30 Fabulous Finished Basement Ideas

By Shannon
30 Fabulous Finished Basement Ideas

On average, people make 75% back on their investment when they build a finished basement. If you have already done the job of putting up drywall and pouring concrete, good job! But you might thinking about giving your finished basement a makeover?  You’re not alone. A lot of people out there want to make their finished basement into extravagant living spaces. 

According to real estate experts, underground living space is only worth 50% of what above ground square footage would add to the value of your home. However, it’s still going to make living in your house far more comfortable and fun. And if you ever decide to sell your home some day, it could very well make-or-break if a future buyer wants to put in an offer.  Here are 30 amazing ideas of what you can do with a finished basement. 

A basement in North Carolina was made to look like a village. Credit: Charlotte Agenda

30. Build a Village

A 2.5 million home in Fort Hill, North Carolina gained some buzz in the news when it went up for sale, and its real estate photos revealed that the owner had built an entire village in their basement! Each of the store fronts opens up to another living space in their basement. For example, the soda shop has a real working bar with a soda fountain with candy and ice cream. The movie theater is the door to the family theater room, and the toy store has a display of the owner’s antique to collection. Lastly, the arcade has all of their pinball machines and arcade games.

Each of these store fronts open to little stores. Credit: Charlotte Agenda

These are all things that people want in their dream finished basement, and the village is just a creative way of decorating the hallway leading to various doors. Even if you do not make an entire fake village in your house, you could still think of a creative way to divide up the space of your basement.