The Most Disturbing Hoarding Stories on the Internet

Trista - March 31, 2021
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1. Hoarding is sneaky and insane.

Reddit user bernanner recounts, “Get ready. It’s long. I had some family friends for a long time, even before I started school. The slow progression of their hoarding was something to see. Little things, habits were where it started, and then those seemed to spiral out of control. Some of the things I saw were just disgusting. Toilet paper was never on the roll. But when you picked it up to use it, there were used tissues inside the roll from where someone blew their nose. The washer and dryer in the bathroom were always covered in clothes. Soon, it seemed like they just bought more instead of doing laundry. I remember as a teenager using their bathroom and used pads would be open on top of the trash.

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It was hard for me to keep track of how many animals they have: fish, a bird or two, cats, and dogs everywhere. They once got in trouble for a horse in the backyard in the city. They have farm property with more cats and dogs, horses, and goats. On their farm, they built a house about 20 years ago. Outside was finished, but inside never was. It’s full of stuff and would require a lot of cleanups. At some point, the house in town closed on the porch. We watched that extra room fill up. The last time I stayed there, I was probably 13. I’d wrecked my bike, and they offered me band-aids that were soaking in the water on the kitchen counter. I declined. I ate tuna out of the can and yogurt because of the pre-closed seal. That night, I saw meal worms crawling through my friend’s carpet. I went home, and my elbow was infected. Super painful.”