25 Gym Essentials For an At-Home Workout

By Trista
25 Gym Essentials For an At-Home Workout

How many times have you made the excuse that the gym closes too early, or that you’d definitely go if you had the extra time? With more people working out at home, they realize the convenience of a private, tailor-made home gym. No more intimidating machines that you walk past and never try; a home gym is made with only your wants and desires in mind. Not only is a home gym more convenient, but it also smells better and is ultimately cheaper in the long run. 

Home gyms don’t have to be fancy – it doesn’t even have to be a dedicated room. Clear out a little space in your living room and voila! You have your workout area. Check out this list of essential items you’ll need for your at-home workouts. With all these items in your arsenal, the only regret you’ll have is not knowing about these sooner! 

Before Your Workout

If you’re a visual person, sometimes laying out your progress is necessary to see where you were and where you’re going. This fitness planner is a must! Credit: Amazon

FabFit Fitness Journal for Tracking Workouts and Meals

This planner spans 13 weeks and is specially designed for fitness planning. It even features a personal promise page – because you’re doing this for you, no one else!

It helps you set a baseline of where you are, plan for your goals and what your challenges are, or might be in the future, plan and track meals, create shopping lists, and log your water intake to keep you hydrated. We’ll touch more on that later, too. For your inner child, they also include two sticker pages. At the very end, it features a final reflection page so you can look back at how far you’ve come. It’s time to brag about yourself!

Live out your Lisa Frank fantasy and get your very own planner FabFit Fitness Journal, 13 Week Fitness Planner, Fitness Log, Meal Planner, Meal Log, Workout... $27.99