30 Fun Things To Do With Kids At Home

By Shannon
30 Fun Things To Do With Kids At Home

All over the world, parents are adjusting to homeschooling their kids. Without the ability to go to school, sports practice, or playdates with friends, your kids might be understandably bored in your household. After a while, even video games and playing in the backyard might get old. Even though we are going through a scary time, remember that kids are going to be affected by this even more than adults. Here are 30 ideas of how to make your time spent at home a lot of fun, and create happy memories for them to look back on.

Incorporate your backyard space into your obstacle course. Credit: Shutterstock

30. Create an Obstacle Course

Your kids are going to be cooped up in the house for so long, they need to get their energy out somehow. When they’re in school, kids usually get time to run around during recess, so they need that same break while you’re homeschooling. A trend that’s going around on Pinterest are indoor and outdoor obstacle courses in your own home. Some moms are choosing to use tape on the floors, where kids can run to climb chairs, spin in circles, and do other simple tasks at each checkpoint in the course. Time them with your phone’s stopwatch feature, so that each kid can compete to get a faster time than their siblings.

Bouncy castles are a ton of fun in general, and they can be incorporated into an outdoor obstacle course. Credit: Shutterstock

If you have a large backyard, you can expand your obstacle course on a nice day. If you want the course to feel like an epic Ninja Warrior style course, you could purchase additional accessories online like a small trampoline, bouncy castle, or orange traffic cones to set up their outdoor play area. And if you already have an outdoor swing set, this could be incorporated into the course very easily. Your kids will truly appreciate the effort, and it will create fun memories.