30 Ways to Decorate the Apartment Without Losing a Security Deposit

By Shannon
30 Ways to Decorate the Apartment Without Losing a Security Deposit

When most people move into an apartment, they are afraid to do too much interior decorating, because they fear too much customization may dip into their security deposit. This is why many apartments look alike, and they are honestly pretty boring. Don’t be afraid to decorate your space so that you feel more at home! Keep in mind that a lot of landlords might actually be happy if you improve the apartment. If you add certain features that will permanently improve the property like a ceiling fan or a new light fixture, they may give you permission to do these things, because it increases the value of the home. The only catch is that you will have to leave those features behind if you ever leave. Before you do anything drastic, make sure to contact your landlord to see if they will allow it. However, everything on this list should be fine

Neutral colored walls will allow you to layer more textures and colors successfully. Credit: Shutterstock

30. Paint The Walls With New Neutral Colors

Most landlords and apartment complexes want walls to be painted neutral colors like white or beige. Others will enter a privately owned rental to see that the landlord got a little bit wild with the colors. More often that not, painting (or keeping) neutral colors can help to add elements of design later. Think of it as an empty canvas that does not distract the eyes.