27 Rustic Farmhouse Living Room Décor Ideas for the Home

Simi - March 26, 2019

Farmhouse chic

An old bench-style couch creates an instant rustic feel. Couple it with firm cushions for sitting on and plenty of scatter cushions and throws. Refinish your wooden bench by sanding it. You can re-stain it a different color. Consider a coat of varnish to protect the wood over the long-term.

Barn wood accent

Use barn wood strips to create a chevron pattern to mount on one of your walls. It is an attention-grabber and focal point. When selecting pieces of barn wood, go for different shades. The non-uniform approach creates the impression of authenticity. Mount 3 chevron arrows above one another, with gaps in between.

Bring back the trunk

Nothing creates a nostalgic, rustic feeling more than an old trunk. It’s a functional piece of furniture because you can store things in it. Find old trunks made from solid wood with metal straps at antique shops or flea-markets. They may need a bit of refurbishment, but the final effect will be worth it.

Button embellishments on furniture

A couch that is upholstered and finished with a buttoned look creates a lovely farmhouse feel. This is perfect for an overstuffed couch. Don’t hide it with a whole lot of cushions. Instead, have only one inner cushion and let the couch do all the talking. Finish the look off with some matching accents.

Distressed white

If you paint an old coffee table white or lime wash it, it creates clean lines. But don’t hide the wood entirely behind the paint or lime wash. Some of the wood needs to show through the paint, especially around the corners and legs. This creates a feeling of authentic vintage chic.

Focus on functionality

Extra storage space can never go to waste. When selecting a coffee table for your farmhouse décor style living room, keep this in mind. Look for a coffee table that has internal storage. If you find an old one and refurbish it, remember not to ‘over-finish’ it. It must look old and original.

A comfortable armchair

No living room area is complete without an armchair. An overstuffed armchair fits in perfectly with a farmhouse décor style approach. Buy a cover if your armchair is not the right color or if you want to protect it from dirt and stains. Have a couple of comfortable scatter cushions and a cozy throw.

Suede finish

A brown couch with a suede finish is a country farm style living room must. It is a neutral color around which the rest of the room can be decorated. Use neutral accents in different tones around the couch so that it acts as the focal point of the living room.

Bring a bit of nature in

A decorative basket with some deer antler and fresh or dried lavender serve a dual purpose. It is a room air freshener and an interesting centerpiece. Make sure such an accent is prominently displayed on the coffee table in the center of the living room. Choose accents that please your eye and speak to you.

Chairs, not couches

Instead of choosing big sofas for your living room, use smaller armchairs and occasional chairs. It’s a good idea if your living room is small. An essential element of farmhouse style décor is space. If a room is overcrowded, it loses its appeal. Two well-placed chairs with a coffee table between them are effective.

A gallery wall

If you have plenty of wall space, use it for photos. Photos create an authentic family atmosphere far better than other decorations. Get frames of different shapes, sizes, and neutral tones. Attach some to the wall and have others on shelves. Let the photos tell your story. They intrigue your visitors.

Wall décor

Choose wall décor to match your big pieces of furniture. But don’t overcrowd the wall. It makes the room seem smaller than it is. A few unique wall décor accents are better than a lot of generic accents. Get ideas from magazines and other sources but retain your style and personality in your choices.