Pick a piece of furniture where the upholstered part can separate from the frame or base of the article. Shutterstock.

Step 1: Pick Your Piece Of Furniture

Like the other steps, the first step is pretty straightforward and one that you might have already completed. If you want to reupholster a piece of furniture, you know what one you want to focus on, such as a chair, a couch, or a bench, but you need to make sure it fits for the steps of this article.

 The key to your first piece of furniture is you want to pick something square or rectangle. You also want to find a piece of furniture where the upholstered parts are separate from their bases or frames. If you are struggling to find a piece of furniture, flip it over and look at the staples that secure the fabric or the corners of the material. You might notice that there is a piece of cardboard, which is perfect. If you realize that you can easily take the bit apart, you have the best section of furniture.