Weirdest Amazon Products that are Actually Useful

Shannon Quinn - March 26, 2022

Are you the type of person who loves to buy random products on Amazon? These are some of the weirdest products out there, but they’re actually pretty useful!

Suck up egg yolks with this egg separator. Credit: Peleg Design

30. Pig Shaped Egg Yolk Separator $12.99

If you like to separate your egg yolks from egg whites, you already know that it’s a tedious task. So why not use this cute pig-shaped gadget to suck up your egg yolks? On Amazon, it has a 4.6 star rating out of 5, which means that it works really well.A customer named JG had this to say; “I love to bake with my 4 year old son and he wants to help with the eggs but he doesn’t have the ability with his little hands to separate egg yolks and whites by pouring the yolk from shell half to shell half but he can suck the yolk up with the piggy. Not only does it work but it’s fun for him and me. I bought one for my sister as well for when she bakes with my niece.”

Bear Paws help tear up meat. Credit: Bear Paws


Some of you out there may be wondering what they heck these claws are for. But when you are cooking pulled pork, you need to pull the meat apart after it has been slow-cooking for a long time. These meat shredder claws help you do that, rather than using forks to pull the meat apart. A customer named Sean Thompson had this to say; “I bought these after looking at a lot of different Shredding claws. The Original Bear Paws looked to be the best. It only took me one use to realize that they are. They are very solid in construction and very comfortable to hold while shredding. When I first received these, my wife thought they were gimmicky and questioned my purchase. I let her try them on a pulled pork and she didn’t want to give them back!”

A gross but satisfying toy. Credit: KYW

28. Stop Popper: The Pimple Popping Toy $16.99

There are some people out there who get a strange satisfaction out of popping pimples. So much so that there are even YouTube channels dedicated to it, like Dr. Pimple Popper. Because of that, it makes sense that this pimple popping toy exists. However, it’s still pretty gross. A customer named Emmy had this to say; “Best gift ever!! My friend. Loves to pop pimples….I got her this as a birthday gift!!! I barely can see what I’m typing because of all the tears in my eyes from laughing. If you have a pimple enthusiast in your life, you HAVE to buy this for them!!”

The spaghetti monster colander. Credit: Ototo

27. Spaghetti Monster Colander $23.95

All hail the spaghetti monster! This is an adorable colander that’s perfect for straining your pasta. Why buy a boring colander when you can keep something cute and kitschy like this in your kitchen? A customer named Penny said, “My husband made fun of me for getting this. One day I was draining some veggies with this little guy and went to the other room for a moment. Two minutes later I hear my husband cackling from the kitchen. I walked him to find him doubled over, laughing to tears, pointing at the sink where this little guy’s eyes were poking out. Now my husband says it’s the best purchase I ever made! Work great!”

Chopsticks that look like light sabers. Credit: Chop Sabers

26. Chop Sabers Chopsticks

Do you know someone who loves Star Wars and Asian food? These chop saber chopsticks just might be a perfect gift for them. With over 13,000 ratings, this product still has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. That’s impressive! Here’s what an Amazon customer named Ace had to say, “I ordered these for my older boys who love Star Wars. I was worried about the negative reviews but I’m really glad I still bought them. They are bigger than expected but still great chopsticks, don’t have grip on them so noodles might be a little challenging. The light is bright and is a great conversation starter when we company over or when my boys decide they need to start a lightsaber battle halfway into dinner. Definitely recommend for star wars fans for a fun addition to your kitchen utensils.”

A very creepy meme shower curtain. Credit: Ambesonne

25. Why You No With Plunger $25.95

Honestly, I’m not sure why this is here. The “Why you no” meme has circulated the internet for a number of different reasons, and now it’s on this shower curtain. “Why you no plunger?” That’s a great question. Do you know the answer? Here is what an Amazon customer named Alexis had to say, “This product was absolutely incredible. My bestie screamed and laughed when she saw it and it was hands down the best Christmas present she had ever received. One con is that having it up in your home will definitely decrease the value of the home so if you decide to sell take the curtain down beforehand. The quality was fabulous and I considered buying another for myself. Best money I’ve ever spent”

A pillow in the shape of a baguette. Credit: WePop

24. 3D Baguette Pillow $21.24

Do you like pillows shaped like food? Or maybe you or someone you know just really loves bread. This 3D baguette shaped pillow would be a fun gag gift. An Amazon customer named Gelasia had this to say: “I use it all the time. I have costochondritis I can’t treat due to my diabetes, which makes my ribcage nearly impossible to sleep without support. This bread pillow is the perfect size and shape. If you aren’t satisfied the zipper allows add and removal of stuffing. It looks realistic in photos which makes a hilarious prop, but it’s as soft as mink fur.”

This strange and creepy piggy bank is popular on Amazon. Credit: AEVV

23. Zhdun Meme Piggy Bank $29.98

This piggy bank looks like some strange alien creature, but it’s actually based on a sculpture called Homunculus Loxodontus. It’s supposed to embody the emotions that people feel when they wait at the doctor’s office. The creature became so popular, it’s now a meme. I can’t really recommend this unless your friends know the meme already, but it could potentially be a funny gift to give someone. An Amazon customer named Cat said, “I got this as a gift for a friend who just loves memes. We both laughed for probably a half hour over this. It’s beautiful and it will be cherished.”

These products help clean out the microwave. Credit: Keledz

22. Angry Mom Microwave Cleaner $11.99

No one likes a dirty microwave, especially moms. This product helps produce steam in the microwave which makes it easier to clean. Here at Home Addict, we have plenty of other cleaning hacks for lazy people that will help keep your home spick and span. An Amazon customer named GC said, “I use mine about once a month and if I microwave something that smells, burns or overflows. It really does the job of removing odors from the microwave. I’m impressed. This purchase was for my daughter…my grandson had burnt ramen noodles and the whole house smelled. She tried other remedies from YouTube and nothing was working. She got this purchase in 2 days and she was so happy that after a couple of uses it took the smell out!”

Garden gloves with claw attachments. Credit: NNBB


Anyone who gardens knows how difficult it can be to pull weeds sometimes. That’s where these garden gloves with claws come in. Now, you can dig underneath weeds as you’re pulling. Just be careful if you go to rub your eyes or get anywhere near your face. Don’t poke an eye out!

An Amazon customer named Katherine said, “These gloves are so fun, and well-made. The rubber part is supple yet thick enough to resist tearing, and the claws are perfect for digging in either wet or dry soil that is not too hard packed. The only problem is that while you can dig away like a badger on steroids, when it comes time for more fine-motor gardening tasks, you have to remove the gloves because your newly minted badger abilities become useless.”

Bandages shaped like slices of bacon. Credit: Accoutrements

20. Bacon Strip Bandages $23.99

Do you love bacon? Maybe you love bacon so much, you love the thought of a bacon bandage. This might be a funny gag gift or stocking stuffer to give a bacon lover in your life. A customer said, “These are so fun to wear! They are true to the description and they look very real. I concocted a story that I’d read about using bacon to heal the wound and yet keep the skin moist around the wound. A couple of my friends freaked out & told me to get that bacon off my finger! And! A Few of them offered other reasons why it might work etc. So besides looking real and holding quite well they are definitely a conversation piece!”

Mermaid tail blanket available on Amazon. Credit: Fu Store

19. Mermaid Tail Blanket $23.99

Almost everyone has a girl in their life who is obsessed with mermaids. This mermaid tail blanket is really cute, and it would make a great birthday or Christmas gift for your daughter, niece, or granddaughter. An Amazon customer named Hannah S said, “Ordered this as a gift for my sister and was surprised with the quality of it after reading mixed reviews. The blanket I got was a teal color made up of a few shades of blues and greens interwoven in a wave crochet pattern. It’s much nicer than I expected for the price. The blanket is tight to about mid thigh then opens up to a blanket top with an opening for feet. It is snug. I’m 5′ and 130 lbs and it was snug on my legs but long. Overall I think it’s a cute gift!

Adorable burrito wrap blanket and hat. Credit: Ashipher

18. Burrito Swaddle Blanket $13.99

When you swaddle a newborn baby, it’s almost like wrapping a burrito. This swaddle blanket and cap makes it so that your baby is literally a tiny burrito. How cute is that? It has a 4.5 out of 5 star reviews, which means that the vast majority of people were happy when they bought this product. An Amazon customer named Rosie said, “This is very cute. I bought this set for our new nephew. He was nicknamed Taco because his mommy craved Tacos the entire pregnancy. Now he looks like a little taco or burrito in this very soft swaddle set. The hat came undone upon removing it from the package. The inner lining fell out, it has to be in the knot or it falls out. I don’t know if it is on purpose. Other than that we all thought it was realistic and adorable!”

The squirrel shaped rice paddle. Credit: Uxcell Store

17. Squirrel Rice Paddle $8.49

Most rice cookers come with a traditional white plastic paddle. But you can make the experience so much more fun with this squirrel shaped rice paddle. An Amazon customer named Stefan said, “I’m part Asian and as such I eat a lot of rice. Like a LOT of rice. No, it’s not a stereotype, it’s just a fact. Rice and rice accessories are serious business in my household. Almost as serious as propane and propane accessories are to Hank Hill. This little guy works well. He stands up on his own and is well balanced. Not to mention the fact that it’s super cute. Some starchy rice particles can stick to the tail but it’s easy to wash off.”

Get more out of your product bottles with this condiment bottle holder. Credit: Home-X

16. Upside Down Condiment Bottle Holder $11.99

When a condiment bottle is almost empty, you need to flip it upside down to get the remaining product to pour out. But some bottle designs prevent you from doing that. This is where this product comes in. You can also use this product for your cosmetic products like shampoos and conditioners. It has a 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon, with loads of happy customers. An Amazon customer named Carol F said, “These condiment holders are awesome. They do not topple over, even when holding a bottle. The bottles are weighted just right in the base. They are easy to clean, adjustable to fit a multitude of sizes of bottles and fit perfectly in the door shelves of our fridge. No more upside-down ketchup bottles falling out of the door or falling over inside the door shelf! Love these things!”

This product diffuses the light on your phone. Credit: Genuine Fred Store

15. Phone Light Diffuser

Everyone has a flashlight on their cell phone oh, and you probably used it at night to find something. However, it’s very bright, and it can drain your phone battery very quickly. That’s where this phone light diffuser comes in. It acts like a nightlight by sitting on top of your phone’s flashlight while it’s plugged in at night. An Amazon customer called Wisconsin Mommy said, “After having been caught in a hotel room during a power outage, I vowed never to travel without a spare light ever. I had been carrying a small flashlight with me but I love that I can set this up on my phone and then place it on a flat surface. It casts enough light that I can maneuver around without bumping into things and allows me to be hands free.”

Ice mold trays that look like bullets and guns. Credit: Mold Fun

14. Bullet and Guns Ice Cube Trays $12.99

Custom ice trays are a lot of fun. This one looks like bullets and guns. It might be good for a James Bond theme party, or just for someone who enjoys shooting as a hobby.

Socks that looks like pizza and crust. Credit: Rainbow Socks

13. Pizza Socks $25.99

Giving socks is a practical gift to give someone. So why not make it more fun with these pizza themed socks? They come in a pizza shaped box too, which makes it even more fun. An Amazon customer named Ethan said, “These socks are amazing. I had purchased them as a gift for my cousin. My cousin absolutely loves them and I do as well. They arrived in a large padded thick envelope wrapped in its own plastic packaging. The socks themselves are very comfortable and a little thin, but perfect for year-‘round use. They are perfect for any pizza/sock lover! They are great, and I will definitely recommend them to my friends, family, and others. Keep up the excellent work!”

A dune buggy shaped bed frame. Credit: Xander SYMAZEE

12. Dune Buggy Twin Bed Frame $390.94

Kids love to sleep in car shaped beds. You might have seen the plastic race car versions that you can find at most bed supply stores. But this dune buggy bed is something truly unique. An Amazon customer named Gerard Layton said, “Oh my God! My grandson loves this bed! I was going to go through a “Rent To Own” company..(to save money)…but they wanted “$1600” for it! It was delivered, and my son in law had it together within 30 minutes. My grandson goes to bed early, and actually asks my daughter: ‘Is it alright if I go to bed NOW??!!’ I couldn’t be happier about the product, and you’d have to fight my 5 year old grandson to take it away from him.”

A digital jump rope that counts for you. Credit: XinFan

11. Digital Jump Rope Counter $14.99

Jumping rope is great exercise, especially for your heart. If you are trying to count the steps that you were taking during jumping rope, this product is for you.  A customer named Elizabeth Grimes said, “I love having a jump that you can adjust and have your jos counted, however the weight only goes up to double digits because it’s in kg instead of lbs which is pretty confusing. I love it anyway, I just ignore the weight part.”

A shower foot rest that makes shaving easier. Credit: FanWer

10. Shower Foot Rest $19.91

Anyone who shaves their legs already knows how difficult it can be to get it done in the shower. This is especially true if you don’t have any kind of footrest built into the table. This shower foot rest is exactly what it sounds like. It gives you the ability to shave your legs in a shower that doesn’t have anywhere else for your foot to go. An Amazon customer said, “I read the reviews and decided to get it although a good amount of them were bad. One lady left a good review saying she didn’t use the sticker. I tried it out on my wall without a sticker, and it worked great. Then when I installed it in shower I used the sticker and the suction would not hold at all. I immediately took the sticker off and it worked perfectly.”

The slotdog makes hot dogs more interesting. Credit: The Slotdog Store

9. The Slotdog $19.99

The next Amazon product is called the Slotdog. This cuts a checkered pattern into your hot dogs before you put them on the grill. Your hot dogs will be cooked more from the inside, and it just generally makes them more interesting to look at. An Amazon customer named Otter said, “This thing is built tough. Heavy weight plastic surrounding a sharp grid that cuts into your hot dog. I am not sure why people are having trouble cutting unless they are trying it on a sausage. Works great for me on my Costco Hot Dogs and Hebrew National. Just place it over a properly chilled hot dog, and rock it from left to right then remove the hot dog from the grid. Makes rockstar hot dogs. Pre-cut a bunch for your party then cook to order on the grill and watch the comments fly.”

This poultry shaped timer lets you know when the bird is fully cooked. Credit: Norpro

8. Turkey Shaped Poultry Timer Price not available

Poultry timers are a common thing in the kitchen, and large turkeys sometimes come with them built in for free. But if you’re looking for something cute on Amazon, look no further than this turkey shaped timer. The legs go up when the turkey is ready. Best of all, it’s reusable, so you can pull it out every Thanksgiving. An Amazon customer called Tipseller said, “I liked the unit, and it was a talk piece in addition to the grand babies getting a good laugh. I had doubts originally, but I verified the temp, and it was within tolerance listed and 3-degrees of the meat thermometer, so this is a definite positive and provides a visual indication in addition to finding it funny. I will still verify with a meat thermometer, but it is officially a part of the holiday cooking now.”

Separate your toes with this product. Credit: The Yoga Toes Store

7. Yogatoes $36.95

Yogatoes is a product that helps separate toes to relieve pain from hammer toes, bunions, and overall tired toes. On Amazon, it has a 4.5 out of 5 stars with thousands of testimonials from people saying that it helped a variety of foot problems. So if you suffer from anything like this, it’s worth checking out. An Amazon customer named Jonathan D said, “These REALLY work! I’ve never paid attention to the dexterity of my toes until I began receiving chiropractic care. I realized that I had zero movements with my toes. The Yoga Toes are a godsend! I’m about 1.5 weeks of consistent wear beginning 1 hour, and I already have about 70% movement back in my toes! I definitely recommend Yoga Toes for those wanting to correct their toe alignment. Take the journey, you won’t regret it.”

Hide your valuables near your bra with this travel pouch. Credit: PacSafe Store

6. Pacsafe Travel Bra Pouch $16.95

Going to a big city or a new place on vacation? You may want to be careful of carrying around all of your valuables in your purse, just in case you run into a pickpocket or get mugged. This is where the Pacsafe travel bra pouch comes in. It’s a little pouch that attaches to your bra, under your shirt. An Amazon customer named DC said, “This was a great investment for my 12-day trip abroad. It is soft, high quality material. The latch at the top is plastic, but has a clever insert and snap up design–so it was very study. I was able to get a decent amount of “emergency money” along with a folded photo copy of my passport in this incredibly discreet pouch. I didn’t wear it as pictured, I hooked it around one of my bra straps and tucked it into my bra.”

Traveling becomes easier with this neck support pillow blanket. Credit: trtl Store

5. Neck Support Pillow Blanket $32.99

Have you ever tried to take one of those donut pillows on an airplane, only to realize that it just takes up a lot of space, and it’s not even comfortable? That’s where The Trtl Pillow comes in. It folds up small like a blanket, but when you wrap it around your neck, it gives you full comfort and support. An Amazon customer named Fliss said, “Amazing pillow! I wish I had known about this years ago as it would have been perfect for so many occasions. At first, I was a bit unsure about how the internal plastic support structure would feel but it is very comfortable. I have already bought 2 of these and will definitely be buying more especially as gifts as I know a lot of people that would love this! Now I use it all the time and take it everywhere with me.”

An adorable eyeglasses stand shaped like a giraffe. Credit: Tang Song

4. Giraffe Eyeglasses Stand $9.99

If you have eyeglasses, you already know how they can easily get knocked onto the floor when you’re reading for your phone in the middle of the night. This giraffe eyeglasses stand will make sure they’re up and out of the way, and it’s cute, too! A customer named Cynthia Davis said, “This is very well made and is even cuter than in the picture. Glasses sit on it very well and have not ever fallen off. Makes a cute statement on the nightstand or desktop for both men and women. Highly recommend it!”

A tape dispenser for your desk at the office. Credit: Butt Supplies

3. The Butt Tape Dispenser $12.95

This next item is a novelty tape dispenser called “The Butt”, which shows a man sitting on a toilet. He’s holding the tape as if it was a roll of toilet paper. Gross? Yes. Funny? That depends on your sense of humor. An Amazon customer said, “So, I bought this as a white elephant gift and I thought I was going to have to buy a roll of tape, paperclips, etc. to go with it. Nope! It comes with all that, which far exceeded my expectations. Thanks for the laughs and the useful product.”

Hold tacos in place with the TriceraTaco holder. Credit: Funwares

2. TriceraTaco Holder $19.99

If  you have kids, you already know how it can be a struggle to give them tacos. They might not be able to handle holding it long enough without breaking or making a huge mess. That’s where the TriceraTaco Holder comes in. It’s super cute, and it will give your kids something to play with while they enjoy Taco Tuesday. An Amazon customer named Sarah Furguson said, “Did I think our household needed a triceratops taco holder? Nope. Was I wrong? Yes. So very, very wrong. Pros: Adds a bit of whimsy to taco night; is not life-sized and therefore fits inside your average house. Cons: Only holds two delicious tacos.“

A night light with adorable mushrooms on top. Credit: Ausaye Store

1. Mushroom Night Light $9.98

Why have your average night light when you can get something as magical as this? This night light has mushrooms and flowers coming out of it, which looks very whimsical and Cottagecore. A customer named HerLi said, “These are super classy looking. The only mushroom that changes color is the front short one and the other two are uniquely colored but don’t change. The light that does change goes from red to yellow to green to blue then to a purple and back to red slowly and at random. This looks really great and is not at all cheaply made. The sensor is very sensitive to light so you would want to put it where it actually gets dark so that you can really enjoy it. Great price for something so great looking. I will definitely be buying more for gifts because I get compliments from everyone that notices them.”