How to Make a House Look Like ‘The Home Edit’

Shannon Quinn - October 19, 2020
Floor space can help save the day. Credit: The Container Store

2. Out of Storage? Utilize Floor Space Whenever Possible

Sometimes, you might go through an organizational project and realize that there is simply nowhere else to put your things. This is very common in children’s toy rooms, office space, and so much more. One great solution to the problem is to just utilize the floor space in the best way you can. Three-tiered carts can move around on wheels, so they can sit just about anywhere in your house. I’ve seen a lot of people incorporate these cards into their life when they begin to work from home. It’s the perfect place to keep all of the work related objects, paperwork, and supplies in one place without actually buying a new piece of furniture to accommodate it. And if your circumstances change in the future, that cart can easily be reused for something else.

The more you donate, the easier it is to organize. Credit: Shutterstock

1. Minimize Whenever Possible

Last and certainly not least is to donate your unwanted items as often as you can. It’s impossible to keep things organized when you have too much stuff. Remember that clutter happens when objects don’t have a place to go. If you’re going through this organizational journey, and you start to realize that some of the things in your home don’t actually have a place to be, it might be a sign that it’s time to say goodbye. Getting rid of stuff doesn’t necessarily have to be the end though. You can always reach out to friends and family to see if they need these things that you’re willing to get rid of. That way, you can still see those things if you want to, but they’re not in your own personal space.