Incredible Uses of Pool Noodles You Never Knew Existed

Chuvic - April 30, 2023

Pool noodles are a staple of summertime fun, often used for floating in the pool or playing water games. However, these colorful foam tubes can be used for so much more than just poolside activities. From DIY home decor to creative party decorations, pool noodles can be transformed into all sorts of fun and useful items. Let’s explore some of the most creative and unexpected uses for pool noodles that you may have never thought of before.

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Make a Floating Party Tray

As the summer sun starts to heat up! And with this fun and easy hack, you can add a unique touch to your next poolside shindig. All you need are some pool noodles, plastic containers, and string. Cut the pool noodle into pieces that are the same length as the container, then secure them to the sides with string. Now you have a floating party tray that will keep your drinks and snacks within arm’s reach as you enjoy the water. Plus, you can easily disassemble the tray and reuse the pool noodles for another creative project.

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Make A Wreath for Any Occasions

Looking for a fun and creative way to decorate your front door for any occasion? Why not try making a wreath using a pool noodle! With just one pool noodle, you can create a base for a wreath by coiling or looping it, and then covering it with your choice of fabric. Get creative and add flowers, bows, or other decorations to suit the occasion. This is a great activity to do with kids and you can even turn it into a DIY wreath-making competition.

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Life-Size Blobby from Hotel Transylvania

Looking for a fun and unique way to spruce up your Halloween decor this year? Try this creative pool noodle hack to make a life-size Blobby from Hotel Transylvania! Simply grab some lime green pool noodles and follow the instructions to bring this lovable character to life. Whether you’re a fan of the movie or just looking for an eye-catching and fun addition to your Halloween display, this DIY project is sure to impress.

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Crib Bumper

If you’re worried about your little one bumping their head on the hard, wooden sides of their crib, this hack would be perfect for you. You can create a soft and protective bumper for your baby’s crib using pool noodles. Simply cut a pool noodle in half and slide it underneath the crib sheet along the inside of the crib railing to provide a cushioned barrier. This DIY bumper is a cost-effective and simple solution to ensure your baby’s safety while they sleep or play in their crib. It’s easy to remove and clean, making it a practical addition to any nursery.

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Customized Chairs for Optimum Comfort

Enjoy your summer days by relaxing on your porch or backyard. However, before you bask under the sun’s rays for extended hours, be sure to prepare drinks, a towel, and ice chips for keeping cool. Take your comfort to the next level by adding cushioning to those armrests. With equal lengths of pool noodles, cut along one side of each and place them over the chair’s armrests. Choose a color that complements your lawn chair or bathing suit, whichever is your preference.

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DIY Birch Logs

Looking for a fun and creative way to add some winter charm to your home decor? Try this simple and charming hack using foam pool noodles! By transforming these ordinary pool toys into realistic-looking birch logs, you can create an eye-catching centerpiece that’s perfect for the winter season. Simply cover the noodles with paper and paint to create a faux bark effect that looks just like the real thing. These DIY birch logs are easy to make and can add a cozy, rustic touch to any room in your house.

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Trampoline Spring Cover

To ensure your children’s safety while bouncing and having fun on a trampoline, cover the springs and edges with pool noodles. This easy hack can make a big difference in preventing accidents and injuries. The pool noodles provide a cushioned barrier that protects your children from hitting the hard metal springs or falling off the edge. Plus, they’re easy to install and remove as needed. With this simple solution, you can have peace of mind knowing that your children can safely enjoy their trampoline without any unnecessary risks.

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Protect Your Car From Hail

Hail can cause serious damage to your car, but not everyone has access to a garage to protect their vehicle. That’s why this simple DIY project can come in handy. All you need are pool noodles and some string. Start by using full-length pool tubes to cover the length of your car, fastening them together to form a raft. Place the raft on top of your car’s roof and use weights to keep the edges steady. If you’re expecting severe storms, it’s best to tie the pool raft to the tire rims for extra security. Once you’ve completed this project, store it in your trunk so you’re always prepared to protect your car from hail.

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Protect Your Ladder and Gutters with Pool Noodles

Clibing a ladder propped against the gutter may be a scary thought. The ladder can be unsteady and there’s the risk of damaging your gutter in the process. So, what’s the solution? Adding a bit of padding at the point of contact where the ladder and gutter meet. Cut a full-length pool noodle in half, make a side cut (for each noodle), and slip them onto the ladder legs. The cushion will keep your gutters safe from scratches and your ladder steady. For extra padding, attach a section of the noodle to the top rung for your knees to rest on.

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The Noodle Forest

A forest of suspended pool noodles creates a one-of-a-kind sensory experience that’s both immersive and engaging. Kids will love navigating through the textural maze of noodles, and the colorful and playful design is sure to inspire some giggles along the way. This is an innovative and fun way to create an immersive environment for any event or occasion. This pool noodle hack will surely add a new level of excitement and sensory immersion to your next party!

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Extended Funnel

Pool noodles can be repurposed as funnels, making them an excellent alternative for filling buckets with water. With their tubular design, they are ideal for directing water from a faucet into a bucket. Family Handyman recommends using pool noodles for this purpose, eliminating the need to carry buckets back and forth. To create a pool noodle funnel, dip one end into the bucket and attach the other end to the faucet. Once secured, open the faucet and let the water flow into the bucket.

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Weather-Proof Garland

Looking for a unique and adorable garland that will add some flair to any treehouse or home decor? With just a few simple materials, including pool noodles and a big needle, you can create a beautiful garland that looks just like colorful flowers strung together. Simply cut slices of the pool noodle using a bread knife and thread them together with string. One noodle can create up to 25 feet of garland, and using different colors can add an extra pop to your project. The best part is, this DIY garland is easy to make and is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

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Build Your Own Pool Spikeball

Playing a game of Spikeball can be a lot of fun, but have you ever considered playing it in the pool? With some simple customization, you can create a floating platform for your Spikeball set using pool noodles, rope, and a cord lock. Simply carve out spaces for foot holes and secure everything in place with rope. Add the weight bag that comes with the Spikeball set to keep the net from drifting underwater. Now you’re ready to have some competitive fun while splashing around in the pool.

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Cushion Your RV Awning

Install an RV awning that allows you to enjoy the great outdoors while sipping coffee and relaxing in the shade. But don’t forget to cushion those metal bars to prevent head injuries. Here are two options: you can slip the entire pool noodle over the bar and connect the RV awning to the base of support, or you can cut along one side of a pool noodle and nudge it over the metal bars. Remove or adjust the cushion as needed for ultimate comfort while lounging under your awning.

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Building Fine Motor Skills with a Poking Bin

Pool Noodles can be a great way to help your child develop their fine motor skills. With just a few pool noodles and some glue, you can easily create a Poking Bin! All you have to do is cut up the pool noodles into different shapes and sizes, then have your little one poke them into a container or other lid. Not only is it fun, but it also helps children practice fine motor skills like gripping small objects, grasping gently and maneuvering around tight spaces.

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Make a Colorful Headboard

If you have kids who love to jump on the bed, safety is a top priority. This easy DIY headboard can help minimize the risk of falls and injuries. All you need is a piece of plywood the same length as the head of the bed, a few pool noodles, and some glue or screws. Cut the pool noodles to the same length as the plywood and attach them securely with glue or screws. You can cover the noodles with cotton material to add extra cushioning, or leave them bare for easy replacement. Once the headboard is finished, attach it to your kids’ bed using lightweight hardware. With this simple hack, you can provide added safety and comfort for your little ones.

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Organize Cables Around Your Desk

Keeping cables organized is essential for a tidy workspace, especially when you have limited space. With this simple hack, you can easily store your cables out of sight and out of mind. First, carefully untangle each cable and separate them by type. Then, take a pool noodle and cut it vertically on one side. Slide the cables neatly into the noodle and let it hang down the side or back of your desk, opposite your legs. This not only keeps the cables in place but also provides insulation from heat and spills. Take the time to organize your cables with this hack and enjoy a cleaner, more efficient workspace.

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Make Your Custom Accessory Holder

If you’re running out of desk space due to a collection of hair accessories, here’s a creative solution: make a headband and hairpin holder out of a pool noodle. This DIY project is simple and customizable. Start by cutting the pool noodle into equal lengths, then cover them with a cloth that matches your style. Sew on handles to the ends, and you’ll have a stylish and functional holder for your accessories. Hang it up behind your door or by the side of your bed, and you’ll have easy access to all your headbands, brooches, and hairpins.

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DIY Pool Toy Like A Floating Ring Or Raft

Want to create your own floating pool toy without breaking the bank? Cut and shape a pool noodle into a floating ring or raft. It’s the perfect DIY project for a hot summer day and is sure to impress your friends and family. Using a sharp knife or scissors, carefully shape the noodle into a circle or rectangle. Next, use waterproof glue or duct tape to attach the ends of the noodle together. You can add additional pool noodles or decorations to your creation for extra flair. Once the glue is dry, your pool noodle floating ring or raft is ready to hit the water!

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Craft a Pirate Raft from Pool Noodles

One creative individual ingeniously fashioned a raft from just a couple of pool noodles. The result was an awe-inspiring creation complete with a mast to navigate the pool and shield from the sun’s rays. Take inspiration from this pirate-themed raft and realize you don’t have to spend a lot of money on inflatables like flamingos and hammocks. Opt to create your pirate ship instead or disassemble the pool noodles for some good old-fashioned pool play. Don’t let excuses hold you back from having fun and exercising in the pool.

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Instant Water Sprinkler

Expensive sprinkler systems can be replaced with a DIY alternative at a bargain price. Using pool noodles, a pristine lawn is achievable without breaking the bank. Poke several holes into the length of the noodle and cover one end with plastic, creating a seal with elastic rubber. Lay the noodle on the lawn and attach the free end to a water hose with pressurized water. The water will hiss through the noodle and onto the lawn. This fun and easy project can be enjoyed with the family during the summer season.

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Support Your Flashlight for Focus

For optimum lighting when working on a project, bright light sources are essential. Whilst having an assistant to hold the light for you would be ideal, it’s not always necessary. Why not use pool noodles instead to focus the light exactly where you need it? Simply cut the pool noodle to your desired length, wedge your flashlight in, and voila – a reliable work light holder at your fingertips. Prop this holder in the corner with your materials, string it up if necessary, and immerse yourself in the task at hand. Once finished, clean up with a rag, remove the light source from the holder, and store all your items.

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Train Your Future Baseball Star with Pool Noodles

Whether you’re looking to spend quality time with your kids or want to train them to become the next Babe Ruth, you can create a makeshift batting tee using pool noodles. With a full-length pool tube, you can adjust the height to your child’s age by cutting it to the desired length. This inexpensive and lightweight tee is portable and can be taken to any family outing, be it in the yard or on the beach. With this tee, your child can practice their swing and improve their batting skills.

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Create an Underwater Scene

Planning an ocean-themed party? Why not try this creative pool noodle hack to create easy and eye-catching decorations that will transport your guests “under the sea”! All you need are some brightly colored pool noodles and a few simple supplies to make fun and festive coral reef decorations. Simply bend the pool noodles into a wave-like shape and attach them to a secure base. Add a few additional embellishments like sea creatures or glitter for some extra flair!

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Use As A Doorstop

This hack is a simple solution to keep your doors from slamming shut. Simply cut a pool noodle into a doorstop and say goodbye to unnecessary noise and frustration. Place the pool noodle on the side and position it against the door. The pool noodle will prevent the door from slamming shut, and can easily be moved or removed when not in use. Plus, with the variety of colors available, you can easily match them to your home decor.

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Keep Your Child From Falling Off the Bed

Ensure your child’s safety during bedtime by setting up these easy-to-make bed logs. These are especially useful for preschoolers who are starting to get in and out of bed independently. By installing bed logs, you can give your child a sense of independence while still keeping them safe. To make the bed logs, simply use one or two pool noodles and tape them onto the mattress before covering them with the bedsheet. This will provide comfort and safety for your child while they sleep. You could even place a teddy bear beside them for added comfort. Sleep tight, little ones!

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Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with a Pool Noodle

Many of us find ourselves working on desktops for long hours, leading to wrist pain from typing on keyboards, emailing, and encoding data. Sometimes, 15-minute breaks just don’t cut it. It’s important to type with your wrists elevated. But for those struggling to maintain that position, there’s a simple cheat to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. Use pool noodles as wrist support or palm rests. While they should only be used for brief periods of time, some of us may benefit from using them. Make sure to rest the palms of your hands on them, and alleviate your wrist pain for good.

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Organize Quilting and Sewing Stuff

Learning to sew or quilt is a great way to pass the time, and spending half an hour listening to Grandma or organizing her quilting supplies is a perfect start. To make a pincushion, cut about six inches of a pool noodle and wind spare cloth around its length. Grandma is sure to be pleased and may even reward you with a cookie! We recommend using a light-colored pool noodle to make it easier to find your pins. You can also insert your scissors inside the noodle for quick access. When finished with your project, simply store it away with your other sewing supplies in your sewing kit.

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Prevent Getting Blisters When Mowing

We had mowed the lawn numerous times, yet we never thought of the simple solution of a handle guard for our lawnmower. It would have made it so much easier to grip and push the mower while cutting the lawn. Luckily, we discovered a clever hack using pool noodles that eliminates blisters. All you need to do is cut along one side of the pool noodle and slip it over the edge of the lawnmower’s handles. Secure the edges with some tape, and you’re ready to mow. Pool noodles are resistant to water and sweat, so there’s no need to worry about grime buildup.

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Make Your Own Cake Pop Stand

Have extra time and want to treat the family? Let’s make cake pops! Mix up homemade cake and frosting, roll into balls, and dip them in chocolate or frosting. Then stick each one down the length of a pool noodle. After an hour, these treats will be dry and ready for all sorts of decorations. Sprinkle, sprinkle away until you’re satisfied with the results – guaranteed to be eye-popping! Crafting your own cake pop stand doesn’t have to be difficult with the help of pool noodles.

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Paintbrush Holder

If you’re a painter or artist, you know the struggle of storing different paintbrushes without the colors mixing. But there’s a solution! Instead of traditional storage options, consider using pool noodles like the ones in the picture below. Not only will this keep the bristles from touching, but it will also prevent excess paint from leaking off the bristles and onto your workspace. Simply let the paint drip onto a container below and allow your brushes to air dry in the organizer. With this handy tool, you can focus on honing your skills and becoming the next Monet.

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Secure Drawer Items

Keeping your cutlery organized can be a challenge, especially when it’s constantly shifting around inside your drawers. But with this simple hack, you can keep your utensils neatly arranged and in place. Instead of using screws and nuts to secure your cutlery organizers, try using a clean pool noodle. Measure the length of the drawer and subtract the length of the organizer, then cut the pool noodle to fit. Place it behind the tray and check to make sure it stays securely in place. You can also use pool noodles as drawer organizers themselves – simply cut them to the desired length and use them to separate different items.

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Teach Fractions the Fun Way

Fractions can be tricky for kids to understand, but pool noodles provide a great opportunity for fun and learning. Divide up a single noodle into fourths or eighths and use various colors to make it more engaging. You can challenge your school-aged child to measure out different parts of the pool noodle and then identify each fraction in relation to the whole. Turn this educational game into a creative activity by having them help you create other hacks with the pool noodles! Learning fractions has never been so much fun!

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Protect Your Car from Scrapes

Have you ever opened your car door only to hit the wall? Prevent those annoying dings by using a pool noodle as a makeshift wall protector. Simply cut the pool noodle in half and attach it to your garage wall for instant protection. Additionally, you can attach a piece of a pool noodle to your car door by sliding it over the edge of the door. The pool noodle will cushion any accidental bumps and prevent damage to your car.

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Organize Fishing Hooks and other Sharp Objects

Are you looking for a way to store small sharp objects? Fishing hooks, tacks, and other sharp items can quickly become lost or disorganized in drawers and cabinets. A great option is to use a pool noodle. Cut the noodle lengthwise in half and place each half over a rod or bar. Then use a regular kitchen knife to create pockets along the sides of the noodles that are deep enough for your small, sharp items to fit securely. Now all of your hooks, tacks, nails, and other sharp objects are easily organized and stored in an effective way.

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Secure Pool Cues and Rods

This pool noodle hack is perfect for those who need to secure their rods or pool cues and move around often. All you need is a pair of pool noodles and a sharp razor. Cut the noodle horizontally and create space for the item you want to insert. Secure the noodle to the wall with glue or screws and label your items using different colored noodles for organization. Simply lay the item against the floor and wedge it into the noodle’s indentations. However, this hack should only be used for light-bodied items, as the pool noodle may not be strong enough for heavier objects. Make sure to securely fasten the noodle to the wall to prevent any accidents from happening.

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Protect Your Pup with a DIY Dog Cone

Sometimes our beloved pets get into trouble and end up with cuts or wounds. But how do you keep them from licking or scratching at the injury? This DIY hack for a homemade dog cone made from a pool noodle is a great solution. Cost-effective and non-threatening to your furry friend, cut a string to fit around your dog’s neck (with some extra length). At even intervals, tie cut-up pieces of pool noodles around the string and secure each piece with a knot.

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Make DIY Lightsabers

What better way to spend a summer afternoon than creating your very own versions of Star Wars Lightsabers? Pool noodles are the perfect materials for these classic sci-fi weapons, and kids of all ages will love them. Simply decorate the edge of the pool noodle with tape, markers, and other craft supplies. Then, take on the Dark Sith Lord. Have your little ones choose sides with their favorite characters from the Rebel Alliance, Jedi Vectors, or Third Horizon. This is an enjoyable activity for any Star Wars fan – unleash your inner galactic geek and have some fun!

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Build Your Kids a Clubhouse

You don’t have to hammer together pieces of wood to make a backyard clubhouse. Instead, you can use cloth in your favorite color, support poles, pool noodles, and duct tape to construct it. With the help of some sentries, you can build a fort, castle, or even a mini-kitchen space for a budding chef. To start, create the base of your castle by taping together pool noodles around support beams to form the corners. Repeat this for all bottom and top corners, then drape the cloth over your DIY playhouse.

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Outdoor Bowling Game

Ready to take your backyard game to the next level? Try this fun and unique pool noodle hack to create an outdoor bowling alley that everyone will enjoy! All you need is a few coke bottles, some pool noodles, and a yoga mat, and you’re ready to start playing. Simply cut the pool noodles into smaller pieces and slide them over the coke bottles to create the pins. Then, lay out the yoga mat to use as your bowling alley lane. Set up your pins, grab your ball, and let the fun begin!

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Teach Kids How To Read

Looking for a fun and engaging way to teach kids how to blend sounds and improve their reading skills? You can help young kids read using a pool noodle, a marker and a bin. After writing the letters on the pool noodle, cut them out with scissors to separate each letter. Once the letters are cut out, create a small slit on the opposite side of the letter so that it can be easily stuck to the side of a box. Kids can then practice blending sounds and forming words by sliding the different letter noodles together. This simple yet effective pool noodle hack is a great way to make learning fun and interactive for kids.

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Protect Your Car with a Makeshift Bumper

Cars are great assets, but maintaining them is essential. Scratches and dents on the bumper can ruin the car’s appearance. To keep it looking new, place pool noodles on the bumper. This is where scratches and dents usually occur. Get three or four pool noodles of the same length and color. Tie them with zip ties or string and attach them to the back of your car. You can use brightly colored pool noodles not only to protect your car but also as a clear indicator for new or accident-prone drivers. Keeping your car looking its best has never been easier!

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Use for Indoor Hydroponic Gardening

Have you heard of hydroponics? It’s a soilless way of growing plants using alternative substrates like sand, gravel, sawdust, coconut fiber or even pool noodles. If you’re interested in indoor gardening without the added mess, hydroponics is a sustainable alternative to regular soil. While growing seedlings in pool tubes may be a bit tricky, once successful, they can provide a sturdy foundation for healthy plants. Reddit user Merraleem suggests starting with soil-based germination and then transferring the rooted seedlings into a tray of water before planting them in dish bins. How cool is that?

To wrap it all up, pool noodles are a versatile and affordable item that can be used for so much more than just pool activities. From creative home decor to fun backyard games and interactive learning tools, pool noodles can be repurposed in countless ways to enhance your daily life. So next time you see a stack of pool noodles at the store, don’t hesitate to grab grab some for your next DIY project. The possibilities are endless!