Outrageously Luxurious Celebrity Closet Tours

By Shannon Quinn
Outrageously Luxurious Celebrity Closet Tours

If you love fashion, you’ve probably dreamed of having a large closet. For the rich and famous, it’s actually possible for them to make their wildest closet dreams come true. Here at Home Addict, we found 30 of the most outrageous celebrity closet tours you can find on the Internet. Even if you’re on a small budget, there are always tips and tricks that you may be able to become inspired by, and incorporate them into your own closet space.

Teresa Roemer owns the world’s largest closet. Credit: Ryan Serhant

50. Entrepreneur Teresa Roemer Has The Biggest Closet in the World

If you like rap music, you might recognize this next closet from the Gucci Mane video “Nonchalant.” In reality, this belongs to Teresa Roemer. She and her husband are entrepreneurs working in the oil industry in Texas who are worth $20 million. For years, Teresa and her husband would hold charity events at their home. Every single time, the women would ask to see her closet. When they bought a new house, she decided that she might as well make a closet that is so big, it was possible to hold the entire charity event inside the closet. At 3,000 square feet across 3 floors, the closet is big enough to fit 100 people during a party.  There is even a fingerprint controlled elevator, champagne bar, and seating areas. Every single item in Teresa’s closet is catalogued, with hundreds of pieces in every category.