Interior Design Ideas Inspired by Celebrity Homes

Trista - September 11, 2020

Celebrities have the homes we dream of — the ones we see on every interior magazine’s front page. What might be even more amazing then their epic taste in interior design is the fact that we can recreate the themes in our very own homes. From old Hollywood style to the more minimalist look favored in the 2000s, there is a celebrity home to inspire your own design choices. Which one will you pick? Is actor-slash-comedian Will Ferrell your design twin, with a pop of personality? Maybe you prefer the welcoming courtyard and luxurious living that belongs to Jennifer Anniston. Wait until you see how easy it is to have a statement piece like Samuel L. Jackson’s rug or Leonardo DiCaprio’s oasis. Let the fun and designing begin!

Create a room inspired by an era such as old Hollywood to bring a touch of elegance to the room. Shutterstock.

Old Hollywood Glamor

Let’s start with the classic and old Hollywood glamor look. The look isn’t necessarily inspired by a celebrity home in particular but by Hollywood stars themselves. This interior design includes Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. 

Why not start with a glamorous drinks cabinet? This design was an essential part of any old Hollywood star’s home, and you need one as well. Go for glass, gold, or an intricate wood design that feels antique-like. 

Use a drinks cabinet as a piece of functional and beautiful furniture in your old Hollywood inspired home. Shutterstock.

A Centerpiece For Your Room 

A drinks cabinet can become a beautiful centerpiece of a room that draws attention. If you don’t have much storage in a place, this item can also be a functional piece rather than a decorative piece. 

You don’t just have to fill it with beautiful bottles and drinks, but you can also place photographs in or on the cabinet, you could place beautiful books or even some fun games that you want to play when entertaining your guests. 

By adding a touch of texture in the form of velvet, your room will be elevated to the next level of luxury. Shutterstock.

The Luxury Of Velvet

Nothing says old Hollywood luxury quite like beautiful velvet furniture. Bring this form of elegance into your home by swapping out some chairs. Bring in some color in the form of emeralds, maroons, and creams. 

Velvet is a beautiful texture that helps to add depth to a room that needs something extra. If you can’t afford to buy new chairs, order some velvet cushions to do the same thing in your updated interior space. 

Illuminate your room with the ultimate touch of old Hollywood glamor by adding a chandelier to your ceiling. Shutterstock.

Finish The Look with a Chandelier

To finish off your old Hollywood inspired decor, you have to have a chandelier. This interior design is the definition of glamor, and the room won’t be complete without one. Find one that suits your style but connects with the element of old Hollywood. 

Glass and crystal help a room shine, and when the light is switched on, it creates a beautiful pattern on the ceiling, which becomes a kind of artwork in itself. You can find beautiful chandeliers on sale in antique stores or buy a new one online. 

We all love Jennifer and her classic style; she loves to use tones and textures to bring luxury to her home. Shutterstock.

Jennifer Anniston’s Living Room

Let’s find out more about how celebrities have their living rooms designed! This room is where they come back to relax after a long day on set or after a private jet trip. If you want to live in luxury, this is how to do your interior design.

Jennifer Anniston’s living room is all made up of luxurious and intimate design details. She loves different fabrics and textures to make a place feel interesting. The actress also has a pond just outside the room, which makes it seem exotic and expensive. 

Placing a water feature in a courtyard area will make it beautiful to look at and create a relaxing white noise sound. Shutterstock.

Filling Out Your Courtyard

If you have a courtyard area close to your living area, or any room for that matter, you should design it to have a beautiful space to look out to instead of just a waste of space. 

Adding a water feature to look at will make the indoor space feel relaxing and luxurious. The sound of water is beautiful to listen to, and it adds a small and relatively cost-effective touch of A-List interior decor design. 

Get cozy with Patrick Dempsey’s style in your living area that brings wood logs for a style feature. Shutterstock.

Patrick Dempsey’s Home

Patrick Dempsey will forever be our Grey’s Anatomy heartthrob, and since we can’t date him in real life and snuggle up with him in front of a fire, we may as well decorate our homes to look like his to feel connected in some way! 

His home in Malibu is all about feeling cozy. His style in his living room is country chic, and you can get this look too. Instead of stacking your shelves with books and pictures, create these beautiful piles of logs. 

Country chic is the way to go, and with stacking wood logs, you won’t need to spend much on this feature wall. Shutterstock.

Wood Accents For Warmth

The log wall brings warmth to the area and doesn’t require a celebrity budget to do it. You can further complement this space by bringing in soft textures in the furniture and a fluffy carpet to add more warmth. 

Don’t forget to add touches of green that will also brighten up a room. You can do this in pot plants or trees that are placed around the living room area. You might even be able to find a beautiful tree inspired side table to accent the wood feature wall. 

Go classic and contemporary like Will Ferrell for a style that will never date, and you can enjoy forever. Shutterstock.

Will Ferrell’s Style

If contemporary and straightforward is your style, you’re going to want to look at Will Ferrell’s apartment. You might be surprised by his choice of decor and be amazed that it’s not crazier and out there. 

Instead of throwing a bunch of whacky furniture into his living room, Will has opted for a more classic and contemporary look. Don’t worry; he’s found an innovative way to insert his bold personality into the space, in any case. 

Bring your personality into the area with fun art, wallpaper, or a statement piece of art somewhere in the room. Shutterstock.

A Pop Of Personality

Funnyman Will Ferrell has selected simple pieces of furniture that are in a neutral color. He has also painted his walls white. This blank canvas allows him to have fun with the art on the walls – these are bold and fun. 

Sleek and simple doesn’t have to be boring – you can find ways like this to bring in your personality. You might even do it by creating a feature wall of fun wallpaper or a sculpture instead of wall art. 

Bring luxury into your lounge by adding touches of gold all around the space and being a bit extra. Shutterstock.

Rob Lowe Loves Luxury

If you are looking to turn your home into the most glamorous space – let Rob Lowe’s Santa Barbara home serve as your inspiration. This style is extra, and we love it for being everything and more. 

To create this level of opulence and luxury in his living room, he has used many pieces that have gold detail. Gold is a color associated with luxury, so this design is a simple way to bring luxury into your home. 

Statement pieces are the ideal way to help elevate a room without going overboard of styling. Shutterstock.

Adding Statement Pieces

You can also add a few statement pieces to your home that help to elevate it, such as beautiful and intricate side tables, and you could even have a chandelier hanging above your lounge set to make it very fancy. 

It’s also all about finding pieces that are traditional but have something unique about them. This decor could be a wooden coffee table with gold trim around it or a beautiful wood carved design on the corners. 

Fill your open-plan space with plants instead of furniture to capitalize on the room’s airy and flowing feel. Shutterstock.

Gerard Butler’s Open Plan Home

If you have quite an open plan concept in your home, you’re probably often left wondering how to make the spaces work together and also how to fill the space without it feeling too cluttered or packed with furniture. 

Gerard Butler has done this correctly with his unrestricted living plan loft in Manhattan. He has brought in many beautiful plants to fill up the room – these pieces of nature make the space feel open but full of life. 

Enjoy playing around with different lighting options in your home as these create the ambiance of the room. Shutterstock.

Have Fun With Lighting

This actor also has had a lot of fun with his light fixtures. Instead of just hanging one light fixture or chandelier, he’s suspended three together. This decor adds a bit of fun to the area and makes the design appear well thought out. 

You can also use standing lamps in this type of space to fill spaces instead of using big and bulky furniture. Lights also really help create ambiance in an area, and you should use them to your advantage in the living room. 

If you love to travel and love experiencing cultures, make sure to showcase this notion in your home. Shutterstock.

Bring Culture Into Your Home

If you love to travel the world or are very interested in different cultures then bring this element of your personality into your home. Your home should be a reflection of you — and what you love. 

Samuel L. Jackson has done this beautifully in his living room. This actor is known for his awesome scenes on the big screen (including some swearing). However, would you believe his style is a little more understated? He has furniture that is simple; however, the rest of the room is filled with beautiful treasures worldwide, and it’s incredible.

Adding a piece like a Persian rug will instantly transport you to somewhere other than your living room. Shutterstock.

Samuel L. Jackson’s Persian Rug

When you get the chance to travel, try to pick up pieces for your home (instead of just a mug or t-shirt souvenir) to bring your home to life. These pieces will look beautiful on your mantelpiece or coffee table. 

Samuel L. Jackson has a beautiful Persian rug in his living room, and this is the ideal way to make your home seem more exotic – even if you haven’t traveled! Bring culture into your home, and you’ll feel like you go on a vacation every time you’re in that space. 

Pay homage to your home’s style by adding small era-specific elements to bring it back to life. Shutterstock.

Ellen Pompeo’s 1930’s Style

Ellen Pompeo worked on her 1930s home with an interior designer to bring this space back to life in the 2000s. She has undoubtedly kept the period design element in the room, and it looks out of this world. 

If you have a home built in a thought-provoking period, you should capitalize on this in your design. For example, if you have the 1920s home – fill it with pieces of art deco styling that gives a nod to the era. 

Add era-inspired elements like velvet, gold, and old looking mirrors to turn your home into a beautiful space. Shutterstock.

A Nod To The Era

Ellen Pompeo has transformed the space by adding a beautiful velvet sitting area complemented perfectly by beautiful golden side tables. She has also added golden lamps to the room. 

You can then start to fill the space with other lovely decor items such as small sculptures on the side tables, a beautiful old mirror behind the fireplace, and you can’t go wrong with an impressive floral display on the coffee table. 

Mix the old with the new to create a unique space in your home. It will have personality and class. Shutterstock.

Meg Ryan’s Mix Of Style

There’s nothing like the perfect mix of vintage and contemporary. If you get it right, these two design ideas can work in perfect harmony. This design is what inspired Meg Ryan’s living room, and it is cozy and chic. 

She’s brought in vintage details in the form of lamps and also the artwork. The rest of the room still has a light and airy feeling that makes the room feel luxurious and an interior design we aspire to have. 

Don’t be afraid to invest in some artistic pieces; it might not be everyone’s taste, but you need decor to complete a room. Shutterstock.

Jessica Chastain’s Unique Style

Jessica Chastain has created the most magnificent living room in her Manhattan apartment. It is the epitome of luxury and has some of the most unique pieces we have ever seen, which adds character. 

Don’t be afraid of using unique pieces in your home. This one-of-a-kind thinking will make it stand out from the rest and provide a bold richness to the area. Buy that impressive chair or piece of art —  it will be worth it. If nothing else, these furniture items serve as conversational pieces. Nobody truly wants a cookie-cutter home anyway.

Creating a home for your family uses elements that make it feel cozy and comfortable for everyone. Shutterstock.

Gisele’s Family Home

If you’re starting to design your dream family home, of course, you should take your inspiration from supermodel Gisele Bündchen and her family home. She has the chic, and cozy decor design nailed perfectly. 

This model said that she loves a simple and cozy style — this idea is precisely what we love about her style. She mixes beautiful and classic pieces of furniture with more cozy touches like blankets and fluffy carpets. 

Art is such a fun way to add personality to your home, and you can change it anytime you want to. Shutterstock.

Ellen’s Fun-Filled Home

Ellen DeGeneres is the definition of personality – she is bubbly, fun, and just all-round happy. At least during her daytime talk show.  This comedian turned actress turned host shared her home with wife, Portia. Together, their place is a reflection of rustic, classic, and also very playful pieces. 

They also are nature lovers, so they make sure you can see the outside through their beautiful oversized windows. If you don’t have this luxury, you can do simple things like adding a green wall inside your home. 

If your style is bold and quirky – go for it just like Drew Barrymore did, and you’ll love it. Shutterstock.

Drew Barrymore’s Quirky Style

If you love quirkiness and a lot of fun in your home, you need to look at Drew Barrymore’s house. She has created the most vibrant and fun home, filled with patterns and pieces of interest. 

There’s nothing wrong with having a bold home — go big and be home! There’s no reason to conform to the more neutral style that many people enjoy if it’s not something that brings you happiness.

You’re allowed to mix prints and patterns; the result from this design will be lively in your home. Shutterstock.

Mixing Prints And Patterns

Drew Barrymore loves to incorporate lots of different art on her walls with interesting patterns on curtains, bedding, and carpets. This mix of elements might seem a lot, but it works, and we are big fans of this interior style. 

If you aren’t ready to go the whole way, start with various patterned throw pillows on your bed or couches. This decor will be the perfect way to start, and then you can begin adding things like colored walls, wallpaper, and patterned curtains. 

There are more refined ways of adding prints, and this is by mixing it in with a more classic style like Reese Witherspoon. Shutterstock.

A Refined Print

If you like this idea of patterns in your home but want a more refined version, Reese Witherspoon should be your design inspiration. She loves patterns and does it in a beautifully classic way. 

Reese is also a big fan of the color blue, and this is all around her home in different patterns and variations. If there is a color that makes you happy, use it in your home! You don’t have to paint a whole wall that color. 

Add small bits of pattern around your home as a starting point and build from there with more elements as you go. Shutterstock.

Touches Of Patterns

You can use it in other ways, such as finding a couch with a pattern in that color or decorative items like vases or coffee table books. You can also consider adding accent patterned tiles into areas like the kitchen or bathrooms. 

Reese has been able to mix a very classic and country chic style home with a bit of fun with patterned elements. Mix woods with whites and then throw a beautiful patterned throw blanket over the seating area. 

Choose a bathroom in your home to experiment with color; it will make the space so much more exciting and less cold. Shutterstock.

Sophia Bush’s Bathroom Design

Speaking of bathrooms, this area is an ideal spot in your home to introduce color. You don’t have to go white and cold in these spaces – it’s your area to have a little bit of fun and do it in a stylish way like actress Sophia Bush. 

She has added a touch of orange to her bathroom on the walls. She has mixed this with beautiful wooden beams on the ceiling, and then some white tiles on other walls painted in the color. 

Creating a design flow within your home will make it feel like an interior designer has played a part in it. Shutterstock.

A Balance Of Fun And Classic

This interior design shows the perfect way to balance fun with a classic look. It still maintains the chic appearance but isn’t your run of the mill bathroom. She has even continued this look from the master bathroom into the bedroom. 

Creating a flow throughout your home in terms of style is essential. Not every room needs to be the same, but it should have similar elements so that you don’t get a jarring feeling every time you walk into a different space. 

Your home should be your personal safe have; if you need somewhere to relax, fill it with light monochromatic elements. Shutterstock.

Creating Your DiCaprio Oasis

From color to the feeling of zen, we’re now talking about the interior design choices of Leonardo DiCaprio. Leo is often jet setting around the world and busy with his activism around the world. So, he needs a retreat to come home to after working all day. 

Your home should serve your needs; if you need somewhere to be calm and relax, then that’s what your house should be. Leo has used light and neutral tones all around his beautifully open and bright home. 

Add neutral tones like creams to warm up an area if you intend to use mainly white walls and furniture pieces. Shutterstock.

French Spa Inspiration

It has the feeling of a French spa, and we are jealous. He’s complemented the space with darker features like the wood of the bed frame or the doors to make the white appear even brighter in his home. 

It’s all been warmed up by subtle touches of creams and natural tones in the form of pillows and beautiful sepia photographs on the walls. This actor also created multiple seating areas in rooms like bedrooms, so it is the ultimate spot for relaxation after a long day. 

If you have high ceilings, make sure that your chosen furniture pieces highlight your home’s incredible aspect. Shutterstock.

Bradley Cooper’s Four Poster Bed

Another heartthrob of Hollywood with an outstanding style (or a fantastic interior decorator) is Bradley Cooper. Bradley’s home comes with incredibly high ceilings, and this is a feature he is playing up in all the spaces. 

If your home has something like this, take full advantage of it and make the height a real stand out. Bradley has notably done this design in his bedroom and has used a beautiful four-poster bed to heighten its width. 

Filling Up Your Space Wisely

Pieces like this one won’t work in all spaces; it could do the opposite and make the area feel cramped in smaller rooms. But, if you have it, make sure to make the most of it. This actor has also got beautiful artwork around the space. 

The artwork is hung slightly higher so that it draws the eye upwards to highlight the high ceilings in his home. Little tricks like this one work wonders in interior design. If you don’t have the ceiling height, you can create an illusion of this by hanging curtain rails higher than they should be. 

Consider your environment when designing your home as Denise Richards did with her rental beach house. Shutterstock.

Denise Richards’ Beach House

Sadly, Denise Richards had her home burnt in the California wildfires, but she certainly made the most of her new rental space right by the beach. In the same way that Bradley Cooper used his high ceilings to his interior design advantage, Denise took advantage of the seascape before her. 

This actress incorporated the beach into her home through beautiful photographs and artworks on the sea wall that is right before you. The home also has attractive wooden features that make it the ultimate beach home. 

Do you want to feel like you’re sitting in the sand, even while you are at home? Bring the outside in with ocean colors and images. Shutterstock.

Bringing The Outdoors Inside

She’s used beautiful blue tones all around the home in pillows, carpets, and blankets. The rest of the house is white, making it feel like such a bright and light space to sit; you can enjoy the waves’ sound depending on where you live. 

Bringing the outside in is something that will make your home special. Take advantage of the space you are in and make the most of it. Creating your home is something you should enjoy.