Horrifying Images of People Who Ruined Priceless Vintage Furniture

Shannon Quinn - December 12, 2022
A fully restored Brasilia II Petite Buffet Table. Credit: BoredPanda

Restored Brasilia II Petite Buffet Table

The original post said, “I Don’t Know If I Can Top This One! Fully Restored Brasilia II Petite Buffet.” After a quick online search, I found the matching Broyhill Brasilia sideboard selling on Atomic Furnishings for $500. On places like 1st Dibs, larger pieces from this collection sold for around $1,800. So I would put this piece in the ballpark of $1,000-$1,500. (via Atomic Furnishings)

A before-and-after restoration of a vintage cedar chest. Credit: BoredPanda

Antique Cedar Hope Chest Restored

The original post said, “Restored This Beauty To Original Glory. $20 Goodwill Cedar Chest Returned From Crackled Paint Torture”. After a search online, I see that vintage cedar chests go from $500 to $1,000. If you look on eBay or Facebook Marketplace, you might get a damaged piece in the ballpark of $200. But to find this at Goodwill for just $20 is seriously a steal. (via eBay)