Start a Dreamy Kitchen Garden Today with These Tips

By Trista
Start a Dreamy Kitchen Garden Today with These Tips

This year has been the year of new hobbies for everyone, from knitting and painting to baking all sorts of banana bread. You may have felt cooped up with these hobbies, so it’s time to get outside and start a new one that you can enjoy for many years. Take up a new hobby of growing your very own herbs, vegetables, and fruits at your own home in a kitchen garden.

What is a kitchen garden? It’s a garden or area at your home where vegetables, herbs, and fruit are grown and used when cooking or baking in your kitchen.


It’s okay if you don’t have outside greenery to use a garden to grow produce; find a space in your home with good sunlight. Shutterstock.

You Don’t Need An Actual Garden

The beautiful thing about a kitchen garden is that you don’t have to have a garden to do this activity, despite the name. If you are lucky enough to have outdoor space, you can plant your seeds in a dedicated vegetable garden area or in amongst other flower beds. 

If you don’t have space, you can get containers that you can keep on your balcony or even on your kitchen windowsills. It’s a fantastic hobby as you get something out of it that you can use, and it’s beautiful and fresh too.