How to Make a House Look Like ‘The Home Edit’

Shannon Quinn - October 19, 2020
Matching hangers just make everything look more uniform and clean. Credit: Shutterstock

16. Use Matching Hangers in Your Closet

One of the easiest ways to make your closet look a bit more organized is to have matching hangers. Most professional organizers will choose either velvet hangers or ones made out of wood. However, if you’re on a very tight budget, you can always go with plastic hangers from somewhere like Dollar Tree or Walmart. As long as all of the hangers match one another, that’s really all that matters.

Put out your most-used items so that you can easily reach for them. Credit: Shutterstock

15. Organize Your Bathroom Drawers to Streamline Your Routine

Most people keep all of their toiletries in the bathroom vanity, closet, or drawers. This makes sense, but not everyone has it set up to streamline their routine. Ask yourself what products you use on a daily basis. Try to organize those products in a way that makes sense for what you do today. Drawer inserts are great for helping organize items that you want to be put away, but you can also use glass jars on top of the vanity.

It’s okay to put away sentimental items into a more discreet spot. Credit: Shutterstock

14. Keep Small Sentimental Items and Photos in Boxes With Lids

So far on this list, we have given a lot of options that tell you to show your items out in the open. However, there are small knick knacks like family photographs and mementos that you may not want to see every single day. These things are totally fine to put away in cardboard boxes. On The Home Edit, the ladies always give their clients a few boxes labeled “Sentimental” for them to hide away things that are important to keep, but you don’t necessarily want them to be front and center when walking into your closet.

Shelf dividers help keep items separate from one another on a shelf. Credit: Home For Each

13. Shelf Dividers Keep Folded Piles in Place

Some people’s closets are simply a series of shelves. This can be fine and workable for most people. The only problem is that if you’re stacking piles of clothing, it won’t look perfect for very long. As soon as you pull something out of the pile, it might disturb the whole process. That’s why a genius out there invented clear shelf dividers. This way, you can remove pieces from one section of the shelf without disturbing the other. It also helps make your closet look like a store display.

If you can see all of your jewelry and accessories, it’s easier choose what to wear. Credit: Shutterstock

12. Your Jewelry Collection Should Be Displayed So You Can See Every Piece 

If you own jewelry, you probably have a jewelry box. Some of these can be very pretty, but the issue is that you don’t actually see your jewelry until you take  the initiative to open your box.  This can also cause an issue of necklaces getting tangled. Several pieces of jewelry stacked on top of each other also means that  you can’t actually see what’s there. In The Home Edit, they recommend keeping your jewelry and accessories in your closet out on display. This way, it becomes part of the process of picking out your outfit for the day. If you really need a box, make sure you find one that has individual compartments for every single piece.

Help keep your purses in good shape by stuffing them with tissue paper. Credit: Shutterstock

11. Stuff Your Purses So They Keep Their Shape

If you have a large purse collection, you may already know how difficult it can be to put them on display and maintain their quality.  Leather can bend and become dry and brittle as time goes on. So if you have a bag that is not in its proper shape, it can become misshapen overtime. If you have the space in your closet to create a purse display, make sure you stuff them with tissue paper.  Not only does it help maintain the shape of the bag, but it also looks a lot more aesthetically pleasing.

Stackable storage means being able to keep more products. Credit: The Container Store

10. Use Stackable Storage Whenever Possible 

Stacking storage is a great way to utilize your space.  In the Home Edit, seems to be utilized the most in situations where people are keeping back stock of something. For example, in the photo you see above, this person has stacks of products that they would typically use in the bathroom.. In the past, this amount of stockpiling would seem a bit ridiculous. But in 2020, a lot of people are stocking up on their most frequently used items in order to cut back on the amount of times they need to make a trip to the grocery store.

Keep scarves out on display, so it’s easier to put outfits together. Credit: Shutterstock

9. Fold Your Scarves So That You Can See The Patterns Easily

On The Home Edit, the ladies have a signature technique of folding scarves into little donut-shaped balls. Personally, I wouldn’t know where to begin with trying to replicate that. However, the point is that they recommend keeping your scarves out on display so that you can see your options. When scarves are tucked away in a drawer, you might never see them, and forget they exist.

Carts can help keep frequently used items out on display. Credit: The Home Edit

8. Use Carts For Frequently Used Items, Like Your Kid’s Art Supplies

Sometimes, there are frequently used items in your home that are constantly being cleaned up and put away. For example, if you have young kids who enjoy drawing and painting, you might already be putting away the supplies every time they want to create their art. Consider buying a cart so that everything is out in the open, but all kept in the same space. This can be a godsend for busy parents, because your kids no longer have to ask you to pull out the supplies for them. They can simply grab what they need and start working.  After watching The Home Edit, I did this in my own home, and it actually works incredibly well.

Healthy snacks could be the only option. Credit: Shutterstock

7. Keep The Healthy Snacks Within Arm’s Reach of Your Kids

Kids love to sneak snacks behind their parent’s back, especially if you have a pantry that they can gain access to. One great way to make sure that they don’t eat the bad stuff is to keep the healthy snacks within arm’s reach. On The Home Edit, they helped a mother by putting health snacks like granola bars and crackers near the bottom shelf of the pantry, and put sugary desserts near the top where only adults could reach.

Sweater boxes can be really useful for stacking. Credit: The Container Store

6. Sweater Boxes Can Be a Great Solution to Bulk Storage

If you really love the idea of using clear storage, sweater boxes might be your best bet. Pretty much every major store like Walmart and Target will sell a version of these, but they also have stackable sweater boxes at The Container Store. Garages are one of the most common places where these are used. If you watch the first episode of The Home Edit, you can see how they transformed a garage full of stuff into an incredibly well-organized space.

Labels make life easier. Credit: Shutterstock

5. Use a Label Maker So You Never Have to Wonder What’s In There

On The Home Edit, they label almost everything. Most homeowners already have some form of containers or boxes, and they aren’t necessarily made of clear plastic. Instead of going out and spending a fortune buying a bunch of new products from The Container Store, you could simply buy a label maker and what you already have. I’m currently living at my parent’s house, but I used labels for all of my storage bins in their attic. Now, whenever I need something, I can simply look at the label before opening the box.

Tiered shelving helps you see everything at once. Credit: The Container Store

4. Utilized 3-Tier Shelves in the Pantry to Create More Space

If you have deep shelves, you’ve probably experienced the frustrating process of your items getting pushed to the back. This makes it very difficult to find things when you need it. A brilliant solution to the problem is to buy a 3-tiered shelf that will sit in your pantry. It works very well for canned goods, spices, and so much more.

Rotating storage helps you reach items in the back quickly and easily. Credit: The Container Store

3. Use A Lazy Susan To Rotate Hard-To-Reach Items

Have you ever experienced seeing something in the fridge, but you can’t reach it because it’s stuck behind 10 other things? This is where something like a lazy Susan could completely change your life.  Lazy Susans are a rotating little cart with sections. So just by turning the wheel of the contraption, you can get to the products that were originally placed in the back. In The Home Edit, the ladies use these lazy Susans to help children working in an art class. It was perfect for the kids, because they could spin to get the Crayola markers they wanted from the other side of the table without having to ask their friends to pass it over.

Floor space can help save the day. Credit: The Container Store

2. Out of Storage? Utilize Floor Space Whenever Possible

Sometimes, you might go through an organizational project and realize that there is simply nowhere else to put your things. This is very common in children’s toy rooms, office space, and so much more. One great solution to the problem is to just utilize the floor space in the best way you can. Three-tiered carts can move around on wheels, so they can sit just about anywhere in your house. I’ve seen a lot of people incorporate these cards into their life when they begin to work from home. It’s the perfect place to keep all of the work related objects, paperwork, and supplies in one place without actually buying a new piece of furniture to accommodate it. And if your circumstances change in the future, that cart can easily be reused for something else. 

The more you donate, the easier it is to organize. Credit: Shutterstock

1. Minimize Whenever Possible

Last and certainly not least is to donate your unwanted items as often as you can. It’s impossible  to keep things organized when you have too much stuff. Remember that clutter happens when objects don’t have a place to go. If you’re going through this organizational journey, and you start to realize that some of the things in your home don’t actually have a place to be, it might be a sign that it’s time to say goodbye. Getting rid of stuff doesn’t necessarily have to be the end though. You can always reach out to friends and family to see if they need these things that you’re willing to get rid of. That way, you can still see those things if you want to, but they’re not in your own personal space.