30 Luxurious Winter Cabins People Can Escape To – For a Price

By Trista
30 Luxurious Winter Cabins People Can Escape To – For a Price

While some individuals despise the cold and snow that wintertime brings, others enjoy the time tucked away in a cozy lodge while taking advantage of every wintertime activity. Whether you want to take part in winter activities such as skiing and snowshoeing or just having a relaxing evening watching the flakes fall from the sky as you sit by the fire, many lodges offer the chance for an unforgettable winter getaway. 

You might think that you know luxury, but you have no idea. Not until you have spent a vacation in one of these unbelievable cabin rentals. Whether you’re planning a Christmas trip on the slopes, a scenic autumn getaway, or treating yourself to a celebrity-style spring or summer retreat, there is something for you. These cabins combine a rugged outdoor venture with lavish comforts and amenities.

The moment you pull up the driveway, you will know you’re in for a memorable vacation. You can expect cabins to feature everything from gourmet kitchens and heated swimming pools to floor-to-ceiling fireplaces and outdoor patios. The stunning views, game rooms, cinemas, and added services will allow you to relax and not worry about a thing. Experience a stay, unlike any other at one of these 30 luxurious cabins scattered throughout the United States and across the world. .

Book an adventurous ski vacation where you can ski the slopes of Austria. Shutterstock

30. Imagine a magical Christmas at Severin’s in Austria.  

Although relatively new, hotel Severin’s Alpine Retreat located in Lech, Austria, is a winter getaway that you will want to visit this year with your family! After opening its doors for the first time in early 2017, the luxurious winter getaway has already become a well-known rare luxury. There will not be a shortage of space for you and all of your family and friends with nine suites. Each suite is sure to take your breath away as they are all equipped with fireplaces and terraces. Each suite offers unique, breathtaking mountain views.

In addition to the nine suites, the Severin’s Alpine Retreat hosts an additional, luxurious, four-bedroom private residence equipped with a private hot tub and home cinema. As the night winds down, relax in the hot tub and soak up the calming environment. Let’s not forget that the hotel Severin’s Alpine Retreat comes with a Michelin-starred chef and original Lichtenstein artwork beautifully placed throughout its walls. Prices can start at $815 a night. It is easy to understand why some may stay cozy inside and forget about hitting the slopes altogether!