hair. These are the moments you reconsider your cleanliness. If you went to Jessica Simpson’s house, you would not only find her stray hair but her hair extensions. It’s as if an animal is shed all over her home. One source even said, “It looks like an animal has been shedding all over her house.” Her housekeepers don’t even know how to keep up with her mess. Her housekeeper mistook her fake eyelash for a giant spider (Radar Online).

Radar Online

Tyler Baltierra And Catelynn Lowell Baltierra Have A Messy House

It’s not surprising to find out someone’s toddler is messy. It’s completely understandable, and there’s a reason toddlers are notorious for their “terrible two” years. When Teen Mom, Catelynn Lowell, went to a treatment facility, she left her husband, Tyler, to take care of their daughter. But that didn’t mean he did a good job. In a photo he posted, we could see toys, empty boxes, and other random things scattered around their house. You’d think Teen Mom would make these celebrities pick up their act, but it turns out the complete opposite happened. In a Snapchat video, Tyler said, “I’ve been working all day and of course, my kid has been up here running rampant like a wild child. Look at my living room! I know what I’ll be doing when this kid goes to bed.” (Radar Online).


Leah Messer Leaves Dog Poop On The Floor

Many of us have a limit to how filthy we let our houses get. It seems like Leah Messer is one of those messy celebrities who don’t have a limit. We feel compassion for her since she sought treatment in a facility after starring in Teen Mom 2. But an ex-cameraman spilled just how dirty she let her house get. He called Leah the worst and messiest cast member of them all, and said, “Dirty houses (dog [waste] on the floor, [used sanitary products] sitting in a corner for months, weeks old food everywhere, etc) one of the [grossest] is Leah, the filthiest person I’ve met.” When Leah took her kids for neighborhood walks, she let her children urinate outside. She has a hoarder-level home and continues to have sketchy household habits (Baby Gaga).

Bravo TV

Lindsay Lohan Is A Complete Slob

As kids, we all fell in love with The Parent Trap. It was one of those summer movies we couldn’t get enough of. Lindsay Lohan made her way to fame in this movie, though it doesn’t mean she has the home status of a celebrity. She tends to pile up her clothes in the middle of her bedroom and has zero organizational skills whatsoever. We all know she has erratic behavior and has gotten several DUIs, so it might not be surprising to find out her home is also as messy as her life. She treats her designer bags, which cost thousands of dollars, like they’re nothing, and tends to throw them into plastic boxes (Daily Mail).


Chelsea Handler Has Dog Pee All Over Her House

We love vulnerability, especially when it comes from celebrities. They make us feel less alone and make us realize that even if you’re famous, it doesn’t mean you have a perfect life. Chelsea Handler is one of those people. After posting a photo on her social media, viewers didn’t notice her nearly naked body, but the messy surroundings in the background. And in a photo she posted on Facebook with her two dogs, she captioned it, “I love these guys, but they pee everywhere, so I’m just going to start doing that too. Or continue,” implying that they tend to pee in the house, but she isn’t the one who cleans it up (Facebook).

George Clooney

George Clooney Has Poor Hygiene

Clooney’s staff members have complained about his lack of manners, demands, and poor hygiene around his house. He’s even claimed he’s a prankster and has terrified his housemaid with a dirty nappy in an attempt to prank her. She reportedly ran out of the house, screaming. Clooney said, “I was shooting a TV show in Italy and I went and got a new nappy and I put Nutella in it and threw it in the trash can. When I came in an hour later and there was an Italian housekeeper in the house that we were staying in. I said ‘Amal wants to know if Alexander did poo poo or pee pee, poo poo or pee pee?’. I opened up the trash and got the nappy, (holding it up) I rubbed it in my face and tasted it, and she screamed and ran out of the room.” That doesn’t sound like a mature way to handle your staff members. He even wants to teach his kids these mean tricks (The Sun).

Cafe Mom

Jessa Dugger Doesn’t Have Any Time To Clean

Raising two babies, both under two years old, sounds like a nightmare. We all know raising a two-year-old is hard enough, so when it’s double the trouble, we can only imagine just how hard it is. Jessa hasn’t shied away from this and has posted many pictures on social media of her messy home life, stained bedsheets, messy furniture, and a nightstand full of dirty diapers. In her own social media posts, she’s quoted saying, “Side table that probably hasn’t been dusted in at least 6 months.”Henry’s dried spit up on my side of the bed, that I’ve slept on for who knows how many nights. “Handprints on the mirror, and Spurgeon’s beautiful artwork that happened when he found a pen that was left out.” We admire her honesty and openness in sharing these photos, even if she is a complete slob (Cafe Mom).


Kristen Stewart Has Questionable Hygiene

Housekeepers see us at our worst. They’re the ones who have to come inside and clean up our messes. Kristin Stewart’s housekeeper has to see the worst of it all and claimed the Twilight actress lives off of Red Bull and cigarettes. Moran Shanon, from Monagiza, said, “Kristen Stewart is a heavy smoker. Her staff says she constantly ‘puffs away like a chimney’ and leaves the leftovers [cigarette butts] all around the house. One housekeeper said she even found some in her refrigerator!” Besides the fact we never see a smile cross her face, it turns out she’s a chain smoker who can’t handle the amount of cigarette butts she has. The smell is bad enough, but leaving it around your home is even worse, and is known for leaving the butts in showers, plants, and her fridge. Nothing is spared (Anecdotage).

The Herald

Johnny Depp Isn’t Only A Pirate On Screen

Johnny Depp also reportedly lives like a pirate too, meaning he’s a messy person who goes days without changing his clothes. People have reportedly seen him wearing the same outfit after several weeks. Whoever has to do his laundry is in for a smelly treat, and even if doing Depp’s laundry is an honor, we’re not sure we’d want to smell those dirty clothes. Let’s hope that Johnny Depp never becomes a lead role in beauty and fashion. Even though he dresses like a vagabond, people still admire him (The Richest).

Daily Mail

Britney Spears Leaves Unfinished Food Around The House

Britney Spears went through a rough patch. Everyone in the world seemed to know about her head-shaving incident. It’s also known she habitually leaves food under her bed, for the sole convenience of not having to stand up and put it away in the kitchen. She also tends to leave a bunch of clothes around her room. Her erratic behavior paired with her hygiene issues make her one of the messiest celebrities on this list. Her housekeepers can’t keep up with her mess (Baby Gaga).


Selena Gomez Keeps A Trashy Room

You’d think Selena Gomez would keep an uncluttered home. The opposite is true. Even though she seems to be a sweet, clean, and organized person, the exact opposite is true. She’s known for not cleaning up after herself, and would rather have other people clean up her mess than do it herself. She has a personal record of completely trashing a hotel room in less than 24 hours. A source from Star stated, “I’ve never thought someone could make such a mess out of a hotel room in less than 24 hours — makeup stains and fast food wrappers everywhere. it was pretty gross.” Someone else is going to have to clean up after her (Celebrity Insider).


Chloe Khan Leaves Her Bed Messy And Unkept

Making your bed in the morning is one of the best ways to start your day. You can clean up and reorganize a space that would otherwise be left unkempt. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make a bed, but it seems like celebrities find it even too difficult to do. Chloe Khan posted a photo of her new outfit, in addition to her messy bedroom and unmade bed. Why don’t these celebrities clean up their room before posting these pictures? Maybe they do it as a way to attract attention. She also once booked a penthouse, but blamed the penthouse for lacking in space for her many articles of clothing, saying, “And now I’ve realized that it sounds better than it is and it’s not that amazing at all actually, because I don’t have living comforts and I have limited wardrobe space.” Maybe she needs to do some spring cleaning in her wardrobe (Mirror).

The NY Times

Nadia Suleman: Octomom And Her Eight Kids

Anyone with children would know that taking care of one, let alone three is a full-time job in itself. But what about eight kids? This is what this Octomom has to deal with daily. We’re not even sure how she manages to keep up with half of her children. Understandably, she has a messy home. Though you’d assume she’d be one of those celebrities that would hire a housekeeper to help her with the mess. Her home is littered with dirty diapers, clothes, and food. People have been involved Child Services a multitude of times because of how dirty her house is (TMZ).

The Sun

Vicky Pattison Has Too Many Clothes To Handle

The TV and media personality Vicky Pattison doesn’t seem to mind the fact that she can’t keep her home clean and tidy. She lives in less-than-par living conditions, and there are no words for the squalor she seems to thrive in. She tends to toss her clothes into a huge pile on the floor. And with no regard for putting them back up on a hanger. Pattison also has tons of suitcases and boxes which she apparently refused to unpack. She seems to be more concerned about her abs than her house, though it’s a known fact that a messy home equals a messy mind. She’s full of excuses, and said, “I’ve pretty much lived out of suitcases for the last 4 years, just dumping one when I come back and packing another one to go the next day!” At least she has her body to show off (The Sun).


Kate Hudson Has Too Many Shoes

Kate Hudson is one of those healthy lifestyle advocates who uses Instagram as a gateway to show off this lifestyle. She owns the workout clothing liine Fabletics. You’d think that someone so healthy also has healthy home habits. But if we’re talking about Hudson, that’s as far from the truth as you can get. She never puts away her many sneakers, and has a tendency to leave them lying around her living room. She apparently doesn’t know the difference between a closet and a living room. Those shoes are meant for wearing, not for throwing around, Kate (Baby Gaga).

OK Magazine

Miley Cyrus Lives Life Like A Slob

The star is known for paving her path and straying from the crowd. We admire her sense of self and ability to be exactly who she wants to be. But that doesn’t mean her room is one we want to strive for. Oftentimes, you can see the clutter and mess in the background of the selfies she posts on social media. With all that money and fame, you’d think she’d at least hire a housekeeper to take care of her floor and help her with the mess. Who knows what insects are living within that pile of clothes (Daily Mail)?

USA Today

Beyonce Is One Of The Biggest Slobs Of Them All

Jay-Z cannot tolerate the messy tendencies of Beyonce. We’re not sure how the star keeps up with her mess, but it turns out her parents are to blame. They never taught her to clean her room. Beyonce comes across as clean and tidy, but in reality, she has a messy bedroom. Her husband is the neat freak in the relationship. On USA Today, Kelly Rowland said, “If you walk in (there’s a mess) — maybe she’s gotten better since becoming a mother — but she’s got a lot on her brain. You can tell she’s got a lot going on.” Maybe motherhood will help her clean up her mess a little bit more (USA Today).


Kim Kardashian Leaves Puddles Of Water And Piles Of Clothes

The star portrays a clean and tidy lifestyle. But behind closed doors, she’s one of the biggest slobs out of all the celebrities. She’s known for leaving puddles of water around the sink, not closing cupboards or wardrobe drawers, and leaving her clothes in huge piles without any regard for hanging them up. She has millions of dollars, why not hire someone to clean up her mess? Kim even tried telling her daughter that no man wants to date a slob, though it looks like she needs to take her advice (Yahoo).

The Sun

Katie Prince Lives In A Dilapidated Mansion

Considering how many followers celebrities have, you’d think they’d do a better job at taking care of the backgrounds in their photos. We’ve seen several celebrities on this list who clearly don’t care what their rooms look like. Katie Prince is one of them. She lives in a dilapidated mansion. There are used panties strewn around the floor, low-budget chairs, a garden full of weeds, and food lying around the house. At the very least, she could pick up the animal poo in her yard before showing her mansion of to thousands of fans. She plans on hiring professional help. She said, “My mum’s got a bee in her bonnet because she says the house is messy, but I’m going to invite someone around to help me declutter and get my life back on track.” Let’s hope she sticks to that claim (The Sun).