30 Jaw Dropping Bridal Table Settings to Create For Your Wedding Day

Trista - May 1, 2022
CV Linens

3. Create Your Own Color Foliage With This Wedding Table Design 

This wedding table is the most interesting way we’ve ever seen big palm leaves used! Just because they’re green doesn’t mean they need to stay green! Spray paint big leaves and any other leaves with gold or a metallic color to suit your wedding. Add these large leaves to your hanging flower installation, and you’ll have guests talking about it for years to come. If you use more oversized florals like this, keep your actual table flowers to a minimum. They’ve used individual jars for single stem flowers across the table. They’ve also used wine bottles as part of the decor. These bottles help fill up the space, and they will keep the guests happy too! This wedding table design is ideal for votive candles to help the whole table glow. 

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2. The Classic Look That Will Always Have Our Hearts 

This wedding table design is a classic look, and we will always love it! The floral table runner is very plant-based rather than flower-heavy. There are just a few white roses scattered amongst the eucalyptus runner. Place a chiffon or linen runner beneath the flowers so that they pop against the wooden table. They’ve draped the white linen napkins for the place settings, which work well with the draped runner. It looks like an extension of it. What we love most about the place setting are the name cards. Instead of the ordinary card names, they’ve had wooden laser-cut names made for each guest. This wedding table design works as a seating placement and a favor for your guests. The wooden names blend in so well with the wooden tables, creating an extraordinary bridal table setup. 

Elegant Wedding

1. If You’re A Lover of Fall Leaves, Go For This Bridal Table Setting

Last but not least, it is another fall wedding table set up, and this one is truly exquisite. Do you love the fall leaves? Well, you should be using them at your wedding! Forget the roses (or use them as well) but create tall floral arrangements with branches of fall leaves. This wedding table design would be brilliant if you used silk flowers, as you’ll be able to buy a few stems for each collection and even use them in your home afterward. You also avoid any leaves falling off the branch and into someone’s dinner plate! Use dark wood for the table and chairs with a burlap runner. Use wine glasses as your candle holders. Fill them with water and let your floating candles do the work.