Interior Design Ideas Inspired by Celebrity Homes

By Trista
Interior Design Ideas Inspired by Celebrity Homes

Celebrities have the homes we dream of — the ones we see on every interior magazine’s front page. What might be even more amazing then their epic taste in interior design is the fact that we can recreate the themes in our very own homes. From old Hollywood style to the more minimalist look favored in the 2000s, there is a celebrity home to inspire your own design choices. Which one will you pick? Is actor-slash-comedian Will Ferrell your design twin, with a pop of personality? Maybe you prefer the welcoming courtyard and luxurious living that belongs to Jennifer Anniston. Wait until you see how easy it is to have a statement piece like Samuel L. Jackson’s rug or Leonardo DiCaprio’s oasis. Let the fun and designing begin!

Create a room inspired by an era such as old Hollywood to bring a touch of elegance to the room. Shutterstock.

Old Hollywood Glamor

Let’s start with the classic and old Hollywood glamor look. The look isn’t necessarily inspired by a celebrity home in particular but by Hollywood stars themselves. This interior design includes Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. 

Why not start with a glamorous drinks cabinet? This design was an essential part of any old Hollywood star’s home, and you need one as well. Go for glass, gold, or an intricate wood design that feels antique-like.