Basement Transformation Ideas that Will Inspire

Shannon Quinn - January 3, 2020
This basement has a stone veneer wall. Photo Credit: ThreeDiCube/Shutterstock

13. A Stone Veneer Wall

If you go down into a basement that was built over a hundred years ago, you might see that the walls are made of stone. For people who love history, this is a great style. Some people have a newly built home, but they still want to feel like they are walking down into a space that has been there for a very long time. So a way to achieve that is to add a stone veneer wall.

These stone accents are enough to add style without covering the whole wall. Credit: North Star Stone

You can find the materials to do this at any Home Depot or Lowes, but you can also buy all of the equipment online. Even just having one accent wall is enough to accomplish the style, so it shouldn’t be necessary to create stone walls in the entire basement. Depending on how much space you want to cover, this could be a few hundred dollars, or a few thousand.

Shiplap panels come in any color. Credit: HGTV

12. Shiplap Walls

Most basements have cement walls when they are first finished, and drywall is installed to give the illusion that you are stepping into a regular room. This is fine, but if you want to elevate the look a bit more you could add shiplap to the walls. Having shiplap helps you feel as though you’re inside of a cozy seaside cottage, or a farmhouse in the country.

White shiplap adds texture to a wall to help it look clean and sophisticated. Credit: The DIY Playbook

Shiplap panels are available at any hardware store, or you can buy them online in any color. Then, check out a YouTube tutorial to learn how to install them on your own. The cost will change depending on how large of a surface area you plan to cover with shiplap.

Laundry rooms usually include machines and a large sink. Photo Credit: Beyond Time/Shutterstock

11. A Laundry Room

A lot of people choose to keep their washer and dryer in the basement if they do not have space for their machines upstairs. Instead of just letting those machines sit on a concrete floor, you could easily build a laundry room to encase an area dedicated to cleaning your clothes.

Laundry rooms can help you stay organized. Photo Credit: Closet Solutions Ca

Complete laundry rooms have a folding table, utility sink, shelves, and a place to hang-dry your clothes. According to Home Advisor, building a laundry room costs between $500 to $5,000 to create one, depending on how much you need. The good news is that building a laundry room will increase the value of your home. It will make your life easier, but it will also be a huge plus to buyers.

Doggy showers will help you keep your doggo clean. Credit: Pinterest

10. Add A Dog Shower

Anyone who owns a dog knows how dirty they can get when they run outside in the mud. But depending on your dog breed, it might be difficult to convince them to jump inside of your bathtub with their tiny little legs.  If you already have your washing machine down in the basement, you might already be used to using this space as an area where you are cleaning. So why not build a little doggy shower? 

Keeping pet bathing separate from humans can help keep things cleaner. Credit: The Seattle Times

This is perfect for anyone who feels a bit weird about allowing your dogs to bathe in the same place that humans do. For some people, having a doggy shower area would help them save money from constantly taking them to a professional groomer. 

Some people dream of having a full craft room in their home. Credit: Pinterest

9. A Craft Room

Many people who love to craft end up having large collections of their supplies. For a lot of people, they it would only dream of having their own craft room to call their own.  This is why having a she shed has become even more popular in recent years. Many women want to have their own space where they can do their crafting and sewing in peace. This is why having at least one section of your basement as a craft room might actually be an amazing idea.

For anyone who takes crafting seriously, you may want to give yourself the space to work. Credit: This Old House

 Many people have created custom cabinets and tables to accommodate their crafting needs. What is great about this is that if you have children, they will eventually have to do school projects where they need a space to get them done. These tables could also double as a home workspace for kids when you are not in the middle of your crafting.

This pirate theme playground for kids is epic. Credit: slemanzan1a

8. An Indoor Playground

One of the more luxurious options for redoing your basement would be to create an entire indoor playground for your children. As you can see in the photographs we provided, these indoor playgrounds are incredibly impressive.  Your kids will be some of the most popular in town, and everyone will want to come over to play. Birthday parties will instantly become a blast. And if you own a daycare center, it would actually be perfect to keep this up for years to come.

Even a simple wooden play space is great for your kids. Credit: Ana White

The one and only downside of doing a renovation like this is that there is a very small window of time where your children will be young enough to play on this. As your kids grow older, they are going to be more likely to ask for a gaming room, instead. 

Sports fans would go wild for this baseball themed basement. Credit: Decoist

7. A Sport Fan’s Paradise 

Just like a man cave, extreme sports fans have sometimes gone above and beyond to turn their basement into a sport paradise. Some people have even transformed the entire room into a space that looks like they are in a private box at a stadium. Others have taken the opportunity to display their expensive sports jerseys in shadow box frames, trophies, and more.

Men can enjoy watching the big game in the basement. Photo Credit: Vasyl Shulga/Shutterstock

The good thing about making a sports room in the basement is that the fans can holler as loud as they want to during the game without disturbing the rest of the family. Most epic sports rooms have either a projector or a smart TV so that everyone can see their game on the biggest screen possible.

Imagine having your own bowling alley in your house. Credit: sebringdesignbuild

6. A Bowling Alley

If you have a game room, you could buy a small bowling game set for you and your kids to play with. Or, if you are on a next-level bowling lover, you might want to upgrade to a full-sized bowling alley in your basement. Your friends would be incredibly impressed to see a bowling alley in your house, and it will most likely become a go-to place for parties. (You might even be able to rent out the space to people for special events.)

Custom bowling alleys can be designed any way you like. Credit: DigsDigs

The cost of building a one lane bowling alley is between $19,000 and $45,000 depending on how elaborate it is. Of course, you also have to buy your own bowling ball and bowling shoes to use, too. Once you build this, you never have to worry about paying for an entry fee again.

If anyone plays the drums in your house, you probably want them in the basement. Photo Credit: Artazum/Shutterstock

5. A Soundproof Music Room

If someone in your family is musically talented, they may want to practice their instrument or sing in their spare time. Sometimes, this can be wonderful to listen to their music. Other times, it could become very annoying to hear your kids play the same few notes over and over again with intermittent squeaking. This is why a basement could be a perfect place for you to have a music room. Most of the time, basements are essentially soundproof and you cannot hear noise in the rest of the house. 

You could even have a little stage for your household musician. Credit: sebringdesignbuild

If your intention was to make it as soundproof as possible, you could add some soundproofing panels to the walls,  as well as a throw rug on the floor. Some people even go as far as to build a recording booth in their basement by enclosing a closet with padded materials, as well as the wiring for a microphone. This can be very valuable for anyone who is serious about becoming a professional musician. 

If you have a podcast, you will want a studio space. Photo Credit: Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

4. A Podcasting Studio

In the previous entry, we mentioned how a basement can be a great place for a music room. For all of the same soundproofing reasons, it also makes a great place to have a podcast studio.  Since basements are already a lot less noisy than the rest of your house, it will make it very easy for you to put up soundproofing panels to make it even more silent than before. It is also a great location to have a studio that is away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of your household. You could always put up a recording sign on the basement door to let your friends and family know not to disturb you while the light is on.

Doing a professional podcast requires a lot of equipment. Photo Credit: PrinceOfLove/Shutterstock

When you are podcasting, you may have guests on the show. So you usually need a large table with two microphones, a sound mixer, and space to put your computers. If you were choosing to film it and put a video version on YouTube, you will also need space around the table to put up tripods and your cameras.

Every parent dreams of giving their kids their own playroom. Photo Credit: Africa Studio/Shutterstock

3. A Playroom For the Kids

One of the most popular options for a basement makeover is to create a playroom for your kids. The great thing about having a space for kids to play is that you know that they will be inside. Unlike a backyard, you don’t have to worry about where they are going, and can peacefully go about your daily chores knowing your kids are downstairs. It is also great for parents to keep their kids toys all in one space so that they do not clutter the rest of the house.

It is good to have an organizational system in a play room. Credit: HomeBestIdeas

Some parents decide to just let things get a bit wild down in the basement when their kids are playing. But you could just as easily install shelving units and organize the toys. This could be a great opportunity to teach your kids know how to clean up after themselves when they are done. Adding a small kid-sized table is also great for your toddlers to color, play with legos, and get their homework done.

This basement skate park is amazing. Credit: Houzz

2. A Skate Park

Unfortunately, not every town has a skatepark. Even in the towns where they tried them out for a few years, many have been removed because skater culture is sometimes looked down upon. Skateboarding is actually a very difficult sport to get into, especially if someone wants to learn the toughest tricks.  This is why some parents with kids who love to skate have gone above and beyond to create their own skate parks in their backyards or basements.

These ramps can be used for BMX or skateboarding. Credit: Houzz

The great thing about building a skatepark in a basement is that a skate park needs a concrete surface, anyway.  All you really need to do is build the ramps and grind rails in the basement and essentially leave the basement as it was before. And if your kids ever grow out of their skating hobby, it would be easy to dismantle the ramps and use the space for something else.

This luxury pool is underground. Credit: Rescon Solutions

1. An Indoor Swimming Pool 

One of the most luxurious things you could ever do with a basement is to create an underground indoor swimming pool.  You are guaranteed to never get a sunburn swimming in your pool this way. The obvious benefits of having an indoor swimming pool are that it will be temperature controlled, so you can go swimming even in the dead of winter. There is also no chance that your neighbors could potentially peek over the fence to see you in your bikini.

This indoor pool and jacuzzi take up the entire basement. Credit: Rescon Solutions

However, this would not be possible in places with a high water table. There are only certain geographical locations where you would be able to create a basement pool. And, of course, it is outrageously expensive. According to Home Adviser, building a pool in your basement would cost between $20,000 and $100,000.