These Celebrity Homes Are Seemingly Blacklisted and Won’t Sell

Sai Leigh - September 30, 2022


Shakira, the Colombia singer often referred to as the “Queen of Latin Music,” has made the news more recently for financial troubles as she battles accusations of tax fraud. Unfortunately for Shakira, fame doesn’t always bring smooth sailing, and she struggled for years to offload this property. The beach house, located in Miami, was first listed in December 2013. It seemed reasonably priced for the area and photos show a clean, crisp, minimalist mini-mansion; not too extravagant, but definitely tasteful. With six bedrooms, a pool, water frontage, and a dock, for whatever reason buyers avoided this home until it finally sold in 2021 for just over $11.5 million. Maybe the minimalist approach was actually too little for the Miami market.

Daily Mail

Sonja Morgan

When it comes to Sonja Morgan’s townhouse, some people might picture a classy, upscale place for the Real Housewives star to spend her time on the Upper East Side. Unfortunately for Sonja, this wasn’t a good buy – it’s pretty confusing what made her purchase the home in the first place, as one glance at the outside makes it obvious why no one has put in an offer yet. Sonja’s neighbor is a twenty-story condo complex and to make things worse, her townhouse abuts the complex’s parking garage. Step outside and there’s a gaping two-car entrance only feet away. Inside the five-story home is light, airy, and charming, with classy chandeliers, fireplaces, and a backyard garden. But it doesn’t look like Sonja will be selling this place anytime soon – at least not for the $8.7 million she recently re-listed for.

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Bruce Willis… Again

Apparently, Bruce Willis is no stranger to selling failures. Bruce Willis struggled to sell his Bedford mansion, just an hour north of Manhattan. Many people dream of living in the country with city access, but for whatever reason, buyers snubbed Willis’ digs for almost a year before it finally sold. Bruce and his wife Emma Heming listed the home for $12.95 million as they looked to shift to California. The Bedford property held four buildings, including the main house of 9,000 square feet, and has been described as “scenic.” The 22.6-acre property guarantees privacy, but may have deterred city clients with its wide open spaces. Eventually, the Bedford mansion sold for $7.66 million.

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50 Cent

50 Cent – real name Curtis James Jackson – is a man not only of gold grills, but a gold heart. When he finally sold his Farmington, Connecticut home for $2.9 million, it was at a loss – but he put that $2.9 million toward his non-profit, G-Unity. Jackson bought the property in 2003 for just over $4 million from Mike Tyson. The over 50,000 square foot(!) mansion included nineteen bedrooms and twenty-five bathrooms and was done up in a clean white-and-wood combo. However, it definitely had some character distinct to the rapper, with a nightclub and indoor basketball court included. The home was listed in 2007 and spent a grueling twelve years on the market before eventually selling.

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Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige is an impressive woman – she’s a singer, songwriter and actress often referred to as the “Queen of Hip-Hop Soul.” But when her New Jersey home was listed in August of 2019, a big red flag was raised right away: there were no photos with the listing. Any homebuyer knows that a lack of photos means there’s a problem somewhere, although it’s hard to figure out just why the Queen tried to get away with only a write-up of the property. Her agent noted that a gym, office, and three fireplaces were included in the home, but there’s not much else said. Blige reportedly had the property on and off the market for almost a decade, and it eventually sold for $5.5 million. It was a huge loss for the singer-songwriter as she’d purchased it in 2008 for $12.3 million. Makes you wonder what happened to the home for the price to drop so drastically…


Keith Richards

Keith Richards, of the Rolling Stones, owned a Greenwich Village apartment in a popular area that bounced on and off the market for two years. With four bedrooms and four baths in a 2,700 square foot area, the apartment was listed by Richards and his wife for just over $12 million. Each room was full of symmetry, color, and minimalist design. Overall, Richards managed to walk the line between interesting and outright strange. Buyers drawn to art deco vibes should’ve been flocking to the area, but the apartment sat before eventually selling for $9 million – a loss for the rocker.

The Pinnacle List

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone shows up once again with his La Quinta home appearing on the list this time. Several parties call this retreat “stunning,” but Stallone took a hit when it finally sold in 2020. He accepted an offer of just over $3 million – more than $1 million less than he paid for it. The wood-and-stone design of the home is a great fit for its desert surroundings. For whatever reason, it came on and off the market for years before finally selling. With a barbeque, spa, and man-made creek, it’s hard to understand why no one was clamoring to get their hands on a Stallone property. Can’t win them all.

Orlando Weekly

Burt Reynolds

If you were asked to picture the home of Burt Reynolds when he was at the height of his career, you probably wouldn’t be too far off from the property that was sold in 2015. Unfortunately for Burt, it went into a foreclosure sale for $3.3 million. With wall-to-wall carpeting and mirrored walls, there’s a lot of cringe in the design that added age in a bad way. Almost all of the listing photos show a very dated home with dated furnishings included. But someone saw potential and eventually snapped up the Florida home.

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Britney Spears

Spears has had her ups and downs over the years, and unfortunately her Beverly Hills mansion was part of the trouble. Britney paid $6.75 million for the home in January 2007 and listed it only months later for $7.5 million. This was immediately after her very public breakdown, so there was a lot of speculation in the media. The Spanish style mansion and property has stunning views, a movie theater, outdoor BBQ area, plunge pool, maid quarters and more. Her interior designer did an amazing job balancing opulence with moderation and each room is tasteful, but rich. Things started looking up for the popstar and in 2021, she finally accepted an offer of just over $4 million. A loss, but she’s likely happy to be rid of this burden.

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Kid Rock

Kid Rock is notorious for partying, often appearing around town or in music videos in chill attire: hats and sunglasses. His colonial-style home in Detroit was very…specific. With dormers and colonnades, the design itself was interesting. But perhaps the colonial look didn’t pair well with Kid’s love of water-related hang time. The property included a private boathouse, roof deck, and Jet Ski lifts. There was also a house-wide patriotic theme, complete with eagles and spangled decorations, which came with the home. It was an odd combination of furnishings and amenities, to say the least. The 6,000-square-foot mansion eventually sold for a little over $2 million. For whatever reason, the new owners kept every inch of the rock star’s pad exactly as-is.

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Tom Cruise

A home owned by Tom Cruise could be either classy or crazy. It’s hard to tell with the Mission Impossible star which side you’re likely to get. But the estate located in Colorado seems to reveal another side of Cruise. Decked out in fine wood and comforting living areas, it manages to feel both cozy and stately at the same time. A vast wilderness landscape waits right outside almost floor-to-ceiling windows. Cruise listed the home for $59 million in 2014; a steep price, but lovers of the outdoors might have thrown a few looks its way due to the beautiful surroundings. When it didn’t sell, Cruise removed the listing and ended up re-listing in March 2021. It finally sold two months later for $39 million; less than he was hoping for.

St. Maarten News

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has gone from entrepreneur to celebrity to US President, but still can’t seem to sell his St. Martin chateau. Originally listed in 2017 for $28 million, the home is still on the market. The words “lavish” and “sumptuous” have been used to describe the main home and connecting villas, one of which is used for staff. Amazingly, the buildings and surrounding land have withstood literal hurricanes and come out almost unscathed. According to sources, Trump has been using the property as a rental and doesn’t spend much time down there himself. Apparently he no longer sees it as a viable income source or worth his time. Thus the recent price drop to $15.5 million.

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Erika Jayne

Erika Jayne, the reality star known for her antics on Real Housewives, has been caught up in ongoing bankruptcy proceedings after her split with husband Thomas Girardi. The home owned by the two (purchased by Girardi in 1980 for $1.3 million) had to be sold off to deal with accusations of embezzlement and fraud. Located in Pasadena, California, the home encompasses 10,000 square feet. It was described by the listing agent as “old world opulence.” But maybe that opulence is what’s pushing buyers away. It takes a certain kind of person to love solid bronze front doors and walnut paneling. A little character goes a long way and this ex-couple may have overdone it. The coffered ceilings, silk wallpaper, and sprawling gardens are just…a lot. It was originally offered for $13 million in May 2021 and reduced multiple times. In June of 2022, it sold for half that price at $7.5 million.

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P. Diddy

P. Diddy (Sean Combs) is a jack of all trades. Rapper, singer, record producer and executive, entrepreneur, and actor; unfortunately, real estate just isn’t his thing. Like many before him, Combs made the potential mistake of tailoring the apartment to his specific tastes. Skidmore, Owings & Merill designed the space. Apparently, the rapper decided he didn’t need one of the bedrooms. He had the designer team turn it into a media room instead. One of the bathrooms became a wet bar. Some have speculated that the location – the Park Imperial – just isn’t desirable anymore, as other celebrities have left the area. Combs bought the apartment for $3.82 million in 2005. It was listed for $8.5 million in 2012, but had no interest. The price dropped a handful of times before landing at $6.5 million. It finally sold for for $5.7 million – a cash offer.