These Candid Photos of Rock Stars In Their Homes Are Raw and Eye Opening

Trista - October 13, 2022

Many people would give anything to be in the presence of their favorite celebrity, but most never get that chance. Instead, they must be content with consuming other forms of media, such as seeing their lifestyles or pictures of their homes. Seeing how celebrities live can give us a glimpse of their personalities and aesthetics. After all, many celebrities have been setting trends for years, so it doesn’t hurt to see exactly what they’re doing in their homes so that we can keep up with them. But not all celebrities live a life of luxury. You’d be surprised to know that many of them have regular interiors that don’t reflect how fabulous we believe their lives to be. So, let’s see who has the wackiest homes and who is more down to earth. You might be surprised by the answers.

Chris Stein

Debbie Harry’s Trashy Home

Debbie Harry is the lead singer of Blondie and has been entertaining fans for decades. You’d think that she would live in a fabulous home that reflects her personality and the kind of music she makes. However, her house was actually pretty trashy. That’s surprising, considering that Debbie Harry could pay for cleaning services, and whatnot. Here’s a photo of the singer casually lounging on her bed, surrounded by a complete mess. There are newspapers everywhere, clothes strewn about, and her bed is still a mess. She doesn’t seem to mind, in any case. Looking even closer, you can see old, empty drink and food containers sitting there for who knows how long. But this all seems quite normal to her. It’s her room, after all, so she’s probably used to the mess. You’d think, however, that someone as famous as her would care about the kind of place they’re living in and at least clean up a little bit.


The Purple Utopia of Frank Zappa

People consider Frank Zappa one of the weirdest musicians of all time. His musical style was pretty experimental, playing with music, beats, and even humor to create something quite unique. Despite the psychedelic nature of his music, he never dabbled in drugs. He was mostly known for standing up against censorship and the emerging PC culture taking over America. But what he really enjoyed was the color purple. And it showed in the decor of his home. In this photo of Zappa with his parents, there wasn’t anything that the color purple hadn’t touched. He loved purple so much that he even sang a cover of “Purple Haze,” originally sung by Jimi Hendrix. What most people love about this epic picture is the affectionate way he’s holding his cat.

Alex Telfer / The Observer

The Classic Castle of Jimmy Page

The guitarist of Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page, lives in a perfectly preserved historical building reminiscent of a small castle. Called The Tower House, he’s lived in it for several decades, and one guest even described it as being “haunted” or “evil.” Originally built by William Burges, the home still stands perfectly to this day. Burges was one of the first architects and designers of the Victorian era. This was actually the reason why Page purchased the home in the first place and continues to be surprised with it to this day. Every time he ventures through his house, he finds new details and quirks that he’s never noticed before. That has made him a great admirer of Burges’ work. At least he makes an effort to keep his home in great condition.

Johnny Cash and June Carter getting cozy at home. Johnny Cash.

Johnny and June at Home

Everyone knew Johnny Cash as “The Man in Black,” but his heart was always with his June. And here is a heartwarming moment of them in their home in Tennessee. Immediately drawn to each other, the country singers navigated rocky roads before and throughout their marriage. Their iconic lakefront home on Old Hickory lake tragically burned down in 2007. But the 4.5-acre lakefront property in Tennessee where country music couple Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash lived for more than three decades sold for $3.2 million.

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Lou Reed’s Samurai Room

Lou Reed was the frontman of Velvet Underground and had quite an interesting home life to speak of. He was actually a martial arts enthusiast when he wasn’t singing his beautiful songs on stage. Within his home, he had a variety of different weapons on his walls, and he actually practiced martial arts for as long as twenty years. His passions led towards samurai swords and knives, so he had a plethora of those in his collection. However, because he was always so busy with his music career, he didn’t really have the time to arrange his weapons on his wall in a way that seemed harmonious. It was actually quite random and haphazard, so there was no rhyme or reason to it.

Jamie-James Medina

The Strange Life of Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop is one of those artists that you believe leads a surreal life. Not only because of his appearance but also because of his flair for music. Being in the punk realm, you wouldn’t expect such an artist to live a quiet life, but that’s not what these images show. The interior of his home actually seems quite simple and ordinary. That probably gives him the peace of mind he needs to write his music. His home sports furniture and rugs that any one of us could have in our homes… save for that bizarre doll in the background. That’s probably the only eccentric thing about these photos, which is a small glimmer of the Iggy Pop that people are mostly used to seeing when he takes the stage.


Donovan Lived With His Parents In His Adult Life

The Scottish musician Donovan had no problems staying at home with his parents and continued to do so long after he was a successful musician. After all, he always put his family first and did what he could to stay close to them. How could he just abandon them when they were the ones who inspired him to become a musician himself? The photo above was taken around 1970 when his career started slowing down. That’s probably why he appears so somber in the picture, but at least he’s surrounded by those that love and support him. It seems to be quite a quaint home too, and at least we know his family was dog lovers too.


Paul McCartney And His Father

You probably recognize this rock star right away. Although this isn’t a photo of Paul McCartney’s home in his adult life, this is still a sweet photograph of him with his father. In fact, these are two photos of the father and son in the same pose, taken years apart. It goes to show how much they still cared for one another. Even though his father passed away in 1976, McCartney took to Twitter in 2017 to wish him a Happy Father’s Day. Paul McCartney had said that he attributes his love for music and playing to his father, who was a pianist and trumpet player when he was younger. That led to Paul growing up with a lot of music in the home, as well as easy access to instruments that he could try out whenever he was interested. What could have been a better childhood than that?

Rolling Stone

The Love Nest of Rick James

Unlike Iggy Pop, Rick James had a tendency to… bring his work lifestyle home with him. He was a man larger than life with a flair that couldn’t be beaten, and he treated his home exactly the same way. Of course, who wouldn’t want their home to look flashy and perfect when they’re bringing women home? Rick James brought home a few famous celebrities, such as Elisabeth Shue, Linda Blair, and Catherine Bach, just to name a few. James was also a big fan of the silk fabric, so he tried to deck out as many things in his room in silk as he could. To compliment the rich colors of the material, he also adorned the rest of the room with gold and brass fittings and fixtures. It created a classy and stylish look that even people today replicate in their homes.


Richie Havens Continued To Live With His Parents Too

Richie Havens was a singer, songwriter, and guitarist whose music encompassed the elements of soul, R&B, and folk. His unique style was enjoyed by people all around the globe. He was also a pretty down-to-Earth person, especially in the way that he dressed. So, would you be surprised to know that he continued to live with his parents in his adult life? Born and growing up in Brooklyn, New York, he continued to stay with his family because they were essential to him. He was one of nine children that his parents, and when he made it big, he bought them a home of their very own. This is that picture, and it was taken in 1970. He continued to thrive and succeed after this and continued to take care of his parents until their eventual passing.

The Times

Rod Stewart’s Choice Of Swimsuit

This isn’t so much about Rod Stewart’s home but his choice of fashion. He’s always had a flair for the dramatic when it comes to the outfits he wears on stage. They’re typically loud and brightly colored, but it seems he has a more subdued sense of fashion when he’s at home. Also, it is a little strange. Taken back in the 1970s, here’s a photo of Rod Stewart wearing a tankini (combination tank top and bikini, we suppose). You can’t say that Stewart looks pretty relaxed here, lounging by the pool with Bond girl Britt Ekland. Nowadays, this kind of swimsuit wouldn’t be featured in any kind of trending fashion magazine, but back then, he was likely the star of the fashion world. It seems he even influenced his daughter since she went on to become a model.


George Harrison’s Strange Fantastical House

Another one of The Beatles graces this list and for very good reasons. Harrison wasn’t afraid to express his artistic side when it came to his home. He had a stronger influence on the more psychedelic sounds the Beatles had, and this was no different when he chose to decorate his own house. This rocker had a country house in the U.K., and instead of leaving it white, he decided to take some paint to the exterior of it. He covered the exterior of his home with swirls of color and designs reminiscent of the tones from his music. It is not to go without saying that George dabbled in a few substances while spending time in Nepal and India. That most likely influenced his need to add some color to his otherwise-drag home.

Nights with Alice Cooper

John Lennon’s Last Photo In His Lazy Abode

John Lennon caused much controversy throughout his life and even after his death. Despite that, fans all over the world still adore him. He didn’t live an extravagant lifestyle either. Annie Leibovitz snapped this photo five days before his murder and death. She took it inside his New York City apartment, and he didn’t seem the least bit annoyed by the small space or clutter he was living in. There’s music just about everywhere, from the guitar on his lap to the headphones and stereo system to his left on the shelves. Who knows what kind of tunes he was plucking on those strings at this particular moment? But what we can tell from this photo is that he was pretty mellow about the kind of place he lived in.


Cher and Gregg Allman’s Brief Moment To Themselves

After Cher divorced Sonny Bono due to abuse allegations, she dated Greg Allman, another musician. At 29 years old, Cher was still stunningly beautiful, and this photo from 1975 is a perfect example of just how laid back they could be. They are literally lounging in a hammock in their backyard. What could have been more peaceful than this moment? However, not everything was roses between them. Allman had addiction issues of his own which soon ended their relationship. And though he seemed smitten with her, he wasn’t a fan of her singing. He even declared that Cher was “not a very good singer.” Maybe it was for the best that their relationship was only fleeting.

The Times

Grace Slick Showing Off Her Family Values

Do you remember this rock star? Grace Slick was a prominent figure in the bands “Jefferson Airplane,” “Jefferson Starship,” and “The Great Society.” This rocker had no problems posing in front of the camera with her mother. This shot came from a series of photos. The first, where she is very pregnant with her mother, Virginia Wing, looking quite polite. The next photo, however, is the one you see here. It features something more fun and merriment. Grace is with both of her daughter and mother, and the room is full of smiles, even from the baby hanging upside down. Both photos are in Palo Alto, California, showing how much Grace appreciates her mother. After all, she helped her raise China Kantner, her daughter. The latter went on to become an actress.


The Constantly Changing Style of Freddie Mercury

Queen was known for having a variety of different styles of music throughout their career. They weren’t afraid to experiment with different sounds to see what worked, and Freddie Mercury was the same way with his decor. This photo perfectly contrasts Mercury’s style and aesthetics over the years. Everything seems quite flamboyant and decadent, with feathers and throw pillows everywhere. Another fun thing about this nostalgic photo is that it has all his bandmates with him, standing behind him in support. However, if you search the web, you can find many photos of Freddie Mercury with his long-term partner, Jim Hutton.


The Family Home Of Elvis Presley

Before he was known as the King of Rock and Roll, he was simply known as Elvis to his parents. He didn’t have the happiest start, either. They were so down on their luck that Elvis had to share a bed with his mother until he was a teenager. They just couldn’t afford to buy him a bed of his own. This photo was taken in his home with his parents in 1958, with everyone wearing a pretty somber look on their faces. Thankfully, this was when Elvis was on the verge of becoming a global superstar with his crooning voice and swaying hips. Of course, once he hit stardom, he took the time and effort to ensure that his parents were well cared for throughout the rest of their lives. It was the least he could do to pay them back for the hard work they put into raising him.


David Crosby’s Simple Home With His Father

David Crosby is known for being a pretty somewhat-normal guy. He wasn’t extravagant in any way, not even with the way he dressed. So, when the rocker sat down to take a photo with his dad, did you really expect much different? He has something of a cheeky look on his face sitting on the couch next to his father, and even when they meet gazes, they appear as if there’s some unspoken secret between them. Although David grew up as something of a rebel, he still had a classy disposition about him that made him quite endearing to his fans. Of course, his somewhat elegant background came from the fact that David’s parents came from very influential and powerful families. However, he wasn’t interested in following in their footsteps and chose to create his own path in life.

1st Dibs

The Kink Cave of Joan Jett

Ah — everyone’s favorite female rock star. Joan Jett was known for stepping outside the normal rules and boundaries to do whatever she wanted. She stood on stage and captured the hearts of many with her rock look and glamorous voice, earning her the title of Rock n Roll. Taken in 1977, this photo revealed that Jett had no qualms about showing off the true nature of her room. She didn’t shy away from anything at all, which was probably shocking for audiences at this time. Her wall reveals a few items of kink, which is a stark contrast to the normalcy of the rest of the room. Even the ugly pillowcases seem normal by comparison. And does Joan seem bothered? Not in the least. In fact, her look towards the camera seems quite defiant, almost as if she’s begging the audience to say something about her aesthetics.


Bob Dylan’s Secret Love Child

Bob Dylan is known for releasing over 600 songs, many of which are still well-known today. He was also considered one of the first singers to get involved in civil rights and moral issues, and he tried to use music to unite people as much as possible. But like other musicians during that time period, he was blessed with a love child. Unlike other musicians, he married the mother of his love child to provide her with a stable life and home environment. Because of the nature of the relationship between Dylan and the mother, they decided to keep her a secret and chose not to reveal her name or her existence. But the image above indicates that she had a great relationship with Dylan, as he shows her how to play basketball. The little girl, named Desiree, just turned 36 this year.


The Moody Bedroom Of David Bowie

David Bowie’s bedroom perfectly reflects his sense of style, romanticism, and thinking outside of the box. Most fans considered Bowie to ooze an air of sexiness that was irresistible. His walls were painted a beautiful, lush red that perfectly matched his bed sheets, and we all know that red is the color of love. The dim lighting in the background from a small lamp also lends an air of sexiness, creating a soft glow behind him. This warm and inviting atmosphere accurately reflects Bowie’s attitude toward everything and everyone in life. He seems pretty relaxed in the photo too. We can’t be sure of what he’s actually reading. Regardless of what it is, it seems to have his full attention.


Elton John With His Parents

Elton John is probably one of the most affluent musical stars out there, changing the realm in his own way over the decades. But in his younger years, he didn’t have the easiest childhood. His father left his family and wasn’t very supportive of Elton’s passion for music, leaving him with no one but his mother to encourage him during his formative years. Thankfully, his mother married a man that Elton got along with. Unfortunately, that didn’t solve all of their problems, as life was still pretty difficult for them. They had to work hard to get over their humps and tribulations, but Elton became the big hit he still is today. He does confess that his stepfather was more of a father to him than his biological dad, and you can see all of that love reflected in the smiles on their faces. This was definitely a home of warmth and love.


David Gilmour’s Comfortable Abode

David Gilmour is the guitarist and singer for Pink Floyd, but despite the energetic energy of their music, he seems to have given that up for a laid-back lifestyle. Pink Floyd is considered one of the most iconic bands in the history of modern music, going on tours worldwide and meeting thousands of fans. But now in his 70s, Gilmour is no longer eager to get back on the stage. His living room seems like any other: a couch, plenty of bookshelves, and guitars everywhere as he maintains his musical talents. It’s nothing but relaxation and comfort in this room, and there’s even a light mess on the coffee table that any normal person would have in their home. So maybe he’s not that different from us after all.

The Money Time

Keith Richards At Home With His Dad

Keith Richards is one of the most iconic Rolling Stones members, mostly because he co-founded the band. He’s had an eclectic life, and he gets all that energy from his out-there dad! They look adorable together in this photo, and it’s apparent that they know how to have fun together. What’s most striking about this photo is his dad’s intriguing mustache! It seems his dad also knew how to dress for fun, especially with that parrot shirt and pink satin pants. He also had no qualms about sharing a drink (or several drinks) together, relaxing on a dark leather couch reminiscent of the 1970s. Keith also seems to be pretty proud of that walking stick he’s obtained. Maybe it was a gift from someone.


Eric Clapton With His Grandmother

Eric Clapton was known for being a wiz with the guitar, as well as his soft crooning voice. Despite already being a solo musician in this photo, he still appears like a young child. And he was young when he gained fame too. But that’s not his mother beaming down at him with pride, but his grandmother. His mother only had him when he was 16 years old. Because there was so much stigma surrounding teenage pregnancies at the time, they pretended as if she was his older sister instead of his mother in order to stop the questions. So, his grandmother raised him as if she were his own son, and all that love is evident in this photo. It was probably for the best, too; Eric might never have become the musical star if he’d had the stigma of his mother’s “shame” hanging over his head.


Joe Cocker Sharing Moments With His Mother

Joe Cocker took the world over with his dynamic stage performances and blues-type singing voice. No one ever thought that that kind of voice could come out of a man like him. But he had a lot of support growing up, especially from his mother. In fact, he even dedicated his 1986 album to his dear mother, who helped him through some hard times as he was growing up. This photo reveals their familial affection for each other, too, sitting in their home and the warm exchange of smiles. His mother was obviously quite proud of him and wasn’t afraid to show it, camera or not. She had high hopes when he was a child that he would be a gas fitter (a person trained in connecting and disconnecting gas appliances), but it’s a good thing he had no interest in following that line of career.


The Tiny Quiet Kitchen Of Jimi Hendrix

Look at this amazing rock star. Jimi Hendrix was definitely larger than life, selling out concert after concert throughout his career as he toured all over the world. People still consider him one of the greatest guitarists of the 20th Century, and for a very good reason. That’s because Hendrix played the guitar and amplifier in ways that had never heard. He experimented with sound to achieve exactly what he wanted. But his home seemed to be the opposite of all of that bravado, talent, and creativity. His small kitchen is quite the opposite of his performances: small, homely, and simple. He preferred keeping the rest of his home that way, which is in London, England. It was a good balance for the rest of his life so that he could focus on his music and not get distracted by his surroundings.


Eddie Van Halen’s Home Music Studio

Eddie Van Halen was known as the quintessential rockstar. You put a guitar in his hands, and he could work magic with it. He added to that charisma and rockstar quality by marrying Valerie Bertinelli, a famous actress at the time. That’s her in the picture as they lounge together on the back deck of their home. Naturally, instruments and audio equipment surround them. They remained together for about 20 years after they took this picture at their home in California’s Hollywood Hills. This definitely looked like they shared a life rich with tunes, serenity, and some artistic expression.


Slash And The Simple Life

Here is a true rock star with rock star behavior. Slash is the guitarist of Guns n’ Roses and was known for his overly large hat covering most of his face and prominent nose rings. But no one could deny how great he was with a guitar in his hands. Despite his appearance and wild lifestyle, he liked to keep it simple. Even in his own bedroom, nothing fancy or flashy is going on. It’s just a simple white room with a simple white bed and Slash being… Slash. He has that come hither look that probably drove the ladies wild back in the day.


The Comforting Bedroom of Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain wasn’t known for being very extravagant regarding his personal life. He lived the life of a rockstar but was pretty somber and quiet in his private life. Courtney Love is the one who took this picture and still cherishes it to this day. He looks quite comfortable, snuggled up in his bed, with duvets, blankets, and thick pillows surrounding him. The lace on the side table is a nice soft touch too, but it’s difficult to ignore that somewhat sad look in his eyes.


The Large Closet of Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger is known for being a little eccentric, both in his private life and on the stage. He has a flair for fashion that nobody could match, and for good reason. With a closet like this, who wanted to fill it with extravagant clothes? These photos are evidence of his flair for the dramatic. Located in London, his home features a plethora of pricey furniture. From the fancy chair, he’s sitting into the lovely wallpaper behind him. Of course, he bought a home close to the action in London so that he didn’t have to venture far to find a little fun.

Steve Parke

Prince’s Pink Palace and Cream Couch

Prince was one of the most famous musicians and songwriters of his time. He wrote plenty of songs for other musicians and artists as well, many of whom many people don’t know that he wrote. But his larger-than-life onstage personality starkly contrasted with the quiet man he was. Located in Minnesota, his home was actually quite peaceful, dressed in soft tones of cream and pink. It was probably for the best; no one needs a distraction when they’re trying to write musical hits! His home sprawled over sixty-five thousand square feet, so he had a lot of room to work with.

Viriginia Grohl

Dave Grohl In His Family Home

Dave Grohl gained his fame while playing for Nirvana but eventually became the leader of the band, Foo Fighters. He’s known for having a lot of energy while performing on stage, which keeps the crowd’s energy going! But Dave wasn’t always energetic. After all, he started out as a kid, and from the photo, it seems he was the sweetest thing! Sitting at the dining room table with his mother, they’re likely toasting the holiday with glasses of apple juice (from the Christmas tree in the background). Although his parents were divorced at this point, that didn’t stop them from celebrating.

Getty Images

Billy Joel’s New York Apartment

You probably know this rock star even if you don’t realize it. Billy Joel has many songs about New York, and for very good reasons. He calls The Big Apple his home! Well into his career in 1984, when this picture was taken, he was already living a life of luxury, given the expensive tastes that are present in his New York apartment. Of course, rent was likely a lot cheaper back then, but Joel spared no expense on making his pad look like someone of importance lived there. The fur throw on his couch exudes expensive, not to mention that it’s a black leather couch. Definitely not cheap!

Led Zeppelin Archives

The Farm Belonging To Robert Plant

The lead singer of Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant, has quite a unique voice about him, but he also wrote his own songs. Throughout his career, he’s been known for having a pretty wild lifestyle. But Plant didn’t carry this home with him; instead, he chose to keep things simple and homey. He lived a calm life with his wife, Maureen Wilson, as evidenced by these photos. This looks like a regular photo of a couple in their own home with their child. The atmosphere is pretty dark, with a single light source pouring in through a window. Although no one is really smiling in the photos, that doesn’t mean you can’t feel the love between them.

The New York Times

David Lee Roth’s Art Studio

David Lee Roth was the head singer of Van Halen, known for their energetic rock scene. In fact, people give Van Halen credit for restoring hard rock to the forefront of the music scene, reviving the genre so that a new generation could enjoy this type of music again. Roth obviously played a part in this with his wild antics on stage. But his art form doesn’t stop there. He also has an art studio in his home where he can sit back, relax, and paint to his heart’s content. He has no problems getting messy and trying out new endeavors that he’s never tried before, which shows just how much he enjoys taking risks.


Janis Joplin’s Pad in San Francisco

Look at this funky and beautiful rock star. The home of Janis Joplin is reminiscent of her music and singing style. It’s quite harmonious in nature, with organic colors and shapes that scream “flower power.” Joplin was no different, indulging in her hippy lifestyle in her way of dress, and music. She didn’t seem at all interested in using her money to live any kind of extravagant lifestyle. She preferred things simple and to the point, nothing super expensive that would distract her while she wrote her music. It’s just a shame that she had to succumb to joining the “27 Club.”

Biography / Getty

Ozzy Osbourne In His Younger Years With His Family

Before Ozzy Osbourne took on his current eccentric appearance, he appeared no different than a suburban dad with his wife. Sharon seems much different back then, too. It is almost to the point that people could mistake these celebs for any married couple in England with children. But what is really prominent in these photos is his adorable side. Posing with his children in unadorned clothes and a simple home seems rare for Ozzy. He is putting a lot of effort into trying to get them to look at the camera than anything else. Unfortunately, the child in Sharon’s arms doesn’t seem so happy.

Billy Duffy

Billy Idol’s Tranquil Retreat

Billy Idol is known as being the man with the sneer, giving that punk look to anyone near him. He sang everything from rock and punk to heavy metal, dance-rock, and post-grunge. There was no music genre that he was afraid of touching. Fans love Billy Idol for wearing many leather jackets with spikes and sporting spiky hair, making him stand out from the crowd. At home, in his private life, however, he lived a much different life. He preferred things to be peaceful at his home in Hollywood Hills. This rocker transformed his property to have a pond, a miniature mill wheel, and other tranquil elements to help him think. He probably spent a lot of time out there, watching the hours melt away or using that peace and quiet to write.

Brandon Wade

The KISS Memorabilia Room Of Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons, “the man with the tongue,” cares a lot about his band KISS, to the point that he has an entire room dedicated to their memorabilia. People call this rocker “The Demon,” when he was on stage. However, he eventually said goodbye to most of that exciting stage life. Why? To get married and have children. But that didn’t stop him from collecting. He probably won that argument against his wife about the room after seeing how passionate he was about the history of his band. What’s more surprising is that after he went through his old stuff, he rediscovered his love for painting. Maybe we’ll see his pieces sometime soon!