Mind Blowing Design Features Other People Won’t Have in their Homes

Trista - May 22, 2019

It isn’t easy to make your place stand out from the rest. Looking for that wow factor can be challenging to do without making your home look over the top. Thankfully, we’ve provided a list of some of the most fantastic ideas you can use so that your guests’ jaws will drop. Many of these designs may be unobtainable now because of space or financial reasons; however, they can still spark some creativity in how you want to transform your house into a dream home.

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Turn your ceiling into the solar system.

Are you a night owl? Do you tend to find yourself sitting in the grass late at night, looking up at the stars? Do you feel a connection to the planets? If you do, then this architectural idea is right up your alley. You have probably seen, and maybe even bought, some of the glow in the dark stars and plants that you can put up on your ceiling and walls. While these are pretty cool, another architectural idea is similar but involves a bit more work. However, don’t worry, it will be worth it. 

Solar system ceiling. Shutterstock.

Instead of buying the stars and planets to tape around a room, think about making your own pieces and attaching them to your walls or ceilings. Of course, you could always hang them from your ceiling and make it look like the real solar system. If you want to make your creative ability stand out, especially in the dark, you can find glow in the dark paint for the planets and stars. Never be afraid to try something new, unique, and show it off on your social media account. You never know what will go viral!

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Create a multipurpose room to help keep your home and office organized.

In today’s world, homes are not just used for one purpose. For instance, if you work from home, whether temporarily or not, you need to have a good workspace to stay focused. You don’t want to get distracted by your television, bed, or your oversized comfy couch. If you have children, you need to think of play areas and a unique space to relax. Of course, it’s not always possible to have a large house where you can have a room for all purposes. Therefore, you need to think smaller. 

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It’s easy to think about turning a corner in your kitchen into a dining area because most people are used to this. However, did you know that you can do the same with your bedroom or even living room? That’s right. If you need space to work, think about adding a bookcase, desk, and anything else you need in one area of your room and keep your bedroom on the other end. You can even paint the wall with your office a different color than the other walls of your bedroom to help keep them separate. 

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Save space with your stairs.

How often do you look around your home and think, “If only I had extra storage space…” Well, stop thinking and look toward your stairs for help. Even if you already have a small storage closet underneath your stairs, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have drawers inside of your stairs. Yes! That is a real idea when it comes to creating extra storage space in your home. Like you can add drawers under the bed, you can do it with each step that leads up to your bedroom as well. 

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Of course, you need to think about safety when it comes to this storage idea because you don’t want to fall into a drawer and roll down the stairs. It’s best to ensure that there is a way to latch and lock any doors or drawers, so you don’t need to worry about them opening up suddenly with the vibrations of anyone running up and down the stairs. You can also find a unique way to paint them, so you know precisely where the drawer is. It’s also possible to keep everything hidden so you have a place for your valuables where no one would even think about looking. 

Mounted Wall Desk. Shutterstock.

Make your walls work overtime when it comes to working at home.

Who says that you need to be the only one that works at home? That doesn’t mean to push your spouse or children to do more of the housework (though I am sure that would be helpful for many of you). The pieces of your home that you should look to work overtime are your walls; well, at least one wall. How do you get them to work more? By taking out your giant desk that takes up too much room and adding a wall-mounted desk. You can buy them online or look into getting one custom made for your needs. 

Mounted Wall Desk. Pinterest.

Do you need a wall-mounted desk that fits half of the wall because you have a desktop, two screens, and many supplies? Do you need a desk that is just the right size for a few pens, some paper, and a laptop? Whatever you need is at the tip of your fingers. The key is to ensure that you hang the desk securely to your wall. For example, try to match up the screws with the studs in your wall, so you don’t need to worry about your desk becoming loose while you are working. 

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Foldable furniture can help you make your room look larger.

If you live in a smaller home or feel like you have too much furniture and need a change, this architectural design is right up your alley. Foldable furniture or furniture that tends to fold up into the walls used to be popular several decades ago but lost its interest over the years. However, this type of furniture is often a lifesaver, especially if you want to create the illusion of a larger room by keeping as many items off the floor as possible. That will also help you give your home a fresh and clean look. 

Murphy bed. Shutterstock.

The obvious foldable furniture, though some that you don’t have attached to your wall, are foldable chairs and tv trays that you can put away neatly in a corner until you need to use them. Another popular example includes a sofa bed, usually a bed within a couch. Other areas that you can look out for in your home include foldable ledges that are a part of a wall or counter and foldable shelving units. You can even attach folding chairs to a flat wall and look like a part of the wall when folded up. 

Repurposing old chairs into side tables. Pinterest.

Create a side table out of an old chair.

It’s normal to have a table at the side of a chair, especially in the living room. This table allows people to hold items, such as guests to place their drinks or for you to quickly put your phone down and run after your children in play. Tables are staples when it comes to a home, and people usually have several of them, with at least one in every room. End tables can become a bit spendy, especially if you’re looking for a unique piece to give your home a different look than every other home. 

Chair as a side table. Shutterstock.

One way to give your home personality with a table is to repurpose one out of an old chair. If you don’t have an old chair you want to turn into a small table, you can always find an older chair at a thrift store or garage sale for a reasonable price. Then, all you need to do is purchase the supplies to repurpose the chair. You can do this by taking off the chair’s back and just using the seat and legs, or keeping the back and adding decorations or another shelf to the chair to create a table. 

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High hanging drapes can make your ceilings look taller.

One of the themes many people find in newer homes is taller ceilings. People tend to want ceilings that are as tall as they can be. However, this isn’t always possible in every home; there is a standard height for the floor to ceiling. Most homes tend to have this height, and it can be frustrating to you, especially when you have dreams of taller ceilings. Fortunately, you can give people this illusion by following an easy architectural design that won’t cost you much money at all – find long curtains. 

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Have you ever noticed how vertical blinds can make a window look longer than it is? Well, long curtains can make not only a window look longer but also give people the illusion that your ceiling is taller than it is. Of course, if you feel that the long curtains don’t give you the length you want, you can also hang up the curtains higher than the window to get the same – or maybe even a better length look. The trick is that people will look at the curtain rod’s top and notice how close it is to the ceiling. They will then see how long your curtains are, and they will have the illusion that you desire. 

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Mirrors can be your best friend, even if you don’t think so.

If you’re like many people globally, you have a love and hate relationship with mirrors. You love the look they give your home, but you might not like looking at your reflection all of the time. If this sounds like you, you are probably wondering why you would want to hang up mirrors all over your home – well, there are several reasons. First, it can make a room look bigger. Second, you can find mirrors that have great designs and can give your home an exceptional personality. Finally, many guests will fall in love with the idea and believe you’re a fantastic interior designer. 

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However, you want to think about where you will hang mirrors, and there are many factors to consider. For starters, you want to think about the reflection. These mirrors are not for you to look at your reflection, but the reflection from the room. If you have a part of your home you want to bring out more, aim a mirror in that direction, and people will feel it’s more important. You can also create a gallery with mirrors, ensure they hang flat on the wall, and create a focal point in the room. 

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Bring the treehouse inside for your kids. 

That doesn’t mean that you need to cut down a tree and bring it into your house for your kids. It means that you can paint a tree on a wall or build one in the middle of the room and then continue to build a treehouse from the fake tree. You can give your children an illusion of a treehouse by building a top on their bed. Make sure they need to climb into it with a ladder. To make it seem like a treehouse, you can keep the wood simple, add tree lights, and even paint a few leaves on the walls. 

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Indoor treehouses are starting to become the rage for many kids – and even parents. It’s something that can turn into a place where your children can relax and chill out with their friends as they get older. Therefore, if you are worried your ten-year-old will quickly outgrow the treehouse, there is no need. Instead, you can continue to decorate the inside with their hobbies, such as a PlayStation or Xbox. You can even allow them to continue to change parts of their treehouse when they request it because it is a part of their personality.

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Save space with wall-mounted lights.

If you are reading through this list to help you save space in your home, then it’s time to stop scrolling and read this item slowly because it will become one of the most critical items on this list for you. While you have read about building drawers and cubbies into your stairs to help build storage space and then get foldable furniture to help save space, another way to do this is by getting rid of all of the floor lighting in your home get wall-mounted lights. Not only will these lights give off the same amount of light, but some will also give you more light. 

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Wall-mounted lights will help you save a bit of space because you won’t have the base on your floor. You also won’t need to worry about children or furry companions tipping your lights while they are running around the house playing. The trick is to think about what lights to choose before you make the purchase. You want to not only let your lights stand out but ensure that they will fit in with the rest of your items around your home. It would help if you also thought about what you want to use these lights for, such as more decoration, reading, or to light up your room. 

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Murals can be a nighttime surprise.

Just like you could add and paint glow-in-the-dark stars and planets around your room, you can also paint murals that cater to your wants and needs in the home. For example, you might find that painting a forest gives you a relaxing feeling. You might also feel that you want to paint a mural that connects you to your favorite period in history. It’s also possible that you have your ideas that are just waiting to come out. While you might think that you need to paint a mural that everyone can see at any time throughout the day, this isn’t true. There are special paints that allow you to paint a mural that you can only see in the dark.

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When it’s light in the room, the walls will have a standard white color, and people won’t see any signs that there is a striking mural painted on those walls until it gets dark and shut off the lights. Isn’t this a surprise to people, especially if you don’t give them any warning type? Of course, you want to think about whom you will surprise with this remarkable mural because you don’t want to scare them – well, at least not too many people. You can paint a cosmic mural, the aurora borealis (northern lights), or anything else that will make the room glow in the dark. 

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Swap built-in seating over chairs around your table.

This architectural design is similar to folding chairs attached to your wall, but a bit different. You can build seating underneath your window in the dining room, allowing you to have a bench type structure to sit at while you’re enjoying a meal with your family. You can also build a window seat in your living room, getting rid of a couch or even a couple of recliners that you have sitting in the middle of your floor. By doing this, you will have more floor space to walk around and bigger space. 

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To build seating into your home, you will first need to measure the space you imagine the seating. For example, if you want seating under a window, it’s best to measure below the window and then as far as you want the seating to come out from the wall. It’s also important to think of any cushions you will want to have with the seating to make it comfortable while people are sitting. From there, you will want to gather other supplies and follow any instructions you find online thoroughly. Don’t forget about the paint as that will help the seating become more pleasing to the eye!

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Get as many pennies as you can to create a penny floor.

One of the newer design patterns that people, especially businesses, are looking into is called a penny floor. Because there isn’t much value in this coin, it’s easy for people to feel useless. They’re often lost in the cushions or discarded in other ways. It’s time to stop throwing your pennies around like they aren’t valuable and gather them up so you can create a unique floor in your home known as the penny floor. You can either choose to do this in your entryway or bathroom to give the room a neat and different look. 

Photo Credit: Today

The type of supplies you will need (other than pennies) include Wessex Permakote, disposable brush, WEST SYSTEM® G/5 Five-Minute Adhesive, electric paint stripper, foam roller cover, spatula, measuring bowls, and an appropriate sealant. Other factors to consider are making sure that you have enough pennies, ensuring that you are on level ground, and even doing a trial run before you start so you have an idea of what to do with little mistakes. It’s also a good idea to think of the design you will want to use if any. 

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Use a log table that runs across the floor of your dining room.

Most people turn to round or square tables, whether they have a glass or are completely wooden. Tables tend to be similar in many ways, which can make them boring to look at. Think about the tables your friends have in their dining rooms and kitchens. Have you noticed anything unusual about these tables, or do you feel like you pass them like any other part of someone’s home? Of course, the key is to make the table unique. You want to find or build one to make your guests look at it and remember it for years to come. 

Photo Credit: The Spruce

If it’s important to you that your table is a centerpiece of your home, then you want to look at building a long table that runs across the length of your dining room. Even if you can’t make it very large, the key is to make sure that the middle of the table is part of the log, and the end can be glass to help bring out the log as a centerpiece. It’s also helpful to think about the sides of the table. For instance, do you want black or white sides to help show off the log better, or do you want iron legs that give the piece a more fashionable look?

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Exercise with a 360-degree infinity pool.

London seems to have come up with a great idea, at least if you love water and swimming. Not only is the city known for its fantastic architecture, but it’s also known for its architectural creativity, which is shown by the city’s very own 360-degree pool. This pool is sitting on top of a 55-story skyscraper. In total, it can hold 600,000 liters of water! Of course, you might not want as big of a pool around your home, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t take the idea and develop your infinity pool. 

Photo Credit: Pinterest

The key to creating this impressive pool is to make sure that it looks like it doesn’t have any sides. That’s right. You can see the water in the pool, and everything in it, by merely looking through the sides. You can even take it a little further and add lights around the pool to make it seem like the sides light up at night. Of course, you can also add a small set of spiral stairs to add a special touch because if London can do it, so can you!

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Show off your family tree by building it into a wall.

If you’re like several of your friends and most of the people in the world, you are interested in your family tree. You might have an Ancestry account, take an Ancestry DNA test, and even have a family history written down on your computer or paper. You might have even donated this family history to your local museum. No matter where your interest is with your family tree, it’s an integral part of you, and it’s one that you can easily show off to your family, friends, and online by creating a family tree in your home. 

Photo Credit: Amazon

To make the family tree, you want to start by selecting a wall and paint a tree. It would be best if you did some measuring because you want to make sure that you can add pictures onto the tree branches. You will want to look for pictures and picture frames to hang on the wall from there. That is a great idea to put above your couch, in the hallway, or even the entryway. Use an area where everyone who comes into your home can see the neat and creative design. You can also show off some of your old favorite pictures of your grandparents, great grandparents, and children. 

Photo Credit: Modernize

Installing pocket windows can be a lifesaver when it comes to saving space.

Windows are a part of the home that needs to be replaced after several years or at least a couple of decades. That is especially true if you live in an older house where the frames around the windows are made of wood. You might notice that it seems the wood is weak or maybe even starting to rot, which means you need to change out your windows as quickly as possible. The next time you find yourself in this process, you want to look into pocket windows as they can help you save space around your home. 

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Even if you don’t want to get new frames for your windows, you can still look at installing pocket windows because you can keep your original frames! These windows also allow you to keep the trim and everything around the window. What you’re doing is replacing the window that might look a bit old. The pocket window is the exact size you will need, so make sure that you measure correctly. Another benefit of pocket windows is they don’t cost as much as replacing them with a full frame. They also won’t have as many materials and are known to be just as energy efficient as other windows. 

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Give your walls a rippling liquid illusion effect.

If you want to take your home to the next level, then you want to look into creating a rippling liquid illusion effect on one of your walls. It’s essential to focus on one wall instead of a whole room because you might find that four walls make it a bit unpleasant to the eye, where one wall helps create a better balance within the room. Of course, if you like it after one wall, then you might want to consider giving another wall – or the whole room – the same effect. 

Photo Credit: Freepik

You want to remember that the home is where your heart is, so always make your home perfect for you and your family. You can purchase wallpaper that will give your wall the rippling liquid illusion effect. Can you imagine how many of your guests will carefully touch your wall to see if it’s a liquid type texture on your wall due to the rippling? Just imagine the conversation starter that this look can bring out when you have family and friends over. Never be afraid to do what you might feel is a little over the top, especially if you want it inside of your home. 

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Turn an old bicycle into a sink.

A sink is a staple in a household. You usually have at least two sinks — one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. Often, people feel that sinks are ordinary and don’t have a lot of creativity because they’re usually the same. That usually makes people change out faucets to give their sink a bit of a unique touch. Well, if you have an old bicycle that you’re not sure what to do with, then you want to pay attention to this design idea that you can add to your bathroom. 

Photo Credit: Pinterest

All you need to do is take the handlebars off your bicycle and maybe the pedals as well. It depends on how you want the stand of your sink to look. If the bicycle you are using doesn’t include a wire basket, you will want to add one to store towels and a few other items next to your sink. Place a board on top of the bike. Then purchase a sink that will fit on top of the board. Allow a plumber to come in and hook up all the plumbing, and there you are – one of the most creative sinks around your area is right in your bathroom.

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Let your children design their room and playroom.

 Yes, this can be a scary sentence. You never know how your children will design their room. You might have already found yourself in this position with your children drawing all over their walls and maybe even some furniture with a permanent marker – but this doesn’t mean it’s necessarily bad. In reality, all you need to do is paint over the markings, and you will have a brand new wall. Your children are only young once, so why not let them decorate their space how they want to?

Photo Credit: Freepik

You can also let your children decorate by painting the walls with chalkboard paint but giving them dozens of stickers and letting them go wild. Many stickers will stay on a wall but then come off quickly and without any leftover residue. If you don’t find these stickers or your children want stickers that might not come off as easily, remember that painting or wallpaper is also an option. You might be amazed by how your children decorate their room and what type of patterns they create on a white wall. 

Photo Credit: Curbed

Lowered living rooms were all the rage in the 60s, but they’re making a comeback!

This architectural idea used to be popular decades ago, and you can breathe new life into it again. It seems that many places have a lowered living room, but it is often now a thing of the past – though it does seem it might make a comeback. A place to entertain your guests is great, but a lowered living room is even more fantastic. The second level makes the area feel more cozy and private. The kind of living room also gives you more space to work with, as all of your chairs and couches are in their own area.

Photo Credit: All Architecture Designs

If you’re going to add a lowered living room to your home, you’ll need to know that there is quite a bit that goes into this process. The design works best when you have a basement below – an unused one at that because this design will reduce the headspace. You should also consider carpeting this space and taking the carpet up the sides too – this makes it extra cozy. This design can work for contemporary homes and even the more country chic style of the house. If you have a large living room, you should consider adding a lowered living room to the space.

Photo Credit: Consuelo Jorge

Rotating bookshelves add a definite air of mystery to your home.

Forget about wishing you had rotating bookshelves from the movies because you can bring them into any room in your home. Change the look of two rooms by having rotating bookshelves serve as the wall. You can turn and change them as you like so that you have different things on display at any one time. Alternatively, if you’re too tired to go into the next room to get a book, you can turn the bookshelf instead to get what you need. You can also use this idea to play a joke on your friends – at least once.

Photo Credit: Contemporist

That isn’t something just out of a scary movie. It’s becoming a fantastic element in design. It helps to make spaces multifunctional, and that’s what everyone is looking for these days. By having rotating bookshelves, you are opening up space between two rooms. That creates a flow if you need it for an event or just want to enjoy more open space. If you are building a home office, this is a great idea to consider when speaking to your architect and designer. It will be a complicated process, but the result will undoubtedly be worth it in the end.

Photo Credit: Dezeen

Transparent rooftop swimming pools can be an amazing addition to any home.

Obviously, this design plan is over the top! It will have you feeling like you have an audience while the people underneath you will feel they have the best seat in the house. You can even surprise your guests by bringing them under and then having someone swimming above them. Having a pool above your skylight can create incredible lighting effects on the floor below. After a long day of reading in the sun, go for a quick swim. And if guests show up unexpectedly, they’ll know exactly where you are.

Photo Credit: Stuff

That is a very contemporary addition to a home, and some people will love it, and others will hate it. This transparent rooftop pool is an incredible focal point, especially if your home has a more simplistic and modern design to it. It is beautiful with houses made out of concrete as the blue tones of the blue play off the grey. If you want a “wow” factor in your home, you should start saving up for one of these pools! It’s also a fantastic idea if you don’t have enough space for a pool in the ground, onwards and upwards!

Reach into your inner child with this design. https://duffylondon.com

Swingset table sets can be incredible for entertaining.

Even if you’re an adult, you will love this idea. Bring the outdoors indoors with this unique dining table. This set’s construction means no chair legs to bump into, so everyone has room for their feet. Also, the enchanting light swinging will keep everyone calm and collected while they’re being served. You can also help keep your children (or the children of your guests) entertained through this unique table set. Just be careful about eating and swinging at the same time, so you don’t make yourself feel a bit sick.

Photo Credit: Duffy London

This unique and different piece of furniture would work so well in a minimalist home – it is almost a piece of art while being a functional piece of furniture. It will also be sure to create great conversation at a dinner party – once people manage to sit down and get their balance, of course! If you don’t want to use this as your dining room table, it could also work well in a communal area for you and your family – kids will love to sit and swing at this table as they enjoy arts and crafts activities.

Photo Credit: My Modern Met

Turntable sinks are definite conversation starters.

These sinks are perfect for the music lover and even come equipped with Bluetooth so you can sync up your MP3 player to listen to tunes while you’re washing your face. The “volume control buttons” control the temperature and pressure while the “stylus” serves as the faucet. This “rockin’” sink also includes a storage shelf, a towel bar, and even an LED mirror that looks like an equalizer! This specific model is designed by Olympia Ceramica’s artistic director Gianluca Paludi and comes in an eclectic mix of shapes and colors.

Photo Credit: Techna Bob

If you’re someone who loves innovation and technology, you would love this in your home. It combines technology and style – what more could you ask for? It’s something different and won’t be for everyone. Make your bathroom one of the coolest rooms in your home by adding this unique design feature to your sinks. It’s also perfect for someone who loves music and wants to make sure that this is reflected in their home. This design piece offers not only form but also function, and that’s not something that everyone can say about their design choice. It’s much better than the waterproof stick-on shower speakers!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Secret storage is the dream of everyone shopping for a new home.

Why waste many space building closets when you could hide everything inside the floor? These secret compartments will allow you to store your winter clothes or just other items you have without taking up any space at all. Once closed, the floors are ready to be used for anything, such as a dining room table or a lovely couch, though you wouldn’t want to place immovable furniture over your storage areas! If you have a smaller home, this is a great idea to add to your home to help with the overflow of items you need to store.

Photo Credit: Homedit

Sometimes your cupboard space just isn’t enough, so by adding this secret floor storage, you’ll be solving many problems and adding some serious value to your home at the same time. Not only can you add this space for extra clothing, bedding, and storage needs, but you could also add a build-in bed to one of these spaces that you open up for sleepovers – how much fun would that be for your kids? If you don’t need this space, you’ll just love it for the hidden storage that you don’t need to clutter the rest of your cupboards and drawers with.

Photo Credit: Youtube

Transforming lamps will change the entire mood of the room.

Lighting is the best way to show off your home, but nothing comes close to this intriguing lamp. Just turn the light on, and you are treated to a display of forest-like silhouettes that will transform your house into a fairytale. A perfect idea for any child’s room or you could add it to a den for an outdoorsy feel. Alternatively, for a unique lighting touch during October, it’s a great touch for an added spooky effect, though it might be a little much for the youngins’!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Lighting like this is a terrific way to change a room without having to do anything to it. You don’t need to add a wallpaper that you’ll get bored of in a few years; you need to add an interesting lampshade that will transform the room with the touch of a button. Of course, this will only be effective when it is dark out, but it’s still a fantastic option to help add something of interest to a room. It’s not only great for a child’s bedroom but could also be an option for a formal dining area that is a space to be used in the evening.

Photo Credit: Youtube

Aquarium beds are definitely a unique event in any home.

Watching the fish swim can be soothing; that’s why so many families have aquariums in their homes. However, this idea takes it to a whole new level. The aquarium surrounds the head of the bed so you can watch the fish swim around while you’re trying to fall asleep. The running water’s quiet sounds provide great white noise, too, perfect for those who have trouble falling asleep at night. You’ll never need a nightlight with this surrounding your bed! The beautiful blue light also makes the environment very soothing and relaxing to be in.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

If you are a fish lover, this is such a cool idea for your home. Instead of just having a fish tank, you can incorporate it into your home design. If you’re someone who lives in the city and would love to be by the ocean, this can bring you one step closer to living that dream. You’ll feel like you’re living in one of those fancy Dubai hotels that are underwater with the fish swimming above your head. You can choose a unique collection of fish to house in this aquarium, and everyone will be talking about this when you have guests over.

Photo Credit: This Old House

Treehouses will be the highlight of any visitor’s experience.

If your guests are the kind of people who want their own space when they’re staying the night, you can greet them with this beautiful idea. A private abode up in a tree; they’ll fall in love with the design and feel like kids again. Moreover, if you have kids around, the kids will enjoy their time in their own little world without adult interruption! You can make this into a kids’ play area, or you can make it into an additional entertaining space for you, and your guests – whichever version you pick will be awesome.

Photo Credit: Blue Forest

You could make this space into an overnight location for guests and could even consider renting out this experience on a platform like Airbnb. If you live in an area that provides exceptional views, you could profit from this design feature. Do you live in the woods? You should add this to your property! If you don’t want to make it into a bedroom space, you could always make it a den to hang out in. That is perfect for teenagers and their friends. They’ll have their own space and can make as much noise playing video games as they want.

Photo Credit: Small Design Ideas

Hidden rooms are the best thing in any house, hands down.

Make your home feel like a mansion with this room hidden behind a bookshelf. You won’t be able to help but show it off to your friends and family members. Present the hidden space where you can hide away from other people you don’t want to be involved in your conversations. It will also make your home feel that much more prominent. You can use the secret room as an office, extra storage space, or a hideaway for when you just need to get away from it all. A bookcase can disguise hidden rooms, or you can just have a panel in the wall that fits in seamlessly.

Photo Credit: Small Design Ideas

Hidden rooms are great for extra little spaces that you don’t know what to do with. That even works for something like a pantry. Instead of having a door taking up space, rather add in a cleverly disguised panel or make it look like it’s one of the cabinetry doors – no one will know you’re sneaking into the pantry to get chocolate at midnight! Bookcases are a great option in offices as well. If you have a guest bedroom that you’ve converted into an at-home office, you could always make the bathroom the hidden room behind a beautiful oak bookcase.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Shower benches are not just for older adults. 

Just by adding an S-shaped bench into your shower, you’ve created a relaxing spa. Of course, your space has to be big enough, but if you can pull it off, you’ll have more reasons to relax in your shower to escape from the world. After all, it is the best place for thinking of your ingenious ideas. Even if you opt for a simple bench or straight seat, it’s still a nice spot to sit and let the warm water flow. If your shower also has a steam option, this allows the shower space to become very useful, and you can pretend you’re at a day spa.

Photo Credit: Family Handyman

Shower benches are also great for parents who have children and don’t have a bath for them. You can easily seat your children down without any safety concerns while you get everyone clean and ready for bed. Shower benches are no longer just for the elderly. They’re becoming an essential part of all high-end shower units – because we all want to be able to lounge around in our showers and enjoy the relaxation. You’ll obviously need a large shower to incorporate this design element while still being able to use a shower for the most obvious reason.

Photo Credit: Dezeen

Bookshelf slides are creative ways to engage everyone around books.

Do you want a book from the top shelf but don’t enjoy the dangers of a ladder, especially with kids in the house? Add this combination bookshelf-slide to your home to ease your troubles and have a fun way of getting back down. You can use the kids as an excuse, but we know you’ll be using it just as much, if not more than they will. Live out your Belle fantasy in any library with a slide – just imagine all the mental montages you’ll be able to conjure up! If you’re a book lover and have a library in your home – do this now!

Photo Credit: Fubiz

It provides something very different from the usual ladder that we find in most at-home libraries. It is far more playful and can add some joy to your home design. It’s not only kids that will enjoy this addition, but adults as well. You can add benches on either side of the slide to have an extra seating area in the room to enjoy the books you’ve collected. Add cushions to the seating benches, and enjoy a moment in your beautiful library room. That might even be a great way to encourage your kids to read more books – it’s fun!

Photo Credit: Gloax Solutions

Smart mirror technology is just the next step in smart-tech.

Having a mirror that connects to your phone will provide you with all the tidbits of information you need to start your days, such as appointments, current weather, and snippets of news stories. You can stay abreast of the world while you’re still brushing your teeth. If we have refrigerators with cameras and TVs that can talk to us, why not mirrors that tell us the time and weather? Combine this with the turntable sinks, and you have quite the tech-savvy restroom! There are varying ranges of smart mirror technology – some just have a touch button on the mirror that will backlight it, even this is a fantastic addition to your home.

Photo Credit: Medium

Then you get the much smarter ones that can show you everything that your phone and television can. That is perfect for people who need to get to work early and don’t have time to catch up on their phones before. While you’re getting ready for work, you can be doing all of this while brushing your teeth or washing your face. Technology in homes is becoming essential. Having a smart-home is becoming a necessity for many people as well. Smart mirror technology is one of our favorites because it blends so well into a home without standing out as a piece of tech.

Photo Credit: Loft Nets

Ceiling hammocks are great for relaxing without going to bed.

Hammocks are one of the most coveted items when homeowners are looking for some way to relax. Most of the time, we hang them outside between trees or even attach them to beams on your wrap around porch. However, if it’s raining outside, you have no way of enjoying them so let’s move this trend indoors! Having a ceiling hammock can provide you with precisely what you’re looking for: suspended reclining while staying warm and dry. If you have ample open space on the second floor of your home, you probably want to consider adding this idea to your house.

Photo Credit: The Spruce

That is such a fantastic idea for open plan houses if you have a double story home. It creates an additional play or chill space for everyone in the family to enjoy. It’s a great addition to add to the open space next to a staircase. This area of the home will get so much use, and it takes up no space because it’s in a room that would have never been used without the addition of the ceiling hammock. If you have younger kids, make sure that they’re safe and supervised when using this innovative feature in your home.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Sandy work tables are ideal for a beach feel without losing productivity.

Sitting down at your desk to work every day isn’t fun at all. We long to get away from the daily grind and go on vacation down by the beach. This home design combines the two by providing you with a sandy lot beneath your work table so that you can wiggle your toes in the warm sand while you work. The soothing sensation will keep you relaxed and less stressed. Be careful about bragging to your coworkers – your boss may never let you retake a beach vacation! With so many of us being unable to travel and working from home, this is the perfect solution.

Photo Credit: Nader Io

That might be a bit messy, but it’s a fantastic way to work and feel relaxed. If you dream of living by the sea, this is one way to bring that dream to life without having to uproot everything to move. If you don’t want the mess of the sand in your home, you could always overlay a piece of glass over the sand – you’ll still be able to see and enjoy the look of the sand but not have to worry about any clean-up once you leave your workstation.

Photo Credit: Cairo Shades

Accordion glass doors will open up your space beautifully.

Make a more comfortable transition between indoors and outdoors with these accordion glass doors. They fold up nicely and neatly against one wall so that you can go in and out as you need to. No more balancing food trays while trying to get your sliding glass doors open. Guests will be super impressed with how easily you can maximize your living space! Enjoy the nice weather outside, open up your area, and eliminate any question of “should we eat inside or outside?” That creates the most brilliant indoor/outdoor feeling in your home – bring the outside in!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

It makes any space feel larger and can be used in many different rooms of your home that lead to the outside. It ideally works in open-plan kitchens because it helps to create an extensive entertaining area. The glass accordion doors also allow a lot of light into a space. So, if the weather isn’t that great, you’ll still be able to enjoy the perks of seeing outside and entertaining indoors. Accordion doors allow a lot more open space than normal sliding doors, a design feature worth looking at.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Bedroom skylights — does it get any more romantic than this?

Why not add some intrigue to your bedroom by adding a skylight over your bed? Forget about that flat ceiling; you and your partner can stargaze all night until you’re ready to go to bed. See which stars are in your skies throughout the year so that you can learn the different constellations. You’ll always be able to tell what the weather conditions are like outside when you’re getting dressed – be it cloudy, sunny, rainy, or foggy. Get that bathroom mirror for an exact temperature forecast, and you’re all set for the day!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

If you install a bedroom skylight and position it right above your bed, make sure you get automatic blinds fitted with this as well. It’s great for stargazing, but you might not appreciate it as much when you’re trying to have a Sunday afternoon nap with the sun blaring through it. Bedroom skylights are superb additions to attic rooms to allow light since there might not be space for actual windows. You could even add three or more skylights on the roof to make it something special. You’ll feel like you’re up floating away in the sky come rain or shine.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Outdoor movie theaters can be the envy of the neighborhood!

Bring everyone outside into the yard for an enjoyable movie. It will take some time and preparation to set this up, but once you’re done, you’ll want to spend all of your family time out here. Outdoor projectors and large screens are surprisingly easy to find. Add some lovely wicker lights, comfortable seating, and some means of keeping the mosquitoes away, as you wouldn’t want your fun summer nights to be ruined, and you’re all set! Don’t forget, snacks like popcorn! That is also a great activity where you can socially distance but still see your friends and family.

Photo Credit: Inquirer

Outside in the fresh air, you can enjoy each other’s company on a warm summer’s night watching your favorite movie. Buy a projector and a screen that can easily be stored away. You’ll also want to get some outside furniture – and if you don’t need more furniture, you can get lounger pillows that can just be set down on the grass. Fill up the rest of the space with large pillows, and you can even put down a carpet or a picnic blanket for additional room or if the ground is wet. You could even project the movie on your garage door and let the whole neighborhood participate in the fun movie night.

Photo Credit: Curbed

Color-changing furniture is definitely unique.

These modern pieces of furniture look like they’re changing color through lenticular technology while you simply move about the room. Here is to taking an insanely creative twist on relatively older technology; these pieces are sure to wow. A great set of furniture for any artist, your guests will marvel at the beautiful, vibrant colors — definitely a conversation starter. These pieces come in two hue ranges from blue-greens and pinkish purples. They’ll thrill kids and adults alike, so get to shopping! Remember those coffee mugs that would change when hot liquid was poured into them? That is the decor version!

Photo Credit: Alibaba

You can make your home funky with these items of furniture. If you’re someone who gets bored with styles and colors – this could be just what you’ve been searching for your whole life. They have a charming curve to the pieces and would work in a minimalist home too, where you’re looking to add a pop of something. We’re interested to see where color-changing furniture goes in the future, they could be adding quite a few different color-ways to their range, and you’d be able to give your home a makeover in no time at all.

Photo Credit: Ann Inspired

Hammock beds, much like the ceiling hammocks, are a great place to relax.

As said earlier, a hammock is the best place to be if you’re looking to relax. However, now you can relax all the time with the perfect hammock bed. Your room will feel lighter and more spacious. It will cradle your body as you rock yourself to sleep, and you’ll save time every morning because you won’t have to make the bed. However, make sure it is installed correctly as you do not want to wake up because the hammock collapsed! You might not have the space in your home for a ceiling hammock, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a spot for something like this.

Photo Credit: Bonjour Life

If you have a den or a basement area that people enjoy spending time in, you should consider creating relaxation areas like this. In a large space like a den or a basement, you can add something like this to fill space and transform it into something useful easily. Purchase a large hammock and add blankets and pillows to this. Kids will love it, teenagers will live here, and adults will enjoy sneaking off to enjoy a quiet moment to themselves here as well. You can’t go wrong with a hammock, wherever it is in your home!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Cat transit systems are adorable!

For the feline, please provide them with the means to get around a room without having to get underfoot. Cats love to climb and have space to themselves, so these secure tunnels give them just that to keep them happy. Your guests will marvel at how much fun your cat will have going around the room and observing everything beneath them. You can even turn it into an intentional part of your home’s decor, with incredible designs for the cat path above your head. Some routes can even cross walls from one room into another!

Photo Credit: Dornob

If you have an indoor cat, you can create the most incredible play area for them without having to take up any of your precious floor space (which no doubt is probably covered in their toys). Since they love to climb, adding this to your home could be the most wonderful thing to do for their enjoyment and your decor. You can add simple floating shelves in a pattern and place the carpeted fabric on top of these shelves for them to scratch at and enjoy. You can even order a set specifically for cats online – your options are endless and cute!

Photo Credit: Technabob

Ping-pong table-doors are the epitome of creativity, especially in small spaces.

Finding the best place to get in a table tennis game usually requires heading into the basement where your old table is set up. However, that’s no fun; it could be warped, and the felt could be torn. Plus, think of how much space a ping-pong table takes up in a room! However, all you have to do with the table tennis door is flip it over, and you’re ready to play with a friend. Get a quick game in with your kid while your partner is making dinner. See how high your score can get before it is time to eat.

Photo Credit: House Beautiful

That is such a fun feature for a home to have – it’s fun for the whole family and friends too! The best part is that it takes up no space and can be pulled out when needed and not just sit there being unused. If you have a smaller home but love to have people over for games nights, you need to get a quote on this installation as soon as you are finished reading this. It’s time to create the most perfect party house and party trick – so starting brushing up on your ping pong skills.

Photo Credit: Dornob

Transparent bathtubs might seem odd at first, but let it ‘sink’ in.

Honestly, bathtubs are not precisely the place for modesty. What’s the point of a dull white ceramic tub when you can have a clear tub? Soak in the lap of luxury with this completely see-through bathtub. The first experience can be a bit jarring, as you may not be used to everything being visible, but you’ll come to accept how comfortable this tub is in time. You can always add some bubble bath to ease your anxiety. In fact, we encourage it! This type of bath looks just like those double-walled coffee mugs that are very chic and on-trend now, so add this concept to your bathroom.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

The great thing about a transparent bathtub is that it goes with absolutely anything. That can work in almost any style of home too – which means you never have to worry about it going out of style. You can remodel the rest of the bathroom and bath feeling relaxed, knowing you don’t even need to change this feature. The only thing is that it might be more noticeable when it needs a clean, but hey, it’s good to see when something needs a wipe down with sanitizing products in this day and age.

Photo Credit: Onekin Design

Beach-themed backyard fire pits will be the gathering spot everyone wants to meet at.

After a long day of swimming in the ocean, everyone likes a cozy bonfire on the sand so that they can get warm. However, not everyone is close to a beach, so that they might miss out on the experience. No more! With a little ingenuity, you can bring the beach to you and build your own fire pit to complete the experience. Whether it’s cold out and you want a little warmth on your private beach or just want to get together with some friends and toast some marshmallows, you can do whatever you want.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Fire pits are becoming quite a common addition to backyards with people spending more and more time at home – but adding the sandpit to it makes it even more fun. If you want to take it a step further, add a lot of sand to a pit in your backyard and set up a volleyball court. You’ll have everyone over for a game and will be the talk of the neighborhood. These at-home experiences are becoming popular, and we’re here for it. This design also won’t break the bank. Add deck chairs or swings to complete the overall beach vibe.

Every wealthy person in the movies has a well-stocked wine cellar. If it’s underground, that’s even better. http://www.genuwinecellars.com

Underground wine cellars will make you feel like a million bucks.

This neat home design is more than just some bottles on a rack in your basement. No, that’s not sophisticated enough! This cellar is more than impressive and can store hundreds of bottles of your favorite wine. Reds, whites, blends, Italian, French, Spanish – you name it, you’ll have them all. Have them chilled to the perfect temperature, and just stroll down the staircase to find the one you want. How much more of a movie star lifestyle could you lead? Say goodbye to the creepy basement cellar. This is a high-end version that we all dream of.

Photo Credit: Wine Cellar Construction

Rip out that old carpeted staircase and replace it with a beautiful spiral staircase that automatically makes a home feel fancy. Adding lights to the stairs will also elevate the look. Install some top of the range wine fridges in your basement, and you are set to host some epic dinner parties in the future. Even if you don’t have money to spend on fancy wines after this home renovation, the wine basement on its own will impress everyone – and you can hope all your guests bring a bottle of wine to fill it up. It is rude to show up empty-handed after all!

Photo Credit: Beautiful Houses

Indoor slides aren’t that hard to install, and they’re worth every bit of it.

Going up and down the stairs all day doing chores can be a hassle. Take the easy way down with this indoor slide and let your inner child out. You can give your legs a break and have some fun with it while you’re waiting for the laundry to dry. Your kids will have a blast with this, too, and may even come when you call them for dinner. We would bet money that they will find excuses to use the slide even when they don’t need to go downstairs. They may even start sending inanimate things downstairs, like laundry!

Photo Credit: Archi Lovers

Slides just make homes way more fun. Just as we saw in the library, installing a slide can make your home much easier to get around in. It’s also a fantastic way to keep kids entertained, especially if we have to stay at home more and indoors. You don’t have to replace the stairs completely, as these serve their purpose (of getting back up to the top of the slide). There are also bunk beds with a slide attached to them, which could be a cool starter option to see if it’s a feature you and your family love.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Wooden sinks are beautiful in their simplicity.

Add a sense of style and nature with this wooden sink. The great thing about wood is how easy it is to shape so that your sink won’t look like anyone else’s. The grain adds a unique texture, and the wood is simple to cut to create any shape to fit your needs. The colors can vary so it can match whatever aesthetic you aim for, and of course, it can be stained or painted, though it would be a shame to cover up the natural grain and color of the wood. It also makes your home feel warm and natural.

Photo Credit: Woodz

If you have cooler shades around the home on your walls and floors, adding wood textures can make it feel more inviting. Bathrooms can be cold spaces, but by adding the wooden sink element, you’re not only adding design interest, but you are adding textures and dimensions to the area. That always makes it feel much more expensive than it is and makes it look like you had a designer to create this space in your home. You can go for dark or light woods. Both will look exceptional. Go for carved bowls on a vanity or a floating basin like this.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Cast iron displays are eye-catching and straightforward.

With just some grip rods and hooks, you can put your cast iron cookware on display for your guests to see. No more shoving them into cupboards and having to search for them later and making a giant ruckus. Everything is on hand so that your cooking can start sooner. This home design will give your kitchen an effortlessly homey look. Contrast them against wood for a rustic look or against a white background for a more modern feel. Why not show off your abilities while keeping your tools handy at the same time?

Photo Credit: Youtube

Cast iron pots and pans are all the rage so putting them on display makes sense. Not only is it more practical for you (and opens up a lot of cupboard space), but it looks good in design too. You can hang them on a wall, or you can hang them above your kitchen island and make a feature out of these pots and pans. There are also colorful cast iron options that could make a space feel fun and practical at the same time. More and more kitchen items are being put on display, and we love this style.

Photo Credit: Reddit

DIY pizza ovens may sound like a hassle, but they’re so worth the effort!

Do you want that authentic taste of an old-style pizza? Create your own brick oven for that perfectly cooked pizza. Brick distributes heat to dough more slowly to the dough and toppings, giving them time to be their best self instead of a soggy mess. With just some cement and some bricks, you can build your pizza oven and start spinning dough like the pros. Set it up in your backyard for a great summer cookout and let everyone make their own little slice of Italy. It will take some effort from you when you DIY this, but you’ll be so happy you did it.

Photo Credit: Food Truck Empire

If you don’t want to DIY this, there are plenty of companies who will be able to create your outdoor kitchen of dreams. Entertaining at home is becoming more popular than going out to restaurants, so bringing restaurant-style pizza to your home is what dreams are made of. You might even consider adding other elements to your outdoor kitchen, such as a built-in grill and fridge. You can host the most fabulous backyard barbeque in summer and wintertime. The pizza oven will warm up the space so that you can enjoy this addition to your room even on colder nights.

Photo Credit: The Green Head

Scrabble walls are a great family game!

Challenge your family members or friends to a fun game of Scrabble with this unique wall. Instead of hunting for your game box in the basement somewhere, you have all of the pieces on hand, and they’re much larger to see and more comfortable to hold. It also doesn’t take up space, and the game can be ongoing. Include a chalkboard so that it’s easy to keep score. Make sure you aren’t playing with cheaters, though, because household games can get heated! Board games are growing in popularity as people stay at home more – so make it big and bold in your home.

Photo Credit: Jenwood House

You can purchase a gigantic version of scrabble online and make it a feature in a den or an office space. That will provide a lot of fun and can be played throughout the day whenever people are bored or passing by the giant board. The chalkboard scoreboards are also the perfect accent to a rustic styled home – they can be used to keep score and the occasional grocery list if necessary. This type of feature in a house creates something charming and inviting – you won’t be able to wait to have people over to play!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Indoor lap pools are great for kids and adults.

Swimming can be a great way to get your cardio in if you’re trying to stay healthy, but taking a trip to the pool isn’t something everyone can fit into their schedule. Having a lap pool in your home can solve all those problems, and you can swim at any hour of the day or night. Ensure you have the foundational clearance for it, and don’t let young children or pets swim unattended. If you want to make the best of it, add temperature control to it. Doesn’t the idea of slipping into a warm pool after a cold winter day sound heavenly?

Photo Credit: Endless Pools

Outdoor pools can be a lot of maintenance due to weather conditions, and you only get to use them in the summer. An indoor lap pool won’t take up much space, and it will provide you with an activity you can enjoy all year round. You can even make it a prominent feature in your home and place it in the foyer or entrance area. If you would prefer it is on the edge of your home, encase it with accordion sliding doors that you can open up when the weather is good and keep closed when you want an indoor swimming experience instead.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Staircase sitting areas seem like a basic idea, but it takes artistry to get it right.

It’s normal for people to take a seat on the stairs when they’re waiting for someone or just partaking in a drink or book. So why not make the stairs comfortable to sit on always? Arrange everything so that your guests still have ample, comfortable seating no matter what’s happening. Add some pillows and relaxing lighting, and you might even have a favorite spot regardless of the time of day! Just be careful to place them in ways that do not get in the way of the staircase’s main functionality. Stairs often form a central part of the home, making them a feature is a great idea.

Photo Credit: Domus Web

Making your stairs into a dual functioning part of your home is an incredible design idea. It can become a hangout area for your family and work exceptionally well if you have an open-plan home. That provides extra seating for the whole family and all of your guests. If you love entertaining, this is also perfect! Instead of having to worry about having enough seats for your cocktail party guests, allow them to find a nice spot to chat on the staircase. You can add some accent pillows to make it super comfortable for them.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Climbing walls into the attic space can be a great way to maximize a kids’ play area.

Your kids are climbing all over everything, so why not give them a reason actually to do it in a fun, safe way? This small climbing wall is perfect for those kids who have too much energy and need an outlet. They can climb their way into the attic to play or watch the world pass through the windows. Just make sure to place something under the wall for accidental spills to prevent any minor (or major!) ouchies. You don’t have to limit this type of fun to climbing gyms and parties. You can have it as part of your child’s everyday life.

Photo Credit: Not A Paper House

Can you still use this if you don’t have an attic area to climb to? Definitely! If you have oddly shaped walls in your child’s bedroom or den area, you should use this opportunity to make something more of this wall. Turn it into a climbing wall and put soft mats below this to protect them from any harm. If you don’t have a big garden, this is a superb way for kids to stay active and have fun while indoors. It will be a big hit at sleepovers and parties when you are hosting at your home.

Photo Credit: One Day Glass

Window frame shelves are great for maximizing wall space.

Transform a vast glass area with these shelving units that resemble a wall of windows. It’ll give you a sense of privacy; you’ll be provided with natural light all day and all of the shelf space that you need for your belongings. Watch the sun drift through the sky, or the local wildlife wander through your yard. You don’t have to worry about anyone looking in. If you have big glass windows but have neighbors, this is the perfect way to add some privacy without being too obvious about it and without you having to block the view. Not only do you get extra storage space but some more privacy as well – it’s a win-win.

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

You could make this space into a reading area or a relaxation zone for you and your family. That is a fantastic way to store all your work essentials such as paperwork, technology, and more if this is your home office. There are many creative ways of creating more privacy in a home that doesn’t involve having your curtains drawn all day or the blinds down. By slightly blocking a view, you’ll feel a lot more secluded and can enjoy your day without any prying eyes.

Photo Credit: Diy Network

Chalkboard wall paint areas are eye-catching and awesome!

Making lists, doodling, and creating reminders for bills. Skip the paper and wall slots, and replace everything with some chalkboard paint. You can make as many notes as you want or hand the chalk to the kids and let them draw the day away. A small square of space is all you might need, and you can just wipe it all out when you’re done and start all over! The phrase “no pain, no gain” doesn’t apply here! If you have kids, you’ve probably stressed about them drawing on the walls, and with chalkboard wall paint, they can!

Photo Credit: House Beautiful

Chalkboard paint lasts long and can be painted over whenever the chalk becomes hard to wipe off. You can also purchase chalkboard paint in various colors – it’s not only available in black. You can even paint furniture with chalkboard paint, and you could make a space fun by painting tables for your kids to draw on. It’s incredible how little bits of innovation around your home can make it such a fun place to live and raise kids. It’s also convenient for adults, and you could even use chalkboard wall paint in your home office.

Photo Credit: Immerses Tl

Transform the shower into a spa with a straightforward addition.

Just by adding a teak or cedar floor mat, your shower can feel a lot more expensive — no more standing on tiles and clogged drains. Your feet will feel better on these slats of wood, and all of your dirty soapy water can wash away between them, leaving your feet feeling clean. These floor mats are explicitly created to be used in showers, so they will not collect bacteria – they won’t smell moldy after a few showers! Add a shower steamer, and you’ll be feeling like new. Not all home renovations have to cost an arm and a leg. You’ll see such a small thing making a huge difference.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Wood is such an excellent material for bathrooms. Most of it is quite robust and can withstand the ever-present steam in this room of the house. Wood also adds the feeling of a spa trip, so you’ll feel relaxed the moment you step into that shower. Ensure you are purchasing the correct wood, though, as you don’t want it to rot. It’s also not costly to replace this after a few years if you’re going to keep it looking fresh. Try adding this in your guest bathrooms, too – they’ll love coming to visit you!

Photo Credit: Style By Emily Henderson

Accent ceilings are not as hard as they look to execute.

Give your home the Victorian treatment by adding some color to your ceilings. The idea of the accent wall is nothing new, but accent ceilings can transform a room. Adding a dark color can make any room look even more significant than it is. It’s not just for dark colors, though – it can be any color or even murals! You could have your very own Sistine Chapel home. If you have high ceilings, this could be the ideal way to transform a space and make it feel different and intimate. This style won’t necessarily work as well in a low ceiling room, but never say never!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Adding an accent ceiling is something lots of people avoid. They tend to focus on the sidewalls and the flooring. Ceilings can be accepted by a lot more than just paint. You could add ceiling roses and other detailing like that to make your home feel more like a period home and add a lot of character to it. Quite a few people are trying out wallpaper on their ceilings to make a room special truly. Think about adding cloud wallpaper to the ceiling of your kids’ bedroom; they’ll be daydreaming all day long!

Photo Credit: Living Hours

Unique bookshelves can change a room.

Rows and rows of books; all of those lines can get a bit boring, so why not get creative with it? This flower-shaped bookshelf keeps all of your books on hand while still being the conversation piece of the room. Bookcases can be all about your personality – whether it’s about your love for batman, a tree bookshelf, or a revolving one! You don’t just have to go for the standard bookshelf, although, if you want to – go for it. Always choose design elements that make you happy.

Photo Credit: Realty Monks

Bookcases have some unique designs, and these are a fantastic way to add storage to a home. You don’t just need to store books here but can add family photographs, decor items, and much more! Finding something different is always fun. You could also use a bookshelf as a room divider if you have a dual living space. That will be a fantastic idea if you have an office and lounge space that are joined together. Add an interesting bookshelf between the two, and you’ll create separate areas, some privacy, and many storage options too. This floral bookcase will undoubtedly create a talking point when people visit, so make sure your book collection is up to scratch.

Photo Credit: Inhabitat

Specialty pet stairs will really show your four-legged friend how much you care about them.

Not every four-legged friend is capable of getting up the stairs. Create a staircase that’s easier to climb, and they’ll love you forever for this addition to your home. Your best friends will be able to follow you upstairs to bed or head back down to get a drink of water all their own. We’d make accommodations for other family members, and we have to remember that pets are family too! That will also make life easier for you as they won’t be as needy or reliant on your assistance when going up the stairs.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

It is quite a significant addition to a home, but you’ll be repaid in cuddles and lots of licks. If you’re an animal person, making this investment in your home is worthwhile. As pets age, they struggle to get around as easily – make their life the best possible! If you don’t have an upstairs area, you can also get a custom set of stairs that allow your four-legged friend to climb up onto beds to snuggle up with you. That will cost a lot less than a full custom staircase and is just as fantastic to aid with their mobility if they are small dogs or cats.

No one has ever complained that a house had too much storage. Shutterstock

Under-the-stairs storage is not just an idea people can see on HGTV.

The best kind of storage is one you can’t see, which means this storage falls into that category. Pull the compartment you want to use out of its hidey-hole, store your stuff, and push it back under the stairs. No one will be the wiser! Use it for seasonal items like decorations or Christmas presents, or things you might want to access frequently like large kitchen gadgets, sports uniforms, or gardening tools, for example. The sky’s the limit! That is a wonderful place to store firewood, and firewood also helps create a beautiful design that is warm and inviting.

Photo Credit: Staircase Storage

Don’t let this space go to waste. You can leave it open, or you can renovate it and build storage compartments below the stairs. Some people even have guest bathrooms installed under their stairs. The under-the-stairs cupboard was good enough to be Harry Potter’s bedroom, so you should certainly learn to make better use of it in your home. Think about all the extra space you’ll have, and you’ll start researching ideas for this spot in your home as soon as you can. You’ll probably find lots more of these kinds of areas in your home that can be used much better than they are right now.

Photo Credit: Wtsenates

Vertical herb gardens will be the envy of every home chef you know. 

Herbs are seriously amazing. They smell great, taste great, can purify the air indoors, and look beautiful. There’s no reason you wouldn’t want them on your wall! You can easily complete a DIY vertical wall garden or buy a ready-made setup if you prefer convenience over creativity. There’s no right or wrong answer here – just get your herbs! Make sure to know what soil and water requirements they’ll need; you don’t want your wall of greens to turn into a wall of browns. That’s a look no one will want to recreate.

Photo Credit: Collective Gen

Depending on where the herbs like to grow (indoors or outdoors), you can pick the placement of this vertical herb garden wall. It could work inside a kitchen, and you can just lean over to pluck off some basil when you need seasoning for your delicious pasta. It could also work outside and is a lovely addition to an apartment with a balcony and no room for a vegetable garden. This natural addition to your home brings a touch of personality to the space and gives you something sustainable to use as part of your lifestyle. It’s also a fantastic lockdown hobby to have – you’ll be looking after your plants and enjoying life at home.

A lock that looks strikingly cool and does its job — sign us up! Shutterstock

Labyrinth security locks won’t be broken into by any burglars!

Maybe you’re not a technology fan. Perhaps you prefer to go back to the good old days when people relied on straightforward old gadgets instead of these newfangled smart technologies. Well, this is for you! What makes this lock secure is that its locking mechanism takes the form of a maze. It would be difficult for an intruder to enter, plus it just plain looks fantastic! If you can’t find this type of lock, specifically, try some equally mesmerizing door handles. You can create an enchanting look that will wow your neighbors!

Photo Credit: The Gadget Flow

These types of locks are beautiful additions to front doors. If you think your front door is looking a bit tired, dull, and bland – add an incredible locking system like this. That can be added to a more modern home to give it some character as well. If you’re a fan of puzzles, you’ll certainly appreciate all the work that goes into creating a locking system like this. It will feel like you’re entering a fairytale every time you put your key into the lock of your home. Apart from extra security, it just looks breathtaking. The metal of these locks work well with any color wood, so you can’t go wrong with the design.

If you find yourself with an irresistible urge to wear Vans and shout “dude” at a passerby, this might be the perfect design for your home. Shutterstock

Skatepark rooms are perfect for anyone who can’t wait to get to the park.

There’s no mistaking what the people living in this house want to do in their free time. The main living area and dining room reflect a minimal decor concept and an intense love of skating. The walls and ceiling are polished to perfection to ensure the smoothest ride for skaters, making it the perfect gathering spot for you and your friends to catch some air. Take some time to consider how you can transition a small but dimensional area into a skater’s dream come true. Your inner Tony Hawk will thank you. You can have fun and enjoy a cool room design at the same time.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

You can also opt for some cool wall design with graffiti and street art. That will make the space feel like an indoor skatepark room. It could also work as an excellent space for kids to learn how to skate. Imagine if you could tell everyone that you have a skatepark room in your home! That is the perfect spot to learn and perfect your tricks. If you have a big enough room or basement, you could even add a few ramps to really up the ante. Make your design in your homework for you and showcase what you are passionate about.

This glass had better be reinforced! Shutterstock

A glass floor sounds dreamy, but it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Do you love the hustle and bustle of city life? On the other hand, do you dream of watching sea life in your free time but prefer to stay dry? You need a glass floor in your home. It’s the best of both worlds! The otherworldliness of the ocean life below you will melt all your stress away. Likewise, sitting high above the city’s skyline can bring a level of excitement like none other. Furthermore, it’s all in your very own home! Hopefully, you are afraid of heights or schools of fish if you opt for this breathtaking design idea.

Photo Credit: Glass Floor New York

That is an exciting design element and can help a home feel more spacious and open. Just as you learned about the over the stairs hammock, you could also use this space to lay down glass flooring instead of the hammock. It creates additional space in your home without taking up needed space and keeping it feeling open and airy. Ensure that the people who install this know what they’re doing because it needs to be reinforced and installed correctly to be a safe and functional area of your home.

Moss is easy for anyone to grow, no matter what their skill level. Shutterstock

Moss walls are versatile and aesthetically pleasing, no matter why you have them up!

Natural moss walls are a great idea for bathrooms because the steam keeps them nourished, but they can be placed anywhere you want a nice bit of green. They can even be set instead of windows in cramped cityscapes or preserved if you don’t trust yourself to maintain them for long. Preserved panels don’t even require water and sunlight and won’t attract bugs. You can even frame a section; it is just one more way to bring the beautiful outdoors inside your home. The green will complement your decor in the most natural way possible!

Photo Credit: Trend Spotinc

Moss walls work fantastically in bathrooms because of the steam. That is a great way to help them thrive and bring the outside into your home without the maintenance of houseplants. Green is such a wonderful color to use in a home. The space instantly feels fresh and alive when plants are used. Moss is low maintenance, and you can just enjoy it instead of caring for it always to keep it looking good.

This design idea seems like a perfect ergonomic solution! Shutterstock

Hammock bathtubs will be all the rage before you know it.

We’ve talked about transparent bathtubs and hammocks, so why not combine the two into a clear winner: the hammock bathtub. Its ergonomic shape fits the human body well, and its sleek design is sure to impress anyone in your en suite. It’ll be a lovely spot to relax and read a book. If this idea scares you a bit, be sure to double-check with the professionals. Water is heavier than you think, and you don’t want to cause a plumbing disaster or flood your house, even if the idea is fantastic. Maybe opt for a unique tub material instead.

Photo Credit: Bhibu

There are so many beautiful bathtub options that offer you a similar feeling to a hammock. You don’t have to go for the ordinary freestanding bathtub, which looks gorgeous but offers nothing new or unique to a space. There are stunning pebble-shaped baths that contribute to the relaxation that hammocks provide. You can also create the feeling of a hammock by placing your beautiful bathtub in front of a window with a view. That will make you feel like you’re hanging out outside, taking in nature but still enjoying some privacy and the warmth of the bath.

Whether you’re a dino-obsessed paleontologist or you think it is neat, this washbasin will impress your guests. Shutterstock

Ammonite sinks are sure to impress anyone who visits!

Forgive our puns, but fossils get us excited. This particular washbasin comes in multiple colors and models, and we say give us one of each! Watching the water swirl down this drain never gets old. This sink’s unique design shows off the organic characteristics of concrete, from the bold colors to the unique patterns. You will fall in love with this unique architectural design. Since everyone should be washing their hands well these days, drawing attention to the sink is a great way to bring in some style as well as acceptable hygiene practices.

Photo Credit: rinyun/Shutterstock

If you have a more neutral bathroom design, this is such a fantastic option for you to add. It adds a bit of interest without detracting from your overall design. Everyone will get such a wonderful surprise when they go and wash their hands in the bathroom. The warm tones from an ammonite sink like this work just as well as wood to warm up this type of space. You can get various shades and types to complement the style you’ve chosen in your bathroom. It will make your sink area feel very natural but well-thought-out at the same time.

Instead of cutting a tree down, some people opt to build their homes around a tree. Shutterstock

Building a house around a tree can take many forms, but it’s always interesting to see it!

This architectural design idea is a treehouse to the max! Leaving a tree to live while you build your home around allows you to have a living form of art in your home. The tree won’t always be the same, so you’ll get to watch it change over the years. You’ll have your own source of air purification too! Some people choose to encase it in glass, while others prefer to let their trees live free and wild, though that could invite a few more creepy crawly guests than you might expect, and that goes double for critters like squirrels and birds.

Photo Credit: Tree House Point

It is charming to see people being more sympathetic to the nature surrounding their home and using it in their design instead of cutting down the trees. You can build around the trees or use them as a feature in your home. It will be a unique design if you choose to feature them in your home. If you have a large tree in the middle of your property, you could create an inner courtyard for your family to enjoy. Build a beautiful indoor/outdoor garden space at the center of your home. You can add pebbles, benches, and even some fake grass to make this an exceptional area.

Think of all the designs you can create with this idea! Shutterstock

Beautiful rock wall art can be created with the right amount of creativity and patience.

Rock wall art is sure to be the topic of any conversation and the centerpiece of your home if you add it in. It could be an entire wall or a small element over a fireplace or around a window – no matter where you place it, this eye-catching design is sure to please you every day you live in this home. Besides bringing the rocks indoors, you can keep them outside and design a one-of-a-kind arch in your walkway using a gorgeous rock design. Your neighbors will envy the final result, especially since it was a DIY project.

Photo Credit: GOLFX/Shutterstock

Rock helps a space to feel natural and organic. Rock can be added to most walls and can create a beautiful feature wall in your home. If the brown rock isn’t doing it for you, you can also whitewash it to make it fit with your light and bright home if that is your aesthetic. Rock is a versatile material in-home and can be used in many areas outside and inside the house. You could even go as far as to create a beautiful rock mosaic wall outside by your herb garden. Doing a DIY project with stone and rock is an excellent idea for homeowners looking to add an interesting feature to their space.

A patio in a courtyard instead of a garden opens up endless possibilities. Shutterstock

Creating a themed courtyard patio will ensure you have a little oasis to escape to.

Depending on your home’s overall feel and what vibe you want to give off, there are so many ways you could decorate. You could go with a modern chic look or introduce zen elements with a water fountain. You can even create a neutral space just to soak up the sun and relax. This courtyard would be a lovely spot to sit and drink a cup of coffee in the morning. If you want to up the features, add a small water feature such as a fountain or birdbath for a nice observation post.

Photo Credit: Houzz

One of the best recommendations for this type of space is to use gravel or stone on the floor. You don’t want the hassle of mowing the lawn or worrying about the grass not getting enough sun during the day to keep it looking lush and green. If you do love the look of grass, consider using fake grass or terrain instead. Gravel flooring will work well in a themed courtyard and can be replaced when needed. You could also use stone flooring, and it will feel like you’ve escaped to Europe and are living in Italy while enjoying your cup of coffee or espresso.


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