This lounge chair is both stylish and comfortable. Credit: Rimdoc

29. Rimdoc Lounge Chair

If you’re a fan of mid century furniture, you may have heard of the famous Eames Chair, which was originally designed in 1956. Back in the 1960’s, it became incredibly popular among the New York elite, and it is still around to this day. This is supposed to be a perfectly ergonomic chair that is one of the most comfortable things you will ever sit in. If you were to buy an authentic Eames, it would cost you $6,500. But this replica created by Rimdoc is just $630. Yes, this is still an expensive chair compared to something you might find at Ikea, but it is a fraction of what the real one would cost. If you are simply trying to achieve the look, but don’t necessarily care about the branding, it could potentially be an amazing deal.