Stop Donating these Items to Thrift Stores

Trista - August 22, 2019
Credit: Baltimore Sun

1. Crayons

If you have spent even the smallest amount of time around children, you are all too familiar with the presence of crayons. It is often one of the most common pastimes, whether at home or daycare. If you find yourself doing a purge of your children’s playroom and determining what toys or items can be donated, crayons may be at the top of the list. Perhaps they have outgrown coloring or have just been gifted too many different sets and do not need that many. However, before putting all of the crayons into a bag and taking them to the local donation center, you should contact them first.

Crayons can seem like an extremely harmless donation item, but the truth is that most thrift stores won’t even accept them. Some crayons have been said to contain lead. If there is enough lead in the crayon and a young child eats or chews on the crayons, there is a massive potential for a lead poisoning hazard. It is too difficult for staff to know which crayons may be part of the lead-containing group or the safe ones. If you have too many crayons, you might consider adequately disposing of them, but it is best not to just drop them off at the donation center to become their problem then.