30 Tips For Starting an AirBnB

By Shannon
30 Tips For Starting an AirBnB

Nowadays, almost everyone has used AirBnB for traveling, or at least heard about it from their friends and family. People love to use AirBnB, because it can often be cheaper than staying in a hotel. You also have a kitchen to cook in, and they are available in locations where a hotel might not exist. Hosting on AirBnB can be an amazing way to bring in some extra income. Whether you are renting a spare bedroom in your house, or allowing people to share a vacation property, most people have been able to completely cover the cost of their mortgage simply by letting other people stay there for a few days at a time. But just like a lot of businesses out there, some first-timers make huge mistakes that will unintentionally scare away potential customers. 

First and foremost, sign up for AirBnB. Credit: Shutterstock

30. Sign Up For AirBnB

A lot of you out there might be thinking, “Well, duh!” but you would be surprised how many people sign up to be an AirBnB host without ever being a guest. They are so excited about the idea of making money from their property, that they completely skip trying out the website as a customer. The issue with this is that if you’ve never been a customer, how could you possibly know what people want? That’s kind of like trying to open a coffee shop when you have never been to one before.

Create an AirBnB account. Credit: Shutterstock

Foremost, you need to start by signing up for an AirBnB account, and find a place to rent. It doesn’t have to be super far away. You might even want to rent the accommodations in your local area so that you know what your competition is like. This also gives you the opportunity to build up some reviews, which helps your reputation on the platform. After you have experienced being a guest, you need to sign up for being an AirBnB host