Rattan light fixtures add a lot of natural textures to a space. Credit: Shutterstock

29. Rattan Light Fixtures 

Since Boho Beach style has light color, woods, rattan, and vintage elements blended together, it only makes sense to get a rattan light fixture. These are difficult to come by in places like Home Depot, and you might find one in Target if you’re lucky. Sometimes, you might even find one in a thrift store. Rattan was very popular back in the 1970’s, especially in seaside towns. So if you have the ability to travel to a thrift shop down the shore, it might be worth a trip.

In Bali, it is common to see rattan chandeliers. Credit: Shutterstock

But if you want to get exactly the right look, you are most likely going to have to order them online, or find a specialty home decor warehouse near you. Depending on the style, these can be around $100 each. If you would rather skip the rattan, a great alternative would be modern industrial light fixtures, which seem to blend in very well with the style.