Shift Happens: The Most Unusual and Bizarre Stories from Overnight Workers

Julie Suliguin - May 2, 2023

Have you ever wondered what happens in the world while you’re asleep? The answer is simple: the graveyard shift workers take over. From convenience store clerks to hotel staff and emergency responders, the world never truly sleeps thanks to these brave souls. But what happens during these late-night hours? Overnight workers have seen it all, from strange encounters with customers to unexplained events that frighten even the bravest of us. The stories that come out of the graveyard shift are sure to amaze, entertain, and even shock you.

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Two Outfits

Had a drunk guy come in fully clothed. Walked around for a minute. Stood in place for a minute then head to the bathroom. When he came out he was wearing nothing but his T-shirt. Left the store hanging dong into 3-degree weather. Never saw him again.

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A Tight Fit

I worked overnights at a location of a large department store chain that rhymes with Lacy’s…we were there for the Christmas season to basically put the store back together and get merchandise out before the next day so that day shift could focus on helping customers…plenty of people at 2 am seeing lights on and assuming we were still open, but there were plenty of shenanigans inside as well. The most memorable thing was one of the managers and a girl about 20 years younger than him found a pair of 64″ waistband jeans and decided to see if they could each fit in one leg with both of theirs (to be fair they were both super skinny). They got stuck and spent the next 20 minutes trying to figure out how to get out without tearing their pants or their own clothes.

They started dating not long after that.


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A Snapshot of Paranoia

In college, I worked at a camera store that also had a 1-hour photo lab. During my last few years there I was sick of dealing with customers so I worked in the photo lab, which was visible to the rest of the store through a large window (an important detail).

Once a week I’d stay after hours to replace the chemicals and clean the printer, and when I was done I’d print a random customer’s order just to make sure everything worked. One time when I was finished working on the printer, I chose an order of about 25 4×6 prints (because it would print quickly and I wanted to go home). I ran the order through without really paying attention to the pictures on the screen. A little bit later the prints come out and I flip through them.

All 25 pictures were of me. Someone had taken 25 pictures of me through that large window earlier in the day without me noticing. At the moment it creeped the sh*t out of me and it felt like I had a stalker (being alone in the store at night didn’t help). I later found out that one of the sales associates was trying to help a customer test out a lens, and told the customer to take a bunch of pictures of something from across the store for some test shots that they could look at the next day; apparently, I was the subject of choice. While flattered, I asked my coworker to give me a heads up next time so I don’t think someone is stalking me.

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Fast Food, Fast Thinking

I was working the counter in a Mcdonald’s when a guy came in covered in blood from the stomach down. I asked him if he needed an ambulance. He looked at me with confusion and then followed my gaze down to his stomach and the blood. He looked back up at me, said “Oh sh*t, I thought he just punched me” and then fainted. We called an ambulance and he was taken away. He came back in a few nights later and thanked us for calling the ambulance. The knife had gone through his abdominal muscles, but not hit any organs, so he got really lucky. He figured he was so hopped up on adrenaline that he didn’t feel it.

The thing that was really unnerving is that he was about a kilometre away from where he was stabbed. He walked a kilometre without noticing it.

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Dogs Go Urban

We left the door open one night, propped up with a ladder so some signs could be put up. A co-worker putting the signs up had to go get some more material, so he left the door propped open, and in comes barreling a pack of hunting dogs. From a nearby farm or ranch, I guess. Strayed pretty far, to end up in a convenience store in town.

They went around and around the racks, their claws skittering on the floor, sniffing at something, I dunno. Whatever they were tracking on–if anything–they didn’t find the scent of, so they skittered around until they found the way back out, and off into the night they went.

I’m pretty sure their owner was asleep and the dogs got loose.

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The Goddesses’ Servant

I worked at a 24-hour grocery store as a 3rd shift cashier for two and a half years, and I had my fair share of crazies from time to time. The one that sticks out the most would be one night when this dude came in with a full-looking backpack and bolted straight towards the bathrooms. My fight or right instinct kicked in because I’ve always been super paranoid about someone coming in with a gun because there were no safety measures for the cashiers up front if something were to happen but yeah, I’m standing there talking to my co-worker about what this dude could be doing in there, like 10 or 15 minutes later this dude comes out of the bathroom, in a short red dress that wasn’t zipped on the back, and heels, holding a phone up where like 3 girls were on facetime with him and he just starts walking around the store holding it up so they see him doing it. He comes up to my co-worker and asks her if she can hold the phone so he can lick the floor for them but obviously, she declined laughing my a** off. She ended up asking him what the F he was doing and he’s just like “I’d do anything for these goddesses” or something along those lines and he left soon after. Gotta say it’s gonna take a lot to top that one for me.


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Lightning Strikes

I almost got struck by lightning when I was taking out the trash at night. I decided to go outside during a break in an intense rainstorm. Shortly after rushing inside, I see a silent flash of lightning and then a deafening sonic boom after. It struck so close that I became deaf for 30 seconds. If I was outside for a few more seconds I would’ve been toast. After the lightning struck, it started pouring rain again.

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ID or Something Else?

Long ago now, but I worked the late shift at a 7-Eleven that was around the corner from a strip club. Not often, but from time to time, the dancers would come in for cigarettes or something after they finished their night.

One night, two dancers came in well past the midnight cut-off for alcohol sales, and after making their way through the store for the things they wanted, approached the counter, one of them holding a bottle of alcohol.

I looked at her and said, “Now even if it wasn’t past midnight, I can tell there’s no way you’re 21 years old”. She argued that she was. I insisted that there is no way.

She asked if I’d like to see her ID. I said, “It’s still after midnight, but sure, let me see the ID because I still don’t believe you.” She moved as if she was reaching into a pocket in her coat, then simply opened the coat and pulled up her shirt and stood there confidently with her boobs hanging barely a foot from my face, and said “See?”

I made a quick look to the parking lot to make sure no one else could see into the store, and then said “Okay, take the alcohol, and have a good night.”


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After-Hours Horror

I walked out of the store for a smoke break at around 4:00 in the morning. My car windows were busted in. Keep in mind, I’m in the store alone, and 4:00 is a dead hour. This means there are zero cars on the street, and outside is dead silent.

I was freaked out.

Of course, I called the cops. They Wrote up a report, and that was pretty much it.

5:45ish, around the time we open the door back up, this violently drunk man comes into the store half-n*ked, BALLING his eyes out. CRAWLS OVER THE counter hugs me (I’m in shock,) and starts to tell me that he didn’t mean to hurt me. Immediately I was like, “This is the f*cking guy.”

He told me he had a crush on me, found me on Grindr, and got mad that I didn’t recognize him. He said, what threw him over the edge is when I denied him beer after 2:00 am (Legal cut-off time.) He kept telling me how he was sorry, loved me, and didn’t want to ever hurt me again.

Anyway, long story short I was vandalized and attacked by a half-n*ked gay guy off Grindr.


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Playing to the Crowd

A man with a portable speaker that played his own WWE-style intro music. He greeted people by enthusiastically yelling “What’s up, playaaaaaaaaaa!” He would then high-five you with such joy and enthusiasm that you expected spontaneous explosions and guitar riffs. He was my favorite customer.

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911 Disappointment

A guy comes in and wants to use the payphone behind the counter to call the police.

Of course, I let him.

I can hear only his side of the conversation. He really was not expecting the responses he got from the police and was quite disappointed.

He was aware his wife and another man were having sex at that moment and wanted the police to go break it up and arrest her for committing adultery. He was so giddy about her going to jail too.

This was almost 30 years ago and I can still hear his confused voice repeating the person on the phone saying. “grounds for divorce? what is that?”

He got off the phone and was so dejected his wife wasn’t going to be caught in the act by the police and arrested.

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Late-Night Diner

Didn’t happen to me. My dad was closing his restaurant late at night, think 11:45, and there is a motion sensor alarm by the door. He was about to leave and he was just checking the sensor when it said that there was movement in the dining room. There was no one else there, no cars in the parking lot. He went and checked anyway, and there was nothing, so he went to leave again, again, the sensor informed him of movement in the dining room. When he went out again, all of the chairs in the dining room were off of the tables. He put them back and did one last check for anyone inside, then went back to the door. Once more, the sensor gave a warning. He yelled “GET THE F*CK OUT!” and the warning went away. When he got to his car, the attic light was on, even though he turned them all off.

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The Price of Savings

I worked overnights at a Walgreens and the craziest story was when I was checking out this woman at the cash register. She had a sh*tton of coupons that she bought a lot of stuff with and forced her two young teenage daughters to get stuff with. Like I mean it was crazy and probably over 200 dollars in her cart. The whole time the two teenage daughters were talking about how it was so late and they needed to go to bed so they could get up for school at six in the morning and the mother was just making snide and snarky comments about how ungrateful and little sh*ts they were.

The kicker was my cash register kept malfunctioning which made it so I had to rescan everything about 3 times and by the third time the woman was chewing me out so badly that the manager and the other cashier working overnight slowly left their stations to stand behind me in solidarity, telling her to leave me alone as she complained about me not being able to do my job right.

Her millions of coupons stopped working because she ended up having them add up to more than she was spending and she wouldn’t take ‘we can’t accept this unless you buy more’ for an answer and went on about how we were cheating her and were refusing to do our jobs. Meanwhile, the two girls looked absolutely mortified and exhausted. She made the two girls buy makeup that they ‘needed’ according to her and finally the rest of the coupons scanned correctly.

Her total would have originally been 149 dollars or something similar without the coupons but it ended up being 2 dollars with them. When she found she still owed 2 dollars and none of the coupons would bring it down to 0 because that just wasn’t something we accepted she went batsh*t one more time before the manager finally kindly told her she could either pay or leave and she had to leave me alone and stop swearing at me. Finally, after about forty minutes of this, she and her daughters left.

I never felt more bad for a pair of teenage girls.


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Good Riddance

We had a repeat customer we’ll call Patrick. Patrick was a self-proclaimed homeless veteran and I had some interactions with him that led me to believe that he was eccentric, but not dangerous. That was until one day my shift ended and Patrick stops me when I’m walking out to my car in the parking lot. He’s standing along the side of the building with (I believe) his girlfriend, who looks like the textbook definition of a methhead. We introduce ourselves and

Patrick makes weird small talk. When he shakes my hand, he takes notice of how small it is (I’m a girl who’s only about 5 feet tall and thus everything on me is quite small) and calls me a Muppet baby. He tries to guess my age for some reason and says I look 27…at the time I was only 18. Around this time, I had put in my two-week notice and I told him I was thinking I was trying to get into Chick-Fil-A. He told me I “had that a**” to be working at Chick-Fil-A…whatever that means. The worst part though was when he asked if I wanted to take down his and his girlfriend’s phone numbers so we could have a threesome. I didn’t know what to say at that moment because Patrick and his methed-out girlfriend are total strangers and even if it was a joke, it was making me visibly uncomfortable. I tried to weasel out of the situation by saying I had a boyfriend and Patrick says, gesturing to his girlfriend, “Oh she can be a boy! She can put on a strap-on!” I don’t know how I actually got out of that conversation but I was finally able to escape to my car. I went home wired out of my skull and told my parents the next day everything that happened. My parents bought me pepper spray almost immediately and until my two weeks were over, my brother would drive up in his truck to the McDonald’s I worked at to walk me out and make sure I was safe.

Also, I never saw Patrick after that, this apparently because he had some big altercation with my GM. This happened during the morning shift so I wasn’t there, but he had asked the GM about whether they’d gotten his job application. After she checked, the GM came back saying she didn’t see his name and it might take some time to come through. Patrick proceeded to have a full-on meltdown, calling her a fat b*tch (she was a bigger woman but still, not the greatest look) and accused her of not caring about the homeless. The GM told him that if she didn’t care about the homeless, why was she allowing them to loiter in the lobby for hours at a time and get free food from the surveys on the receipts they dug out of the dumpster. He continued to yell and scream obscenities at her on the way out. I was told by one of my coworkers that they think Patrick died because no one saw him after that, and everyone was equally as disturbed as I was when I told him how he propositioned me for a three-way. I’m very glad I don’t work at McDonald’s anymore.

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A Phone Call Goes Ham

I worked 3rd shift at a hotel in Alaska one summer. Let me tell you the story of the Ham Sandwich.

It was around 4 am and I got a call from a random number. I said my spiel and the lady on the phone immediately said “Where is my f*cking sandwich” Not knowing how to respond to this I asked, “Im sorry, can you repeat that?” Because how else are you supposed to answer that kind of question? She asked it again so I said “Is it on the counter….or the fridge?” Because again…how?

Lady on the phone “Someone in a white mask came in and stole my ham sandwich!”

I wanted to make sure she was staying at the property since it was a random number and not a room number so I asked if she was staying on the property to get like security out there or something. She said her name was Ming and she was staying in room 911.

I know I wasn’t going crazy because one of my friends who care to get cash (I was the person 1st shift who went to get cash as well) so I asked him if he wanted to listen in.

I don’t remember what was being said in the meantime except she said “b*tch are you still f*cking there?” And hung up a few seconds later.

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Late-Night Ramen Run

I recall this one night when this woman came in zoinked out of her mind and came up to buy a pack of ramen, and she just stood there slooowwwllyy paying for it, when she was done she went out the doors into the lobby area and stood in there like perfectly still for over 20 minutes, so I call up my manager and told him about her and he eventually said to check on her after like 5 minutes. Me and my co-worker are standing in front of the door and we are about to go in when I notice a light fixture above us is swinging which was very strange because we’ve never seen it move before or after ever again. I finally go in there to check on her and I don’t even get like 8 words in before my nose just starts POURING blood, it was wild as h*ll. I don’t necessarily believe in paranormal stuff, but yeah that was probably the most proof of that kinda stuff that I’ve ever experienced.

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The Twilight Zone

So I was in the VA/MD area and had a lot of work-related sites ranging from downtown Baltimore to Virginia Beach and all around.

Friday wrapped up, and I hit the road to some social arrangements I had made for the weekend. Spent the weekend with friends out in various parts of VA, and got dragged off to other places even further out, the usual weekend fun times.

It’s late Sunday night when I have to leave, Or I’m not going to be able to get home in time to start my (thankfully late afternoon) Monday. I’m fully rested, I didn’t do any drinking, I’m not into drugs.

On the highway at about 3 AM, in the middle of bumf*ck nowhere between Roanoke and DC, absolutely nobody around. I’m cruising along in the left lane simply because nobody else is around. No headlights for the past hour, and no tail lights either. No road lamps either. It’s dark, mildly damp, it’s foggy. I have the music up, I’m feeling good, and all is fine.

And then I just happen to look to the left and there is a f*cking dog barking at me. A German Shepard, in a car passenger seat, somewhat blue-glow from the instruments inside the car, and its got its face to its window and is barking its head off at me. I get a good hard look at it, too, because at first, my brain is not registering ‘cop car, dummy!’

I’m doing 90+ in a 75, I promptly have the ‘oh sh*t!’ moment when the dog, the instruments, and the white crown vic/light bar all click in my brain after a second hard look. I put my foot on the brakes and start slowing down hard but safe, to pull over. I even put my blinker on to start shifting lanes over to the right to pull over because-

WAIT. There is no shoulder on the left side of this road!

I look back to my left (where there is still no shoulder/room for another car!), and it’s just gone. No trace. I slammed my brakes and stopped in the middle of the f*cking highway, flipped on all my light bars and even looked around with my handheld spot. there was NOTHING. No tail lights, no headlights, no engine sounds, nothing. There are no other tire marks in the damp but mine and I can see for a nice long distance both ways, too. Nothing.

My vehicle had great visibility, and a lot of extra lighting (offroad SUV with the trimmings.), there is no possible way somebody pulled a sneaky, let alone drove that fast on wet sloped grass and rocks on my left side.

So.. Yep, there you have it. The ghost cop and his dog didn’t like me speeding, apparently.


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“Hold onto it for me”

Had a regular customer nicknamed ‘Spoody’ He came in once and give me $600 and just said “Hold onto it for me I might need it one day” I found out later they kept an envelope in the safe for him to make deposits into cause his daughter would steal his disability checks.

One day Spoody came in with a diiiiirty mangey looking spitz and he goes gets put mop bucket and a big jug of Mop N Glow and goes outside. He ties the dog up to the spigot near the entrance of the store and fills up the bucket and gets some good suds going, then dumps it on the dog. The dog proceeds to attack him and bites him up pretty bad and Spoody just bails and runs off. Meanwhile, the dog is tied up in front and mad as h*ll and nobody could get in or out. Had to finally call animal control. They get there, accidentally unleash him and the dog attacks one of the dog catchers and then ran off, presumably to find Spoody.

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A Criminal at Work

I wasn’t working quite nights at the time, but very early morning (4 am or so depending on the day). I’ve always worked odd hours but this was my first, I was maybe 17 at the time. Just stocking at a retail store. I got along great with most of the people I worked with, one of my lifelong best friends came from working there. She was just a year or two older than me, but we were really good friends at the time. She came to me one day and told me that she was getting emails (this was pretty early 2000s) from someone that was creeping her out. She said they would describe what she was wearing that day, even stuff she said or did at work. I told her that we needed to tell our manager but she wanted me to do it with her.

We told the manager, he called the cops, and they start looking into everybody that we work with. They ran backgrounds on everyone when they were hired, but only in our state, so the cops started running bigger checks on everyone. Most of us had worked together for a while at this point and I couldn’t imagine it had been any of them. The best person in our group was a man that was at least in his mid to late twenties. He occasionally said something about some of us females or acted like he was trying to look up my shirt while I was on a ladder (again… I’m underage), but he seemed mostly harmless. Just a bit creepy.

Finally, the national background checks come back and the new guy was wanted in California for 2 counts of breaking and entering and 1 count of sexual a**ault. They found all this out during the day after our crew had already left, the police told us that they would let the night guys handle it because they might want some excitement and it was a definite place he would be. He was always a bit late, so we all got there in the morning, a few police showed up and came into the store. When he finally got there the manager led the rest of us out the front door and locked it as the police had instructed. As he walked to the back we saw the police come out behind him from their hiding places and he was arrested and extradited to California… Definitely creepy because I had been working with this guy, even going out back to take cardboard or get equipment with him alone.


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When Nature Calls

I remember being at a barbershop with my grandpa way back when and one trucker told a story about traveling through Florida at night. He said that he hadn’t seen anywhere to stop and finally hand to pull to the side of the road to take a piss. A state trooper pulled up and told him it was dangerous to be stopping in the area, then turned on his floodlight and flashed it out into the dark. The trucker said that dozens of eyes from alligators flashed back in the light and he quickly jumped back in his truck. Didn’t stop anywhere like that down there again.


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A Whole Lot of Trouble

Not a convenience store story but for a while I was a manager at a seedy dive bar in a dodgy strip. We were open from 9 am-5 am and would get all sorts in. One morning a woman orders three drinks and three meals, she looked a bit out of it but we would get a lot of people coming off the night shift so didn’t think much of it. She proceeds to sit at one of four outdoor tables, downs three glasses of cheap wine and when her meal comes she starts feeding the nearby pigeons tearing the food (schnitzels) with her hands and dropping it. She then escalated to chewing her food and spitting it at the ground quickly attracting loads of birds so I politely requested that she stop feeding the birds. She acts really affronted (like I was the weirdo) but says she’ll stop feeding them. When I turn to walk back inside she screams “I’ll f*cking drag you to the car park and stab you, c*nt!” Luckily the cop shop is opposite the bar and they didn’t take long to respond but it took four cops to subdue her.

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The Mystery Car

I was cleaning a building late at night. I was alone, and this building is a one-story office. I was working on cleaning one of the bathrooms when a car pulled up to the rear door. (This office had two main entries, and the rear door was specifically for staff.) I was close with the workers there and could recognize who was there by the car. I didn’t recognize this car, and no one knew had joined the office, so I was confused. No one stepped out of the car. There were two black people in the car, a man and a woman. They just watched the building, and I got a sick feeling in my stomach. I watched them from a window with blinds so they couldn’t see me snooping. They weren’t looking at their phones, at a map, or even talking to each other. Just watching the building. I grabbed as many cleaning chemicals as I could and hid in one of the closets. The car eventually left, and I went back to work. I didn’t call the police since, technically, there was nothing they could do.

Months later, I heard from one of my coworkers, let’s call her Trish, that the same car pulled up to the office, and a black man had entered the building. He claimed he had to use the bathroom, but he just wandered around for a few minutes. Trish asked him what he wanted. He said he was looking for a job. (This was a private practice, so you don’t just walk up and ask for an application.) He was acting very strange, like a little kid caught in a lie. He tried to barge his way into Trish’s office, and she chased him out of the building. He jumped into the car waiting outside, and a black woman ran out from another building and took off with him in the car. Trish then called the police on them. I knew it was the same car because of the description Trish gave me. I now always carry with me a bottle of the strongest chemical I have in my closet, just in case the guy ever comes back.



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Love On The Rocks

A car containing a man and a woman stopped in front of the store. The woman got out, came in, and asked for some condoms. As I was directing her to them – which was taking longer than it should, as she was fairly dim-witted and/or drunk – she suddenly looked out the window and freaked out.

The guy she had come here with DROVE OFF WITHOUT HER. And he had her phone and purse.

She used the store phone to call the police on him and to call her brother for a ride while insisting that the guy is either “going back to jail” or “gon’ get smashed” by her brother. Or possibly both.

Her brother never showed, but she eventually convinced another customer to give her a ride by giving him $3 for gas and saying that she needed help to “beat the f*ck out her baby daddy”.

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A Night of Strange

I worked at a MobilMart in a rural upstate NY village for roughly a decade, and I have some good stories, but my favorite happened in ’96, about 4 months after I started.

It was about 1 AM, on a weekday: very quiet, no customers for a while. In walks this very mousy, very nondescript woman. You wouldn’t remember her face if you sat and talked to her for a day, she was so unmemorable. She asks, “Excuse me, but I was in earlier tonight, and I think I left my wallet here. Did anyone find it?”

No one had found a wallet, I hadn’t found one, so I tell her it’s not here. “Can you look with me? I need it,” she says, so being the decent person I am, I look around the store with her. It’s slow, so we take our time and look.

About 10 minutes later, she looks up and says “Hey… what’s that?” She points to the Muzak speaker piping out some soft pop music.

I tell her it’s the music, and a slow change comes over her. She’s no longer looking calm but worried about her wallet… she’s looking a little panicked.

“There are messages in the music” she whispers. “They slip them right into your brain.” I nod, and now I’m worried. I think quickly: “It’s okay,” I tell her. “It’s on a tape. They made it before the messages were created.”

She nods, but she’s not really listening. Now she’s staring at the security cameras, and she’s visibly shaking. “Where do those go to?” she asks.

“Right to the back room,” I tell her. “The tapes never leave the store.” But she’s not listening. “I have to get out of here,” she whispers. She’s terrified for some reason.

“What about your wallet?” “I’ll come back later for it!” she hisses and then runs out of the store. Well, I look around for a little longer, don’t find the wallet, and go back to doing work stuff.

About 2 hours later, the village idiot walks in. Yes, this guy was a literal village idiot: He believed, for example, that WWE wrestling was real, and baseball was faked. I am not making that up; he said that on multiple occasions.

“I just had the weirdest thing happen to me about 2 hours ago,” he says. “This woman just ran into my house and tried to have sex with me. She said the voices in Mobil were telling her to do it.”

“Really,” I said. “What happened to her?”

“Oh, my mom called the cops and they took her to the psych ward,” he said. “Pissed me off. She was kinda hot.”

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Lettuce Be Honest

A few years ago when I was working cash at McDonald’s overnight a carload of highly intoxicated dudes rolled up to the drive-thru.

If you worked fast food, you know immediately if the customers are drunk when they get to the mic because they literally never stop laughing/yelling/cussing as they order…

But these young gentlemen were different. They had a special request for each item they ordered, and that was to add lettuce to each and everything they wanted.

I made a milkshake blended with lettuce, topped with whip cream and lettuce.

Black coffee with lettuce.

McNuggets? I made a McNugget salad.

French Fries? Lettuce.

It was actually pretty fun to make everything. Overnight shifts can get pretty slow.

When they guys came to the window the guy DRIVING the car could not hand me the money to save his life. His entire complexion was flushed, his eyes were red and dull and his hand trembled and swayed as he tried to pay.

Needless to say: Don’t drive under the influence… But high/drunk customers are usually entertaining.

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Unexplained Disappearances

I was setting up the dining hall for breakfast at about 5:30 am this woman dressed in a skirt and blouse wandered in I thought she must be looking to eat and told her it wasn’t ready yet but if she’d wait in the sitting area I’d bring her a tea and pastry while she waited, she continued to stare at me blankly and I asked if she was ok wondering if something was wrong with her before she legit vanished in front of my eyes… I was more than a touch freaked out and I noticed lots of weird stuff happened in that hotel… Guests would complain about people running up and down the halls, laughing, and banging on doors at night/early morning but whenever myself or another member of staff went to check it out there was no one there.

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Misguided Mannerisms

I worked at Taco Bell as a cashier when I was 16.

So it’s probably 10:55, and the dining area is gonna close soon. I’m cleaning tables, and this guy walks in. Trenchcoat, hat pulled down low, whatever. But what really gets me is he has one arm inside his jacket, like he has a pistol in his hand. His mannerisms are sketchy, too. Walking around the lobby while I clean and telling him I’ll be right with him, looking at the cameras, etc. Our area has a problem with meth and opiate usage, so I’m thinking, “f*ck, we’re about to get robbed or something.” There are only two other employees there, one at the drive-thru and one in the kitchen, so I’m essentially all alone. I’m behind the register at this point ready to take his order. He’s making up his mind, and shaking his head and everything. Probably changing his order two or three times. I remember he got a #5 Combo, the Mexican Pizza meal. As soon as I tell him the total, he starts to pull out the hand in his jacket in a very fast motion. I’m ready to duck down behind the counter in the event it’s a gun.

Nope, it’s his wallet. The dude had his wallet in his hand the whole f*cking time but poised himself in a way like he was about to go rob us at gunpoint. Really creepy, and fortunately my shift was over just then.

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The Many Faces

Lady with seven different personalities came into my WaWa a few weeks ago. Saw her start dancing to the music and bumped into someone and when the person said “Excuse you” she turned psycho and started screaming her head off. The cops know her so they come in and tell her she has to leave and she freaks out on them, turns to me and says in the sweetest voice “Have a good night”. As soon as she went outside she blew up on the cops again.

My manager was the one that told me she had seven different personalities but I only saw two that night.

Last night (New Year) this cracked-out-looking lady came in and as I was filling our coffee island I heard her talking to the Icy machine “You stay shut! Yes youuuu stay shut!!”


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A Smoking Gun

7/11 employee here.

It would have to be the woman that came in every Sunday night, at around 1:30 in the morning, and would get a different type of cigarette each time.

When I finally asked her why, it turns out that she had caught her son smoking, and as punishment, he had to finish off that pack, as well as every other pack she could get her hands on.

CPS was called, not sure if anything came of it though.

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The Elevator Boy

Worked the graveyard shift during Halloween and there was a little boy with me in the elevator. The thing is, kids aren’t allowed in the building so I wondered, and when I asked the guard, he said I wasn’t with anybody when I got out of the elevator.


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The Unsettling Tip

I worked in a coffee shop where you sit and drink coffee. No coffee to go. There was a guy who order coffee, put sugar in it and pay for it. He wanted to give me a big tip like too big and I said thank you but cannot accept. That is too big. He said: good, that means nobody can buy you. After I give him the change, he left without touching the coffee. My manager was there and we were so confused. There is a mental institution 5 minutes from the coffee shop so we have always wondered did he ran from there. It was really strange.