Start searching for gift options online. Credit: Shutterstock

December 2nd

Many people begin putting up their Christmas tree and decorations immediately after Thanksgiving, or the first week of December. So if you haven’t already done so, bring down that artificial tree from the attic, and start trimming the tree with ornaments. Or, if you prefer to have a live Christmas tree, you might want to schedule a day to cut it down. Pick a weekend where your kids can help, too. They will be excited to help you put the ornaments on the tree, and relive the memories from years gone by.

Trim the tree with your little ones. Credit: Shutterstock

This might also be a good time to go through your gift list. Nowadays, it’s easy to create and categorize Amazon Wish Lists for everyone in your family. They also have a great section called Gift Finder that can help inspire you with ideas from the hottest trends. Amazon even has every item from Oprah’s Favorite Things ready to buy at your fingertips. Throughout the course of December, you can add items to the list for each person as soon as you hear them drop a hint, or immediately after your kids write their letter to Santa. Then, it should be as easy as adding the items to your cart and wait two days for the delivery truck to arrive. (Isn’t modern technology a lifesaver?)