Hilarious Signs That Are Impossible Not To Laugh At

Ashley - May 27, 2023

There’s nothing better than going about your day and running across a sign that makes you laugh out loud. Sometimes, the littlest things bring us the greatest joy, and finding hilarious signs on your way to work or to run a mundane errand can be the bright spot in your otherwise humdrum day. Occasionally, businesses put up intentionally hilarious signs (we’re looking at you Wendy’s!), but there’s also plenty of unintended hilarity to enjoy on this list. When someone comes across a sign that’s truly laughable, they can’t help but snap a picture and share it on social media. You’ll be glad they did once you see some of the wild signs on this list! So, kick back and get ready to laugh because we’re going to dive into a roundup of hilarious signs that are impossible not to laugh at.

Photo Credit: twitter.com/Ghobsmacka

Pee Donuts?

America runs on Dunkin’! Everyone has a favorite coffee and donut they fall back on when they order from Dunkin’, but sometimes it’s nice to try something new. Most Dunkin’s will advertise when they have a new donut available, but we’re not sure this one was a good choice. No one wants a pee donut! This was clearly a hilarious mistake made by one of the employees, but we can’t help but wonder what they were supposed to advertise. A new peach donut, perhaps?

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Girls, Girls, Girls… JK

What’s a good way to grab the attention of potential customers? Make your sign so audacious they can’t help but look! This service center wrote, “Girls, Girls, Girls,” on their sign in a tiered manner, probably hoping to catch the eye of passersby. But they pull a switch on you at the last moment by writing, “Just kidding. Oil changes.” This is certainly an attention-grabbing sign, but we can’t say for sure this business is going to get the kind of attention they were hoping for!

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Always Spell-Check Your Signs

This Hardee’s is learning the importance of spell-checking their signs the hard way. We’re pretty sure they meant to advertise their $3 Angus wraps, but someone forgot to put the ‘g’ in Angus, which turned this sign into NSFW material. Of course, it’s equally possible that a passing customer reached up and took the ‘g’ down specifically so they could snap this photo. But it’s way more hilarious to imagine an employee simply forgetting the letter and leaving this glorious sign for us all to admire.

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No Pooping On The Rocks

When a sign literally says, “we can’t believe we had to make this sign,” you know there’s something hilarious happening. Most hikers and outdoor adventurers know there’s some common courtesy involved when using the bathroom outdoors. Generally, you should dig a hole, do your business, and cover it up. After all, no one wants to come across human waste while they’re trying to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Unfortunately, this hiking area had serious trouble with people pooping on the massive boulders, so they had to create this sign. We can’t believe they had to make this sign, either!

Photo Credit: 9gag.com

“F*ck It, Get A Bucket”

We can only imagine the KFC employees were completely out of inspiration when they needed to change the advertising on this sign. What do most people order when they head to KFC? A bucket! So, a tired and unimpressed employee probably thought to themselves, “f*ck it, get a bucket,” and simply put, “bucket” on the sign. It’s actually pretty hilarious. We imagine this sign probably grabbed the attention of most people walking by. The employee who came up with this beautiful sign deserves a raise!

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Cats Are Just Like Teenagers

Plenty of veterinary clinics have gotten on board with putting interesting and attention-grabbing messages on their signs. It’s a great way to attract new business and stay relevant in today’s meme-based world. Pet owners often consider themselves “pet parents,” and this vet clinic wanted to explore that concept a little further. The sign reads, “Dogs prepare you for babies. Cats prepare you for teenagers.” We feel like this is a strangely accurate depiction of the different temperaments between cats and dogs. What do you think?

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All You Need Is Love

Businesses rely on positive feedback from their customers to continue attracting new customers. Word of mouth is more important than ever with the ease of social media and sites dedicated to rating businesses like Yelp. This Dominos clearly understands the importance of getting some love from the community, which is why they wrote “like us,” on their sign. It seems like this sign is unfinished, and they probably meant to add their social media handle for customers to like and follow. Still, we kind of like the sign as is.

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Is That Legal?

Can you imagine going about your day, shopping for furniture, and coming across this sign? That’s exactly what happened to the person who snapped this photo! The sign’s wording is a bit awkward and reads, “Buy Bed Free 1 Night Stand.” Logically, we can assume the owners of this business intended to say that if you buy a bed from them, they’ll throw in a free nightstand, which actually sounds like a good deal! However, it comes across as sounding as if they’re advertising something else in the NSFW category, which definitely isn’t legal. It’s a pretty hilarious mistake and another example of the importance of proofing your signs before posting them!

Photo Credit: reddit.com

Get Your… What?

Okay, at first glance, it looks like this sign is utter gibberish. A CVS isn’t the type of place you’d expect to be advertising profanities, so this sign grabbed our attention right away. After staring at it for several minutes, we’re pretty sure we figured out what happened here. It appears someone switched around a couple of letters, and the sign was supposed to read, “Get your shingles shot today.” It’s honestly one of the funniest errors we’ve ever seen!

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Tequila Soup

Most people love finding authentic Mexican food near their homes. What would you think if you came across a Mexican restaurant with this sign? They wanted to let their customers know about the delicious food they have available, but it seems like there was a miscommunication. The sign reads, “Soup of the day. Tequila.” We can’t imagine they’re actually serving soup bowls full of tequila, but if they are, then the residents of this town have just discovered their new local party spot!

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Fun Facts

We love walking into a business and seeing signs posting fun facts, but it’s usually helpful for those fun facts to make sense. Someone wandered into this gas station looking for a drink and discovered this sign above the cooler. The sign says, “Did you know? Double cheeseburger.” It’d be helpful if there was some more context, but that would take away from the hilarity of it. Is the gas station selling cheeseburgers? That seems unlikely. Perhaps they just wanted to share their love of double cheeseburgers with their customers.

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Beware The Coyotes

Coyotes have become a serious problem in cities all around the US. Not only can they be dangerous, but they’re also nuisances that get into people’s trash and create an unclean environment. It’s common to come across signs warning people about the wildlife they may encounter while at a park, but this has to be one of the most unusual signs we’ve ever seen. It starts off like a normal sign, warning people about the dangers of coyotes, and ends with a hilarious list derived from old cartoons about things you should watch out for. The funniest line, in our opinion, is the warming to call animal control if you see a “coyote dropping anvil from hot air balloon.”

Photo Credit: twitter.com/mibhael_cera/

Please Give Us A Try

Taco Bell is one of the most popular fast-food restaurants in America. Plenty of hungover college students rely on Taco Bell just to get out of bed, so it’s unlikely the business felt insecure when they posted this message. Instead, they were probably just trying to entice their customers with something short, sweet, and to the point. The sign simply reads, “try,” and we have to admit that we’re curious! What did they want us to try? Maybe it’s time for a trip to Taco Bell!

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Proof Your Signs!

Perhaps it’s a little teenage immaturity left over, but most people who read this sign are going to giggle and share it with their friends. Most golf courses are strict places with lots of rules and regulations, and they certainly aren’t known for their sense of humor, so we doubt this misstep was intentional. Still, you can’t help but laugh when you read this sign and see the words, “Do not touch other players balls. Wash your hands after touching your own balls!” They probably should have said “golf balls.” But if they had, then we wouldn’t have this sign to laugh at!

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Monday’s Aren’t Blessed

Despite the US not having an official national religion, many people follow Christianity or a similar teaching. Lots of businesses post signs referencing God or saying something about blessing the US (especially if you live in the South!) and it’s generally considered a positive thing. However, this business decided that Mondays are only for the heathens. Their sign says, “GOD BLESS THE USA TUES TO SUN.” This clearly implies that Mondays are not blessed. Many workers that have a Monday-to Friday-schedule would probably agree with this sentiment!

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No More Solicitors

While door-to-door salespeople and religious solicitors aren’t as common today as they used to be, they still exist. No one wants to deal with the awkwardness of opening their door to find someone on the other side ready to excitedly deliver a sales pitch or religious sermon. The person who came up with this sign is honestly a genius! Everyone should stick one of these signs on their front doors. Charge the solicitors upfront and make a quick buck while they deliver their spiel! More than likely, people will see this sign and decide to go bother their neighbor instead.

Photo Credit: reddit.com

The End Of Humanity

This car wash wanted to let their customers know they were finally accepting credit cards, but they forgot to put the word “accepting” on their sign. This changed the meaning of their message significantly, and now it gives off an ominous vibe. The sign reads, “We are now credit cards,” which is pretty spooky. Are all humans credit cards now or is it just the people who work at this car wash? It’s impossible to say, but only those super interested in creepy sci-fi plots are going to be drawn to this car wash after reading their sign.

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This Must Be On Purpose

Talk about a sign filled with double meanings! PhotoExpress wanted their customers to get a preview of the type of work they’re capable of, but their sign comes off as pretty suspicious. The sign states, “We can shoot your wife & frame your mother-in-law if you want.” As if that weren’t attention-grabbing enough, the sign continues, “We can hang them too!” Now, the originality in this sign would probably be enough to get most people to stop and check them out, but it also comes across as a little sketchy. We applaud the attempt, but PhotoExpress might want to tone things down a bit.

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No Ice Cream, Just The Cone

If there is one thing McDonald’s is universally known for, it’s their ice cream machine breaking down. Seriously, are their ice cream machines ever working? There’s nothing better in the summer than a tasty frozen treat, but McDonald’s is very unreliable at serving their customers some actual ice cream. Apparently, they still have plenty of cones! So, the next time you go to your local Mcdonald’s, make sure you order a cone. Not an ice cream cone, though, just the cone.

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Irony At The Pharmacy

We can all appreciate the irony of this sign. Someone visited their local pharmacy and noticed a sign in the back that read, “This is a drug-free workplace.” The sign was probably referring to illicit substances and is posted as a reminder to employees to not come in under the influence of something, but it’s still pretty ironic to see a sign like that sitting right on top of a bunch of drugs. You can’t help but smirk at the irony while you pick up your drugs from this pharmacy.

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Very Strict Rules

It’s helpful to post a sign that details the rules of a place so customers and visitors know what to expect. However, the owners of this business clearly chose chaos on this day. Instead of posting anything that directed their customers or gave them an indication of the rules, they merely put the word “What” on this sign. We’re not really sure what they were trying to accomplish with this, but maybe that’s the point! They wanted to create a sense of disorientation to make their customers more susceptible to buying things. Or, more likely, it was a hilarious joke by one of the employees.

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The Truth Behind Windchimes

Have you ever wondered how windchimes are made? Apparently, there’s a pretty dark history behind these musical decorations! A sign posted in this shop reads, “Fun fact! Windchimes are made from the metallic bones of robots that tried to overthrow us. Hang them outside your house as a warning to others.” Of course, that’s not actually how windchimes are made, but it’s a pretty compelling sign. We almost want to run out and grab some whindchimes now to warn off any rebellious robots!

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An Eerie Warning

When you go to visit a local shop and check out the freezer section, you probably have an idea in your mind of what to expect. You might expect to see a broad section of delicious food and perhaps a wet-floor sign if one of the coolers is leaking. What you wouldn’t expect to see is a sign posted on the door of the cooler that says, “This freezer is out of control.” Why is the freezer out of control? Does this have something to do with robots trying to overthrow us? Maybe the people from the windchime store need to step in here and take back control of the freezer!

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The Fart Squirrels

It’s not unusual to see signs warning visitors about the wildlife they’re likely to encounter while visiting a local park. While it’s human nature to be curious, most of us know better than to approach a wild animal that could hurt us. Skunks may not seem like a particularly dangerous animal, but the stench they can unleash is brutal! That’s why this park decided to make a sign warning visitors not to pet the skunks, but instead of mentioning skunks, they call them “fart squirrels.” It sounds like a name that a young child would give to skunks, and we actually love it! From now on, all skunks will be referred to as fart squirrels.

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Good Ole’ Wendy’s

Wendy’s is known for posting hilarious signs on their restaurants, and they’re especially known for their crazy Twitter page! Seriously, if you haven’t read through some of the posts on Wendy’s Twitter, you need to. This restaurant knows how to grab your attention, and they’re masters at the art of subtlety. This Wendy’s wanted to get the attention of the locals and convince them to come in for a nice burger and fries. Instead of posting something witty and inspiring on their sign, they merely put the word “hey.” We have to admit, it definitely got out attention!

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Calling Out The Men

Public restrooms aren’t known for being the most comfortable place. They’re often dirty, and the weird gaps between the stall doors and the floors create a very limited sense of privacy. Someone went to use a public restroom and ran into this sign. Not only does the sign give very clear instructions about the way they expect customers to behave in this bathroom, but they also called out men with this zinger, “Gentlement. Stand closer it maybe shorter than you think.” Ouch!

Photo Credit: me.me

No More Ham!

Fast food places run out of certain ingredients all the time. It’s not unusual to pull up to the drive-thru and see a sign explaining they’re out of one thing or another. But there’s something funny about this sign that we can’t explain. Perhaps it’s the bad grammar or the fact that they felt the need to put the word “ham” in bold. Regardless, we feel for the employees working that day. Despite posting the sign, they probably still had a ton of customers asking for ham.

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Poor Sign Never Stood A Chance

This is what happens when people aren’t paying close enough attention. Here is a very clear sign warning people about low-flying aircraft, yet it was obviously hit by something going pretty fast. It would be kind of wild if it were actually hit by an aircraft because there’s no way this sign was more than 10ft tall, but it was definitely hit by something going quickly. The metal base of the sign was completely torn in half and the asphalt around the base cracked from the impact. People should probably just start avoiding this area entirely.

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Taking A Page From Slim Shady’s Book

Despite the fact that the song “Without Me” by Eminem was released in 2002, it’s still one of the most well-known rap/pop songs of this century. Almost everyone can recite the iconic song line-for-line, and it’s guaranteed to grab most people’s attention. This restaurant must be owned by people who understand the lure of pop culture because they took a page out of Slim Shady’s book for their advertising here. The sign reads, “Guess what’s back? Back again? Soup! Tell your friends.” The person who saw this sign snapped a picture and did share it with his friends, so consider this an example of successful advertising!

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The Greatest Puns

Everyone loves a good pun or two (or three!), and the owners of this bar clearly have a way with words. A great way to attract new customers is to do something that grabs their attention, makes them think, and makes them laugh. This sign definitely accomplishes all that! The sign says, “Alcohol is not in my Vodkabulary. However, I looked it up on Whiskeypedia and learned if you drink too much it is likely Tequilya!” Honestly, as much as we love this sign, it’s probably not a good idea to remind your customers that if they drink too much it’s going to give them a shorter lifespan.

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No More Meet

Most people go to Taco Bell for some quick and delicious food, but others go to meet up with friends. Well, you probably can’t do either of those things at this Taco Bell anymore because the sign says “Closed. We’re out of meet.” They probably meant to say they’re out of “meat,” but perhaps they also meant that they’re done with hosting meet-ups for the day. We can’t blame you Taco Bell. Considering their customer base is mostly hung-over and stoned college kids, we understand they need a break every now and again.

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There Are No Good Options Here

We all know how uncomfortable driving on the highway behind big vehicles can be. Not only is there the issue of them maintaining a good speed, but there’s also the fear of something flying out of the back of them or a tire blowing out right in front of you. Most of the time, people will pass vehicles like this when given the chance, but there are no good options for the person who took this picture. They’re stuck behind one vehicle that says, “Do not follow,” while the vehicle in the other lane instructs them to keep left. In this situation, all you can do is hope nothing goes wrong and take your exit as soon as possible!

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Please Finish This Sign

We’ve seen several signs on this list that aren’t completed or weren’t probably proofread, and this has to be one of the most hilarious examples of these issues we’ve ever seen! A White Castle was probably trying to advertise their Sloppy Joe because, at only $0.99, it’s a pretty good deal. Unfortunately, someone did not have time to add the word “Joe” to this sign, which leaves the impression that they’re offering something else for 99 cents. Please finish this sign, White Castle!

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We Need The Full Story

Most escalators post signs explaining what isn’t allowed. Usually, the sign will explain not to mess with the sliding hand bars and to not run up the stairs, but some businesses decide to go into more detail. This escalator comes with a sign mentioning all the things you shouldn’t do on the escalator, like bring a pushchair or heavy luggage. However, it also specifically forbids competitive dog grooming. This could just be a silly joke to get people’s attention, but we really feel like there’s a story behind this. Please give us the full story!

Photo Credit: reddit.com

Does Everyone Get A Watermelon?

Plenty of companies offer incentives if you apply for their credit cad, but this has to be the first time we’ve seen a free watermelon offered to entice customers! Now, we have a few questions about this whole situation. Are you given a watermelon even if you aren’t approved for the card? Is the person who does your application watching over these watermelons and only handing them out to people who apply? We’d love to know, but you’re probably better off just buying a watermelon. A credit card company must be pretty desperate to offer free fruit to those that apply!

Photo Credit: facebook.com

Maybe It Should Be Every Night

If you’ve been keeping up with the chatter in parenting groups online, then you probably know that most parents are concerned our schools are going downhill. There are big concerns about curriculums, teaching to the tests, and so much more. This local elementary school apparently wants to help its students become more literate, so they decided to hold a literacy night. Unfortunately, they spelled the word literacy very, very wrong. Perhaps they should hold a literacy night every night for the foreseeable future.

Photo Credit: facebook.com

The Most Beautiful Poem

Have you ever wanted to be romanced by your favorite restaurant? This Sonic wanted to deliver a beautiful poem to their customers, but they put an unexpected twist on it. The sign reads, “Roses are red. So is ketchup. Have a corndog.” We can’t help but laugh at the bluntness of this sign. It’s definitely attention-grabbing, and we think most people who read this sign will feel strangely compelled to get a corndog.

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How To Guilt Trip Your Customers

We all know how powerful a guilt trip can be, especially if it involves parents. Parents themselves are often masters of the guilt trip and have the unique ability to get you to do things you don’t want to do with just a few words. This restaurant in Texas is giving all businesses a lesson in guilt-tripping their customers with this hilarious tongue-in-cheek sign. The sign says, “Treat your mom to a margarita. You’re probably the reason she drinks.” That’s bound to stir up some guilt and some business for this restaurant!

Photo Credit: reddit.com

Whoop, Whoop!

Businesses need to rally their customers to get excited about the products they’re offering. Some do it by offering free goodies, while others try using clever marketing tactics like this sign to attract more customers. This business clearly wants its customers to feel like their restaurant is a place to come in and have a good time. Their sign reads, “Whoop, whoop. Get some soup!” You have to laugh at the sign and then go in and get some soup!

Photo Credit: reddit.com

Finally, Someone Said It

There have been so many accidents caused because of people keeping their eyes glued to their smartphones while crossing the street. If this has become one of your personal pet peeves, then you’re going to love this sign! Finally, someone said what we’ve all been thinking. This town posted a sign that says, “Beware of smartphone zombies,” and we’re here for it. Put down your phone when you’re crossing the street! It’ll only take you a second and it can prevent a serious accident.

Photo Credit: facebook.com

Important Notice

It’s very helpful when restaurants advertise the things they have available, especially when they’re putting out a new item. Most restaurants don’t bother advertising things they’ve had available for years, but Wendy’s isn’t like most restaurants. This particular Wendy’s decided to reassure their customers that a favored dish was available by posting this sign, which reads, “We do got fish.” Thanks, Wendy’s! We bet they got a ton of orders for fish sandwiches that day.

Photo Credit: facebook.com

Don’t Trust Google Translate

Plenty of tourist areas in the world have taken to posting their signs in the local language and the language most common to their largest tourist groups. However, you should probably use a human translator when you decide to translate your signs, otherwise you get signs like this. Some of the signs in this photo say very odd things like, “Try the strange juice” and “Avoid rude and unreasonable chicken.” We’re not sure what the signs were trying to say, and it’s probably not going to be as helpful to tourists as these businesses were hoping. Always use a human translator!

Photo Credit: facebook.com

This Sign Is Not For Gutter-Minds

When you first read this sign, you’re probably going to read it as something that’s NSFW. It seems pretty blatant, and you might be wondering if this picture is photoshopped, but it’s a real sign with a much more innocent meaning. This Dairy Queen was trying to encourage children to keep whining until their father stops and gets them Dairy Queen. However, this photo quickly garnered a ton of online attention due to the (probably unintended) double entendre. Always proofread your signs!

Photo Credit: facebook.com

No More 420

If you didn’t know the backstory behind this sign, then you wouldn’t understand the depths of its hilarity. Along interstate 70 in Colorado is a mile marker that reads, “419.99.” The mile marker used to be “420,” but the government was forced to change the sign after it continued getting stolen. This sounds like something that would only happen in Colorado or maybe California. It’s pretty hilarious that the government couldn’t stop people from stealing that sign and had to resort to this instead!

Photo Credit: facebook.com

Don’t Trust The Seagulls

Most restaurants around the beach will warn customers about seagulls. These little marine birds may seem cute and innocent, but they’re actually smart and devious creatures out to get your food! The next time you see a sign like this, just know that the owners of that business really have had to deal with customers trying to get refunds because seagulls stole their customers’ food. Unfortunately, the restaurants aren’t responsible for what the seagulls do. So do yourself a favor and never trust the seagulls!

Photo Credit: facebook.com

No Mirror, Just Affirmations

Public restrooms can be hard to keep up with, especially in certain areas. People will come in and trash the place, especially if it’s a 24-hour gas station in a dangerous area. Many gas stations have taken the mirrors out of their bathrooms because they’re tired of having to replace them, but they usually don’t put anything in its place. But this gas station wanted to make sure their customers left feeling good about themselves, so they put an affirmation in place of the mirror. It says, “You look fine.”

Photo Credit: reddit.com

The Ultimate Chicken Trip

Most restaurants wouldn’t compare their food to a psychedelic trip, but this business wanted to ensure its customers knew exactly what they were in for! Their sign is simple and to the point. The sign says, “LSD,” which gives a very specific message to the local community. If you’re looking for the best chicken trip of your life, make sure you stop here! Otherwise, keep on driving, because their chicken will take you out of this world.

Photo Credit: facebook.com

Tacos Or No Tacos, That Is The Question

This is the perfect example of taking advantage of your business’s location. This sign is right on the corner of an intersection, and it gives you two very clear choices. To the right, there are tacos. If you turn left, then no tacos for you! Of course, anyone turning right here will be directly in the path of the tacos, so they might as well stop and grab some. Plus, the tacos are located on a one-way street, which means everyone who drives down must go past the delicious tacos. Might as well stop and grab one!

Photo Credit: facebook.com

The Forgotten Side

Most businesses know one side of their sign will get more attention than the other, so they heavily focus on the side that receives the most traffic. The other side is often forgotten about and left empty. However, this A&W decided they might as well grab the attention of those who happen to glance at the forgotten side, and they certainly managed to capture our interest! The sign reads, “No one ever reads this side. Lol. Free wifi.” Well, we read this side, A&W, and we applaud your creativity!

Photo Credit: facebook.com

They’re Charging Ghosts

We’re going to wrap up this list with a healthy dose of audacity. This warning sign is letting everyone know not to touch the live wires because doing so will result in instant death. However, the sign also makes sure to mention that there is a $200 fine for touching the wires. Even in death, you can’t outrun your fines from the Newcastle Tramway Authority! You better not touch those wires.