30 Peruvian Decor Ideas that Will Brighten Up a Home

By Trista
30 Peruvian Decor Ideas that Will Brighten Up a Home

Peru, with its rich cultural history and beautiful Andean mountain landscape, is a natural fit for whimsical, nature-inspired home decor. Light walls, stone and mineral objects that honor the country’s mountain mining industry, and pops of color that evoke the feeling of warm sand, high peaks, and lush forests all combine to give Peruvian home decor a unique look.

The country also has a history of colonization by the Spanish, which has led Spanish Colonial style to have an impact on traditional Peruvian decor. If you are a fan of the Spanish Colonial style, a few pieces will pair quite naturally with the Indigenous Peruvian style of decor.



1. Light Walls

Many elements of Peruvian design include elaborate patterns and bold colors; perhaps it’s no surprise that Peruvian designers prefer light color walls throughout homes to better contrast these statement pieces. While stark white walls are more associated with Spanish Colonial influence, pale white toned or off-white neutral walls are a staple of Peruvian design.

Using white walls create clean lines that let bright textiles and rich wood furniture truly speak for themselves. So after you are done painting, the real fun begins. Now it’s time to discover bold accents to create the Peruvian style you desire.