Harry Potter Products that Make a Home Feel Magical

Shannon Quinn - October 3, 2019

If you grew up reading the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling, you never stop loving those books. We all imagine what it would be like to get out letter to Hogwarts, and join one of the four houses. Magic may not be real, but we can still enjoy the whimsical feeling the stories bring to our lives. If you love Harry Potter, why not find some home decor to match? Here are Harry Potter themed household products that are truly “magical”.

This adorable bookshelf is perfect for children who love Harry Potter. Credit: Delta

80. This Small Bookshelf Can Hold Your Harry Potter Books and Decor : $52.91

If you’re planning to buy a lot of Harry Potter merchandise for your home, you’ll need somewhere to store it! This 3-tier bookshelf is decorated with images inspired by all four Hogwarts houses. Standing just over 3 feet tall, this was designed to give younger kids a shelf that was short enough for them to reach all of their favorite books and toys.

Bookends of Harry Potter approaching Platform 9 3/4 Credit: Enesco

79. Platform 9 ¾ Book Ends : $153.95

Sadly, you can’t take Platform 9 3/4 to Hogwarts in real life. But it’s still possible to transport yourself to another world through reading books. If your kids love Harry Potter, they obviously own the book series, and possibly the spin-off titles, too. Anyone who loves to read will appreciate these very cool book ends by Enesco. These would also go very well with Harry Potter “book nooks” made to look like scenes from the book. With these, it’s possible to decorate an entire shelf around the magical theme.

These lanterns look like real fire, but they’re actually fake, and therefore very safe. Credit: Zkee

78. These Flame Lanterns Set the Ambiance: $14.88

One of the most magical parts of Hogwarts is the fact that magical flames light up the chandeliers, candles, and lanterns throughout the castle. Sure, electricity is always an option even without magic. But if you’re trying to capture the mood of the Harry Potter movies in your own home, consider purchasing these fake flame lanterns. They look like real flickering flames, with the added safety of knowing that you can’t accidentally catch your house on fire.

This drink cup is perfect for cold beverages. Photo Credit: Desert Cart

77. This Constellation Cup Is Great For Drinks on the Go : $12.99

In recent times, a lot of people are cutting back on spending. For you, this could mean making your favorite iced tea and coffee drinks at home. So why not enjoy a bit of magic with this gorgeous constellation cup? The cup is blue with a gold foil depicting images of the four Hogwarts houses. This cup is beautiful, and it’s an understated way to show your fandom whether you’re enjoying a drink from home, or going into work.

This white owl is the spitting image of Harry Potter’s owl, Hedwig. Credit: Brand US

76. This White Owl Trinket Box Will Help Hide Your Secrets : $29.25

Every kid loves to keep a box of their little treasures. It could be a souvenir from a school trip, jewelry, money, or anything that holds sentimental value to them. If they are big fans of Harry Potter, it would make sense to buy this adorable stack of books with a white own on top. One of the great things about this box is that many people would assume that it’s just a decorative figure, making it a great secret hiding place for trinkets.

Complete any Harry Potter bedding set with these pillow cases. Credit: Jay Franco

75. These Pillow Cases Come in Any Hogwarts House : $9.99

Planning to make over your children’s bedroom with Harry Potter gear? Jay Franco came out with an entire line of Hogwarts bedding for Pottery Barn. Even if buying an entire new bedding set isn’t in this year’s budget, it’s likely that you could afford to get these pillow cases instead. They are double-sided with one side looking like a constellation, and the other side depicting the name of the Hogwarts House. Just be sure to ask your kids if they’re a Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Gryffindor before you make your purchase.

For adults, this painting of The Great Hall helps tie a room together. Credit: Yatsen

74. This 5-Piece Artwork Shows The Hogwarts Grand Hall : $62.88

Adult Harry Potter fans out there might want something that pays homage to their favorite books and movies while still being a bit under-stated. This set of 5 canvases depicting The Great Hall at Hogwarts is gorgeous. From far away, it looks like a great work of art, and you really only realize that it’s the image of the wizard school once you get up close.

Teach your kids to save money in a fun way with this Gringott’s Bank. Credit: Enesco

73. Keep Your Money Safe in Your Own Personal Gringott's Bank : $30.00

Teaching kids to save money is incredibly important, since children learn their financial habits by the age of 7. By making saving fun, they’re far more likely to want to continue. Harry Potter fans will love this piggy bank that’s in the shape of a Gringott’s vault. Next time you watch the movie or read the books, remind your kids how Harry only takes the amount of money he needs for school supplies, and leaves the majority tucked away for a rainy day.

This rug is both stylish and fantastical. Credit: Boyian

72. : $16.99

Sometimes, kids will have their own bathrooms attached to their bedroom. So if you want to make a bathroom that’s an extension of the Harry Potter theme, it would only make sense to purchase this Platform 9 3/4 bath mat. Even for adult fans out there, this is till a very cute bath mat in neutral colors that could be a subtle nod to your fandom.

This throw blanket has all 4 of the houses depicted on it. Credit: Amazon.com

71. Hogwarts Houses Throw Blanket: $33.23

Maybe the various members of your household identify with different Hogwarts houses. With this blanket, you don’t have to choose. It depicts the snake, lion, badger, and raven from Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. This way, everyone can be happy, no matter which house they identify with. If you still want to feel like your house is decorated like an adult, this is an example of a “subtle fandom” item, because once this blanket is laid on a couch, you really cannot tell that it is a Harry Potter. It is in muted pastel colors, so it actually looks great in a lot of home decor. Click here to check it out.


This pattern includes glasses, the Hogwarts crest, and text. Credit: Amazon.com

70. Jay Franco Harry Potter Drapes: $17.99

Every well-decorated home has curtains on the windows. So of course, if you are a super-fan, you’ll need some wizardry on your drapes, too. These Harry Potter drapes are a muted gray color, and they would match pretty much any color combination. This is perfect for a child’s bedroom, or if you are and adult who just really loves Harry Potter. The curtains are made of polyester microfiber. They are 63 inches long, and 42 inches wide. They should cover most standard windows. Click here to check it out.

This chess set looks exactly like the one featured in the Harry Potter movie. Credit: The Noble Collection

69. Wizard Chess Set : $39.99

A lot of people love to display a high-quality chess set in their home, whether they actually play the game or not. There is something truly sophisticated about chess, and a lot of people living in mansions may have a set sitting in their office or library. In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, the kids have to play Wizard Chess on life-sized pieces. You can recreate that moment with this chess set. This is perfect if you are a Harry Potter fan who wants to be a little fancy. Each chess piece is very intricately detailed, and should last for years to come. Click here to check it out.

The alohomora key rack helps you keep everything in place. Credit: Amazon.com

68. Alohomora Key Rack: $24.00

In Harry Potter, the spell “alohomora” helps to unlock rooms. So, basically, it’s a a magical key spell! This is why it’s very cute and clever to have an “alohomora” key holder. This is perfect if you are the type of person who always loses your keys. This can be hung near your front door so that you and put your keys there as soon as you some inside. Since there are 5 hooks, it can accommodate a house full of roommates, or help if you have multiple sets of keys for work and home. Click here to check it out.

This set of four spice jars have engravings of the Hogwarts houses. Credit: Amazon.com

67. Hogwarts Houses Ceramic Spice Jars: $20

Love to cook? For anyone out there who uses dried herbs from your garden, or if you collect loose tea, you already know that you need air-tight containers to keep them tasting fresh. So if you are a Harry Potter fan, why not combine the two together? Each one of these ceramic jars has the symbol from the four Hogwarts houses. These jars are small, but they should fit the contents of your average bottle of spices from the grocery store. They have cork tops to help keep it closed and air-tight. This will help keep everything fresh for much longer.

These embroidered hand towels have quidditch references. Credit: Amazon.com

66. His & Hers Quidditch Hand Towels: $19.44

These towels are embroidered with Quidditch themed sayings like “He’s a Keeper” and “She’s a Catch”. It’s perfect for a “His & Her’s” style bathroom. When they arrive in the mail, they are tied up in a ribbon, and it comes with a Harry Potter tag. This is very cute to buy for you and your partner, or to give as a gift to a newlywed couple who is just getting married. (So long as they are Harry Potter fans!) Each of the towels are 16 X 32 inches, and they are made by a company called “The Robe Factory”, which means they must feel soft and fluffy like those fancy hotel robes. Just be sure not to buy from a third-party seller on Amazon, because you may get the wrong product delivered. Click here to check it out.

These vintage style trunks are gorgeous. Credit: Amazon.com

65. Vintage Leather Nesting Trunks: $53.53

When every Hogwarts student made their way to Platform 9 and 3/4, they carried their large leather trunks filled with all of their earthly possessions. Even if you will never need to do the same thing, these nesting trunks can be stacked on top of one another to create a side or coffee table. The smaller trunk fits inside of the larger, which makes it easy to store or move whenever you need to put them away. The great thing about these trunks is that it is not strictly Harry Potter-focused. It can be blended in a lot of different decor styles, and they can be passed on through the years. Click here to check it out.

Always throw pillow. Credit: Pottery Barn

64.  “Always” Throw Pillow: $27

Pottery Barn Teen came out with an amazing Harry Potter home decor collection. One of the items is an embroidered pillow with a doe patroness, and the word “Always”. If you are not a huge fan, you would never know the reference, and may just think that it is a pretty throw pillow. But this is a quote from Severus Snape, when he is talking about how he will always love Lily Potter. There are actually a lot of “Always” throw pillow covers on Amazon at a variety of patterns and price points. Obviously, fans love this heart-wrenching moment. Check out all of the different patterns and colors to see what matches best with your own decor. Click here to check it out.

This Harry Potter comforter is perfect for kids. Credit: Amazon.com

63. Jay Franco Harry Potter 4-Piece Twin Set : $59.99

Sometimes, you want to switch your comforter to match your mood. Lucky for you (or your kids) this Jay Franco set has a red and blue striped pattern with the Harry Potter crest on one side. And if they ever get tired of showing off the Harry Potter stuff, they can flip it around to have a plain blue comforter. This is great for parents, because if your child ever gets tired of their fandom, you can at least extend the life of the comforter.This set also comes with the fitted and top sheet, as well as the pillow cases. The 4-pack is $59.99, but you could choose to buy the comforter on its own for just $32.99. Click here to check it out.

This Great Hall Bed makes a huge statement when you walk into a room. Credit: Pottery Barn

62. The Great Hall Bed: $1,399

This bed is by far the most extravagant and expensive item on this list of Harry Potter merchandise. It is the “Great Hall Bed” by Pottery Barn. When it first premiered, it was nearly $2,000, and the price dropped recently to $1,399. The bed is made of solid spruce, and it is a massive headboard that has intricate carvings of the house crests. How many people out there ware actually such hardcore fans that they would spend over $1,000 on a themed headboard? We aren’t sure. But it would make a big impression on your family and friends if they saw it. Click here to check it out.

Four metal Harry Potter coasters. Credit: Amazon.com

61. Harry Potter Metal Drink Coasters: $10

After doing all of this shopping for home decor, you might want to make yourself a nice cold drink. But what! Do you have coasters to protect your wooden furniture? That’s where the Harry Potter metal drink coasters come in. These coasters are made of metal, which makes them heavy-duty and likely to last a long time. Since it is a pack of four, it comes with each of the four Harry Potter houses. This is great if you are having friends over, especially if everyone identifies with a different house. Click here to check it out.

Set of four drinking glasses with the Hogwarts houses. Credit: Amazon.com

60. Set of 4 Tumbler Glasses With Hogwarts Houses : $20

Buying a set of graphic tumblers are actually coming back into style. Even some high-end restaurants have converted to going back to serving cocktails in vintage decal glasses from the 80’s and 90’s. So you should feel proud to buy and display your Harry Potter glasses for your friends and family. This is perfect for daily use, or having a Harry Potter themed party. This glassware set comes in a box that is useful for giving gifts to your loved ones, and at $20, it means you are paying $5 each. These would go perfectly with those Harry Potter coasters, of course. Click here to check it out.

This is a massive set of random keys, perfect for Harry Potter crafting. Credit: King Do Way

59. : $10

You may or may not remember that in the first Harry Potter book, there were winged keys protecting the Philosopher’s Stone. So this set of golden keys can give you the same vibe. Some people choose to hang them on their walls, turn them into necklaces, or put them in a mason jar as a collection sitting on your dresser. While this collection is not official Harry Potter merchandise, it still fits the vibe really well. If you do not want to buy these online, you can check out nearly any antique shop and find some genuine vintage keys that were once used in people’s homes. Click here to check it out.

Decorate a Harry Potter bedroom with this cute Quidditch pillow. Credit: Pottery Barn

58. Embroidered Quidditch Throw Pillow: $28.99

If you really love reading about Quidditch in the Harry Potter books or watching the sport in the movies, you may want to buy this throw pillow. It is a lush velvet with embroidered text and a golden snitch. This gold and red pillow could potentially go with the decor you already have in your home. It would look especially great up against a brown leather sofa. Or, it would be a great addition to a project if you area already decorating a room with a Harry Potter theme. Click here to check it out.

This tissue box cover is really cool. Credit: Amazon.com

57. Faux Book Tissue Box Cover: $19.95

Everyone needs to use tissues sometimes, especially if you are re-reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! Don’t worry, though, you can sniffle in style with this tissue box cover. This wooden box allows you to put a box of tissues inside, so you can cover up the original cardboard box. If you are already decorating an entire room with Harry Potter merchandise, it will look great to have this on your bedside table. After all, Hogwarts was a school, so it only makes sense that they would have a lot of books around. Click here to check it out.

Aprons from all 4 Hogwarts houses. Credit: William Sonoma

56. Hogwarts House Aprons: $39.50

William Sonoma is famous for having high-end cookware and chef accessories. So if you are looking to give a really nice gift to someone, or you want kitchen products that will last a lifetime, why not purchase a Hogwarts House apron? Every time your friends see you cooking dinner, they will know immediately which Harry Potter house you identify with. William Sonoma also sells plenty of other Harry Potter cooking tools like spatulas, water bottles, and towels. Click here to check it out.

Beautiful embroidered Harry Potter stockings. Credit: Pottery Barn

55. Harry Potter Christmas Stockings $39.50

Watching Harry Potter movies has become a Christmas tradition for a lot of families. They even play the movies back-to-back on HBO during the holiday season, because of the scenes of Christmas in the first film, as well as the cozy feeling you get throughout most of the movies. So it’s not surprise that Pottery Barn decided to make an entire line of Christmas Harry Potter products. These embroidered stockings are high quality, and should last for years to come. Yes, at $40, these are very expensive. However, keep in mind that this stocking may last an entire lifetime, and will never need to be replaced again. Click here to check it out.

Lumos appetizer plates are perfect for hosting a party with snacks. Credit: Pottery Barn

54. These Lumos Plates Are Perfect for Snacking: $39.50 for 4

We have already mentioned the idea of buying subtle Harry Potter fan items a few times on this list, and these “Lumos” plates are a perfect example. In the books and movies, the “Lumos” spell creates a light at the end of a wizard’s wand. These plates also have a few other spells like “Wingardium leviosa”, which makes an object float in the air. Since they are simple white plates with black text, it could fit in with a lot of different decor styles. Since they are made by Pottery Barn, you also know that you are buying high-quality products that should last you for a long time. Click here to check it out.

This throw blanket depicts the magical Marauder’s Map. Credit: Amazon

53. The Marauder's Map Throw Blanket Helps Keep You Warm and Cozy at Night : $33.99

In the books and movies, the Weasley brothers become caretakers of the magical Marauder’s Map, which helps mischievous students see where their professors are on the Hogwarts campus at any given time. This makes it possible for them to play pranks without getting into trouble. Plenty of fans wished that they could have their own Marauder’s Map of their own. Well, now you can! The great thing about this throw blanket is that it can fit in with a lot of different decor, and it will help keep you warm on cold nights. Click here to check it out.

This wall tapestry makes your room look like an old library filled with magical spell books. Credit: Senge

52. Vintage Library Wall Tapestry : $17.51

Have you always wanted to make your house look like the Hogwarts library? Okay, maybe this is a bit too strange to hang in your house, but wall tapestries are popular among college students who are trying to decorate the walls of their dorm room. A more realistic use for this tapestry may be as a photo backdrop, or a way to decorate your house for a Harry Potter themed party. You friends would probably love to take pictures for Instagram in front of this faux library setting. Click here to check it out.

These candlesticks give the illusion that they are floating. Credit: Amazon.com

51. These LED Candle Sticks Give the Illusion of Floating : $13.96

One of the coolest things about The Great Hall in Hogwarts is the fact that there are floating candles to help illuminate everyone’s dining experience. Believe it or not, you can have that same experience with these “floating” LED candle sticks. Of course, they candles are not actually floating, but they hang along a nearly-invisible wire. This would be great if you were trying to throe a Harry Potter themed children’s party. In the product photos, they also show some examples of them hanging in a teenager’s bedroom, which may be a cool choice instead of traditional string lights. Click here to check it out.

These are beautiful golden bird cages. Credit: Amazon.com

50. These Decorative Bird Cages Remind Us Of Delivery Owls : $35.99

In the books and movies, Harry Potter carries around his pet owl, Hedwig on the train in a large bird cage. You may not be able to keep a pet owl of your own, but these golden bird cages would still look great with the rest of your wizard decor. The great thing about these bird cages is that they can be incorporated into a lot of different styles. So if you get tired of the Harry Potter theme some day, you can still keep them, or find a friend who loves them, too. Click here to check it out.

Welcome your guests with a Platform 9 3/4 door mat. Credit: Amazon.com

49. The Hogwarts Express Floor Mat : $38.79

When wizarding students go on the train to school, they have to pass through the magical Platform 9 3/4 if they want to board the Hogwarts Express. You may not be able to go to Hogwarts in real life, but you can at least pay homage to the process by buying this Platform 9 3/4 door mat. As soon as your guest show up to your home, they will know that you are a die-hard Harry Potter fan. The red and gold colors also pop, and it may look great on your front porch. Click here to check it out.

These food containers have beautiful graphics of the Marauder’s Map. Credit: Warner Brothers

48. Marauder’s Map Porcelain Food Containers: $129.95

If you love to cook, you already know that it is a good idea to have food containers with your flour, sugar, or rice ready to go on your counter top. As a Harry Potter fan, you can have these white and gold jars with the Marauder’s Map. The design of these food containers is truly beautiful, and would look great on just about anyone’s counter tops. These containers are ceramic and wood. Credit: Amazon.comThese jars are ceramic, and they come with wooden tops that have air-tight seals. Keeping your dry goods in air-tight containers it essential for keeping them fresh, so this set should have you ready to bake at a moment’s notice. Click here to check it out.

White owl lamp on a bedside table. Credit: Amazon.com

47. This White Owl Lamp Looks Remarkably Like Hedwig : $43.76

Harry Potter kept a pet owl named Hedwig who would bring him packages whenever he got a delivery. You cannot keep a white owl as a pet in your home, so finding some decor is the next best thing. Buying a stuffed animal version of Hedwig might be great for a child’s bedroom, but grown-ups can still enjoy this white owl lamp. This lamp stands 19 inches tall, so it is small enough to sit on a bedside table. Even if your child eventually outgrows their Harry Potter phase, they should still be able to keep this lamp and transition to it into another style. Click here to check it out.

Butter beer candles exist, and it’s amazing. Credit: Amazon.com

46. This Butter Beer Scented Candle Smells Delicious : $30

If you have visited Harry Potter World in Universal Studios, you may have had the luxury of drinking a real butter beer. People say that it tastes like cream soda, but some claim that you cannot get the same soda unless you go to Universal Studios. If you cannot drink butter beer right now, this scented candle is the next best thing. It smells delicious, and it has the word “lumos” on the front, which is the spell for light. Click here to check it out.

Flowing star drapes are beautiful, and feel magical in a child’s bedroom. Credit: Kotile Nursery

45. Gold Star Floor-Length Drapes : $22.99

These white flowing floor-length drapes are semi-translucent, and they have golden stars all over them. While these are not an official Harry Potter product, these would look beautiful if you were trying to decorate a bedroom with a magical theme. If you put them in a child’s bedroom, it is likely that they would still enjoy having it, even if they grew out of their Harry Potter obsessed phase. Even as an adult, these drapes may look really cute together with some bohemian or witchy decor. Click here to check it out.

This Harry Potter shower curtain looks very cool. Credit: Amazon.com

44. Harry Potter Shower Curtain: $18.99

Need a new shower curtain? This design has an image of Harry Potter, as well as Lupin in wolf form standing in the background. It is 70×70 inches, and made of polyester. Keep in mind that you may need to purchase an additional plastic liner. This is a great choice if your children have their own bathroom, and they are huge Harry Potter fans. Or, you might be heading off to college, and you need your own shower curtain for your dorm or first apartment. No matter what the reason, this could add a great vibe to your bathroom. Click here to check it out.

This vinyl record clock is laser cut with Harry Potter characters. Credit: Amazon.com

43. Vinyl Record Wall Clock: $29.28

Are you looking for a cool gift to give a friend who loves Harry Potter? This wall clock has been up-cycled from a vinyl record. The design has been laser cut with fine details, and you can see the cogs working inside of the clock. It looks very cool and stylish. The only issue is that you may not be able to actually tell the time, because there are no numbers on the clock. You can sort of approximate the time, but not exactly. That’s what cell phones are for, right? Click here to check it out.

A box full of Harry Potter wine glass charms. Credit: Amazon.com

42. Harry Potter Wine Glass Charms: $15

For adult Harry Potter fans out there, you may want to drink a glass of wine instead of hot cocoa when you have a marathon of the movies. This set of wine glass charms can be added to the bottom of a glass. This helps you and your friends identify which glass belongs to them. It is a lot of fun to choose a charm at the beginning of the party. This can also be a great gift to give someone if you know that they love both wine and wizards. Click here to check it out.

This Patronus duvet cover is amazing for fans of Harry Potter. Credit: PB Teen

41. Patronus Damask Duvet Cover. $74 to $109

Pottery Barn is just knocking it out of the park with these beautiful Harry Potter themed duvet covers.This one is a light baby blue color with a white damask patterns of all of the various magical creatures you will see from the books. The great thing about this is that it should still look good, even if you or your child decides to transition away from a magic-themed bedroom when they get older. It could even look great on an adult’s bed. Click here to check it out.

This Harry Potter towel is great for anyone going to the beach. Credit: Jay Franco

40. This Hogwarts Crest Beach Towel Will Help You Soak in the Sun : $20

The design of this Harry Potter beach towel is really cool. Even though it is meant for the beach, you could still use it out of the shower when you want to. It could also be a great gift for a friend who is going on vacation sometime soon. When the towel arrives, it is wrapped up in a roll, and it comes with an official Harry Potter tag. This makes it easy to fit into a gift bag if you are giving this to someone as a present. Click here to check it out.

The gorgeous Mirror of Erised can hang on the wall or sit on the floor. Credit: Pottery Barn

39. The Mirror of Erised: $499

In the Harry Potter books and movies, the Mirror of Erised had the ability to show the viewer the one thing they wished for the most. Unfortunately, this replica is not actually magical, and you should only see your own reflection. But it still looks just as beautiful as the one you saw in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. This mirror stands at 60 inches high. So, it is a few feet tall, which should be enough for you to prop up against the wall, or hang in your wall. No matter what you choose to do, this should still look beautiful in nearly any setting. If your kids love Harry Potter too, you may just want to pass it down to the next generation. Click here to check it out.

This Harry Potter cauldron bowl is perfect for soup. Credit: Monogram

38. This Harry Potter Cauldron is For More Than Brewing Potions : $19.95

If you are feeling witchy, why not make a brew in this cauldron? You may remember that the kids use these small cauldrons in Hogwarts potion’s class. This cauldron is actually made of ceramic. Unfortunately, you will not be able to boil love potions in this. But most people love it as a little soup crock on a cold fall or winter night. This is perfect for you if you are a fan, or to give it as a gift to someone you love. Click here to check it out.

These black and white sheets look like newspaper print from The Daily Prophet. Credit: PB Teen

37. The Daily Prophet Sheets: $36 to $119

Looking for a new set of sheets to go on your bed? This set of sheets features newspaper print from the Daily Prophet, and it is sold at Pottery Barn in Twin, Full, Queen, and King. If the thought of sleeping on so much news print is not appealing, you could also choose to buy the pillow cases separately for just $36. If you read the headlines in the preview, you can see that they talk about death, arrests, and a lot of scary topics. So maybe this sheet set would be too dark for a young fan. But it would be perfect for teenagers and adults who love Harry Potter, and thy want something that is a bit edgy. Click here to check it out.

The Expecto Patronum throw pillow from Pottery Barn. Credit: PB Teen

36. Expecto Patronum Throw Pillow: $29

Pottery Barn is really on a roll with their amazing Harry Potter throw pillows. This “Expecto Patronum” pillow is made of blue velvet, and the words are embroidered in golden thread. The pillow could potentially be added to your existing decor, or you could choose to purchase more of the Harry Potter merchandise from Harry Potter so that you can have the complete look. In the photo above, you can see examples of how the pillow looks amazing next to all of their other official merchandise. Click here to check it out.

Hufflepuff house oven mitts. Credit: Warner Brothers

35. : $20

Whether you are baking loads of cookings around the holidays, or just your average day of the week, you are going to need oven mitts. This mitt is white and gray with a golden line running through it to reveal Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It almost seems to represent the magical barrier that protects the school from outsiders. The castle design on the oven mitt is beautiful, and would look great in nearly anyone’s kitchen. Muggles who have never heard of Harry Potter would still like this design, and may assume it’s somehow Disney related. Either way, it’s a beautiful piece that just might belong in your kitchen collection.

Cute Harry Potter cookie cutters in various shapes and sizes. Credit: Warner Brothers

34. Harry Potter Cookie Cutters : $19

Speaking of baking cookies around the holidays, why stop at chocolate chip? This set of cookie cutters comes with an owl, Harry’s glasses, a broom, necktie, thunder bolt, sorting hat, and  a fancy logo that doesn’t really symbolize anything…But in the next photo, you will see that they have turned it into something Harry Potter related, anyway. This would be great if you are throwing a Harry Potter themed party, or if you plan to make sugar cookies with your kids, and they want to decorate Harry Potter shapes. It would also make a great gift for bakers in your life. Click here to check it out.

This mug has the quote from Severus Snape. Credit: Amazon.com

33. Harry Potter Latte Coffee Mugs, Set of 2 - After All This Time, Always - Deathly Hallows and Doe... : $24

For you die-hard fans out there, you will already recognize the quote between Dumbledore and Snape. No spoilers, here, but it is pretty beautiful and jerking. If you have not gotten through all of the books or movie yet, do yourself a favor and get to it! Anyway, for those of you who know the quote, you already understand why this needs to be in a fan’s pantry. As you can see in the first photo, this “Always” mug is huge, which makes it good for soup, or an extra large cup of hot chocolate on a cold night. And, of course, it can hold a lot of coffee for those of you who need some help waking up in the morning. Click here to check it out.

The official Honeydukes Stein Mug. Credit: Harry Potter/Warner Brothers Entertainment

32. Honeydukes Lidded Stein Mug : $44.99

In the Harry Potter books, the Honeydukes candy shop in Hogsmeade village was a favorite place for the children to go during the holiday season. This makes it a perfect theme for a mug so that you can fill it with tea, hot chocolate, coffee, or even butter beer. Just like traditional German stein mugs, this one comes with a lid, which helps with keeping hot drinks warm. It also prevents spilling, if you were to accidentally knock it over. This could be a great gift to give adult Harry Potter fans who like to drink beer, but they want a big of magic during their next Octoberfest. 

A set of 5 Harry Potter wand themed makeup brushes. Credit: The WeChip Store

31. These Wand Makeup Brushes Can Make Getting Ready in the Morning a Magical Experience : $12.99

If you wear makeup, you may already own a set of brushes to apply eyeshadow, highlighter, blush, bronzer, and powder. These brushes can be found just about anywhere, but they’re usually very plain-looking. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, why not make things a bit more magical in your day? We wish this was as easy as a flick and swish of a wand to look beautiful in the morning. But these wand themed brushes are the next best thing. This set of 5 brushes has just enough to get started, especially for young people who are just beginning to experiment with makeup.

A Harry Potter themed crochet kit. Credit: Lucy Collin

30. This Harry Potter Crochet Kit is Perfect for Crafters $22.49

With more people staying home, there has been a huge resurgence in people learning how to knit and crochet. So if you and the kids are bored staying home on a long, cold, winter night, why not try this Harry Potter crochet kit? It comes with a book that explains how to make these characters, as well as the yarn that you need to complete the projects. The crochet hook even looks like a wand! This comes in a nice box to hold all of the supplies, so it could easily be given as a gift.

These bookends are made of metal, and they are painted to look like Hogwarts. Credit: Seven20

29. These Hogwarts Castle Bookends Can Help Keep Your Collection in Place : $27.99

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, there’s a good chance that you own the books in your collection. You may even have some of the spinoff series, reprints, or unofficial guides to the Wizarding World. It would only make sense to keep your Harry Potter collection together with this set of Hogwarts bookends. These are made of painted die-cut metal, and should be able to hold your collection with ease.  This is a great gift to give fans of all ages, whether they’re just starting their collection as children, or already full grown adults.

A cute Harry Potter shower curtain with chibi character faces. Credit: Jay Franco

28. This Shower Curtain Has All of the Cute Faces of Your Favorite Characters : $26.99

Looking to decorate a Harry Potter themed bathroom? Look no further than this adorable shower curtain, complete with shower rings. This white shower curtain features the faces of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Albus Dumbledore, and Rubeus Hagrid. It also says “Hogwarts is my Home”, and includes a cute silhouette of the castle. This curtain is made  of washable microfiber cloth, which means that you will most likely need to purchase a plastic linter to help protect it from getting wet. Thankfully, you can buy those at your local dollar store, which shouldn’t increase your overall cost too much.

This adorable Hedwig owl mug is great for coffee and cocoa. Credit: Harry Potter and Warner Brothers

27. Check Out This Super Cute White Owl Hedwig Mug : $19.99

Still waiting for your letter from Hogwarts to arrive from an owl? Me too. For now, we can at least pretend with our Hedwig mug. This is an adorable ceramic mug that’s perfect for Harry Potter fans, or even someone who just so happens to love white snow owls. It also goes great with the set that we’ll mention in a later bullet point that features Harry, Ron, and Hermione. 

This set comes with 4 pieces for a Harry Potter themed dinner. Credit: Warner Brothers

26. This Marauder's Map Plate Set Is Perfect for Entertaining Guests : $32.99

Are you looking to bring some Harry Potter magic into your kitchen? Look no further than these beautiful plates that have pictures and texts from the Marauder’s Map. This set of four pieces comes with a small appetizer plate, a large dinner plate, a mug, and a bowl. It might seem expensive for just one place setting, but these are made of high-quality porcelain. This might be a good gift to give a college student who loves Harry Potter and they only need one set of dishes for themselves when they move into their dorm.

Check out these adorable mugs of Hermione, Ron, and Harry. Credit: Warner Brothers

25. A Set of 3 Harry, Ron, and Hermione Mugs : $49.99

On a cold winter night, there is perhaps nothing better than a hot cup of tea or cocoa. This is especially true if you’re snuggling up to reread some of your favorite Harry Potter books. Why not celebrate your favorite characters by having some of these beautiful character mugs?  This is a set of three monks featuring Harry, Ron, and Hermione. If you have kids, this might also be a great gift to give all of them to share. They can pick their favorite characters and go for it every time they want to have a drink.

Harry Potter themed ornaments for your Christmas tree. Credit: Paladone Store

24. Set of 4 Harry Potter Ornaments Are Great for the Holidays : $11

For a lot of people, Harry Potter conjures feelings of snow falling on the ground, being surrounded by fireplaces and beautiful holiday decorations. This is probably because of the scenes in Hogsmeade and the Great Hall decorated at Christmas time is so ingrained in many of our childhood memories. So if you have Harry Potter themed decorations at home, it only makes sense for you to get some ornaments. This is a set of 4 baubles in various colors and images including the marauder’s map, platform 9 ¾, and the Hogwarts plaque.

A beautiful red Hogwarts Express train by Department 56. Credit: Department 56

23. The Hogwarts Express Train by Department 56 : $80

A lot of people love to set up a Christmas village underneath the tree or on a dresser top around the holidays. Department 56 is a company that specializes in Holiday decor for these types of villages. All of their pieces are usually made with high-quality material that’s meant to last a lifetime. They actually have a huge range of Harry Potter items, but I chose the Hogwarts Express. If you’re trying to incorporate this into an existing Christmas Village, it might be easier for you to slip in your Harry Potter fandom with something like a train until you can work on growing the collection.

A Hedwig pendant light that hangs from the ceiling would be perfect for a Harry Potter bedroom. Credit: PB Teen

22. Hedwig Pendant Light: $349

If your goal is to make a Harry Potter bedroom, you should really consider changing the lighting to match the theme. This Hedwig pendant lamp from Pottery Barn is totally gorgeous, and most guests wouldn’t automatically know that this was a nod to magic. It is one of those statement light pieces that is going to elevate the elegance of the room.  Whether you’re decorating a bedroom for a child, or for a grown-up who wants something a bit more fancy, this looks like an amazing option for you to consider.

This golden Nagini mirror is very cool. Credit: PB Teen

21. This Nagini Mirror Looks Very Cool: $299

Nagini is a shape-shifting witch that turns into a snake. She was featured in both the Harry Potter movies as well as Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. In the books, we are afraid of her, because she is essentially Voldemort’s pet. But in the prequel movies, we understand that she is a human trapped in a snake’s body. Because of this, she has become more popular as a character. Pottery Barn Teen has several Nagini themed items for sale, including this snake mirror. It’s very cool, and not necessarily obvious that it’s a Harry Potter item at first glance.

For adult fans, these stemless wine glasses are great for a good drink. Credit: Warner Brothers

20. Stemless Wine Glasses Are Perfect for Adult Fans : $34.99

For adult fans out there, you might have had at least one Harry Potter movie watching party or cracked open a bottle of wine while you reread the books. That’s why these are an amazing gift to give someone, or for yourself. Each of these wine glasses has a gold foil on top depicting different phrases and pictures from the Harry Potter universe. This might be a good gift to give someone at a housewarming party if you know that they love Harry Potter. Don’t forget to also give them a bottle of their favorite wine to go with it.

A very cute character blanket by Jay Franco. Credit: Jay Franco

19. These Adorable Characters Are All Over The Fuzzy Jay Franco Blanket : $19.97

With more people staying home, it only makes sense that you need some supplies to cuddle with. This Harry Potter character blanket is made by a company called Jay Franco.  They’re doing a really good job of showing the characters in a “chibi kawaii” or “tiny cute” style that was made popular in Japan. This might be a great crossover for someone who loves both anime and Harry Potter. One side of the blanket is fluffy, which is really good for retaining heat in the winter time. 

Tell time in style with this golden snitch clock. Credit: PB Teen

18. The Golden Snitch Clock : $49

In the age of smartphones, having a clock might seem pretty old school. But this golden snitch is so incredibly cool, you just might want to reconsider going back to a regular clock.  The front of the snitch ball closes, so you have the option to keep it as an ornament.  On the Pottery Barn website, it shows hanging the snitch from a translucent wire from the ceiling so that it looks like it’s flying around the room. This would be a very cool option, especially if you have kids. You could also keep this on a desktop in your home office, and it would look amazing.

Write letters in style with this feather quill stationary set. Credit: Insight Editions

17. This Desktop Stationary Set Is Perfect for Calligraphy : $18.57

Have you ever imagined writing letters with an old-fashioned feather quill? Well you have your chance with this beautiful stationery set. Just like the students at Hogwarts, you can write your notes with a beautiful feather quill in a calligraphy style. From personal experience, writing with a quill is actually harder than it looks! This would be a fun gift to give a young fan who is trying to keep in touch with her friends. It might be a good exercise with kids that are being homeschooled to have them write a letter to their friends.

This clock is made to look like the Time Turner. Credit: PB Teen

16. The Time Turner Clock : $59

Fans will remember the moment Hermione Granger used the time turner necklace in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. The time traveling necklace also makes another appearance in the stage play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. This desktop clock rotates, just like the real time turner. One side has the hourglass filled with sand, while the other has a clock face. Not only is this a nod to Harry Potter fandom, but this is genuinely a beautiful clock. Even if your guests have never read the books before, this is an object that is sure to impress.

This lamp looks a lot like Albus Dumbledore’s phoenix. Credit: PB Teen

15. The Dumbledore Phoenix Lamp: $399

In Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore has a pet Phoenix in his office that sits on a perch. This lamp by Pottery Barn basically looks exactly like the Phoenix did in the movies. And if you’re paying attention to the Fantastic Beasts franchise, we’re going to see the Phoenix come back again in a big way. If you’re a fan who needs a new lamp, consider getting this one. Like most other Pottery Barn items, this lamp isn’t cheap. But it is one of those pieces that you can hopefully hold onto for years, and potentially re-sell or pass down later in life.

These Hogwarts pins are great for any collector out there. Credit: The Noble Collection

14. This Set of Hogwarts Pins and Case Are Gorgeous

Enamel pins have become all the rage over the past few years. You might already have a collection in your home. If that’s the case, consider getting this set of Harry Potter pins that are arranged in a beautiful collector’s box. Something like this could easily sit on the top of your dresser as a little trinket on its own. Obviously, you can also take out the pins and put them on your clothing to show off which Hogwarts house you belong to.

These snack packs connect for easy travel. Credit: Whiskware

13. These Stackable Snack Packs Are Great For Home and School : $12.99

In 2020 and 2021, there has been a huge resurgence in picnicking outside in the spring and summer. And with so many kids being homeschooled, you may not be packing lunches anymore. However, no matter what the reason is, a lot of parents still need to pack snacks for their kids. These stackable snack containers are adorable, and it also gives you the option to take advantage of vertical space and a backpack instead of having a bulky lunch box.

Cute trinkets like this look good sitting on a shelf. Credit: Warner Brothers

12. This Light Up Hogwarts Castle is a Beautiful Trinket : $8.99

Sometimes, you just want to have a small trinket in your house to remind you of the things you love. That’s why I love this small Hogwarts replica that lights up. This is one of those objects that you can put on your bookshelf next to your Harry Potter collection and feel happy every time you see it. It could also be used in a Christmas village, or with other holiday decorations and a vignette. The Hogwarts Castle also comes with a little booklet, which is great if you want to have something to read on a cozy night in.

This is a very cool safe that looks like a bookshelf. Credit: PB Teen

11. Faux Bookshelf Lock Box: $199

There is something so cool about the idea behind hiding your valuables behind a portrait or a fake book in a massive library. Pottery Barn has come up with this brilliant product that looks like a shelf full of Harry Potter books, but it’s actually a lock box that can only be opened with a key. This could actually be very useful for anyone who is going away to college and living with a roommate. Sometimes, if you’re coupled with someone that you don’t know, it can feel nerve-wracking to keep your valuables out in the open. So, instead of having a blatantly obvious safe, this bookshelf lockbox is a decorative way to hide away things that your kids want to protect.

Looking to craft? Why not make these embroidery circles? Credit: The Wizarding World

10. This Embroidery Kit Teaches You How to Create Your Own Grandmacore Wall Art

With more people staying home than ever before, a lot of people are embracing old fashioned hobbies like knitting and embroidery. The great thing about embroidery is that you can take your work and use it as a piece of wall art. Harry Potter fans can rejoice, because there is a themed embroidery kit that comes with a book and patterns of instructions. This could potentially be a great birthday or holiday gift to give to your kids who’ve recently gotten into embroidery.

Keep all of your notes and photos in one place with this Hogwarts pin board. Credit: PB Teen

9. Hogwarts Crest Pin Board : $179

If your homeschooling your kids, or you’re an adult Harry Potter fan that’s working from home, you’ve probably set up a home office in 2020 or 2021. Sometimes, having too many sticky notes or to-do lists can clutter the top of your desk. That’s why it’s a good idea to get a cork board the place everything that you need up on a wall. While playing cork board should be easy for you to find at your local Dollar Store, it would be so much more stylish if you had this Harry Potter Crest board instead. This doubles as some amazing Harry Potter bedroom decor, but it also is practical for getting work done.

Working from home? This mouse pad might help. Credit: JNKPOAI

8. : $12.99

Both kids and adults have had to get used to going on Zoom for meetings in 2020 and 2021. Many people have had to scramble to put together a home office space. But now that some time has passed, do some things to make your space a lot more comfortable. Having a Harry Potter themed mouse pad is just one of the ways that you can make your desk a fun place to be. This is inexpensive, and it actually comes in a lot more colors and style options than the one that is picture above. 

Get crafty with this Harry Potter themed perler bead set. Credit: Warner Brothers

7. This Harry Potter Perler Bead Set is Perfect For Crafting at Home

Perler beads are also known as melty beads oh, and they have been a popular craft for decades. The way that it works is that you have a plastic pegboard and you arrange the colored beads on them very carefully into the shape that you want. Then you place a piece of parchment paper on top and use an iron to melt the beads together. The result is a cute little character that you can use as home decor or a toy. Years ago, I would make Minecraft themed Perler Bead toys with kids I was babysitting. If you have children, they will probably love making their own Harry Potter perler bead characters. This kit comes with all of the beads you need, the peg boards, and instructional patterns.

It’s easy to get work done in bed with one of these lap desks. Credit: PB Teen

6. Hogwarts House Lap Desk With Storage: $99

With more people studying or working from home, they might struggle to find a place to get everything done. Or, even if you do have a home office, you might want to switch things up by using your laptop on the couch in the living room or in bed. This lap desk with built-in storage is a great option for anyone who wants to bring their desk somewhere else in the house. It’s especially good for kids who need to keep supplies like pencils, crayons, or homework inside of the storage area.

These containers are great for a kitchen or bathroom. Credit: PB Teen

5. These Harry Potter Themed Canisters Can Hold Just About Anything : $99

If you’re trying to do a Harry Potter bedroom makeover and it just so happens to have an en suite bathroom, you should seriously consider decorating that as well. This set of glass and brass canisters is absolutely beautiful. Each of these could be filled with Q-tips, cotton balls, and other supplies that you need in the bathroom. They could also be used in the kitchen for food and other trinkets. With a product that’s fragile like this, I recommend that you only give this to teenagers or adults.

The Marauder Map rug is perfect for a Harry Potter bedroom. Credit: NiYoung Store

4. This Marauder's Map Rug Would Be Great in a Child's Bedroom : $49.99

If you have hardwood floors in your house, it’s always a good idea to have a throw rug in the bedroom so that your feet aren’t touching a cold floor in the morning. And if you’re doing a Harry potter-themed makeover in the bedroom, consider purchasing this Marauder’s Map rug. This might also work really well in a dorm room, because those floors are usually made of cement or tile. The only issue is that a rug like this might not go well in every household! But at the very least, it’s a lot of fun, and will definitely stand out.

Beautiful golden snitch fairy lights to illuminate a Harry Potter bedroom. Credit: PB Teen

3. Golden Snitch String Lights : $59

One of the best ways to make a Harry Potter bedroom feel magical is by hanging fairy lights. Almost any kind of string light will do, but these golden snitch string lights are perfect. Each of the lights is intricately detailed with a beautiful little golden snitch. Obviously, this could also be used for holiday decorations if you had a small Christmas tree. Since this string of lights is expensive, you can probably only have one. So choose wisely when figuring out where it will go.

Keep all of your extra storage with one of these Hogwarts house trunks. Credit: PB Teen

2. Hogwarts House Trunk : $349

In the Harry Potter books, a lot of Hogwarts students would arrived on the train with a huge trunk filled with everything that they needed to keep during the school year. If you want that same look in your own bedroom, these Harry Potter house themed trunks are amazing. You can pick from the four different Hogwarts houses of Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw.  Trunks like these are always great for storing extra clothing that’s out of season, extra blankets, or shoes. This might even be a great present to give a student who is going away to college.

You can pick any Hogwarts house crest on these chenille blankets. Credit: PB Teen

1. Hogwarts House Chenille Blankets : $69

Chenille blankets are great because they feel really soft against your skin. There is something about them that is ultimately comfortable and never itchy. No matter what type of chenille blanket you buy, it’s going to be a little bit expensive. So you might as well invest in your favorite Hogwarts house. Something like this would be an amazing gift to give someone either for a housewarming party or if they are going away to college. It’s also a great thing to buy for a Harry Potter themed bedroom makeover.