The Most Wholesome and Funny Tweets from Parents that Brought Tears to Our Eyes

Shannon Quinn - June 13, 2022

The world has enough bad news in it. So why not look for something wholesome? Here at Home Addict, we’ve gathered some of the most wholesome and adorable tweets from parents talking about their kids. These are guaranteed to make you smile, even if. you’re having a bad day.

This man’s child is suspicious of Twitter. Credit: Twitter

50. Twitters

Sometimes kids don’t understand what adults like to do for fun. In this situation, an 8-year-old calls out his dad for being on Twitter all day.

“My 8-year old just now to another parent: ‘I don’t trust my dad on the internet. He just twitters all day with people he doesn’t know.’” (via @markhgoodman10 on Twitter)

This man’s son is truly adorable. Credit: Twitter

49. Hold My Hand

As kids get older, they don’t want to be treated like babies anymore. So when a moment like this happens, it’s truly a special thing for parents to experience.

“People, my 7 year old boy asked to hold my hand in public. I have won at life.” (via @WajahatAli on Twitter)


This 5-year old made a surprise announcement. Credit: Twitter

48. Backwards Only

Kids have the funniest ideas. In this wholesome tweet, a little girl decides that she only wants to walk backwards from now on. Maybe she’ll trip and stumble along the way, but it seems like her mom is supporting her dream, at least for now.

“You think you’re going to have a pretty normal day and then your 5-year-old announces she only walks backwards now.” (via @Lhlodder on Twitter)

A sad and important tweet about love. CredIt: Twitter

47. The Rules of Love

This tweet is sad, but very true. When you love someone deeply, it’s really difficult to move on from the relationship. So as a parent, she is promising that she will teach her daughter how to move on from heartbreak. I wish someone taught me that, personally.

“I will teach my daughter how to love, but most important how to stop. They never teach you how to stop.” (via @tastefullysaucy on Twitter)

This 7-year old is justifying the existence of Santa. Credit: Twitter

46. I Did The Math

This tweet is hilarious. A little boy is clinging on to his belief in Santa Claus, so his justification is that his parents can’t afford to buy the presents. Truthfully, a lot of parents go overboard with spending on credit cards. So as funny as this sounds, the kid might be right.

“My 7 year old, clinging to his belief in Santa: ‘You can’t afford all these presents. I did the math.'” (via @carriemelago)

This little girl is scary when she holds a knife. Credit: Twitter

45. The Butter Knife

Kids say the darnedest things. And sometimes, it can seem downright creepy. In this tweet, a little girl is running around with a knife, and it crosses her mind that knives can cut bones. Is someone letting this toddler watch horror movies?

“My 3-year old just walked up to me holding a butter knife.  I asked her to put the knife down. She said, ‘Don’t worry, it’s just a butter knife. I’m not going to cut your bones.’ Is that…Sometimes an option for her??” (via @ThatDangPhil)

This extension cord seems impossible to untangle. Credit: Twitter

44. Tangled

This next wholesome tweet is coming from a father who is clearly at the end of his rope. Or rather, extension cord. As you can see in the photo, the extension cord is a tangled, straight-up mess. His kids will graduate college before they can come up with a way to untangle it for him.

“I work hard everyday and provide for my children so that in the future, when I am gone, maybe they will have the technology to unknot this extension cord.” (via. @GeneralSamsSec)

This little girl is mature beyond her years. Credit: Twitter

43. Inner Zen

This tweet is both heartbreaking and remarkable. This little girl was bullied at school, but she had it in her to feel compassion towards the kids who destroyed her Barbie doll. If this was me as a kid, I would have been crying.

“My 5-year old brought her favorite Barbie to the first day of school today. Two other kids took it & snapped the head off. When I asked my daughter about it, she took a big breath & carefully said, ‘It’s okay. That’s a lot going on right now for everyone.’ My sweet girl!” (via @NurseKelsey)

Moms are powerful women. Credit: Twitter

42. Super Mom

When you become a parent, it forces you out of your comfort zone. Your life completely changes overnight, and all priorities change. The struggles you have to go through make you find your inner power. Like the tweet says, becoming a parent is like finding out that you have a super power that was lying inside of you all along.

“Being a mom exposes you to super powers you never knew you had.”  (via @jaib_)

This mom is competing for french fries. Credit: Twitter

41. You Want Fries With That?

This is a hilarious and wholesome tweet about a woman’s struggle to get the leftover french fries from her kids before they end up going to the dogs. Hopefully this problem only happens at home, and not when they’re out at McDonald’s or some other fast food restaurant.

“I never realized how much of parenthood would involve competing with the dog for my kids’ leftover fries.” (via @LurkAtHomeMom)

This little girl can fall asleep just about anywhere. Credit: Twitter

40. Nap Time

Napping anywhere is a talent that not many people have. For some people, falling asleep is difficult and can take over an hour to calm down. Not this baby. This baby can conk out literally anywhere. But the real question is- how did she get up there?

“My 1-year old has the ability to nap anywhere just like me. It’s quite impressive. lol.” (via @JLGallagher3)

This father loves to bring his kids into Zoom meetings. Credit: Twitter

39. Kids in the Meeting

This wholesome tweet comes from an adorable father who just wants to normalize bringing kids into Zoom meetings. Depending on where he works, this is probably a welcome respite from the normal boring work meetings that people normally have to go through.

“I’ll never get tired of bringing my 1 & 3 year old kids on my Zoom calls to say hi during meetings. I love that I get to spend time with them and they get to learn what their daddy does for work. Is anyone else doing this? Can we normalize this?” (via @morenochris)

Dog moms are moms, too. Credit: Twitter

38. Dog Mom

This woman isn’t the mother of human children, but she’s still a dog mom. In a lot of ways, she still have to deal with some of the issues real moms encounter, like telling her kids to be quiet while she’s in the middle of a Zoom call.

“Who can tell me I’m not a mother when I just had to mute myself on a Zoom call to yell, ‘kids cut it out!’ at the dogs wrestling each other to my left.” (via @svershbow)

The kids couldn’t agree on how to cut the pizza. Credit: Twitter

37. Pizza Night

This wholesome tweet is hilarious, because these kids seriously can’t get along. They can’t even agree on how to cut the pizza. Who would win in your household? Classic triangle slices, or square slices?

“When your kids can’t agree on ANYTHING. #DadProps” (via. @cban21 on Twitter)

This child looks like she’s sending up a prayer. Credit: Twitter

36. Oh Glorious Pizza

This little girl has tried pizza for the very first time, and she obviously thought it was a glorious experience. I wish I could go back in time and experience it for the very first time, too.

“My daughter just tried pizza for the first time.” (@JodiAvirgan on Twitter)

This woman is trying to teach her kids no to pee in the shower. Credit: Twitter

35. Hypocrite

Sometimes parenting requires a lot of “do as I say and not as I do” moments, like this. A woman has to tell her kids not to pee in the shower, even though she is guilty of doing it herself.

“The time I feel my most hypocritical is when I’m telling my kid about not peeing in the shower.” (via @FrickinFeral on Twitter)

If you don’t sparkle, you’re basically trash. Credit: Twitter

34. Sparkle

This tweet is both wholesome and hilarious. A little girl is trying to force glitter on his cousin, even though she is protesting like crazy.

“Overheard- ‘What are you doing?’ my kid to my 5 year old niece. ‘Making you sparkle.’ ‘Noooo don’t do that!!’ ‘If you don’t sparkle, you’re basically trash.’ Guess who is sparkling right now?” (via Celly_Speaks)

A great photo captured of a wholesome moment with father and son. Credit: Twitter

33. Surfin’ Safari

Surfing is a challenging but deeply gratifying sport. It’s great that a father can share this epic moment of catching a wave his his son, who was able to take the photograph at sunset.

“Photo of my husband taken by my kid. Surfin safari.” (via @jsavite on Twitter.)

This creative mom comes up with a Game of Thrones name for her son. Credit: Twitter

32. Game of Thrones

This mom had a shower thought about what her son’s Game of Thrones name would be. Hopefully she doesn’t let her son watch the show, since it’s so incredibly graphic in nature. But the name she chose for her kid sounds spot-on for many kids out there at 6 years old.

“If my 6 year old were a character in Game of Thrones, his official title would be ‘Lord of Crustless Sandwiches, Wanter of All Toys, Flusher of No Toilets.’ Yes, this is what I think about when I’m in the shower.” (via @liittledeekay on Twitter)

What a wholesome Christmas image. Credit: Twitter

31. Story Time

Nothing to see here, just a little girl reading to her pet dog that is actually older than her. This moment is so adorable, it’s no wonder that her parents decided to share it on Twitter. If you spot moments like this as a parent, you should consider sharing it online with your friends too, because it’s guaranteed to make them smile.

“My 7-year old reading to our 9-year old doggo.” (via. @ajjlawadvocate )

This dad brings up the real facts about being a parent. Credit: Twitter

30. Playing on Repeat

When you have kids, it’s likely that your children are going to ask to watch the same movies over, and over again. This is healthy for their developing minds, but it can get truly annoying for some adults.

“Before having a kid the most important thing to ask yourself is, ‘Am I ready to watch the exact same cartoon on repeat for the next 4 years?'” (via @robfee on Twitter)


A mom’s struggle with her child at Ikea. Credit: Twitter

29. Follow Your Dreams

When parents say they want their kids to follow their dreams, they usually mean career aspirations. But for this woman, she’s looking at what her kids want to do on a day-to-day basis. I can imagine this sweet woman’s dilemma as she wants to reprimand her child in Ikea, but she wants him to be able to do what he wants in life, so long as it’s harmless.

“I want to support my children and encourage them to follow their dreams, but right now my 3 year old’s dream seems to be to open every cupboard door in IKEA.” (via @Anniewritess)

This kid is thinking about safety on some level. Credit: Twitter

28. No Kicking the Face

Usually, parents have to make the rules about violence in their household. But this 8-year old decided on her own that it would be better to not kick each other in the face with shoes on. But what about without shoes? Is that acceptable?

“I just heard my 8-year old make the rule, ‘No kicking in the face with shoes on.’ Safety first in this house.” (via @XplodingUnicorn)

A wholesome tweet from a proud father about his son. Credit: Twitter

27. Saving the Planet One Wrapper at a Time

This father is very proud of his 3 year old son for holding onto his wrappers until he finds a garbage can. At 3 years old, that’s impressive. All kids should be taught this, but some will learn it at a later age than others. But as long as you teach them not to litter, the world will be a better place.

“My 3 year old keeps wrappers and other things in his pockets till he finds a dustbin. I’m so proud of him.” (via @Marwaari on Twitter)

This little boy needs silence when he brushes his teeth. Credit: Twitter

26. The Master at Work

When you’re a kid, it’s hard to tell why your parents tell you to be quiet when they’re working. Since brushing teeth is such hard work for a 3-year old, it makes sense that they would demand silence for their perfect job.

“My 3-year-old yelled, “BE QUIET. I’M BRUSHING MY TEETH.’ We need silence while the master is at work.” (via @XplodingUnicorn on Twitter)

A father asks his son if he’s got a drink. Credit: Twitter

25. Chocolate Milk

This next tweet is very funny, especially with how quickly his 3 year old responds with a “stronger drink” suggestion.

“Me: This day is stressing me…I need a drink. 3yo: Here ya go dad *hands me his milk* Me: Got anything stronger? 3yo: yep! MOM CAN YOU GET DAD A CHOCOLATE MILK” (via @daddydoubts on Twitter)

These sweet babies are so tired, they needed a nap before dinner. Credit: Twitter

24. Early Bird Gets the Worm

Kids today are expected to do so much. They get up at the crack of dawn before school, spend all day learning, and then they’re expected to play and have time just to be a kid. This father captured a moment when his kids were just plain tuckered out from living their daily life.

“My children are tired. They couldn’t even wait for supper. Early birds, waking up 5:20 every morning for school.” (via @vj_vista on Twitter)

This child is taking after his mom more than she expected. Credit: Twitter

23. A Child of the Future

When you’re in elementary school, the teachers always ask you what you want to be when you grow up. It’s rare that kids actually grow up to be the profession that they write down on that piece of paper. But in this case, this mom might be so supportive that the kid grows up to be exactly what he dreamed of being his entire life.

“I’ve influenced my children more than I thought. This is my 10 year old. Our future looks bright.” The paper says, “I want to be a NFT artist/actor/director when I grow up.”  (via @LadyInvsible on Twitter)

This father wants his kids to grow up with an abundance mindset. Credit: Twitter

22. Abundance Mindset

In case you aren’t aware, an abundance mindset is when you look at the world with the belief that anything is possible, and that there is enough to go around for everyone. This is the opposite of a scarcity mindset, where you believe that only a select few people can succeed in life. By having an abundance mindset, people are more likely to succeed, because they believe in themselves.

“My children are going to grow up with a mindset of abundance.” (via @DadaBen_ on Twitter)

A wholesome and loving tweet from a proud dad. Credit: Twitter

21. Birthday Memories

This is a very wholesome Tweet from a dad reminiscing about the year their son was born.

In response to a Tweet that said, “Say one nice thing about 2020.” Keewa replied, “My son was born then so that was pretty cool.” (via @keewa on Twitter)

One father’s beautiful way to try to get his daughter to sleep. Credit: Twitter

20. Baby Needs a Nap

Babies cry when they’re tired. It’s just how things are. But this father tries his best to calm his baby down, even if the end result is futile.

“Sometimes when our daughter is crying wildly cause she’s sleepy, I hold her tightly, look her right in the eyes and say, ‘My beautiful child, it’s okay to rest you don’t have to fight it anymore.’ and just like that…She keeps right on crying.” (via @SouthpawSwade on Twitter)

This little girl is tracking her dad on his way home from work. Credit: Twitter

19. Miss Surveillance State

Nowadays, there are tracking apps on your phones that go both ways- you can track your kids, and they can track you. So in this wholesome and funny tweet, a daughter is creepily stalking her dad as he’s driving home from work.

“My daughter is the surveillance state now. Also, I guess I’m the level of dad where my kids start their messages to me with ‘yo’ so I guess I have that going for me.” In the text, his daughter says, “Yo are you coming home now? You are coming home it says. On the map. I am tracking you down. He he he.” (via @callmevlad on Twitter)

Pinky promises are for keeps. Credit: Twitter

18. Never Break a Promise

To a kid, a pinky promise means everything. It’s legally binding. So it’s no surprise that when this mom decided to pinky promise her daughter, it escalated very quickly.

“I just made a pinky promise with my daughter and if I break it I lose my pinky finger. She showed me the scissors she would use. Savage.” (via @Billie_Jean00 on Twitter)

This little girl explains a high five in a suspicious way. Credit: Twitter

17. High Fives

In this hilarious and wholesome Tweet, a mom overhears her daughter telling her Zoom class that she hits her in the morning. She really meant that it was a high-five. Panic ensues, and the result is very funny.

“*5 year old on her kindergarten Zoom class* Teacher: ‘So what do you do before joining our Zoom class?’ 5 year old: ‘My mommy hits me and says ‘do good!’ Me, no make-up, bagel crumbs on my face, unexpectedly joining the Zoom class: ‘SHE MEANS I HIGH FIVE HER HAND!!!’ ” (via @stayathomies on Twitter)

This kid really loves his mom, it’s so wholesome. Credit: Twitter

16. I Love You Times Infinity

As time goes on, phrases change for how much one can love someone. Years ago, it was “to the moon and back”. Then it was “to infinity and beyond”. Now It’s apparently including the multiverses. Maybe this kid is watching Marvel movies, and knew that he had to include those too, just in case.

“My 6 year old just told me he loves me infinity across the multiverse. What happened to ‘to the moon’?” (via @briannatownems on Twitter)

This woman has to eat her kid’s leftovers for breakfast. Credit: Twitter

15. The Parenting Books Never Told You

No matter how many parenting books you might read to prepare yourself to become a mom or dad, there are still going to be little everyday quirks that you need to experience first-hand. Take this tweet, for example. This woman has to eat her child’s leftovers for breakfast every single day so that the food doesn’t go to waste.

“Parenting books never told me that daily breakfast would be my kid’s leftover breakfast of unwanted banana ends and unfinished smoothies, but here we are.” (via @IDontSpeakWhine on Twitter)

Part of being a father is finding your own snacks. Credit: Twitter

14. Why Are All the Snacks Gone?

It’s really hard to hold onto good snacks when you live in a house full of people. Make that even harder when you live in a house full of kids. So finding a snack that only you like is truly an achievement that every parent must find.

“The hardest part of parenting is finding your own special snacks that nobody else in the house likes.” (via @TheCatWhisprer on Twitter)

This woman is shocked that her daughter is being nice to her. Credit: Twitter

13. Hell Froze Over

When kids become teenagers, they are often sassy and act mean towards their parents. This mother is so amazed that her daughter is being nice to her, that she is afraid that the zombie apocalypse might start soon.

“My daughter is being nice to me, so the world just tilted on its axis and the zombie apocalypse is going to start. There’s your warning.” (via @kewlchik312 on Twitter)

This father said no to having ice cream. Credit: Twitter

12. The Night Without Ice Cream

Sometimes, as a parent, you have to put your foot down when it comes to how much sugar your kids consume in one night. For this dad, his daughter didn’t see it that way.

“Took my daughter and her best friend to dinner and a show with endless snacks and sodas but we didn’t get ice cream afterwards. So naturally this night will forever be known as ‘that night you didn’t get us ice cream.'” (via @Dad_At_Law on Twitter)

Maybe this one year old knows a secret. Credit: Twitter

11. Baby Belly

At just one year old, this baby knows where babies come from. That within itself is impressive, but it’s suggesting that they either think they’re getting a sibling soon, or that the mom’s belly is looking big enough to be pregnant.

“My 1 year old just grabbed my wife’s stomach and said ‘baby’…Either he’s calling her fat or he knows something we don’t know…lol.” (via @ForbiddenPop1 on Twitter)

This one year old is communicating about her dirty diapers. Credit: Twitter

10. Caca

When you’re taking care of a baby who can’t speak, it and be very difficult sometimes to figure out what’s wrong. If they’re crying, it’s often a guessing game on what you can do to comfort them. That’s why this tweet truly is impressive, even though it is a little bit gross, too.

“My 1-year old has been doing so well telling me ‘caca’ when she has a poopie diaper!!” (via @rdznicole_)

This person knows how to parent. Credit: Twitter

9. Escalators

It’s so cute when parents are supportive of what their kids want to do with their time. Many parents would have heard this request and just laughed it off. But this parent took it seriously, and let their two year old ride the escalators for the day.

“I asked my 2 year old son what he wanted to do today. He said escalators. So. We did. Took a whole bunch of escalators.” (via @earcity on Twitter)

This little boy is a bit uncoordinated. Credit: Twitter

8. Field Day

Field Day is a day when elementary school kids go outside to play different sports and games all day long instead of going to classes. It’s normal for kids to get hurt, and there is always a first aid tent nearby in case something goes wrong. But this mother never would have expected to hear how her son got hurt just by standing in line.

“My son told me he fell and hurt himself pretty badly during Field Day at school. When I asked him what game he was playing when he fell, he said he was walking to get in line. So no, we’re not a sports family.” (via @lmegordon on Twitter)

Stephen King is finally a grandfather. Credit: Twitter

7. Congratulations Stephen King

We all know Stephen King as the master author of horror novels. His work has been made into multi-million dollar films that became box office hits. But there was one thing missing in his life- Grandkids! Now, he finally has not just one, but two grandsons. Let’s just hope that Stephen knows some bedtime stories that aren’t too scary for the kids.

“Thanks to my son Joe Hill and his lovely wife Gillian, I am the grandfather of beautiful twin boys. I’m practicing my rocking technique.” (via @StephenKing)

This father of an autistic boy had an incredibly sweet moment. Credit: Twitter

6. Amazing Breakthrough

This tweet is both wholesome and heartbreaking. A severely autistic child finally calls his father “Daddy” for the first time in his life. Hopefully as he grows older, he will be able to say more words and communicate with his parents more clearly.

“My son is severely autistic. Usually when I ask him a question he just repeats the last word I said. I just asked him for a hug because he gives the best hugs. Then I asked him, ‘Who am I?’ He replied, ‘Daddy’. So now I’m crying.” (via @ScottCareFoot)

This woman had no idea that she was a grandmother. Credit: Twitter

5. Unexpected Granddaughter

Kids love to play pretend, especially with their toys. So in this tweet, a little girl thinks that the doll is her daughter. That’s all well and good, until the mother tosses it aside like the toy that it really is. The little girl is furious, because she sees is as a form of child abuse.

“Tried to throw a slightly neglected baby doll into the toy basket and my three year old shrieked, ‘THAT’S MY DAUGHTER!!’ Had no idea.” (via @melanielynskey)

Does this kid know something that his parents don’t know? Credit: Twitter

4. Surprise!

Sometimes, things that kids say can feel insulting without them meaning to hurt our feelings. In this situation, a 1-year-old is showing that they understand where babies come from. But they’re also suggesting that the woman might be pregnant with another baby on the way.

“My 1-year old just grabbed my wife’s stomach and said, ‘baby’…Either he’s calling her fat, or he knows something we don’t know…lol.” (via @ForbiddenPop1 on Twitter)

This little boy knows when his mom needs a little bit of help in the morning. Credit: Twitter

3. A Sweet Little Boy

Sometimes parents have bad days. It’s only natural. In this wholesome Tweet, a woman wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. But her son figured it out instinctively, and figured out how to get up and get himself ready without his mom’s help.

“My son is so sweet. He knows something isn’t right with my and he got himself up and ready without me helping. I’m so proud of him.” (via @YakGene on Twitter)

These kids love playing with walkie talkies, even if they don’t have batteries in them. Credit: Twitter

2. Over

Did you play with walkie talkies as a kid? They were so much fun, especially before the era of cell phones. But in this wholesome tweet, we see that kids don’t even need a working set in order for them to have a blast playing with walkie talkies.

“My 2 year old and 4 year old have been communicating via walkie talkie for twenty minutes. They’re in the same room. The walkie talkies have no batteries. Over.” (via @HenpeckedHal on Twitter)

This woman decided it was best not to have children. Credit: Twitter

1. No More Kids

This hilarious tweet is obviously a joke. But this woman decides she doesn’t want kids…After she already has them. How is she going to break it to the kids that they need to move out ASAP?

“My husband and I decided we don’t want to have children. We will be telling them tonight.” (via @dramadelinquent on Twitter)