How to Make a House Look Like ‘The Home Edit’

By Shannon Quinn
How to Make a House Look Like ‘The Home Edit’

The Home Edit has quickly become one of the most popular Netflix series of 2020. Soon after the premier of their new series, the book The Home Edit: A Guide to Organizing and Realizing Your House Goals became a New York Times bestseller. Professional organizers and hosts of the series Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin are both clearly super-talented when it comes to transforming a home into an organizational dream.  Here at Home Addict, we’ve put together some of the best advice on how you can transform your home to look like it had gone through the Home Edit treatment.

Clear food containers make it easy to see when something is running low. Credit: Shutterstock

25. Use Clear Storage Whenever Possible

The ladies from The Home Edit love to use clear plastic storage bins. This makes it possible for you to see what’s inside of the boxes with a quick glance, instead of spending forever trying to find something. It also makes it a lot easier if you’re using clear plastic in the refrigerator or pantry. Instead of opening and looking inside as a lot of different food boxes, you can clearly see when something is running low.