25 Creative Projects and Inspirations to Give Home Décor a Better Look

Simi - March 26, 2019

Improvised display unit

Use an old ladder or construct something similar. This is a great addition as it allows you to store or display items above the toilet. This area is usually referred to as dead space as it’s hardly ever used. Paint it white, so it blends into the clean lines of the bathroom.

Shower hour!

If you get to redecorate your bathroom, consider a shower bigger than the standard size. Put recesses in the walls to act as storage shelves. Mosaic tiling on the floor and upper wall create unity the effect of all the elements in the room. Keep a basket of towels handy at the shower door.

Asymmetry is the new symmetry!

When looking for storage spaces, look at the unconventional options around you. Whether it’s a TV console, a sideboard, or bedside cabinets, think outside the box. Asymmetrical lines and contrasting colors create a pleasing effect and almost always get a second look. Pieces such as these easily become the focal point of the room.

The triptych effect

Create an eye-catching effect with a trio of frames that portray one image. Whether it’s something natural or a landscape photograph, this effect gives the image a whole new look. Use identical frames and space them uniformly. If you do this against a white wall with a monochromatic image, black frames are striking.

TV wall mounting

Use rough-hewn pieces of wood from old furniture or pallets to create an interesting background to mount your TV on. Cut them in different lengths and make the edges look rough and warn. Add a white stain or chalk paint to create a distressed look. Arrange them in a deliberately unbalanced configuration.

Custom wall unit

You can design and order and functional wall unit for your TV area or make it yourself. It gives you the freedom to make sure the shelves are placed exactly as you want them. Leave sufficient space between the shelves to mount your TV. Use some drawers under the bottom shelf for extra storage.

Creative hallway table

You can utilize half a used cable spool to make a striking table under a mirror. It must be sawn in half with precision. Sand it down afterward. You can choose to leave the wood raw or varnish it. And, best of all, you’ll have the second half to use elsewhere in your home!

Hang it up!

Instead of mounting shelves with conventional brackets, make a hanging shelf. Use strong cord or plastic-coated wire. Bend it in half. Attach the ends to either side of the shelf. Hang the shelf by placing the bend in the hook in the wall. Store interesting knick-knacks or small potted plants on your shelf.