Handy Items Under $30 that Make Life Easier

Shannon Quinn - April 19, 2019

There’s no doubt about it that modern day gadgets make life easier. Especially when it comes to completing every day tasks in the kitchen or other places in the house. Whether you are moving into a new home, looking for a gift, or just browsing to see what what amazing life hack products are out there for you, we have you covered. Here are some incredible household items for under $30.

A bottle emptying kit helps drain extra fluid to the top of a bottle. Credit: Flip It!

60. Get Every Last Drop With This Bottle Emptying Kit : $13.99

Everyone has experienced using up a bottle of something, and there is a little bit of product left in the bottom of the container. One solution to the problem is to add water to the bottle, but this completely dilutes the product. And some bottle caps are too small to prop upside-down. This is why the bottle emptying kit is a completely genius idea. It comes with a variety of sizes to fit nearly any size bottle top. Just prop this upside-down, and let the product slide to the top. If you were the type of person to throw away a bottle when it still had something left in it, this could potentially help you save money in the long run, because you won’t run out of products so quickly.

Use a sponge for blending makeup? This stand can help. Credit: LanMa Beauty

59. Keep Your Beauty Blender Clean With This Makeup Sponge Holder : $4.98

Anyone who loves to use a Beauty Blender to apply their makeup knows the woes of trying to keep it clean. Sure, they have travel containers for your sponges, but they also roll around on a countertop, and really belong in a cosmetic bag. These little sponge racks are the perfect solution to the problem. For a long time, I either placed my sponge on a wash cloth, or let it sit in a little paper cup. Now, this rack allows the sponge to ventilate and dry out. It’s far more sanitary, and helps the sponges last longer.

Remove the smell of garlic with stainless steel. Credit: Rub-A-Way

58. This Odor Absorber Takes Away Bad Smells From Your Hands Like Magic : $8.99

If you cook using fresh ingredients, you already know how annoying it is to get the smell of onion and garlic on your hands. Even when you wash with soap and water, the stink can linger for a few days. This stainless steel bar of soap claims to miraculously remove the smell from your hands! According to people who have left reviews for the product, it works like a charm. Sign me up, because this sounds like something I definitely need.

Hang your purse on the back seat with this nifty hook. Credit: Ipely

57. This Backseat Purse Hook Makes it Easier Than Ever To Keep Your Bag in Place : $9.95

If you’re anything like me, passengers in your car have to deal with your purse sitting on the floor in-between their feet. Even when the back seat is empty and my purse sits there instead, a sudden tap of the breaks could mean that the contents of my purse goes flying onto the floor. If you can feel my pain, we all need to buy one of these purse hooks. It goes on the back of a car seat, and allows your purse to hang in the back. This will make the ride more comfortable for your passengers, and give you peace of mind. Genius!

This iron is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Credit: Steamfast

56. You'll Need This Mini Iron (If You Ever Go On Another Business Trip Again.) : $19.19

Not many of us are traveling for business any time soon. But if you have ever gone to a meeting, wedding, or other fancy event in the past, you might know the struggle. Unpacking your dress clothes to discover that they’re wrinkly is a nightmare, especially if your hotel doesn’t offer an iron in the room. This miniature iron is light, but it gets the job done. It can easily fit into any luggage, so you can iron your clothes once you arrive at your destination.

It’s easy to find the right underwear when it’s organized like this. Credit: Evelots

55. This Honeycomb Drawer Insert Helps Keeps Your Panties and Socks Organized : $15.99

If you’re a fan of Marie Kondo or The Home Edit, you might feel compelled to organize your underwear or sock drawer. This honeycomb shaped drawer insert helps give you a place for every single pair of underwear or socks. It’s easy to see everything you own at a glance instead of digging through the entire drawer.

Car putty helps clean nooks and crannies that are hard to reach. Credit: Ticarve

54. Car Putty Helps To Clean Those Hard-to-Reach Places : $7.99

Cleaning a car on your own is tedious and difficult, especially for those nooks and crannies that the vacuum can’t reach. Personally, I have certain crevices that I’ve tried to clean with wet wipes multiple times, and yet I still can’t reach it all. That’s why a true hero invented car putty. It molds to the shape of any surface, and all of the dirt will cling to it. This will help your car feel like it’s been professionally detailed.

This simple suction tool makes your lips look plump. Credit: Monliya

53. Skip Lip Filler and Use This Plumping Tool Instead : $8.99

Lip injections cost a fortune, and they don’t even last forever. What if you want plump lips, but you don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars, or risk getting botched? This little fish-shaped lip plumper is an amazing little device that makes your lips look bigger just for one day. I personally own this, and I can attest to the fact that it works. I love that you still keep the natural shape of your mouth, but your lips are just a bit swollen from the suction. The change is very subtle, but it actually does make you look more attractive in photos, or going on a date. Obviously, this won’t make you look like a Kardashian, but it’s a great way to celebrate your natural beauty instead of completely changing yourself to look like someone else.

This mosquito repellant works incredibly well for your outdoor spaces. Credit: Colton’s

52. Get Rid of Mosquitos In Your Yard Naturally : $29.95

If you live anywhere near a swamp, lake, or river, you probably know what it’s like to be plagued by mosquitos in the warmer months. There are plenty of mosquitos repellants out there, but not all of them are pet-friendly. I discovered Colton’s Naturals this past summer, and it truly has been a game-changer. Now, I can actually look forward to having outdoor parties some day without my guests being attacked by mosquitos. And if you’re on a really tight budget, check out this tutorial how to make this same repellant at home for a fraction of the price.

Steel rolling pins make it easy to keep dough cool. Credit: Cookyo

51. This Steel Rolling Pin Makes it Easier Than Ever to Bake Pastry : $7.59

If you bake bread or pastries, you already know how annoying it can be to work with dough that’s too warm. Even if you take something out of the freezer, it can quickly get to warm after using a rolling pin and touching it with your hands. This is why a steel rolling pin is the perfect solution. Stick it in the freezer, and it will become just as cold as the dough itself. This is perfect for making the perfect pies, Christmas cookies, pizzas, and so much more.

The Butter Spreader will become a new staple at your summer cookouts. Credit: Amazon.com

50. This Butter Spreader Revolutionizes Eating Corn on the Cob : $5.29

When you make corn on the cob, a lot of people will take a whole stick of butter to rub the corn in. However, it leaves the entire stick melty and indented, possibly leaving behind corn pieces in its wake. Some brilliant person out there invented The Butter Spreader, so that you can rub your corn with one edge, and leave the rest of the stick untouched for future use. Best of all, it’s just $5.29 on Amazon.


Forget Marie Kondo. Stack your tees, instead. Credit: EZStax

49. Stackable T-Shirt Holders Make It Easy To Sort Through Your Favorite Tees : $23.99

Maybe you heard about the Konmari method, where you can fold your t-shirts into tiny cubes and see  everything in your drawers. While that’s great in theory, there are plenty of people out there who struggle to keep up with that kind of folding routine. There is a plastic device out there called the EZSTAK Closet Organizer that allows you to stack your t-shirts so that you can look through them one at a time. There are a lot of happy customers out there who shared photos of buying multiple organizers, because they loved it so much.

When you don’t have a table nearby, the couch coaster is there to help. Credit: Amazon.com

48. The Couch Coaster Gives You a Place to Put Your Drinks $25.00

All of us have had a moment where we are sitting in a really comfortable couch, but we don’t want to lean over to get our drinks from the coffee table. This is why they invented those expensive recliners with the cup holder build into the arm. Maybe you don’t have one of those special chairs in your home, but with The Couch Coaster, you can turn any couch into a drink receptacle.

Stainless steel straws are reusable, and help prevent waste. Credit: Mutnitt

47. Stainless Steel Straws Look Cool, and They Help The Environment Too : $7.99

If you drink coffee or carbonated beverages, your dentist has probably already scolded you about how it is staining or wearing down the enamel on your teeth. Unfortunately, plastic straws are a huge contributor to waste. So you can help save the planet in a small way by getting reusable stainless steel straws. They are just $5.49 for a pack of 6, plus a little tool that helps you clean them by hand.

Air purifying bags help to absorb smell and moisture. Credit: Shutterstock

46. Air Purifying Bags Help Take Away Stink and Musty Smells : $24.95 for 3

Kick out your grandma’s moth balls, because the Moso Natural Air Purifying Bags are so much better. These bags help to neutralize odors, and take excess moisture out of the air. You can have one in your car, inside of the fridge, your closet, and just about anywhere else that tends to become a little too stinky. They are usually $10 each, but you can buy a pack of three for $24.99. They last for years, so there’s no need to worry about re-purchasing them. All you need to do is let them sit in the sunlight every couple months. They also become a little bit cheaper if you buy in bulk.

Leather Rescue will do amazing things for your furniture and shoes. Credit: Leather Rescue

45. Leather Rescue Is The Cleaner You Didn't Know You Needed In Your Life : $15.95

If you have an older couch, shoes, a handbag, or anything else made of leather, it may be time to clean and condition it. Leather Rescue is one of the best products on the market, and it will help to make your items look brand new again. Best of all- it even smells amazing. Recently, my mom experimented using this to remove stains, as well.

A snap-on colander can make your life so much easier. Credit: Kitchen Gizmo

43. This Snap-On Colander Makes It Easy to Drain Pasta : $16.99

If you cook a lot, you may run into a situation where you have to strain your pasta in a colander in the sink, only to bring the pasta back into the same pot again. This happens when you want to mix in cheese, sauce, or anything else. In this process of going back and forth, stray pasta might go flying everywhere. An ingenious solution to this problem is a snap-on colander. These babies can adjust to any pot size, so for $10, you really can’t go wrong.

Oil humidifiers can help clear the air in your home. Credit: Amazon.com

42. $25.99

There are some alternative health experts out there who rave about the benefits of using essential oils. I highly recommend watching the essential oil episode of a Netflix series called “Unwell”, so you can judge for yourself. Even if you’re not so sure about the effects, you can also use a humidifier when you are sick, because oils like eucalyptus truly do help to clear your sinuses. It can also be just a great way to make your home smell nice.

Smart power strips make it easy to charge all of your devices at once. Credit: Gosund

41. Plug Multiple Devices Into One Port With a Smart Strip : $19.99

Almost everyone has a surge protector in their home, but few actually come with built-in USB slots. This makes it easy to plug in your devices without needing an adapter. I personally use these near my desk when working at home, and they’re also perfect near your television for multiple devices.

Keep your home safe with a security camera. Credit: Wyze

40. This Indoor Security Camera Has Night Vision and So Much More $25.98

Unfortunately, crimes are on the rise in 2020. Most people are staying home to work, but if you leave your house, consider buying an indoor security camera. This Wyze Cam actually works together with Amazon Alexa, and it shoots in 1080P. This even has night vision, which is perfect for capturing any potential overnight burglaries. It’s amazing what technology can do nowadays.

Breakfast trays are perfect for working from home, or having a lazy Sunday. Credit: Pipishell

39. A Breakfast in Bed Tray Can Make Lazy Days So Much Better : $27.18

If you enjoy laying in bed with your laptop and cup of coffee, you just might want to invest in a good breakfast in bed tray. This is great for special occasions like Mother’s Day, but it’s also useful if someone is sick or injured, and needs to stay in bed for a while. This is also great for anyone who is working from home and wants to use your laptop in bed. You can usually finds these trays at your local Walmart or Target, and there are all different types of trays on Amazon, ranging from $15 to $30.

Organizers can help you keep your silverware neat and tidy inside of a drawer. Credit: The Utopia Kitchen Store

38. This Bamboo Silverware Organizer Make it Easy to Keep Kitchen Drawers Tidy : $14.99

If you don’t already have a silverware organizer in your kitchen drawers, what are you waiting for?! Yes, it’s cheap to buy a plastic divider from somewhere like Walmart. But if you are feeling a little bit fancy, why not upgrade to a bamboo silverware organizer? It’s beautiful, functional, and oh-so-stylish.

Wall mounter broom hangers can make your garage or pantry far more organized. Credit: Berry Ave Store

37. Broom Hangers Help Keep Cleaning Tools Off of the Floor : $14.97

Every garage is filled with cleaning products like brooms, rakes, and so much more. For most people, they might pile up in a corner of the room. But it’s possible to purchase a broom hanger, which can be mounted on the wall. If you want to use this indoors, you can also mount it on the back of a broom closet door, or on the wall of a kitchen pantry.

The Danish dough whisk also comes with a dough scraper. Credit: Bread Bosses Store

36. A Dough Whisk Makes it Easy to Create Pizza and Bread  : $14.95

If you have ever tried making bread or pizza dough at home, you already know that it’s almost impossible to do this with a normal whisk. The ingredients become too thick, and they get stuck inside. Standing mixers come with something called a “dough hook”, but not everyone can afford one. If you truly want to keep mixing by hand, consider getting a dough whisk. They are just $15 on Amazon, and they’ll save your hands from getting sticky.

You can now use your tablet or phone in the shower. Credit: Excell 8 Peva

35. This Tablet Shower Curtain Makes It Possible to Watch Your Devices While Bathing : $26.96

Some people love to have a moment of peace to clear their head while they are in the bath or shower. Others would rather use those 20 minutes to be able to check their text messages at all times, or catch up on their latest Netflix show, instead. If you are glued to your tech, consider getting the tablet shower curtain on Amazon. It can fit multiple devices at once, so you can also prop up your phone and never miss a thing.

Now, it’s possible to cook two things at once. Credit: Amazon.com

34. A Baking Sheet Divider Makes it Possible to Bake Two Desserts at Once : $19.99

A baking sheet divider creates a barrier between two sides of a sheet. Sure, you could use two different baking sheets, but with this divider, you can cook two things at once, and cut down on the amount of dishes you’re doing at the end of the meal. It is also great if you are trying to cook or bake a lot of different items within a short period of time. If you are interested in buying it, the baking sheet divider is just $20 on Amazon.

The Alexa Wall Mount helps keep the device off of your table tops. Credit: The Wali Store

33. Alexa Wall Mounts Make Listening to Music More Convenient : $10.99 for 2

Ever since Amazon introduced the smaller, more affordable Alexa Dot, tons of people began buying it for their homes. However, it can get in the way if you’re putting it on a counter top. The perfect solution is the Alexa Wall Mount, which suspends next to a power outlet. Now, it can be out of sight, out of mind, and you can speak to Alexa whenever you need it.

Smart plugs can connect to Alexa. Credit: Amazon.com

32. : $24.99

Imagine a life where you can turn over in bed, and say, “Alexa, turn on the hallway lamp, and the coffee machine.” Well…You actually can. The Amazon Smart Plugs can sync directly with Alexa. Each Smart Plug gets a customized name, so you can ask it to turn the power on and off, whenever you need it. If you’re looking for the best deal possible, check the website on Amazon Prime Day.

The Whisk Wiper is a baker’s new secret weapon. Credit: The Whisk Wiper

31. The Whisk Wiper Helps Clean Off Extra Batter : $16.95

If you have ever made brownies or cake, you’ve probably struggled to get all of the delicious batter off of the whisk. Well, some genius out there created a tool called the Whisk Wiper, which will help clean the batter. So, you can either pour it into the cake, or secretly lick it, like you were going to, anyway.

This ice cream scoop is freeze resistant. Credit: Norpro

30. This Ice Cream Scoop Warms And Makes it Easy to Scoop : $19.25

Don’t you just hate when the ice cream is frozen solid, and your spoon gets bent? Why not try a warming ice cream scoop? This may not be the first go-to-method for helping your ice cream dilemmas, but the idea of anti-freeze ice cream scoop is actually very clever, and might be a good gift.

Magnets help these beer bottles hang from the roof of a fridge. Credit: Strong Like Bull

29. Bottle Loft Magnets Help Save Space For Your Bottles : $29.99

If you love drinking beer, you already know that it can take up a lot of space in the fridge. One trick would be to buy a Strong Like Bull Magnet set, which helps you magnetize the tops of beer bottles so that they are hanging on the roof of the fridge.

Refilling one of these cups is cheaper than buying boxes of K-Cups. Credit: iParts Plus More Store

28. Reusable K-Cups Are Cheaper and Better For The Environment : $9.95

If you have a Keurig coffee machine, you already know that those single-use K-Cup pods can be expensive. They also create a lot of waste, because we are throwing the pods away every time we make a cup of coffee. There are reusable K-cups out there on Amazon, starting at $10 for a pack of 4. This way, you can still remove the filter when you are done, but it’s going in the dishwasher, instead of the garbage can.

We are truly sorry if you are triggered by the sight of spiders. Credit: My Critter Catcher

27. A Bug Catcher Is Perfect For Anyone Who is Terrified of Spiders  : $21.95

When you see a spider, do you run screaming in the opposite direction, or call a friend over to kill it for you? Or maybe you are a passive person who wishes they could bring the bug outside, instead of squishing it to death. If this describes you, then look into a product that will help snatch up bugs with ease.

Organize your pantry with these food containers. Credit: Amazon.com

26. Food Containers With Windows Make It Easy To See What's Inside : $21.99

These food containers come with little windows, so that you can see inside. This way, you know which container is holding the food that you are actually looking for. It’s much better than constantly opening and closing airtight seals, which makes food stale more quickly.

These food dispensers are incredibly cute. Credit: Amazon.com

25.  Dry Food Dispensers Help With Cereal or Pet Food $28.97

These dry food dispensers are adorable and so incredibly functional. You can use them to store your cereal and create a cute breakfast bar for your kids, like the image shows. In reality, you can use them for anything- even dog or cat kibble around your pet area. If your kids are being homeschooled right now, this could be a really fun way to make cereal for breakfast more exciting.

A bamboo cutting board shaped like the state of New Jersey. Credit: Amazon.com

24. A Cutting Board In The Shape Of Your State Helps Personalize a Home : $29.99

Whether you are looking to buy a gift for someone, or your just really want to represent your home, consider getting a state-shaped cutting board. Depending on your state, these go from $20 to $30 each. Some sellers will also offer customization with your family or city name.

This dishwasher tag lets your loved ones know the status of your dishes. Credit: The Sperric Store

22. A Clean/Dirty Dishwasher Tag Helps Everyone Keep Track of The Dishes : $7.97

If you live with a big family, you have probably encountered the issue of opening your dishwasher, and you have no idea if the dishes are clean or not. A great way to solve this issue is to buy a dishwasher tag, so that you can slide it to “clean” or “dirty” when it’s appropriate. Now, the only issue is reminding your loved ones to actually us it.

This hair tool organizer hangs over a cabinet door. Credit: Simple Houseware

21. This Over-The-Door Hair Tool Organizer Makes It Easy to Store Your Hair Tools : $19.99

Every woman out there knows the frustration of having nowhere to put their hair dryer and flat iron. Sometimes, they get tangled up and sit in the bottom of a drawer, or sit out on the counter and make a mess. This hair tool organizer hangs over a cabinet door, which means that now you can free up some space for your other items in the bathroom.

This fake rock will hide your house keys from prowlers. Credit: Amazon.com

20. A Hidden Key Rock Gives You A Spare That Blends In With Nature $5.00

For just $5, you can get a fake rock to hide your house key inside. Hiding this in your garden makes so much more sense than slipping a key under the doormat, since that’s the first place thieves will look. Just make sure it truly looks like it blends in with nature, or is already surrounded by other rocks.

This bagel slicer will help you make the perfect bagels. Credit: Hoan

19. This Bagel Slicer Makes It Possible to Cut Freshly Baked Goods With Ease : $19.99

If you buy a bag of fresh bagels from your local bakery, you already know the struggle of trying to slice them yourself. Sure, you can cut using a serrated knife. But sometimes, if you make one false move, your bagel becomes lopsided, and it will no longer fit in your toaster. The Hoan Bagel Guillotine Slicer is $20 on Amazon, and it will help you get a perfectly sliced bagel every time.

Can organizers will help you maximize space. Credit: Simple Houseware Store

18. This Can Organizer Helps You See All The Food In Your Pantry : $22.87

In 2020, a lot of people started stockpiling cans of non-perishable foods. If you want to utilize your space as much as possible in your pantry, consider buying one of these can organizers. You can stack similar products in a row. Put the products that will expire soonest in the front, so that as soon as you pick it up, the next one will roll down in its place. You might love it so much, that you will want to pick up more than one.

These outlet adapters come with a remote control. Credit: Amazon.com

17. These Remote Control Electrical Outlets Make it Easy to Turn Things On and Off From a Distance : $16.99

If you feel a bit creeped out about the fact that Alexa is listening to you at all times, we really can’t blame you. This is a great alternative to using voice-activated smart plugs. Maybe you have a ceiling fan or light and incredibly tall ceilings, and you don’t want to have to climb a ladder every time you need to get it on and off. Or, you simply want to be able to turn the lights off without getting out of bed. You can turn the electricity on and off with the touch of a button on this remote control.

The magical electronic potato peeler. Credit: Starfrit

16. This Electric Potato Peeler Can Help Save You Time : $17.99

Do you love cooking, but hate peeling potatoes? Well, what if there was a little robot out there who could peel your potatoes for you? Good news! It exists! The Starfrit 93209 Potato Express will peel your potatoes (and just about anything else), and this gadget is less than $20. However, it’s hard to imagine that it could really save that much time compared to peeling by hand. But according to the reviews, people who buy this gadget absolutely love it.

This thermometer takes your temperature using a laser. Credit: Vibeey

15. This No-Contact Thermometer is Perfect For Keeping The Virus at Bay : $25.70

In 2020, checking for a fever has become a top priority in all of our lives. Whether you are trying to take a family member’s temperature in a non-invasive way, test the bath water, or see if your cooking has reached the perfect heat, this laser thermometer can truly come in handy. Thankfully, prices have gone down significantly in the past few months, and you can find this for under $30.

This bluetooth speaker can stick to your shower walls. Credit: Amazon.com

14. Bluetooth Shower Speakers Help You Jam To Your Favorite Tunes : $18.99

A lot of people love to listen to music in the shower, but they normally have a bluetooth mic, or simply let their cellphone play the music outside the shower. On Amazon, you can actually find a waterproof bluetooth speaker for a variety of price points under $30, depending on the brand. You can also have this speaker in the pool, or anywhere else where you would normally be afraid that your tech might get wet.

This over-the-sink rack can be removed when you are done. Credit: Amazon.com

13. This Over-The-Sink Drying Rack is Great For Both Dishes and Vegetables : $17.98

If you wash a lot of vegetables, you already know how easy it is to drip water all over the place. And some people don’t have enough counter space to justify setting up a drying rack. This removable over-the-sink rack is very affordable, and it will help you let your items drip-dry.

Tea organizational system. Credit: YouCopia

12. A Tea Organizer Helps You See Your Favorite Drinks at a Glance : $24.99

Tea drinkers out there know the struggle of keeping stacks upon stacks of boxes in our cabinets, because we love variations of tea bags. YouCopia makes a tea organizational system that is very affordable, and it can fit up to 100 tea bags. Now, it should be easy to see when you’re running low on certain flavors.

Grab your snacks quickly without searching through piles of boxes. Credit: Copco

11. This Lazy Susan Snack Organizer Looks Straight Out of The Home Edit : $29.99 

Last and certainly not least is this incredible double-decker Lazy Susan for $30. This is perfect for organizing your snacks inside of your pantry. Instead of having all of your food stacked away in boxes, this gives you a place to keep every item out in the open. So it should be easy to grab what you need when it’s time to pack lunch for yourself, or the kids.

The Tile tracker helps you find your missing keys. Credit: Tile

10. The Tile Tracker Helps You Find Your Misplaced Keys $24.85

Do you misplace your keys often? A Tile tracker is a great way for you to find your missing keys, wherever they might be. The way it works is that you attach a tile to your key ring, and download the Tile app onto your phone. If you lose your keys, you can use the app to make the Tile beep. Once you follow the sound, you should be able to find them quickly and be on your way. Obviously, you don’t have to only use this on your keys. This can also be put inside of your purse, backpack, or anything else that gets misplaced often.

Get cans open quickly with this electric can opened. Credit: Balywood

9. $15.98

Nowadays, people have more canned goods in their house than ever before. This has become commonplace for anyone who is trying to hunker down for weeks at a time. The only trouble is that using a handheld can opener can be a huge pain. And large electric machines cost a small fortune. Best handheld electric can opener is the best of both worlds. It can fit inside of a drawer when you’re done using it, and it gives you the convenience of cutting a clean line on your canned goods.

Girls can store their scrunchies or bracelet collection on this pillar. Credit: The Frog Sac Store

8. This Scrunchie Holder Helps You Display Your Hair Ties With Ease

Over the past year or two, scrunchies have come back in style. If you grew up in the 90s, chances are that you or your sister had a scrunchie collection. The only issue was that they tended to all over the place, or get stuffed in a drawer. That’s why this plastic pillar is such a brilliant idea. You can stop all of your  scrunchies, bracelets, and hair ties in one place. This might be a really great gift to give to a young woman in your life who has a lot of these accessories but doesn’t know what to do with them. It can also be a great accessory if you’re trying to organize your closet.

Dirty microwave? There’s no need to get mad. Credit: Aining

7. The Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner Helps Clean Up Messes

Almost everyone has experienced accidentally letting something splatter in the microwave, only to get yelled at by your mom for making a huge mess. That’s why this product is so funny. It’s called “The Angry Mamma” microwave cleaner. All you do is pour in some water and vinegar, and place it in the dirty microwave. When it heats up, this releases steam which will loosen any food residue. Wipe down with a paper towel, and you’re done.

Clean your windows with ease using this broom. Credit: Rienar

6. This Window Track Cleaner Helps You Get Into Tight Spaces

One of the most difficult places to clean in your home is the space in between your window and the windowsill. It’s so difficult in fact that most people leave it for years without ever touching it. Unfortunately, this can lead to mold growth and generally looks disgusting when you actually get to cleaning it. That’s why this little product is a lifesaver. With a window track cleaner, you can get inside of that tiny space and get out all the dust and dirt.

Find missing objects with these flashlight gloves. Credit: MyLiveEll

5. These Flashlight Gloves Can Help You Find Missing Things

The idea of wearing flashlight gloves might seem silly to some of you. But for anyone who works inside of mechanical instruments or needs to reach into a dark place, this is for you. Holding a flashlight in one hand and reaching your other hand into the space isn’t always an option. Besides reaching into dark places, some people like to wear these when they go jogging or to walk the dog as an additional light source at night.

A device that magnifies the screen of your cellphone. Credit: DL SeeGo

4. This Screen Magnifier Makes Movies From Your Phone So Much Larger : $24.99

There are many people out there who don’t have their own laptop or smart TV, so their internet activity is all done on their smartphone. So if they want to watch something on YouTube or Netflix, the only option they have is on their phone. This might be true for a lot of young people out there. For only $25, you can take your phone and play a movie on this screen magnifier. It makes the image on your phone play as large as a laptop screen. Going to the reviews, it seems like a lot of people love this because it helps to lessen the strain on their eyes.

Onions make people cry, but you can put a stop to that. Credit: MCJS

3. These Onion Goggles Stop You From Crying  $12.59

Almost everyone cries when chopping a large amount of onions. This is a natural reaction, but it can be annoying and sting your eyes for a while after cooking. An easy solution to that problem is to purchase these onion goggles. They block out any scent that might get into your eyes, which makes chopping onions easy. This also doubles for protection if you’re going on an airplane and you feel extra cautious about keeping yourself safe from viruses and germs.

Cut hard-to-slice fruit and vegetables with ease. Credit: The Rapid Slicer Store

2. Food slicer

If you cook a lot, you already know the struggle of trying to slice smaller fruits and vegetables like cherry tomatoes, grapes, and olives. This food slicer helps you to hold down the small pieces of food so that your knife can go through several pieces at once. People also use this to slice a large piece of chicken breast in half. Just make your knives are sharpened! Check out our guide to buying kitchen knives.

Core apples easily with this little device. Credit: Zulay Kitchen Store

1. This Apple Corer Preps Fruit Quickly $10.99

If you cut apples often, you already know how much fruit you can miss once you get to the core. It’s kind of an annoying process, right? Why not try this apple corer? A product like this can dramatically cut down on your prep time, especially if you plan to make homemade apple pie or apple sauce.