30 Gorgeous Mid Century Modern Furniture Pieces Available Online

Shannon Quinn - February 21, 2020

Mid Century Modern is one of the most popular interior design styles for a very good reason. This originated in the 1950’s, and it was so incredibly cool that it’s still great, even to this day. For those of you out there who loved watching shows like Mad Men and reminiscing about the “good old days”, midcentury modern is probably the best style for you. These pieces are considered to be very urban, and you are likely to still see them in trendy New York apartments today. The only issue is that if you go to the store to look for pieces, it can cost a small fortune to get the look you want. Here at Home Addict, we have assembled some of the best pieces that are available online with just the click of a button.

This storage unit is very stylish, and has multiple purposes. Credit: Nathan James

30. Nathan James Multipurpose Storage Unit

Every dining room or living room needs some sort of credenza to place all of your odds and ends. After all, where else would you show off your cool decor items like a vintage radio or record player? This storage unit by Nathan James is made with a combination of engineered wood and pine, and it’s stained in a dark walnut color. The 3 white doors help to hide away anything that you don’t want to be seen out in the open, but it also leaves some space to display your favorite books and artwork. Since this is a multipurpose storage unit, this could be used as a TV stand or a bar as well. Normally, mid century modern style credenzas can cost over $1,000 at a furniture store, but here you can get it for under $150!


Buy it here: Nathan James Multipurpose Storage Unit

This lounge chair is both stylish and comfortable. Credit: Rimdoc

29. No products found.

If you’re a fan of mid century furniture, you may have heard of the famous Eames Chair, which was originally designed in 1956. Back in the 1960’s, it became incredibly popular among the New York elite, and it is still around to this day. This is supposed to be a perfectly ergonomic chair that is one of the most comfortable things you will ever sit in. If you were to buy an authentic Eames, it would cost you $6,500. But this model is just $630. Yes, this is still an expensive chair compared to something you might find at Ikea, but it is a fraction of what the real one would cost. If you are simply trying to achieve the look, but don’t necessarily care about the branding, it could potentially be an amazing deal.


Buy it here: No products found. No products found.

This side table is cute and compact. Credit: Nathan James

28. Nathan James White Side Table

Whether you’re looking for side tables to go on each end of the bed, or you want something in your living room to put down your remote and a cup of wine, these end tables from Nathan James are a great option. They come in several wood stains and colors, so they could match whatever decor you already have in your home. Each of these tables are $90. This may seem expensive to anyone who is used to shopping at discount stores like Home Goods, where you might find end tables for closer to $50. But if you are looking for this exact vibe in your home, the price is actually much cheaper than you would imagine. For example, at West Elm, they sell almost identical side tables for $300 each, so this is actually a bargain.


Buy it here: Nathan James White Side Table

Need a drink? Look no further than this bar cart. Credit: Linon Gina

27. Linon Gina Bar Cart

Years ago, it was far more acceptable for adults to come home after work and make a cocktail every day to alleviate their stress. It was considered to be normal, and alcoholism and addiction was not as well known or understood. Most offices in New York City allowed the men would drink and smoke during business meetings, so it was considered to be normal, if not expected of everyone to drink. Displaying your alcohol collection was a must for bachelor pads. Even today, if you go over someone’s house to see a bar cart, you know they are down to have a good time. If you also enjoy a nice beverage after sundown, check out the Linon Gina Bar Cart. It has wheels, so you can move it wherever it is more convenient for you, and the mirrored shelves make a beautiful look next to the brass legs.


Buy it here: Linon Gina Bar Cart $90.99

Nesting coffee tables can be a great way to add an interesting touch to your space. Credit: Nathan James

26. Nathan James Nesting Coffee Tables

Most of the time, people choose to have one style of coffee table in their living room. If you can’t choose between marble and wood, why not both? These Nathan James nesting coffee tables are at two different heights, so they cross over one another on their hairpin legs. Some people also use these as end tables, if you would prefer to have them on either side of your couch. This is not the type of style you see every day, so when you friends come over to visit, it truly makes an impact. Since they’re not your average Ikea design, most people will assume that you spent a pretty penny to get this unique look. They are available to purchase online at $130 for two.

Buy it here: Nathan James Nesting Coffee Tables

These hanging gold hoops are great plant holders. Credit: Riseon

25. Riseon Golden Hoop Plant Hanger

Hanging plants are cute. Hanging gold hoops? Even cuter. These hanging planters by Riseon are just $28 each. they look great on their own, but could also look amazing if you had two or three together in your home. Plants always bring a lot of life to a space, so these would look amazing in almost any design aesthetic. They also help to clean the air, so your rooms can smell fresh and clean. Hanging plants look beautiful, and they can have a big impact when you walk into a room. Bonus points if you have found a way to match the color of the metal to other accents in your home.


Buy it here: Riseon Golden Hoop Plant Hanger

This couch is adorably modern. Credit: Edloe Finch

24. Edloe Finch Sofa

This tufted sofa by Edloe is incredibly chic, and it would definitely look expensive in nearly any home. It is just shy of $1,000, and comes with free shipping from Amazon Prime. According to the customer reviews, people were pleasantly surprised at how comfortable this sofa was, which should help to ease any reservations you may have about buying a couch online. The company also makes a matching chair, so it’s possible to have a full living room set together at the same time.


Buy it here: Edloe Finch Sofa

This coffee table has room to display your books and decor. Credit: Best Choice Furniture

23. Best Choice Products Accent Table

If you already have wooden furniture in your home, you may want to go for a coffee table that matches what you already have. In general, it’s good to match all of the furniture that is in at least one room of the house. This coffee table feels traditional, but still has a mid century modern vibe with its angular legs. This boxy accent table from Best Choice is just $69. It looks so much more expensive than it actually is, so it’s guaranteed to impress your friends. As an adde bonus, make sure you take advantage of that space by purchasing some high-quality coffee table books. We recommend The Kinfolk Home , Home Body , and the Atlas Mid Century Modern Houses .

Buy it here: Best Choice Products Accent Table $74.99

This fabric club chair is a statement piece. Credit: Christopher Knight

22. Christopher Knight Club Chair

This Christopher Knight club chair is incredibly chic with its tufted upholstery and its wooden sides and legs. It almost looks like a couch, but it’s really a large chair that will fit people of all shapes and sizes. At $289, it’s right on the money for getting a luxurious looking chair for less than what you would pay in a designer boutique. This chair is beautiful, and it will is basically guaranteed to garner compliments from your friends when they come over to visit.

Buy it here: Christopher Knight Club Chair $211.64

If you love music, you just might need a media console in your life. Credit: Crosley

21. Crosley Media Console

The ultimate hipster stereotype is having a turn table in your home. Back in the 1950’s, people had record players build into huge pieces of furniture which had built-in stereo speakers. If you wanted to get a genuine vintage piece, they start at $500 on places like Etsy and go upwards of $6,000, depending on the brand and style. And unfortunately, the authentic pieces are also incredibly heavy, and therefore hard to move. Once you have it, you’re basically stuck with it forever. (I’m speaking from experience, because we have one at my parent’s house.) So this Crosley Media Console is actually a perfect compromise. You can place your existing record player inside of the slot, and it even has a super cute display rack for your record collection. The best part is that it’s only $264.

Buy it here: Crosley Media Console $318.42

This chair is funky and fresh. Credit: Armen

20. Armen Chair

Mid century furniture has a very distinct design, and this Armen chair is a great example of that. The chair also comes in black and blue options, so it’s possible to match it with your existing color scheme. These chairs are not exactly cheap, at $94 apiece. If you check out this listing, you can see several examples from customers who have used it as a singular desk chair, or purchased four for their kitchen table.

Buy it here: Armen Chair $108.99

Can you imagine anything more fun to touch than a velvet couch? Credit: Container Furniture

19. Container Furniture Velvet Couch

Anything made of velvet feels amazing to touch, and it instantly feels luxurious in any home. This couch from Container Furniture comes in several colors including two shades of blue, goldenrod, grey, and purple. While the style is technically midcentury modern, this could easily fit in with a room that was meant to be a bit more of an expensive Los Angeles glam look. Surprisingly, this couch is just $250, which makes it equally as cheap (or cheaper) than something you would find at Ikea. The only downsides to the couch are that it is small, and customer reviews say that it’s not the type that is comfortable enough to sit on all night.

Buy it here: Container Furniture Velvet Couch $381.36

This table is simple, elegant, and modern. Credit: WE Furniture

18. Walker Edison Furniture Modern Hairpin Table

Sometimes, mid century modern can be achieved with really simple, high quality pieces. This hairpin leg table by Walker Edison Furniture is a great example of that. You could match your existing seats with it, or splash out on some leather chairs to go with it. For $240, you really can’t go wrong to get a new kitchen or dining room table. Assembly is required, but in the reviews, people say it only took them 10 to 20 minutes to put this together. Check out the listing to see some customer image examples.

Buy it here: Walker Edison Furniture Modern Hairpin Table

The beautiful Safavieh mid century dresser.Credit: Safavieh

17. Safavieh Mid Century Dresser

One of the best things about mid century modern pieces is that you can buy something that looks so beautiful, it is truly timeless. Whether you need a dresser to put away your clothes, or you just need somewhere to store your odds and ends, the Safavieh mid century dresser is an amazing choice. This is a gorgeous walnut wooden dresser with brass legs and knobs. It also comes in white or black, if you would prefer to have those colors instead. At $465, this is much cheaper than places like Pottery Barn or West Elm, but you know that you are still paying for a high-quality piece of furniture that should last for years to come.


Buy it here: Safavieh Mid Century Dresser $691.00

This TV stand allows you to hide away anything you want in your living space. Credit: Walker Edison

16. Walker Edison TV Stand

Whether you need a place to put your TV, or you simply need some more storage space, this Walker Edison TV stand looks beautiful. For $203, it’s comparable to what you would pay in a store like Target or Ikea, but you’re guaranteed to bet the mid century modern vibes. This is big enough to fit a TV up to 64 inches. When you open the doors, it reveals that the interior has two shelves. It should be plenty of space for your DVD collection, video game consoles, and anything else that you need to store for entertainment purposes.

Buy it here: Walker Edison TV Stand $215.12

This three-level shelf looks incredibly cool and retro. Credit: Target Marketing

15. Target Marketing Bookshelf

This three-tiered bookshelf from Target Marketing is very retro, and it’s definitely not something you see every day. At $190, it’s a good price to make a statement that you are deeply committed to the mod style. When your friends come over, they will instantly understand that you are going for a mid century modern vibe. The one and only downside is that we could only find this in blue, so it might not match the rest of your decor. This bookshelf looks like it belongs in a teenage girl’s bedroom if she wanted to go with a hippie “flower power” theme. So long as you have planned the rest of your decor correctly, this could look very cool.

Buy it here: Target Marketing Bookshelf $195.29

These chairs instantly give your home a retro vibe. Credit: Ivinta

14. Ivinta Modern Chairs

Back in the 1960’s, you saw a lot of modern shapes that haven’t made their way back into today’s world for some time. These chairs are an example of a statement piece that could either look very tacky, or incredibly chic, depending on the surrounding style of the room. However, these chairs really do make a huge statement. In the right atmosphere, they will look amazing. You have the option of changing the color of the chairs to green, yellow, or grey, but it will always be $126 for two, plus free shipping.

Buy it here:

This leather chair looks really comfortable. Credit: Rivet Jamie

13. Rivet Jamie Leather Chair

There is something about a leather chair that really ties a room together. The look is timeless, so you know that once you buy a really nice leather chair, it’s always going to be worth the investment. This River Jamie chair is $429, and it also comes with the option to change the upholstery to blue or orange fabric. Together with some cute throw pillows, this chair could fit into either a bohemian or mid century modern home very easily. This is one of those pieces that you will probably have for a lifetime, because leather chairs are classic and match a lot of different design styles. You may even find yourself passing it down to your kids some day.

Sputnik light fixtures enhance the elegance and vibe of a space. Credit: Bowrain

12. Bowrain Sputnik Light Fixture

One of the coolest types of light fixtures you can find are the “Sputnik” chandeliers. Just like a satellite, the arms of the chandelier point in several directions, which aims light at multiple parts of the room. The number of bulbs in each chandelier can change depending on the one you order, but they are usually 6 or 8 bulbs per fixture. At most stores, these chandeliers are in the ballpark of $400 each, but you can actually buy one online for only $94. The one and only criticism I have seen of these online is that since there are so many bulbs, people have to install a dimmer so that they can control the brightness of the lights. After all, you don’t want to be blinded.

This slatted coffee table is far more interesting than many other tables out there. Credit: Nathan James

11. Nathan James Slatted Coffee Table

Most coffee tables are just a plain, solid wooden table with four legs. That’s all well and good, but if you want to elevate your midcentury modern design just a but, consider this Nathan James slatted coffee table. This coffee table reminds me of a bench that my mother had in her home, with its long rectangular shape. The fact that it has wooden slats gives texture to the piece, which makes it far more interesting to look at. And the fact that it is small and narrow means that it will go well in a small apartment, or if you are limited on space. This style very reminiscent of the 1960’s, and something you don’t see every day. It’s available online for $127, and you can get it in just two days with Amazon Prime.

This spiral table looks almost like a piece of art. Credit: Modway

10. Modway Spiral Table

Part of the appeal of mid century modern furniture is the fact that it’s not your typical style that you see every day. It was popular back in the 1950’s through the 70’s, and for a few years, it had completely disappeared from American homes. Only now, we see a resurgence, and it can make a big impact. A lot of the pieces you would see in a home almost feel like they belong in an art gallery. This spiral table by Modway is a great example of how furniture can sometimes resemble a piece of art, because of its interlocking metal rods. The wooden top is made of real walnut, so it should be high quality that would last you for years. If you like this table, it’s $400 online.

This sofa looks far more expensive than it actually is. Credit: Rivet Aiden

9. Rivet Aiden Tufted Leather Sofa

So far on this list, we have given you a lot of furniture that is incredibly cheap compared to what you would expect to pay in most furniture stores. However, this couch by Rivet Aiden is still what you would expect to pay at a lot of places- $1,158. However, couches are one of those items that you truly don’t want to cheap out on. Nearly all of us have had a bad experience with an uncomfortable couch from Ikea, and that can be a truly disappointing disaster. This Rivet Aiden tufted leather sofa looks incredibly stylish, and you should be proud to show it off to your family and friends when they come to visit.

Leather club chairs are typically very comfortable to sit in. Credit: Christopher Knight

8. Christopher Knight Leather Club Chair

Leather club chairs are those sort of items that look amazing in almost any home, and they are often heirloom pieces that get passed on to the next generation. This chair from Christopher Knight goes for $216, and customer reviews confirm that it looks way more expensive than it actually is. It’s sure to impress your family and friends when they come to visit after seeing your home makeover. Even though this chair is technically mid century modern, it is one of those versatile items that could be transitioned into another home if you were to move and change your design aesthetic.

These wall sconces make a plain space instantly much fancier. Credit: EDISLIVE

7. EDISLIVE Wall Sconces

In the 1960’s, brass and gold accessories became very popular, and you would see them in almost every middle-class home in America. So it only makes sense that if you wanted a mid century modern style, you would want to incorporate those into your home. These two wall sconces are reminiscent of a sun burst, and they will cast a shadow when you turn on the lights at night. It would look beautiful in a bathroom on either side of a mirror, which gives it a huge “wow” factor before walking into a room. The EDISLIVE wall sconces are $90 for a set of two. These are incredibly unique light fixtures, and they are comparable to what you would pay at somewhere like Home Depot or Lowes.

There is nothing better than sitting up in an upholstered bed. Credit: DG Casa Soloman

6. DG Casa Soloman Upholstered Bed

Once you switch over to an upholstered bed, you may never go back. Sitting up at night on your laptop, talk on the phone, or to watch TV instantly becomes more comfortable, and there is never any danger of accidentally banging your head. The only problem is that a lot of upholstered beds out there look overly feminine. This mid century style bed by DG Casa Soloman is actually very masculine, because of its wooden frame and gray tufted upholstery. You never want to go too cheap on a bed. Speaking from personal experience, I had an upholstered bed that only cost $200, and after two years, I needed to get it repaired. This DG Casa Soloman bed looks significantly more sturdy and long-lasting, and it’s just $575. Compared to beds from West Elm, Pottery Barn, and Anthropologie that cost $1,000 or more, this is actually a steal.

This multicolored clock is creative and fun. Credit: Infinity Instruments

5. Infinity Instruments Multicolored Wall Clock

Back in the 1960’s, starburst mirrors and clocks were incredibly popular, and they are coming back in style. Genuine vintage decor pieces usually come in gold. If you search on Etsy, you will see that people are selling genuine vintage starburst clocks for $100 to $300 each. If you don’t mind getting a modern vintage replica, and you want something more fun than brass or gold, try out this multicolored wall clock instead. On Amazon, there are a lot of different varieties ranging from $50 to $100, depending on the style and color scheme you choose.

Minimalist artwork works really well in mid century modern homes. Credit: Singford

4. Singford Artwork

Mid Century Modern artwork is retro, and often has has minimalist vibe. You may be familiar with Piet Mondrain’s color block paintings, which are simple squares of red, white, blue, yellow and black. As the years went on, people did their own creative rendition of color blocking and playing with colors and shapes. While there are thousands of mid century inspired pieces out there on Amazon, I chose the Singford Nordic mountain canvas art for $36. This piece in particular is calming, and has colors that would match a lot of homes out there. It’s also perfect if you are trying to balance a masculine and feminine style to suit a more unisex environment.

These dining room chair looks incredibly comfortable and stylish. Credit: Armen

3. Armen Dining Room Chairs

Wooden chairs with leather padding was incredibly popular during the mid century. After the massive popularity of the Eames chair design, a lot of other designers felt inspires by this aesthetic, so people began to see it all over the place in the 1960’s. Even to this day, it still gives a huge impact when people put it in their homes, so this is a great choice for anyone who feels inspired by mid century modern furniture. A company called Armen makes dining room chairs for $94 each. These might be cool to use as a desk chair, but if you had four to six of these sitting around your dining room table, it would give an air of luxury for an affordable price.

This Christopher Knight dining room set is chic and stylish. Credit: Christopher Knight

2. Christopher Knight Dining Room Set

Earlier, we linked to a beautiful mid century style dining room table, but if you are looking for an entire set that is complete with matching chairs, we’ve got you covered. This Christopher Knight set is made of natural walnut. Solid wood furniture is always a good choice, because it is sturdy and will last you for a very long time compared to items that are mare out of cheap particle board. The the chairs that come with the options of mint, grey, or beige padding. As you can see in the photo, the legs of the table are elegantly curved, which makes it stand out. The total set is just $500, and ships free with Amazon Prime.

This lamp is named “Draper” after Mad Men’s Don Draper. Credit: Adesso

1. Adessa Draper Light

Last but not least is the Adessa Draper Light, which is obviously named after Don Draper from Mad Men. The bat-like lamp shades are sleek and stylish, and the lamp itself swivels to different positions. This is the sort of lamp that looks far more expensive than it actually is, because of its elegant design. It would be perfect to sit on top of a desk in your home office. This could also be perfect on a side table in your living room when you are curling up to read a book at night. This lamp costs $82.50, and is available on Amazon. Sure, that might be expensive for a lamp compared to others you can find at Walmart, but it’s one of those amazingly cool pieces that you will probably keep for decades, plus it will impress your friends.