30 Jaw Dropping Bridal Table Settings to Create For Your Wedding Day

Trista - May 1, 2022

14. A Completely Magical Wedding Design 

Now, this is an absolutely magical setup! From the stars to the disco balls and even the candelabras! The floral mix is gorgeous, incorporating dark purples, pinks, and even some blues. Set the tone for your wedding with black draping and black tablecloths, and you’ve just set the stage for a magical evening. The ghost chairs are the perfect addition to this bridal table setup and will definitely help to reflect all the lights happening on the ceiling. Weddings don’t have to be all white, gold, and prettiness. You can go edgy like this, and it will turn out just as stunning as the more traditional route. Keep reading to find you favorite bridal table setup for your once-in-a-lifetime celebration.


13. You’re Not Ready For This Gorgeous Flower Chandelier 

Okay, the wedding table decor is beautiful but casts your eyes up, and you’ll see something so magnificent you’ll have to let your wedding planner know about it! The bridal table set up is simple with just cutlery, glasses, a white tablecloth, and ghost chairs. Then, the real moment is happening above with the dangling chandeliers of flowers! There are a few floral arrangements on the table because what would a wedding be without those? But this design is such a creative way to incorporate floral aspects into your wedding tables without taking up too much room on the tables themselves. 

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12. A Wedding Table Design Fit For A Princess

This wedding setup is fit for a princess! These ghost tiffany chairs are such an incredible version of the original wooden or gold style. The tables are draped so beautifully in a pearlescent table cloth that gleams and exudes glamor in this wedding decor. A mix of pink and white roses is a lovely way to subtly incorporate color into your wedding design without choosing a bold color. Plus, it warms up the white tones and helps to make the space a touch more girly. This wedding table design isn’t too candle heavy, but there are a few small candle votives around the base of the vase, which is a nice finishing touch. 


11. Go For The Gold With This Wedding Setup

This sparkling gold tablecloth is so different and amazing that we just know you’ll be using this at your wedding! Is there ever really too much gold? This wedding setup is proof that there isn’t! If you have a special tablecloth at your wedding, make sure to use ghost chairs so that you’ll really get the full effect of the table setup in photographs. The use of candelabras as table decor is clearly a trend for the year, as we’ve seen it in so many forms throughout this list. Go for gold with golden glasses and tableware. Pink is a great complementary color to gold, and it works beautifully in these arrangements. From outdoor parties to indoor events, get ready to read to top ten wedding table settings.

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10. A Bare and Beautiful Wedding Design 

Here is a wedding table design that is absolutely beautiful! You don’t need a tablecloth to make a wedding table setup look wonderful. Instead of choosing the raw wooden tables that have become incredibly popular, go for these dark mahogany tables with matching chairs. The white cushions provide comfort for your guests and help to incorporate the color of the flowers and break up the darkness of the wood tone. Decorate with crystal chandeliers, glasses, and candleholders. Add some stunning white flower bouquets to the center of the tables to complete the simple and effective decor. This bridal table has a very romantic feel with the wood and the crystal, yet an air of sophistication. 

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9. If Chandeliers Aren’t Your Style, Try This Wedding Table Setting 

This bridal table design shows how you can really incorporate the headspace above your table into your wedding decor. These hanging lanterns could do the trick if chandeliers aren’t your aesthetic. They work so well with a rustic style wedding and provide lovely mood lighting when it gets to evening time. It also brings down the cost of doing a hanging floral installation. Use your floral arrangements on the table and keep them low in a runner style. Mix bright greens with pure white flowers. To hide the wiring of the lighting and what is holding up the lanterns, wrap greenery around this, and it will bring in the table decor too. 

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8. Imagine This Wedding In Tuscany 

We can just picture this wedding happening somewhere beautiful like Tuscany in Italy! Close your eyes and imagine a cobblestone courtyard with these incredible table setups at sunset. The pink would just accentuate the colors of the sunset and the warm tones of the surrounding stone. The gold chairs add something special to the design. Choose a floral display overflowing from the tall vase it’s in to create a dramatic and romantic look. The rest of the table design should be relatively simple since a lot is happening with the flowers and tablecloth color. This table decor could also work very well in a ballroom wedding setup. Round tables are a great way to create conversations and a smooth flow through the room. 

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7. Use Your Glassware As Part Of The Wedding Decor

You don’t have to stick to the trendy rustic look for wooden tables. You have so many options for shabby-chic wedding tables. This bridal table setup has used incredible colors that we don’t usually see. Moreover, we wish we did! The orange wine glasses are both practical and add to the wedding aspect. Don’t forget that you should consider your glassware when designing your wedding tables. These are items you need anyway, so make sure they fulfill the design brief. They’ve used a combination of very different flowers for the flower design and moved away from the typical rose bouquets. Directly beneath the flower arrangements are tall pillar candles, which will create the most incredible glow when the lights go down. 


6. A Large Wedding Table To Seat All The Guests

Is this your favorite wedding table setup? Another curved wedding table. However, it could accommodate the entire list of wedding guests this time! When you have a table as long as this, you need to think long and hard about how you’re going to decorate it. A table runner of flowers and greenery is a stunning idea that you can keep going throughout the design. Put a few candles here and there as well as golden flower vases. With a unique wedding table, you don’t need to spend thousands on the decorations. The table is a centerpiece in itself! If you are having a garden wedding or out in the vineyards, this bridal table is the design you should be doing! It’s not the usual round tables or rectangular tables; it creates the most fantastic flow. Seat the bride and groom in the middle section so they can feel part of the action on their big day. 

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5. The Most Intimate Wedding Table Design 

This rustic wedding table design is oh-so-cozy! This table setting creates an incredibly intimate feel, and if you have a smaller wedding farmhouse style, we’d really suggest you consider this design. Fill the table with beautiful cutlery and crockery, and add a burlap and old lace table runner. Create beautiful low bouquets; choose pink roses, white daisies, and your favorite green foliage as fillers. You’ll see that they’ve included a sprig of rosemary in the napkins. You can put your herb of choice here or even lavender. Not only does it look lovely, but it definitely smells good too! Choose some herb-scented candles, and you’ll create a special aroma for your wedding, which is very on-trend. 

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4. This Bridal Table Design Is Perfect For Your Fall Wedding 

Autumn weather, anyone? The burnt oranges, pinks, and woods are the perfect inspiration for your fall wedding! And of course, you need to incorporate pampas grass too! For a fall wedding, move away from the green foliage as fillers and opt for pampas grass, dried leaves, and even dried flowers. These tones are perfect for the season. Use more natural feeling fabrics for your napkins and tablecloths like linens. If you want to incorporate more texture, try adding velvet as well. Mix beautiful orange roses with pinks, and you’ll have the most stunning fall wedding floral arrangements. We love how they’ve knotted the napkins on the plates to create a modern feel at this table setting. 

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3. Create Your Own Color Foliage With This Wedding Table Design 

This wedding table is the most interesting way we’ve ever seen big palm leaves used! Just because they’re green doesn’t mean they need to stay green! Spray paint big leaves and any other leaves with gold or a metallic color to suit your wedding. Add these large leaves to your hanging flower installation, and you’ll have guests talking about it for years to come. If you use more oversized florals like this, keep your actual table flowers to a minimum. They’ve used individual jars for single stem flowers across the table. They’ve also used wine bottles as part of the decor. These bottles help fill up the space, and they will keep the guests happy too! This wedding table design is ideal for votive candles to help the whole table glow. 

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2. The Classic Look That Will Always Have Our Hearts 

This wedding table design is a classic look, and we will always love it! The floral table runner is very plant-based rather than flower-heavy. There are just a few white roses scattered amongst the eucalyptus runner. Place a chiffon or linen runner beneath the flowers so that they pop against the wooden table. They’ve draped the white linen napkins for the place settings, which work well with the draped runner. It looks like an extension of it. What we love most about the place setting are the name cards. Instead of the ordinary card names, they’ve had wooden laser-cut names made for each guest. This wedding table design works as a seating placement and a favor for your guests. The wooden names blend in so well with the wooden tables, creating an extraordinary bridal table setup. 

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1. If You’re A Lover of Fall Leaves, Go For This Bridal Table Setting

Last but not least, it is another fall wedding table set up, and this one is truly exquisite. Do you love the fall leaves? Well, you should be using them at your wedding! Forget the roses (or use them as well) but create tall floral arrangements with branches of fall leaves. This wedding table design would be brilliant if you used silk flowers, as you’ll be able to buy a few stems for each collection and even use them in your home afterward. You also avoid any leaves falling off the branch and into someone’s dinner plate! Use dark wood for the table and chairs with a burlap runner. Use wine glasses as your candle holders. Fill them with water and let your floating candles do the work.