30 Gorgeous Mid Century Modern Furniture Pieces Available Online

By Shannon
30 Gorgeous Mid Century Modern Furniture Pieces Available Online

Mid Century Modern is one of the most popular interior design styles for a very good reason. This originated in the 1950’s, and it was so incredibly cool that it’s still great, even to this day. For those of you out there who loved watching shows like Mad Men and reminiscing about the “good old days”, midcentury modern is probably the best style for you. These pieces are considered to be very urban, and you are likely to still see them in trendy New York apartments today. The only issue is that if you go to the store to look for pieces, it can cost a small fortune to get the look you want. Here at Home Addict, we have assembled some of the best pieces that are available online with just the click of a button.

This storage unit is very stylish, and has multiple purposes. Credit: Nathan James

30. Nathan James Multipurpose Storage Unit 

Every dining room or living room needs some sort of credenza to place all of your odds and ends. After all, where else would you show off your cool decor items like a vintage radio or record player? This storage unit by Nathan James is made with a combination of engineered wood and pine, and it’s stained in a dark walnut color. The 3 white doors help to hide away anything that you don’t want to be seen out in the open, but it also leaves some space to display your favorite books and artwork. Since this is a multipurpose storage unit, this could be used as a TV stand or a bar as well. Normally, mid century modern style credenzas can cost over $1,000 at a furniture store, but here you can get it for under $150!


Buy it here: Nathan James Multipurpose Storage Unit $321.71