30 Ways To Achieve Australian Coastal Beach Style

By Shannon
30 Ways To Achieve Australian Coastal Beach Style

If you’re looking for a way to decorate a shore house, or you simply want to switch up your decor for the summer, you could seriously consider Boho Beach Hut style. It’s also known as Australian Coastal style, with some slight variations. In Australia, there are little beach huts where surfers are known to live so they can wake up with the sunrise to catch the best waves. They have a simple, minimalist life, and the objects they collect often represent their travels. The style was made famous in America by the Australian actress Margo Robbie’s video interview with Vogue, where we got to see her beach hut style home in Los Angeles.  If you have fallen in love with the style as much as we have, here are 30 tips on how you can achieve the same look in your home.

Light wooden floors help to lighten up a room. Credit: Shutterstock

30. Light Wooden Floors

When surfers come in from the beach, they will track in sand and moisture nearly every day. This kind of lifestyle and carpeting simple does not mix. Since most of these huts were made from wood anyway, almost every single Australian Coastal home has hardwood floors. Most of them are a very light shade, which helps to brighten the room. They are easy to sweep up sandy or mop up salt water, and the light color helps to hide any grains that may be hiding.

Light floors help tie together a bohemian room. Credit: Shutterstock

If you don’t already have hardwood floors in your home, a cheaper alternative is to install faux vinyl wood flooring. Amazon sells the under-padding much cheaper than what you can find at most hardware stores. But it’s best to buy your flooring boxes in-person rather than getting them shipped, just to be sure that nothing breaks in transit.