Over 40 DIY Landscaping Projects That Will Instantly Enhance a Yard

Trista - April 19, 2019

Maintaining the look of your lawn takes a lot of time and dedication, especially if you’ve got a big yard. But with the right vision and enough patience, you can transform your outdoor area into a landscaping masterpiece. If you desire to complete some epic DIY landscape ideas this season, check out these simple yet brilliant ways to instantly improve your yard.



1. Bathtub Planter

If you have a standalone tub, you want to ditch, do just that — just it in your yard! You must be in the mood to add a unique spin to a raised garden, and we encourage it. This elevated space is excellent for tall plants, as it’s deep enough to hold much dirt. Further, the holes at the bottom serve as ideal drainage.


2. Bloom Boxes

Attaching a bloom box to the side of your windowsill is a fast and easy way to incorporate flowers in your yard. Not only does it bring a splash of color but it also breathes an air of sophistication at the same time. If you are feeling really handy, create your own bloom box with some spare wood you have lying around and add your favorite flowers.


3. String Lighting

Having lights in the yard is a must; not only for a practical way to see at night, but also to create a beautiful yard. Instead of just doing the traditional pathway lights, string lights up by your seating. Use outdoor lights are also LEDs, which means that they’ll last a long time and won’t put a strain on your electricity bill.


4. Edible Garden

If you are completely lost about landscaping your yard, you can always invest in an edible garden instead. The seeds aren’t expensive, and there’s no real need to plan things out. Also, when the season is right, you can go out and pick your fresh produce when it’s ready, saving you money from going to the grocery store. Go ahead and start sprinkling and watering your seeds!


5. Modern Fencing

Everyone wants a nice house with a white picket fence, right? Well, not exactly. Upgraded fencing is a great way to show off your sense of style and bring a modern look to maintaining the boundaries of your yard. Minimalist fencing also gets the job done without using a lot of material.


6. Planting Borders

Wood is usually an option that most people use to section off their flowers from the lawn; however, there are more attractive planting borders that can add a sense of style to your garden. Some of them even include solar lighting so that there’s no need to buy separate lamps.


7. Crushed Stone

Skip paying out money for grass seed or turf; instead, consider using crushed stone to landscape your yard. It comes in a variety of colors and can spruce up your walk or garden area. Take a few extra minutes to map out your vision, and you will start to love your landscaping.


8. Pallet Furniture

Reusing pallets as patio furniture is a great way to add a rustic look to your deck without having to spend much money. Not only that but repurposing materials into a DIY landscape project will make you feel fabulous. Make sure the wood isn’t in rough condition, add a fresh coat of paint, and some cushions. Just like that, you have some awesome benches where you and your friends will love to lounge.


9. Hose Holder and Planter

This landscape enhancement is an excellent means of storage while still being attractive. Everyone will want this dual hose holder and planter, which keeps everything wrapped up and hidden. You can choose to go with wood or plastic, giving you a variety of options to meet the external decor of your home.


10. Stepping Stones

Add some individual flair and translucent color to your garden with stepping stones. They’re pretty easy to make on your own with some clear stones and a bag of cement. You could also paint the entire stepping stone if you want. No matter what you decide, this DIY landscaping project will add a personal touch to your yard.


11. Tree Bench

This landscaping project is easier than you think! Extra seating is always the right choice, especially if you’re one who has a lot of grandkids or garden parties. Be sure to use a stain that can handle outdoor weather and leaf litter.


12. Rope Ottomans

Here is another DIY landscape project that will make your yard a welcoming. All you need is an old tire, some very long rope, and heavy-duty glue. This ottoman can weather practically any storm. Not only is this yard feature resistant against the weather, but this new surface is easy to move looks great on any deck.


13. Converted Driveway

Maybe you park on the street or use public transportation. Either way, if you aren’t using your old driveway anymore, you could always convert it into a garden area or patio. Set up chairs and tables, and some potted plants to seal the deal. You won’t have to worry about clearing the area already since it’s already been flattened for the driveway.


14. Farmhouse Chic

You don’t have to have an original farmhouse to show off this popular style. Go ahead and incorporate the modern country look in your garden with wooden furniture and natural accessories. These special touches will make your yard feel cozy.


15. Wood Rounds

These wooden slabs can be used in any area of your yard, as stepping stones or garden decorations. The forest-like element and natural patterns of the wood make them a focal point of the yard. You can easily pair other landscaping details with this one-of-a-kind enhancement.


16. Vine Arches

Do you have a long pathway in your backyard? Build a simple arch with vines to dress up your yard. Go for vines that flower in spring as well to add that beautiful pop of color. It will look very romantic and be a picture-perfect spot for your family.


17. Wheelbarrow Planter

Why not go for the classic, whimsical design of the wheelbarrow planter? They come in many sizes, and if you don’t want to buy one at the store, just look for the nearest yard sale. Even an old, broken wheelbarrow will work and add a charming aesthetic to your landscaping.


18. Small Wall Planters

Don’t have the space for variety in your garden? Maybe you don’t have much yard space in general. You can keep smaller plants in even smaller planters along your wall. Make sure that you only use bulbs that don’t need much space to grow, or they’ll start to suffocate in these little planters.


19. Rain Gutter Planters

Rain gutters tend to get broken over time, usually when they get clogged, and the weight starts to pull them from the side of your house. Instead of throwing them away, consider filling them with dirt and using them to grow a small herb garden. It’s another DIY landscaping project that involves repurposing materials. Go green!


20. Tire Planters

If you have tires that are too worn down, slap some paint on them and turn them into planters. It’s a great way to recycle the rubber, and you won’t have to haul them out to the mechanic’s shop for them to take them off your hands.


21. Rock Gardens

If your thumb isn’t so green, a rock garden might be the landscaping project for you. Creating a unique rock garden doesn’t take much skill, just patience. You might need a little trial and error with different shapes and sizes of rocks to see what works for your vision. Put in some plants that don’t need much watering. An affordable bronze sculpture will add some different texture to the area.


22. Layering Plants

Create unique visuals by placing bright flowering plants next to low greenery. Nothing has to be laid out in a straight line either; play with shapes and create a layout that works with the other elements in your yard.


23. Walkway with Plants

Pulling at the grass that gets between the slabs of your walkway is a pain in the back — literally. You can reduce the problem by adding edges to either side of your walkway with mulch and small plants. It will instantly make your path look a little neater and your yard more appealing.


24. Ground Cover

Ground-covering plants can be great when you want some green but don’t want grass invading your walkway. They require no maintenance at all and are easy to pull up if they start growing into an area you don’t want to be covered up. Ground-covering plants also trap more moisture in the soil, so less watering is needed for your other plants. It’s a win-win.


25. Creating Cliffs

If you have a steep decline in your backyard, it can be problematic to get anything to grow. Instead of beating it, why don’t you join it? You can solve the problem by creating cliffs of your own with stone. Add some native plants that don’t require much maintenance.


26. Tall Flowering Bushes

Staring at the backside of your fence can get pretty boring. Spruce it up with tall, flowering bushes. Edging the boundary of your property with these beautiful plants will also provide you with some added protection from neighbors and surrounding noises.


27. Fire Pits

The party doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down, and the air gets chilly. Stoke up a friendly, small fire to keep everyone warm and cozy. A fire pit is affordable and easy to make with the right materials. Not only is it functional, but it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance throughout the year. Smore’s anyone?


28. Bird Baths

Humans aren’t the only guests you’ll have in your yard. Treat your feathered friends to a refreshing drink or a quick splash with a unique bird bath. You can buy one or make it yourself. Either way, a bird bath instantly upgrades your landscaping. It’s a sweet gesture that’s hard to ignore.


29. Green Fencing

Another way to forego the old white picket fence theory is to add green fencing. It’s a more natural option that will border your property lines. Leyland Cypress is one of the fastest growing pines, so you’ll have a tall, private “fence” in no time.


30. A Simple Gazebo

Creating a simple gazebo away from your house is a great way to entertain, especially if you don’t have a deck. They come in a range of prices and don’t take long to put up in the backyard. Some even come with mesh walls to help keep the bugs out as well as any rain at bay.


31. Trampoline Lounge

Everyone loves to jump on a trampoline once or twice, and that’s about it — even for the kids sometimes! Trampolines tend to become an eyesore when they don’t get much use. Breathe life back into yours again by adding some cushions and turning it into a lounge. Add a sun sail for some added shade to prevent people from getting sunburned.


32. Growing Wisteria

This flowering vine is not only romantic, but it can provide a lot of natural shade to your patio or deck. No matter what landscaping idea you incorporate to your yard, consider including this one as well. Be aware that this plant is an invasive species in some states, so do your research before you buy it.


33. Mulch

In the shadiest areas of your lawn, your grass isn’t going to grow that well. It can look gross and muddy, but that’s what mulch is for so go ahead and add some to that area. Use bright red cedar chips, and your trees will definitely be on display for your guests to see. It’s a quick way to upgrade your landscaping.


34. Moss

For the problem areas in your yard where grass simply won’t grow, consider adding moss. It provides excellent ground coverage and doesn’t need much watering. Because moss is thick, you don’t have to worry about getting any pesky weeds. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.


35. Plant by Root Systems

Organizing your garden can be tricky. However, when planning it out, you should arrange your flowers in snug groups where they can share root systems. This landscaping tip will prevent your soil from drying out too quickly. That way, your blooms will survive longer during the warmer months.


36. Good Soil

Choose a nutrient-rich soil that’s going to hold onto moisture. The nutrients will feed your plants for up to three months so that you won’t have to fertilize them yourself that often. Look at the essential requirements your plants need and buy accordingly.


37. Different Foliage

Not all trees have to be tall and majestic. A beautiful swaying palm can add a nice, easy-going touch to any front yard, weather permitting, of course. The tropical fronds will whisk you away to the sandy white beaches of the Caribbean even if you live all the way in Nevada.


38. Hanging Plants

Mirror your potted plants with similar hanging plants to create a cohesive look. After all, what’s the point of that porch if you don’t have plants hanging when you sit in your rocking chair? You can change these throughout the year by adding seasonal flowers to set the color scheme for your home. It’s a perfect spot for Mother’s Day hanging flowers.


39. More Symmetry

If you have a walkway or driveway that goes all the way up to your house, add some symmetry with colorful plants on both sides. Plan the space out beforehand on some paper. Then you have a rough idea of how many plants you need and how to arrange them the first time.


40. Hidden AC Unit

Those large machines can be unsightly even if they are on the side of your house; cover up your bulky but necessary air conditioner with some cleverly placed “fencing.” It will look like a natural addition to your home, and your guests may be none the wiser.


41. Go Overboard with Evergreens

Evergreens are pretty easy to take care of compared to some other plants. They will continue to provide color to your yard even when everything else has died in winter, too. If you are in the holiday spirit, you can also decorate your outdoor evergreens and impress the whole neighborhood.