Stop Giving These 30 Items

By Trista
Stop Giving These 30 Items

Whether you’re planning to move, need to clear the clutter out of your home, or just want to contribute to charity, donating to a thrift store is a great idea. It helps give your belongings a new life and can benefit the thrift store you donate to. Many places gladly welcome donations and are happy to work with you. You can even get a receipt to write your donation off on your next tax return!

When determining what to take to the thrift store for donation, keep in mind that not everything you have is appropriate. Many thrift stores will not take furniture, large appliances, or other oversized items. They tend to not take things that have been used too much or are ripped or stained. Thrift stores are usually operated by charitable organizations and have mostly volunteers for employees. Dumping all of your extra stuff at a thrift store, even if it’s unusable, can add extra work onto their already overloaded employees. They have to take the time to sort through your donation, throw away any trash or unusable items and find a way to dispose of them. For help determining what sort of items are inappropriate to donate to a thrift store, keep reading! 


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1. Anything Outdated

People who shop at thrift stores most likely have flat-screen TVs and DVD players at home, so they’re not on the hunt for a bulky TV or cassette player. You may want to donate your huge VHS tape collection and VCR, but it has a small chance of selling. Most thrift stores won’t even consider taking outdated technology.

Old books and electronics are also a no-go for donating. Would you go into a thrift store looking for a book from the 1980s? How about an original CD player? It’s best to take old items like this to an electronics recycler in order to dispose of it correctly. You could also try listing old electronics on a marketplace app to see if anyone is interested. Consider donating old books to your local library.